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Between 1982 and 1994, American radio and media personality Howard Stern hosted a number of pay-per-view specials and released various VHS and audio tapes.


Home videos

Negligeé and Underpants Party

Howard Stern's Negligeé and Underpants Party was Stern's first pay-per-view special and home video, released on March 7, 1988 by Weirdo, Inc. and Infinity Broadcasting Corporation. The show aired live in mostly East Coast areas at 10 p.m. on February 27, 1988 with a studio audience and cost $19.95. [1] It features Stern, his radio show staff, and the audience wearing underwear or lingerie. Various celebrities and performers appeared on the program, including Richard Belzer, Jessica Hahn, Downtown Julie Brown, Judy Tenuta, Emo Philips, Geraldo Rivera, Dweezil Zappa, Moon Zappa and Mitch Fatel. Two days after the event, a mixed review from Chuck Darrow of the Courier-Post summarised the event as "rather entertaining" but was "mostly obscured by the bad taste, cruelty and borderline pornography that made up the bulk" of the program. [2] John Goudas for The Town Talk wrote Stern had "single-handedly set back cable pay-per-view a millennium or two" and described the special as "bone-achingly dull and stupefyingly simple-minded." [3] Shortly after the event aired, Kay Gardella criticised it in the New York Daily News in a review based on other people's opinions and not from watching it herself. Stern attacked Gardella on the air, which resulted in Gardella reviewing the special after watching the cassette. In her review, Gardella thought it was "mostly just pathetic" and that in the course of the show, Stern "doesn't do one imaginative, talented or intelligent thing." [4] The special was released on VHS through mail order for $24.95 with a catalogue number of 1001 and a run time of 113 minutes.

U.S. Open Sores

Howard Stern's U.S. Open Sores was an event that occurred at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York in front of a sold-out attendance of 16,000. Taking place on October 7, 1989, the main event featured a tennis match between Howard Stern and his radio show producer Gary Dell'Abate. The event sold out in four hours, with each ticket costing $22.50. Other suggested event titles included The Bush Open, U.S. Open Legs, U.S. Open Beaver and U.S. Beaver Open. The event was later released on VHS via mail order. A documentary crew shot behind-the-scenes footage including interviews with participants and guests creating a 105-minute program.

Butt Bongo Fiesta

Butt Bongo Fiesta is a VHS of a special hosted by Howard Stern. Released in late 1992, the tape features "Jungle Man", a segment filmed for 3-D viewing, with each original tape being supplied with two 3-D viewing glasses.

The Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant

The Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant was Stern's second pay-per-view event that aired live on December 31, 1993 from Newark Symphony Hall in Newark, New Jersey. Development for the show began in May 1993 when Main Events Television sought potential talent to stage a pay-per-view production that would generate enough subscriptions on-par with boxing matches, then the most popular pay-per-view events at the time. In August, Stern began to discuss the idea on the air and a deal with the company was signed in the following month. [5] It was originally to be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The event cost viewers $40 and Stern earned a reported $1 million advance when it was green-lit. [6] It cost $2 million to produce and market the event. [7] The focus of the event was a satirical beauty pageant to crown a Miss Howard Stern that featured several celebrity judges, including Janis Ian, Daniel Carver, John Bobbitt, Sherman Hemsley, Mark Hamill, Tiny Tim and Joe Frazier. Over 40 women and one man competed in the pageant, most of whom had won preliminary contests held in cities where Stern's radio show was being syndicated to at the time, for a $50,000 prize. [5] [8] The 20 finalists competed in lingerie and talent rounds, after which five were chosen for the final interview round. Elaine Marks won the contest, who claimed she had appeared in Playboy magazine as a result. Other notable contestants were Debbie the Space Alien of the show's Wack Pack and bodybuilder and future professional wrestler Nicole Bass.

In February 1994, the special was released on VHS as Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve 1994 by One Twelve, Inc. and Infinity Broadcasting Corporation, the title referencing the television show Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve . It came with a limited edition poster of Stern illustrated by artist LeRoy Neiman and the video contains additional footage of Stern and his staff discussing the event.


50 Ways to Rank Your Mother

50 Ways to Rank Your Mother
Studio album by
Label Wren Records (1982)
Ichiban and Citizen X (1994)

50 Ways to Rank Your Mother is an album by Howard Stern released in 1982 during his time as a disc jockey at WWDC, an FM album-oriented rock radio station in Washington, D.C. Originally released on vinyl under Wren Records, the album was re-released as on audio CD as Unclean Beaver in 1994.

Track listing:

  1. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OJ—Baby You Can Rent a Car
  2. Unclean Beaver, Episode I
  3. 4 Blacks and a Mac
  4. Happy Birthday to You
  5. Richard's Family Fewd
  6. Barry Off-White's Ode to Howit
  7. Assola
  8. Havana Hillbillies
  9. He's Sick
  10. I Shot Ron Reagan
  11. Howard Stern?
  12. Unclean Beaver, Episode II
  13. Nail Young's Cat
  14. Family Affarce
  15. Springstern's Easter Parade
  16. 50 Ways to Rank Your Mother
  17. Howard Stern Is a God

Crucified by the FCC

Crucified by the FCC
Compilation album by
Label Infinity Broadcasting Corporation

Crucified by the FCC is a compilation album released in February 1991 by Infinity Broadcasting Corporation. It features segments from Stern's radio show that were edited during their broadcast and new skits recorded for the album. Included is a segment from the show's Christmas special from 1988 which was cited in the first fine issued to Infinity Broadcasting by the Federal Communications Commission for content it deemed "patently offensive". It was released on two audio cassettes and a single CD.

Track listing:

  1. Anti-Censorship Rally
  2. Celebrities - Pt. 1
  3. Celebrities - Pt. 2
  4. The Christmas Party
  5. Phony Phone Calls
  6. Various Bits Remembered - Pt. 1
  7. Phone Calls
  8. Bob 'n Ray
  9. Sex Phone & Viper
  10. Fartman
  11. Out of the Closet Stern
  12. Homo Room
  13. Various Bits Remembered - Pt. 2
  14. Sam and Jessica
  15. The Stern Family
  16. The Gynaecologist
  17. Credits

Private Parts: The Album

Private Parts: The Album
Soundtrack album by
Howard Stern
ReleasedFebruary 25, 1997 (1997-02-25)
Label Warner Bros.
Howard Stern chronology
Crucified by the FCC
''Private Parts: The Album''
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [9]

Private Parts: The Album is the soundtrack album to the 1997 biographical comedy film based on Stern's first book Private Parts , released on February 25, 1997 by Warner Bros. Records. [10] [11] The album is a compilation of classic and contemporary rock songs with excerpts from various scenes from the film. Two songs are original tracks featuring Stern on vocals: "The Great American Nightmare" performed by Rob Zombie and "Tortured Man", co-written and performed by The Dust Brothers with assistance from Stern's writers Jackie Martling and Fred Norris. [10] The former has been the opening theme to Stern's radio show since 1999. The album was produced by Peter Afterman, Jeff Gold and Rick Rubin. [10]

The album was promoted with alternate covers. Of the first one million copies pressed, 600,000 of them depicted a cover of a nude Stern with the New York City skyline covering him with the Empire State Building covering his genitals. The remaining copies were divided into three alternate cover schemes that were one time pressings only, a similar tactic used for the paperback edition of Stern's second book, Miss America . A fifth version of the soundtrack was for promotional use only. A ticket was placed in one copy of the first million pressed which gave the buyer the chance to receive the album pressed in gold. [10]

Upon release, the album went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. On May 8, 1997, it was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling one million copies. [11]

Track list
1."Pig Virus" 0:39
2."The Great American Nightmare" Rob Zombie with Howard Stern 3:54
3."Mama Look - - A Boo Boo" 1:31
4."I Make My Own Rules" LL Cool J with Flea, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith 4:33
5."The Match Game" 0:40
6."Hard Charger" Porno For Pyros 6:46
7."Moti" 0:34
8."The Suck for Your Solution" Marilyn Manson 4:01
9."Lance Eluction" 0:29
10."Pictures of Matchstick Men" Ozzy Osbourne with Type O Negative 5:59
11."The Contest" 0:14
12."Tired of Waiting for You" Green Day 2:30
13."WRNW" 0:13
14."Pinhead" Ramones 2:42
15."Oh Howard" 0:49
16."The Ben Stern Megamix"Charlie Clouser2:15
17."The Howard Stern Experience" 0:40
18."Smoke on the Water" Deep Purple 5:34
19."WCCC" 0:08
20."I Want You to Want Me" Cheap Trick 3:37
21."The Antichrist" 0:12
22."Cat Scratch Fever" Ted Nugent 3:36
23."WNBC" 0:33
24."Jamie's Cryin'" Van Halen 3:26
25."Crackhead Bob" 0:09
26.""You Shook Me All Night Long" (Live)" AC/DC 3:52
27."Howard You Stink" 0:10
28."Ladies & Gentlemen" 0:05
29."Tortured Man"Howard Stern and The Dust Brothers 3:50
Total length:63:41

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