Idool 2007

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Idool 2007
Hosted by Koen Wauters
Kris Wauters
JudgesJean Blaute
Bernard Carbonez
Vera Mann
Herman Schueremans
Winner Dean Delannoit
Runner-up Esther Sels
Country of originBelgium
Original network VTM
Original release20 February (2007-02-20) 
25 May 2007 (2007-05-25)
Season chronology
Idool 2004
Idool 2011

Idool 2007 was the third season of the Belgian version of the Idol series. The show aired on VTM, and began on 20 February 2007. It was won on 25 May by Dean Delannoit .





(ages stated at time of contest)

ContestantAgeHometownVoted OffLiveshow Theme
Dean Delannoit 18 Geraardsbergen WinnerGrand Finale
Esther Sels25 Laakdal 25 May 2007
Andrei Lugovski24 Ostend 18 May 2007Rock Hits
Elke Severijns20 Weelde 11 May 2007Unplugged
Wim Vandereyken26 Houthalen 4 May 2007Big Band
Kim Buttafuoco22 Kuringen 27 April 2007French Songs
Tom De Bie27 Deinze 20 April 2007My Birth Year
Kira Peters17 Genk 13 April 2007Dutch Songs
Adil Aarab17 Berchem 6 April 2007The Beatles & The Rolling Stones
Brenda Vercammen20 Herselt 30 March 2007My Idol

Finals Elimination Chart

Did Not PerformFemaleMaleTop 20Top 10Winner
SafeSafe FirstSafe LastEliminated
1 Dean Delannoit Winner
2Esther SelsBtm 3Btm 3Runner-Up
3Andrei LugowskijBtm 2Btm 2Elim
4Elke SeverijnsBtm 2Btm 2Btm 2Elim
5Wim VandereykenBtm 3Btm 2Btm 3Elim
6Kim ButtafuocoBtm 3Elim
7Tom De BieBtm 2Elim
8Kira PetersElim
9Adil AarabElim
10Brenda VercammenElim
11-16Alexander ChiafeleElim
Dimitri Jambé
Eley Van Hemelrijck
Adèle MonheimElim
Catharina Lucas
Clara De Decker
17-20Kim VanrooyElim
Yannick Willems
Lydia GuisoElim
Veva Van Overveld

Live Show Details

Heat 1 - Top 10 Girls (16 March 2007)

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Adèle Monheim"Thank You" (Dido)Safe
2Lydia Guiso"How Come You Don't Call Me" (Alicia Keys)Eliminated
3Elke Severijns"Dear Mr. President" (Pink)Safe
4Kim Buttafuoco"Foolish Games" (Jewel)Safe
5Clara De Decker"Sir Duke" (Stevie Wonder)Safe
6Veva Van Overveld"You Hurt Me" (Hooverphonic)Eliminated
7Esther Sels"Hurt" (Christina Aguilera)Safe
8Catharina Lucas"I'm Not So Tough" (Ilse DeLange)Safe
9Brenda Vercammen"Right to Be Wrong" (Joss Stone)Safe
10Kira Peters"I'll Be There" (The Jackson 5)Safe

Heat 2 - Top 10 Boys (17 March 2007)

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Yannick Willems"All at Sea" (Jamie Cullum)Eliminated
2Kim Vanrooy"The Best Is Yet to Come" (Novastar)Eliminated
3Dean Delannoit"Let's Work Together" (Canned Heat)Safe
4Alexander Chiafele"Hero" (Enrique Iglesias)Safe
5Wim Vandereyken"Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen)Safe
6Tom De Bie"You Give Me Something" (James Morrison)Safe
7Adil Aarab"Part-Time Lover" (Stevie Wonder)Safe
8Eley Van Hemelrijck"You Are So Beautiful" (Joe Cocker)Safe
9Andrei Lugowskij"You're Still You" (Josh Groban)Safe
10Dimitri Jambé"Too Much Love Will Kill You" (Queen)Safe

Heat 3 - Top 8 Girls (23 March 2007)

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Kira Peters"Don't Know Why" (Norah Jones)Safe
2Clara De Decker"Another Day" (Buckshot LeFonque)Eliminated
3Catharina Lucas"Like the Way I Do" (Melissa Etheridge)Eliminated
4Esther Sels"Vision of Love" (Mariah Carey)Safe
5Elke Severijns"Jerusalem" (Anouk)Safe
6Adèle Monheim"Fever" (Peggy Lee)Eliminated
7Kim Buttafuoco"River Deep – Mountain High" (Tina Turner)Safe
8Brenda Vercammen"Ironic" (Alanis Morissette)Safe

Heat 4 - Top 8 Boys (24 March 2007)

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Alexander Chiafele"Stand By Me" (Ben E. King)Eliminated
2Eley Van Hemelrijck"Superstition" (Stevie Wonder)Eliminated
3Adil Aarab"Another Day in Paradise" (Phil Collins)Safe
4Dimitri Jambé"Bend and Break" (Keane)Eliminated
5Andrei Lugowskij"Nella Fantasia" (Il Divo)Safe
6Tom De Bie"Leef" (Sarah Bettens)Safe
7Wim Vandereyken"Winter in July" (Udo Mechels)Safe
8Dean Delannoit"Snow (Hey Oh)" (Red Hot Chili Pipers)Safe

Live Show 1 (30 March 2007)

Theme: My Idol

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Brenda Vercammen"Walk Away" (Kelly Clarkson)Eliminated
2Tom De Bie"Mr. Jones" (Counting Crows)Bottom two
3Kira Peters"A Woman's Worth" (Alicia Keys)Safe
4Andrei Lugowskij"Gira con Me" (Josh Groban)Safe
5Elke Severijns"U + Ur Hand" (Pink)Safe
6Adil Aarab"Beautiful Soul" (Jesse McCartney)Safe
7Kim Buttafuoco"Strani amori" (Laura Pausini)Safe
8Dean Delannoit"She Moves in Her Own Way" (The Kooks)Safe
9Esther Sels"Emotion" (Samantha Sang)Bottom three
10Wim Vandereyken"A Whiter Shade of Pale" (Procol Harum)Safe

Live Show 2 (6 April 2007)

Theme: The Beatles & The Rolling Stones

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Adil Aarab"Here Comes the Sun" (The Beatles)Eliminated
2Elke Severijns"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (The Rolling Stones)Bottom two
3Wim Vandereyken"Got to Get You into My Life" (The Beatles)Bottom three
4Dean Delannoit"Start Me Up" (The Rolling Stones)Safe
5Esther Sels"Don't Let Me Down" (The Beatles)Safe
6Tom De Bie"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" (The Beatles)Safe
7Kim Buttafuoco"Wild Horses" (The Rolling Stones)Safe
8Kira Peters"Can't Buy Me Love" (The Beatles)Safe
9Andrei Lugowskij"The Long and Winding Road" (The Beatles)Safe

Live Show 3 (13 April 2007)

Theme: Dutch Songs

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Dean Delannoit"Iedereen is van de wereld" (The Scene)Safe
2Kim Buttafuoco"Wereld zonder jou" (Marco Borsato & Trijntje Oosterhuis)Bottom three
3Andrei Lugowskij"Dromen zijn bedrog" (Marco Borsato)Safe
4Kira Peters"Ik wil jou" (Gene Thomas)Eliminated
5Wim Vandereyken"Is dit nu later" (Stef Bos)Bottom two
6Elke Severijns"Hou me vast" (Volumia!)Safe
7Tom De Bie"Oud en versleten" (Yevgueni)Safe
8Esther Sels"Jij mag altijd op me rekenen" (Isabelle A)Safe

Live Show 4 (20 April 2007)

Theme: My Birth Year

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Elke Severijns"You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Kim Wilde)Bottom two
2Esther Sels"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" (Jennifer Holliday)Bottom three
3Kim Buttafuoco"Let's Hear It for the Boy" (Deniece Williams)Safe
4Andrei Lugowskij"Every Breath You Take" (The Police)Safe
5Dean Delannoit"Rockin' in the Free World" (Neil Young)Safe
6Tom De Bie"Is She Really Going Out with Him?" (Joe Jackson)Eliminated
7Wim Vandereyken"Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" (The Korgis)Safe

Live Show 5 (27 April 2007)

Theme: French Songs

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Elke Severijns"Mademoiselle chante le blues" (Patricia Kaas)Bottom two
2Esther Sels"Sensualité" (Axelle Red)Safe
3Kim Buttafuoco"Il jouait du piano debout" (France Gall)Eliminated
4Andrei Lugowskij"Hymne à l'amour" (Johnny Hallyday)Safe
5Dean Delannoit"Une belle histoire" (Michel Fugain)Safe
6Wim Vandereyken"Le temps des cathédrales" (Bruno Pelletier)Bottom three

Live Show 6 (4 May 2007)

Theme: Big Band

OrderArtistSong (original artists)Result
1Elke Severijns"It's Oh So Quiet" (Björk)Safe
2Esther Sels"Hanky Panky" (Madonna)Safe
3Andrei Lugowskij"Fly Me to the Moon" (Frank Sinatra)Bottom two
4Wim Vandereyken"Come Fly with Me" (Frank Sinatra)Eliminated
5Dean Delannoit"Ain't That a Kick in the Head?" (Dean Martin)Safe

Live Show 7 (11 May 2007)

Theme: Unplugged

OrderArtistFirst song (original artists)Second songResult
1Esther Sels"Fallin'" (Alicia Keys)"Lil Star" (Kelis)Safe
2Elke Severijns"Lost" (Anouk)"Just a Girl" (No Doubt)Eliminated
3Andrei Lugowskij"Grace Kelly" (Mika)"Miserere" (Andrea Bocelli)Bottom two
4Dean Delannoit"You Don't Know" (Milow)"Nothing Else Matters" (Metallica)Safe

Live Show 8: Semi-final (18 May 2007)

Theme: Rock Hits

OrderArtistFirst song (original artists)Second songThird songResult
1Esther Sels"Walk Away" (Kelly Clarkson)"You Oughta Know" (Alanis Morissette)"Don't Speak" (No Doubt)Safe
2Andrei Lugowskij"Life on Mars" (David Bowie)"One" (U2)"The Show Must Go On" (Queen)Eliminated
3Dean Delannoit"Ruby" (Kaiser Chiefs)"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (Green Day)"Great Balls of Fire" (Jerry Lee Lewis)Safe

Live final (25 May 2007)

Theme: Rock Hits

OrderArtistFirst songSecond songThird songFourth songFifth songResult
1Esther Sels"You Oughta Know""The Trouble with Love Is""I Say a Little Prayer""Fallin'""That Will Make My Day"Runner-up
2Dean Delannoit"Rockin' in the Free World""Ain't No Sunshine""She's the One""Start Me Up""So Many Ways"Winner

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Idol Poland was the first season of Idol Poland. It was the first international adaption of the British singing competition Pop Idol and the first show that went by the simple title Idol. It premiered on April 5, 2002, one month after the final of the original series, and lasted for six months until June 30. Alicja Janosz won over Ewelina Flinta and Szymon Wydra and therefore became the first female winner of the Idol series. It was also the first time that two females made it to the grand finale. On Christmas 2003 Janosz would compete with ten other countries Idol winners on World Idol where she eventually placed 8th.
As the show became a runaway success most finalists got signed and next to Janosz her fellow competitors Ewelina Flinta, Szymon Wydra, Tomasz Makowiecki, Patrcyja Wódz and most notably Anna Dąbrowska were able to established careers on the polish music market and enjoyed long running success.
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