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Limnodrilus is a genus of Naididae . [1]

The genus was described in 1862 by René-Édouard Claparède. [1]

It has cosmopolitan distribution. [2]

Species: [1]

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Goniurosaurus is a genus of geckos, containing 17 species. Members are known by various names including ground geckos, tiger geckos, leopard geckos, and cave geckos Members of this genus are found in China, Japan, and Vietnam. For this reason they are known commonly as Asian geckos. They belong to the family Eublepharidae.


Balantidium is a genus of ciliates. It contains the parasitic species Balantidium coli, the only known cause of balantidiasis.


Caridina is a genus of freshwater atyid shrimp. They are widely found in tropical or subtropical water in Asia, Oceania and Africa. They are filter-feeders and omnivorous scavengers. They range from 0.9–9.8 mm to 1.2–7.4 mm in carapace length.


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Tubifex is a cosmopolitan genus of tubificid annelids that inhabits the sediments of lakes, rivers and occasionally sewer lines. At least 13 species of Tubifex have been identified, with the exact number not certain, as the species are not easily distinguishable from each other.

Ia is a genus of bat in the family Vespertilionidae. It belongs to the subfamily Vespertilioninae and has been placed in the tribe Vespertilionini. In the past, it has also been considered a synonym or subgenus of the genera Pipistrellus or Eptesicus, which used to contain many more species than they do now. Ia comprises a single living species, the great evening bat (I. io) of eastern and southeastern Asia, and one extinct fossil species, I. lanna, from the Miocene epoch in Thailand. Another living species, I. longimana, was recognized in the past, but it is no longer considered a valid species distinct from the great evening bat.

<i>Lacrymaria</i> (ciliate)

Lacrymaria is a genus of ciliates. Its best known species is the "Tear of Swan", Lacrymaria olor.

The Hainan peacock-pheasant is an endangered bird that belongs to the pheasant family Phasianidae. It is endemic to the island of Hainan, China. It is extremely rare.

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Thylacodes is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Vermetidae, the worm snails or worm shells. The species in this genus were previously placed in the genus Serpulorbis.


Sinotaia is a genus of large operculate freshwater snails, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Viviparidae.

Mucilaginibacter is a genus from the family of Sphingobacteriaceae.


Metopus is a genus of anaerobic organisms from the family of Metopidae.

Limnodriloides is a genus of clitellate oligochaete worms.

Smithsonidrilus is a genus of clitellate oligochaete worm.

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Aulophorus is a genus of Naididae.

Trichodrilus is a genus of Lumbriculidae .


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