List of World Rally Championship co-drivers

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This is an incomplete list of co-drivers who have entered a World Rally Championship event. Active co-drivers (listed in bold in the tables) are those who have entered a WRC event within the past twelve months.

All WRC co-drivers

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Co-drivers who entered a World Rally Championship event
Co-driverFirst seasonFinal seasonWRC ralliesWRC winsChampionships
Flag of Argentina.svg Marcelo Alvarez 200020012--
Flag of Norway.svg Morten Erik Abrahamsen 2011Active10--
Flag of Switzerland.svg Sara Aebi 199819981--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Trevor Agnew 1997200527--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg John Ahem 199919991--
Flag of Germany.svg Rene Ahnert 200520051--
Flag of Finland.svg Atso Aho 19731981181-
Flag of Finland.svg Jukka Aho 1996200421--
Flag of Sweden.svg Ingemar Algerstedt 198819969--
Flag of Finland.svg Timo Alanne 1993201127--
Flag of Italy.svg Alessandro Alessandrini 1986199714--
Flag of Sweden.svg Jonas Andersson 2002Active1151-
Flag of Italy.svg Anna Andreussi 200120153--
Flag of France.svg Jean-Marc Andrié 19761999322-
Flag of Finland.svg Miikka Anttila 1999Active16715-
Flag of Sweden.svg Joel Ardell 201120114--
Flag of Italy.svg Nicola Arena 1997Active60--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Rob Arthur 1981199720--
Flag of Peru.svg Eduardo Aservi 2013Active2--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Benjamin Atkinson 200420094--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Andy Austwick 199519951--
Flag of Sweden.svg Emil Axelsson 2005Active54--
Flag of Lithuania.svg Ramūnas Babachinas 2014Active1--
Flag of Portugal.svg Paulo Babo 1997Active7--
Flag of Sweden.svg Lars Bäckman 19792004322-
Flag of Greece.svg Ekaterini Bante 2012Active3--
Flag of Poland.svg Jaroslaw Baran 1999200719--
Flag of Poland.svg Maciej Baran 1998Active21--
Flag of Italy.svg Mara Bariani 1998Active2--
Flag of France.svg Christian Baron 197319858--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Daniel Barritt 2000Active92--
Flag of Germany.svg Jörg Bastuck 200220064--
Flag of Kenya.svg Chris Bates 1973198512--
Flag of Poland.svg Grzegorz Bębenek 200920091--
Flag of Germany.svg Katrin Becker 2006201112--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Scott Beckwith 200620127--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Nicky Beech 1990201221--
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg John Bellefleur 1973198812--
Flag of Germany.svg Jochen Berger 19731976141-
Flag of Romania.svg Adrian Berghea 200320046--
Flag of Sweden.svg Bruno Berglund 19751998761-
Flag of Italy.svg Arnaldo Bernacchini 19731997291-
Flag of Italy.svg Giovanni Bernacchini 1998Active102--
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Tomas Bernsteyn 197319731--
Flag of Sweden.svg Claes Billstam 19731991772-
Flag of Poland.svg Bartlomiej Boba 2004Active5--
Flag of Austria.svg Günther Böhs 197319731--
Flag of Norway.svg Kjetil Bolneset 198719882--
Flag of East Germany.svg Gunter Börk 197319734--
Flag of Romania.svg Károly Borbély 2015Active1--
Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg Franz Boshoff 198719882--
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Jos Brandenburger 197319805--
Flag of Italy.svg Bruno Brasci 199319731--
Flag of the United States.svg Erik Brooks 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Mark Broomfield 199520015--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Jayson Brown 199720028--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Robin Buysmans 2010Active4--
Flag of Argentina.svg Diego Cagnotti 2005Active5--
Flag of France.svg Marcel Callewaert 197319733--
Flag of France.svg Pierre Campana 200820082--
Flag of Argentina.svg Raul Campana 1980199010--
Flag of Italy.svg Giorgio Campesan 2011Active9--
Flag of Argentina.svg Marcelo Carim 199919991--
Flag of Sweden.svg Per Carlsson 19772003452-
Flag of Italy.svg Carlo Cassina 19822008301-
Flag of Sweden.svg Björn Cederberg 1973198963101984
Flag of France.svg Yves Célestin 197319731--
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Bohuslav Ceplecha 2005201012--
Flag of Lithuania.svg Mindaugas Čepulis 2014Active1--
Flag of Ukraine.svg Pavlo Cherepin 2011Active13--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Eddy Chevaillier 1988201231--
Flag of France.svg Jean-Paul Chiaroni 19832003362-
Flag of Argentina.svg Martin Christie 1981199976--
Flag of Poland.svg Zbigniew Cieslar 200320092--
Flag of Poland.svg Ryszard Ciupka 200620073--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Marshall Clarke 2005Active10--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Alun Cook 1989200613--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Calvin Cooledge 199420106--
Flag of Romania.svg Vlad Cosma 2015Active1--
Flag of Kenya.svg Jim Cowper 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Elizabeth Crellin 197319743--
Flag of the United States.svg Sergio Cresto 19801986101-
Flag of Spain.svg Lucas Cruz 199820068--
Flag of Poland.svg Jan Czyżyk 197319774--
Flag of Georgia (1990-2004).svg Sergey Dadvani 198519939--
Flag of Argentina.svg Juan Damiani 200120011--
Flag of Italy.svg Roberto Dalpozzo 1973198310--
Flag of Peru.svg Ricardo Dasso 2015Active2--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg John Davenport 19731975161-
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Andy de Baeremaeker 2014Active2--
Flag of Poland.svg Filip Debowski 200920091--
Flag of France.svg Thibault de la Haye 2012Active15--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Bjorn Degandt 2008Active19--
Flag of Spain.svg Carlos del Barrio 1991Active781-
Flag of Argentina.svg Jorge Del Buono 19802004861-
Flag of Monaco.svg Freddy Delorme 1979200544--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Christian Delferrier 19731981273-
Flag of Monaco.svg Vanessa Dessi 1998Active11--
Flag of Germany.svg Peter Diekmann 19731996731-
Flag of Poland.svg Michał Dobrowolski 200920091--
Flag of Kenya.svg David Doig 1973198182-
Flag of Turkey.svg Ilham Dökümcü 1998199810--
Flag of Italy.svg Mitia Dotta 1998Active30--
Flag of Kenya.svg Mike Doughty 19731987204-
Flag of Kenya.svg Lofty Drews 19731990181-
Flag of France.svg Thomas Dubois 2013Active2--
Flag of Ireland.svg Killian Duffy 2007Active25--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Robbie Durant 201020128--
Flag of France.svg Guillaume Duval 2012Active4--
Flag of Latvia.svg Peteris Dzirkals 2008201210--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Andrew Edwards 201120124--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Paul Easter 197319945--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Michael Eggleton 198419873--
Flag of Norway.svg Roger Eilertsen 2007Active4--
Flag of Italy.svg Helmut Eisendle 197319731--
Flag of Monaco.svg Daniel Elena 1999Active168782004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Flag of Russia.svg Dmitriy Eremeev 1999200722--
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Michal Ernst 2005Active32--
Flag of East Germany.svg Werner Ernst 197319745--
Flag of France.svg Michèle Espinosi-Petit 19732013232-
Flag of Italy.svg Stefano Evangelisti 19841994101-
Flag of Italy.svg Danilo Fappani 1993Active34--
Flag of Italy.svg Sauro Farnocchia 19872002231-
Flag of France.svg Jean-Francois Fauchille 19741994432-
Flag of Jamaica.svg Michael Fennell, Jr. 201220121--
Flag of Italy.svg Michele Ferrara 2011Active8--
Flag of France.svg Sylvain Ferre 2015Active1--
Flag of Norway.svg Ola Fløene 1995Active761-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Les Forsbrook 199420015--
Flag of Portugal.svg Edgar Fortes 1973198651-
Flag of Argentina.svg Gustavo Franchello 201120111--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Roger Freeman 1981200233--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Rodger Freeth 1977199324--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Ken Fricker 198319831--
Flag of Argentina.svg Edgardo Galindo 1997Active30--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Fred Gallagher 19751999695-
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Robert Gambino 200220021--
Flag of France.svg Michel Gamet 1976197822-
Flag of Argentina.svg Rubén García 1996Active65--
Flag of Finland.svg Tero Gardemeister 1993200532--
Flag of Kenya.svg Kim Gatende 197319731--
Flag of Argentina.svg Ernesto Gatti 200220054--
Flag of Austria.svg Jutta Gebert 200220023--
Flag of Germany.svg Tanja Geilhausen 200220069--
Flag of Germany.svg Christian Geistdörfer 1977198961131980, 1982
Flag of Italy.svg Alex Gelsomino 2007Active24--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Rhianon Gelsomino 2008201214--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Steven Genovese 200420041--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Elisabeth Genten 199820022--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Nicolas Gilsoul 2007Active701-
Flag of France.svg Denis Giraudet 1981Active1745-
Flag of the United States.svg Peter Gladysz 200620061--
Flag of Ireland.svg Kevin Glynn 2015Active1--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Fred Gocentas 1979200818--
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Sergey Gogunov 198519924--
Flag of Andorra.svg Jordi Gomà 199519951--
Flag of Venezuela.svg Ana Goñi 1999200631--
Flag of Mexico.svg Erick Gonzalez 2015Active1--
Flag of France.svg Fabrice Gordon 1994Active9--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Kevin Gormley 1975199947--
Flag of Poland.svg Szymon Gospodarczyk 2009Active5--
Flag of Germany.svg Timo Gottschalk 1999201216--
Flag of France.svg Daniel Grataloup 19852002874-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Ian Grindrod 1977199934--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Nicky Grist 19852006128211993
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Michel Groenewoud 200520086--
Flag of Switzerland.svg Steve Groux 2013Active7--
Flag of Austria.svg Hannes Gründlinger 2015Active1--
Flag of Germany.svg Roland Gumpert 198219821--
Flag of Lebanon.svg Marc Haddad 2017Active1--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Maurice Hamilton 199920073--
Flag of Finland.svg Seppo Harjanne 19741997128201985, 1996, 1997
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Allan Harryman 1998Active28--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Terry Harryman 19741999526-
Flag of Kenya.svg Jim Heather-Hayes 197419853--
Flag of Kenya.svg Philip Hechle 197319742--
Flag of Poland.svg Kamil Heller 2014Active1--
Flag of Argentina.svg Claudio Henin 199420014--
Flag of Germany.svg Karina Hepperle 2011Active11--
Flag of Kenya.svg Edgar Herrmann 197519833--
Flag of Sweden.svg Arne Hertz 19731999133181983
Flag of Germany.svg Manfred Hiemer 1987200468--
Flag of Ireland.svg John Higgins 2007Active5--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg David Higson 197319731--
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ton Hillen 199820103--
Flag of Austria.svg Ferdi Hinterleitner 1985198981-
Flag of Switzerland.svg Christophe Hofmann 1991200610--
Flag of Sweden.svg Bosse Holmstrand 200320105--
Flag of Finland.svg Jakke Honkanen 1989200769--
Flag of France.svg Gaëtan Houssin 2008Active5--
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Zdeněk Hrůza 2006201213--
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Miloš Hůlka 1997200614--
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Annemeike Hulzebos 2008Active12--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Konnie Huq 200120011--
Flag of Finland.svg Aarno Hurttia 197319772--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Mark I'Anson 198719882--
Flag of Spain.svg Montserrat Imbers 197319731--
Flag of France.svg Julien Ingrassia 2008Active113392013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Flag of Mexico.svg Ricardo Iniesta 2015Active1--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Johan Jalet 2014Active1--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Renaud Jamoul 2006Active28--
Flag of Poland.svg Krzysztof Janik 200920122--
Flag of Estonia.svg Ken Järveoja 2007Active16--
Flag of Estonia.svg Martin Järveoja 2010Active40--
Flag of France.svg Jacques Jaubert 19731981142-
Flag of France.svg Carine Jaussaud 2014Active2--
Flag of Poland.svg Lech Jaworowicz 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Clive Jenkins 1991200828--
Flag of Serbia.svg Aleksandar Jeremić 2007200810--
Flag of Tanzania.svg Nizar Jivani 197319786--
Flag of France.svg Yves Jouanny 197519774--
Flag of South Africa.svg Douglas Judd 199419983--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Jeff Judd 1987201222--
Flag of Finland.svg Harri Kaapro 200220079--
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg Angelberg Kady 198819881--
Flag of Germany.svg Klaus Kaiser 197819806--
Flag of France.svg Juliette Keefer 197319731--
Flag of New Zealand.svg John Kennard 1985Active711-
Flag of Ireland.svg Rory Kennedy 1987200926--
Flag of Austria.svg Sepp-Dieter Kernmayer 197319734--
Flag of Ireland.svg Paul Kiely 200820093--
Flag of the United States.svg Alexander Kihurani 201220121--
Flag of Finland.svg Ilkka Kivimäki 19731993126191978
Flag of France.svg Nicolas Klinger 2003Active15--
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg Clement Konan 1982199211--
Flag of Ukraine.svg Volodymyr Korsia 2013Active16--
Flag of Poland.svg Kamil Kozdron 2013Active3--
Flag of Argentina.svg Juan Krackoviak 200520051--
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Ants Kulgevee 198319873--
Flag of Latvia.svg Maris Kulšs 2014Active1--
Flag of Poland.svg Malgorzata Kun 200920091--
Flag of Poland.svg Lukasz Kurzeja 2003Active5--
Flag of Finland.svg Pentti Kuukkala 1977199839--
Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg Christo Kuun 197319753--
Flag of Estonia.svg Mait Laidvee 201120113--
Flag of Estonia.svg Sergey Larens 2008Active15--
Flag of France.svg Vincent Laverne 19731984191-
Flag of France.svg Jean-Claude Lefèbvre 1975197831-
Flag of Finland.svg Jarmo Lehtinen 1997Active15815-
Flag of France.svg Jean-Jacques Lenne 19761988101-
Flag of Switzerland.svg Moira Lenzi 2015Active1--
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Patrick Lévesque 2016Active2--
Flag of Kenya.svg Anton Levitan 1973199013--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Huw Lewis 1994200712--
Flag of France.svg Daniel Le Saux 19791990151-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Henry Liddon 19731980414-
Flag of Germany.svg Jörn Limbach 199620062--
Flag of Finland.svg Kaj Lindström 1996Active991-
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Joel Lithgo 200120063--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Damien Long 199520007--
Flag of Russia.svg Safoniy Lotko 200820097--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Stuart Loudon 2011Active17--
Flag of Finland.svg Mikko Lukka 2005Active11--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Willy Lux 1978199432--
Flag of Italy.svg Gino Macaluso 197319743--
Flag of Poland.svg Tomasz Maciuszek 200920091--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Glenn MacNeall 1993Active90--
Flag of Portugal.svg Hugo Magalhães 2012Active6--
Flag of France.svg Alain Mahé 19731987387-
Flag of France.svg Michel Maiffret 2015Active1--
Flag of Italy.svg Silvio Maiga 19731979144-
Flag of Finland.svg Risto Mannisenmäki 1982200370131998, 1999
Flag of Italy.svg Mauro Mannini 1974197971-
Flag of Italy.svg Mario Mannucci 19731980143-
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Rumen Manolov 200320035--
Flag of France.svg Benoît Manzo 2017Active1--
Flag of France.svg Gwenola Marie 2006Active4--
Flag of Finland.svg Jaakko Markkula 19751991141-
Flag of Finland.svg Mikko Markkula 2001Active57--
Flag of Mexico.svg Javier Marin 200120109--
Flag of Spain.svg Marc Martí 1992Active1473-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Scott Martin 2004Active86--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Sara Mason 200620127--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Tony Mason 197319753--
Flag of Lebanon.svg Joseph Matar 2002Active26--
Flag of Uganda.svg Moses Matovu 201020102--
Flag of Poland.svg Przemysław Mazur 2014Active5--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Lee McKenzie 200420041--
Flag of Ireland.svg Ronan McNamee 1985199071-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg John Meadows 19831992162-
Flag of Slovakia.svg Erik Melichárek 2012Active4--
Flag of Norway.svg Cato Menkerud 1993201296--
Flag of Hungary.svg Márk Mesterházi 2014Active1--
Flag of Italy.svg Daniele Michi 2007Active5--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Frédéric Miclotte 2005Active47--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Phil Mills 19902010162132003
Flag of Austria.svg Ilka Minor 1997Active112--
Flag of Zimbabwe.svg John Mitchell 197319895--
Flag of Estonia.svg Raigo Mõlder 2009Active13--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Claire Mole 1997200814--
Flag of Sweden.svg Claes-Göran Molin 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Peter Moon 197419752--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Ellen Morgan 1979198914--
Flag of Ireland.svg Ronan Morgan 1982199833--
Flag of Ireland.svg Michael Morrissey 1998Active23--
Flag of Italy.svg Riccardo Mortara 197319731--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Jonathon Mortimer 200020065--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Dale Moscatt 1999201119--
Flag of France.svg Michèle Mouton 197319752--
Flag of Spain.svg Luis Moya 19882002161261990, 1992
Flag of Ireland.svg David Moynihan 2005Active8-
Flag of Ireland.svg Liam Moynihan 2015Active1--
Flag of Austria.svg Peter Müller 1996200555--
Flag of Argentina.svg Fernando Mussano 2003Active26--
Flag of Uruguay.svg Daniel Muzio 1980200137--
Flag of Ireland.svg Paul Nagle 2004Active664-
Flag of Uganda.svg Frank Nekusa 199420025--
Flag of Ukraine.svg Kyrylo Nesvit 201220126--
Flag of Finland.svg Seppo Niittymäki 197519753--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Thomas Nugent 200920091--
Flag of Poland.svg Andrzej Obrebowski 2006201210--
Flag of Ireland.svg James O'Brien 198820074--
Flag of France.svg Bernard Occelli 1983199673161994
Flag of Malaysia.svg Allen Oh 1991200430--
Flag of Argentina.svg Martin Olhaberry 199519951--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Michael Orr 1993Active122--
Flag of Estonia.svg Andres Ots 2014Active1--
Flag of the United States.svg Terry Palmer 197319743--
Flag of France.svg Xavier Panseri 2000Active11--
Flag of France.svg Hervé Panizzi 19902006717-
Flag of Greece.svg Andreas Papatriantafillou 197319731--
Flag of France.svg Claude Papin 1984199171-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Michael Park 19942005825-
Flag of Sweden.svg Staffan Parmander 19852012955-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Craig Parry2002Active25--
Flag of Italy.svg Antonio Pascale 2013Active7--
Flag of Austria.svg Jörg Patterman 19771998171-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Chris Patterson 1993Active117--
Flag of Brazil.svg Edu Paula 2006201225--
Flag of Norway.svg Runar Pedersen 199820005--
Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg Stuart Pegg 1976198351-
Flag of Spain.svg Rogelio Peñate 2007Active22--
Flag of Argentina.svg Jorge Perez Companc 2001201140--
Flag of France.svg Michel Perin 1979200424--
Flag of Italy.svg Maurizio Perissinot 1976198524--
Flag of Finland.svg Risto Pietiläinen 1993Active231-
Flag of Finland.svg Juha Piironen 1973199383141986, 1987, 1991, 1993
Flag of Italy.svg Giovanni Pina 1993Active2--
Flag of Italy.svg Luigi Pirollo 1981200557--
Flag of France.svg Patrick Pivato 1982200826--
Flag of Italy.svg Mario Pizzuti 2014Active2--
Flag of Morocco.svg Jean Plassard 197319763--
Flag of Poland.svg Ireneusz Pleskot 2012Active2--
Flag of Italy.svg Fabrizia Pons 19791998665-
Flag of France.svg Sébastien Porcher 2015Active1--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Jim Porter 1973197913--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Stéphane Prévot 1989Active162--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Gemma Price 2001200936--
Flag of Romania.svg Dorin Pulpea 2004Active7--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Phil Pugh 1997201251--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Kevin Rae 2014Active1--
Flag of Finland.svg Timo Rautiainen 19902010144302000, 2002
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Robert Reid 19912003103102001
Flag of Finland.svg Juha Repo 19822010742-
Flag of Switzerland.svg Stéphane Rey 201120127--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg David Richards 197419992641981
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Derek Ringer 198720087481995
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Dai Roberts 2009Active3--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Gareth Roberts 2006201221--
Flag of France.svg Romain Roche 2010Active3--
Flag of Portugal.svg Nuno Rodrigues da Silva 1992Active45--
Flag of Italy.svg Loris Roggia 1982200345--
Flag of Argentina.svg Atilio Rolandi 199420032--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Morgane Rose 2014Active2--
Flag of Italy.svg Francesco Rossetti 19731982171-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Andrew Roughead 2007Active4--
Flag of France.svg David Rouhaud 2016Active2--
Flag of Spain.svg Borja Rozada 2007Active36--
Flag of Germany.svg Detlef Ruf 1996201212--
Flag of Italy.svg Ninni Russo 1973197725--
Flag of Poland.svg Antoni Ryniak 197319731--
Flag of Finland.svg Marko Salminen 2008Active7--
Flag of Estonia.svg Marek Sarapuu 200920113--
Flag of France.svg Dominique Savignoni 1990Active14--
Flag of Italy.svg Bruno Scabini 1973198613--
Flag of Germany.svg Andreas Schwalié 2000Active6--
Flag of Poland.svg Jacek Scicinski 199519982--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg David Senior 19862009115--
Flag of Argentina.svg Oscar Seppey 199719992--
Flag of Italy.svg Massimo Sghedoni 1978199810--
Flag of Estonia.svg Kuldar Sikk 2003Active90--
Flag of Finland.svg Voitto Silander 1978200255--
Flag of Latvia.svg Andris Šimkus 198719985--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Tony Sircombe 1982200786--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Michael Siveyer 197319731--
Flag of Italy.svg Tiziano Siviero 1980200178161988, 1989
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Sven Smeets 19952005941-
Flag of France.svg Dimitri Smid 2015Active1--
Flag of the United States.svg Carol Smiskol 197319743--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Tom Smith 199320012--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Rik Snaet 200020032--
Flag of Italy.svg Piero Sodano 1973198121--
Flag of Sweden.svg Erik Spjuth 198219821--
Flag of Sweden.svg Ragnar Spjuth 1977200538--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Mark Stacey 1992200921--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Etienne Stalpeart 197319731--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Iain Stewart 1989200424--
Flag of Argentina.svg Nestor Straimel 198019846--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Monty Suffern 198019801--
Flag of Thailand.svg Visut Sukosi 199620103--
Flag of Sweden.svg Marcus Sundh 2014Active1--
Flag of Finland.svg Tapio Suominen 2005Active6--
Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Sasa Svarcer 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Johnstone Syer 1973198117--
Flag of Sweden.svg Hans Sylvan 19742011261-
Flag of Poland.svg Maciej Szczepaniak 1999Active78--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Coral Taylor 1993Active11--
Flag of Italy.svg Luciano Tedeschini 1979199614--
Flag of France.svg Jacques Terramorsi 197319814--
Flag of Argentina.svg Dario Teti 199919991--
Flag of Kenya.svg Surinder Thatthi 1984199910--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Davy Thierie 201120112--
Flag of France.svg Gilles Thimonier 19832010401-
Flag of France.svg Pierre Thimonier 19731988281-
Flag of Kenya.svg Quentin Thomson 197719876--
Flag of Sweden.svg Tina Thörner 1985200276--
Flag of Sweden.svg Bo Thorszelius 198019866--
Flag of Sweden.svg Hans Thorszelius 1973198672131979
Flag of Finland.svg Martti Tiukkanen 1973197741-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Peta Todd 2014Active1--
Flag of France.svg Jean Todt 19731981544-
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Jan Tománek 2001Active89--
Flag of Argentina.svg Gustavo Topalian 199820013--
Flag of Russia.svg Maxim Tsvetkov 2007Active8--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Derek Tucker 197519826--
Flag of Finland.svg Tomi Tuominen 1999Active26--
Flag of Monaco.svg Auguste Turiani 197319731--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Robin Turvey 197319742--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Max Utting 200420095--
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Georg Valdek 197919894--
Flag of Spain.svg Diego Vallejo 1993201232--
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Steve Vanderbyl 199619983--
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Lara Vanneste 2011Active8--
Flag of Portugal.svg José Varela 197319731--
Flag of France.svg Michel Vial 19731984452-
Flag of Finland.svg Petri Vihavainen 1990200219--
Flag of New Zealand.svg Graig Vincent 1987200114--
Flag of Russia.svg Anton Vlasyuk 201120114--
Flag of Sweden.svg Miriam Walfridsson 200820125--
Flag of the United States.svg Harry Ward III 198619883--
Flag of Japan.svg Shunichi Washio 1987200210--
Flag of Poland.svg Lukasz Wawrzynczyk 200920091--
Flag of Austria.svg Wolfgang Weiss 197319732--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Paul White 1973198591-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Dave Whittock 1975198926--
Flag of Germany.svg Klaus Wicha 1989Active84--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Amy Williams 2013Active1--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Carl Williamson 2002Active21--
Flag of Kenya.svg David Williamson 19841999121-
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Neil Wilson 19732000231-
Flag of Austria.svg Gerald Winter 2014Active1--
Flag of Poland.svg Maciej Wislawski 199620098--
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Mike Wood 1973198414--
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Doug Woods 1973197431-
Flag of Switzerland.svg Michel Wyder 198019834--
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Yanaki Yanakiev 200320106--
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Petar Yordanov 201020101--
Flag of Poland.svg Przemek Zawada 2014Active1--
Flag of Austria.svg Franz Zehetner 198419863--
Flag of Hungary.svg Gábor Zsíros 2010201110--
Flag of Lithuania.svg Donatas Zvicevičius 2017Active1--
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Harry Zwiers 197319731--
Flag of Poland.svg Ryszard Żyszkowski 1973198820--

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The World Rally Championship (WRC) is a rallying series organised by the FIA, culminating with a champion driver, co-driver and manufacturer. The driver's world championship and manufacturer's world championship are separate championships, but based on the same point system. The series currently consists of 14 three-day events driven on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. Each rally is usually split into 15–25 special stages which are run against the clock on closed roads.

Colin McRae British racing driver

Colin Steele McRae, was a Scottish rally driver from Lanark, Scotland. The son of five-time British Rally Champion Jimmy McRae and brother of rally driver Alister McRae, Colin McRae was the 1991 and 1992 British Rally Champion, and in 1995 became the first Scottish person and the youngest to win the World Rally Championship Drivers' title, a record he still holds. With 25 victories in the WRC, McRae previously held the record for the most wins in the series.

1996 Indy Racing League sports season

The 1996 Indy Racing League, the first in the history of the league, consisted of only three races, as the season concluded in May with the 80th Indianapolis 500. Walt Disney World Speedway was completed in time to host the first race of the season, and the first ever event of the IRL, and Phoenix International Raceway switched alliances from CART to IRL and hosted the second event of the season. At the conclusion of the three-race schedule, Scott Sharp and Buzz Calkins ended up tied for first place in the season championship. With no tiebreaker rule in place, the two drivers were declared co-champions.

Australian Rally Championship

The Australian Rally Championship (ARC) is Australia's leading off-road motor rally competition. A multi-event national championship has been held each year since 1968.

Triple Crown of Motorsport

The Triple Crown of Motorsport is an unofficial motorsport achievement, often regarded as winning three of the most prestigious motor races in the world in one's career:

Ford World Rally Team 1978-2012 World Rally Championship manufacturer team

The Ford World Rally Team, also known as the Ford Motor Co. Team prior to 2005, is Ford Motor Company's full factory World Rally Championship team. In its current form, it has been a competitor since the 1997 season, when Ford Motor Company's motorsport arm selected the Malcolm Wilson Motorsport company to run its factory team, entering the Ford Escort World Rally Car. The new team took their first victory in the 1997 Acropolis Rally.

2007 Brickyard 400

The 2007 Allstate 400 at The Brickyard, the 14th running of the event, was the twentieth race of the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series season and the first of the season that was televised by NASCAR on ESPN. It was held on July 29, 2007 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana.

Super2 Series Australian touring car racing competition

The Dunlop Super2 Series is an Australian touring car racing competition, specifically the second tier series for Supercars competitors. Competing vehicles are older than those utilised in the Supercars Championship series and are usually run by smaller teams with lower budgets. Approximately half the teams are for 'gentleman racers', while some team owners will put a young emerging driver into the car and team they own. The series runs half the number of events that the Supercars Championship runs.

2014 World Rally Championship forty-second season of the World Rally Championship series

The 2014 World Rally Championship was the 42nd season of the World Rally Championship, an auto racing championship recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile as the highest class of international rallying. Teams and drivers contested thirteen rallies across four continents, competing for the FIA World Rally Championships for Drivers and Manufacturers. The WRC-2, WRC-3 and Junior WRC championships will all be run in support of the premier championship.

2016 Intercontinental GT Challenge

The 2016 Intercontinental GT Challenge was the first season of the Intercontinental GT Challenge. The season featured three rounds — after the cancellation of the 6 Hours of the Americas - starting with Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour on 7 February and the season concluded with the Sepang 12 Hours on 10 December.

2017 World Rally Championship 2017 edition of the World Rally Championship

The 2017 FIA World Rally Championship was the 45th season of the World Rally Championship, an auto racing championship recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) as the highest class of international rallying. Teams and crews contested in thirteen events—starting in Monte Carlo on 19 January and ending in Australia on 19 November—for the World Rally Championships for Drivers, Co-drivers and Manufacturers. Drivers were free to compete in cars complying with World Rally Car and Group R regulations; however, only Manufacturers competing with 2017-specification World Rally Cars were eligible to score points in the Manufacturers' championship. The series were supported by the WRC-2 and WRC-3 championships and the newly created WRC Trophy at every round, and by the Junior World Rally Championship at selected rounds.

The 2018 Rally Argentina was a motor racing event for rally cars that was held over four days between 26 and 29 April 2018. It marked the thirty-eighth running of Rally Argentina, and was the fifth round of the 2018 World Rally Championship and its support categories, the WRC-2 and WRC-3 championships. The event was based in Villa Carlos Paz in Córdoba Province and consisted of eighteen special stages totalling 358.25 km (222.61 mi) competitive kilometres.