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Ponte Garibaldi
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Ponte Sant'Angelo
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Ponte Milvio
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Ponte Sisto

This is an incomplete list of bridges in the city of Rome, in Italy:

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Ascoli Piceno Comune in Marche, Italy

Ascoli PicenoItalian: [ˈaskoli piˈtʃɛːno](listen); Latin: Asculum) is a town and comune in the Marche region of Italy, capital of the province of the same name. Its population is around 48,278 but the urban area of the city has more than 93,000.

Trastevere Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Trastevere is the 13th rione of Rome: it is identified by the initials R. XIII and it is located within the Municipio I. Its name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, meaning literally "beyond the Tiber".

Belluno Comune in Veneto, Italy

Belluno, is a town and province in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Located about 100 kilometres north of Venice, Belluno is the capital of the province of Belluno and the most important city in the Eastern Dolomites region. With its roughly 36,000 inhabitants, it is the largest populated area of Valbelluna. It is one of the 15 municipalities of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.

Ponte (rione of Rome) Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Ponte is the 5th rione of Rome, identified by the initials R. V, and is located in Municipio I. Its name comes from Ponte Sant'Angelo, which connects Ponte with the rione of Borgo. This bridge was built by Emperor Hadrian in 134 AD to connect his mausoleum to the rest of the city. Though Pope Sixtus V changed the rione limits, so that the bridge belongs now to Borgo, not to Ponte anymore, the area has kept its name and a bridge as its coat of arms.

Parione Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Parione is the 6th rione of Rome, identified by the initials R. VI, and belongs to the Municipio I. Its name comes from the fact that in the area there was a huge ancient wall, maybe belonging to the stadium of Domitianus; the nickname people gave to this wall was Parietone, from which the name "Parione".

SantAngelo, Rome Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Sant'Angelo is the 11th rione of Rome, Italy, located in Municipio I. Often written as rione XI - Sant'Angelo, it has a coat of arms with an angel on a red background, holding a palm branch in its left hand. In another version, the angel holds a sword in its right hand and a scale in its left.

Borgo (rione of Rome) Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Borgo is the 14th rione of Rome, Italy. It is identified by the initials R. XIV and is included within Municipio I.

Campo Marzio Rione of Rome in Latium, Italy

Campo Marzio is the 4th rione of Rome, identified by the initials R. IV. It belongs to the Municipio I and covers a smaller section of the area of the ancient Campus Martius. The logo of this rione is a silver crescent on a blue background.

Pons Fabricius

The Pons Fabricius or Ponte dei Quattro Capi, is the oldest Roman bridge in Rome, Italy, still existing in its original state. Built in 62 BC, it spans half of the Tiber River, from the Campus Martius on the east side to Tiber Island in the middle. Quattro Capi refers to the two marble pillars of the two-faced Janus herms on the parapet, which were moved here from the nearby Church of St Gregory in the 14th century.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Chiavari

The Diocese of Chiavari is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in Liguria, northern Italy. It was created on 3 December 1892 by Pope Leo XIII in the Bull Romani Pontifices. It is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Genoa.

Ateneo Veneto

The Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti is an institution for the promulgation of science, literature, art and culture in all forms, in the exclusive interest of promoting social solidarity, located in Venice, northern Italy. The Ateneo Veneto is made up of three-hundred members resident in the city and in the province of Venice, elected by the Assembly, which is also responsible for appointing the Chairman and the Academic Council. Honorary, Non-Resident and Foreign Members, elected by the Assembly also participate in the life of the Ateneo.

Ponte Sisto

Ponte Sisto is a bridge in Rome's historic centre, spanning the river Tiber. It connects Via dei Pettinari in the Rione of Regola to Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere. The construction of the current bridge occurred between 1473 and 1479, and was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, after whom it is named, from the architect Baccio Pontelli, who reused the foundations of a prior Roman bridge, the Pons Aurelius, which had been destroyed during the early Middle Ages. Currently traffic on the bridge is restricted to pedestrians.

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Ponte Regina Margherita

Ponte Regina Margherita, also known as Ponte Margherita, is a bridge linking Piazza della Libertà to Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, in the rioni Campo Marzio and Prati in Rome, Italy.

Ponte Principe Amedeo Savoia Aosta

Ponte Principe Amedeo Savoia Aosta, also known as Ponte Principe or Ponte PASA after its acronym, is a bridge that links Lungotevere dei Sangallo to Piazza Della Rovere in Rome (Italy), in the Rioni Ponte, Trastevere and Borgo.

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