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Mascot Manor refers to a fictional house in which the Australian Football League (AFL) club mascots live. Prior to 2003, each AFL club had mascots; however, in order to appeal to Auskick players, a common theme was decided upon for club mascots. Most clubs have an historical link with their mascots. The story begins with Toby "Torpedo" Coleman, a young, Northern Territory boy who dreams of playing AFL, stumbling across "Mascot Manor" where the 18 mascots live. [1] Some clubs have since moved away from the Mascot Manor character to a mascot of their own choosing. [2]

In 2009, Tru Blu Entertainment published a Nintendo DS game adaptation, developed by Wicked Witch Software based on Mascot Manor. [3]

List of mascots

Jock "One Eye" McPie is Collingwood's mascot. Magpie mascot.jpg
Jock "One Eye" McPie is Collingwood's mascot.
Ronald "Dee" Man is Melbourne's mascot. Ronnie deeman.jpg
Ronald "Dee" Man is Melbourne's mascot.
Tommy "Thunda" Power is Port Adelaide's mascot. ThundaPower.JPG
Tommy "Thunda" Power is Port Adelaide's mascot.
ClubMascot nameNamed after
Adelaide Crows Claude "Curls" Crow Neil Kerley
Brisbane Lions Bernie "Gabba" Vegan Bernie Quinlan
Carlton Blues Captain Carlton
Collingwood Magpies Jock "One Eye" McPie Jock McHale
Essendon Bombers Moz "Skeeta" Reynolds Dick Reynolds
Fremantle Dockers Johnny "The Doc" Docker The Fremantle Doctor
Geelong Cats "Slammin" Sam Tomcat John "Sammy" Newman
Gold Coast Suns Sunny Ray & SkyeThe Sun
Greater Western Sydney Giants G-Man
Hawthorn Hawks Hudson "Hawka" Knights Peter Hudson & Peter Knights
Melbourne Demons Ronald "Dee" Man Ron Barassi
North Melbourne Kangaroos Barry "Bruiser" Cracker Peter "Crackers" Keenan & Barry Cable
Port Adelaide Power Tommy "Thunda" Power
Richmond Tigers Tiger "Stripes" Dyer Jack Dyer
St Kilda Saints Trevor "Saint" Kilda Trevor Barker
Sydney Swans Syd "Swannie" Skilton Bob Skilton
West Coast Eagles Rick "The Rock" Eagle"Eagle Rock" by Daddy Cool
Western Bulldogs Woofer "Dogg" Whitten Ted Whitten

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