List of Australian rules football leagues in Australia

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This is a list of Australian rules football leagues in Australia. There are active leagues in all states and territories for senior players.


For Women's Australian rules football see List of Australian rules football leagues in Australia

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For Rec Footy (social non-contact) competitions, see Rec Footy#List of AFL Rec Footy Competitions.



Adelaide Footy League South Australia1911687
Adelaide Plains Football League South Australia190471
AFL Cairns Queensland195771
AFL Capricornia Queensland197461
AFL Darling Downs Queensland197172
AFL Mackay Queensland197071
AFL Mount Isa Queensland196741
AFL Townsville Queensland195551
AFL Wide Bay Queensland198741
Alberton Football League Victoria194671
Australian Football League National1897181
Avon Football Association Western Australia195971
Ballarat Football League Victoria1893111
Barkly Australian Football League Northern Territory199171
Barossa Light & Gawler Football Association South Australia198791
Bellarine Football League Victoria1971101
Bendigo Football League Victoria1880101
Big Rivers Australian Football League Northern Territory198281
Black Diamond Australian Football League New South Wales188861
Broken Hill Football League New South Wales189041
Central Australian Football League Northern Territory1947153
Central Highlands Football League Victoria1979181
Central Kimberley Football Association Western Australia199151
Central Midlands Coastal Football League Western Australia199251
Central Murray Football League Victoria1997111
Central West Australian Football League New South Wales198141
Central Wheatbelt Football League Western Australia196761
Circular Head Football Association Tasmania191941
Colac & District Football League Victoria1937111
Darwin Football Association Tasmania195181
East Gippsland Football League Victoria197481
East Kimberley Football Association Western Australia1970101
Eastern Districts Football League Western Australia196081
Eastern Eyre Football League South Australia198941
Eastern Football League Victoria1997464
Ellinbank & District Football League Victoria1937151
Esperance District Football Association Western Australia195641
Essendon District Football League Victoria1930263
Far North Football League South Australia194851
Far West Football League South Australia190941
Farrer Football League New South Wales195791
Fortescue National Football League Western Australia197141
Gascoyne Football Association Western Australia190841
Geelong & District Football League Victoria1880121
Geelong Football League Victoria1979121
Gippsland League Victoria2002101
Golden Rivers Football League Victoria199891
Goldfields Football League Western Australia189651
Goulburn Valley Football League Victoria1892121
Gove Australian Football League Northern Territory197551
Great Flinders Football League South Australia192761
Great Northern Football League Western Australia196171
Great Southern Football League South Australia1923101
Great Southern Football League Western Australia199061
Hampden Football Netball League Victoria1930101
Heathcote District Football League Victoria190791
Hills Football League South Australia1902192
Horsham & District Football League Victoria1937111
Hume Football League New South Wales1935151
Kangaroo Island Football League South Australia195051
King Island Football Association Tasmania190831
Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League South Australia1993111
Kyabram & District Football League Victoria1932131
Loddon Valley Football League Victoria190291
Lower South West Football League Western Australia195971
Mallee Football League South Australia / Victoria199461
Maryborough Castlemaine District Football League Victoria1982141
Mid Gippsland Football League Victoria1936101
Mid South Eastern Football League South Australia193691
Mid West Football League South Australia198861
Millewa Football League Victoria192661
Mininera & District Football League Victoria1925121
Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League Victoria1987222
Mortlock Football League Western Australia194571
Murray Football League Victoria1931131
Newman National Football League Western Australia197241
North Central Football League Victoria193071
North Coast Australian Football League New South Wales198251
North East Australian Football League ACT, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland2010111
North Eastern Football League South Australia194681
North Gippsland Football League Victoria1955111
North Midlands Football League Western Australia192461
North Pilbara Football League Western Australia197761
North Western Football Association Tasmania189491
Northern Areas Football Association South Australia190961
Northern Football League Victoria1922253
Northern Riverina Football League New South Wales192461
Northern Tasmanian Football Association Tasmania1996192
Northern Tasmanian Football League Tasmania198781
Northern Territory Football League Northern Territory191681
Oatlands District Football Association Tasmania195281
Old Scholars Football Association Tasmania198771
Omeo & District Football League Victoria192561
Ongerup Football Association Western Australia196361
Ovens & King Football League Victoria1902121
Ovens & Murray Football League Victoria/ New South Wales1894101
Peel Football League South Australia199281
Picola & District Football League Victoria1935172
Port Lincoln Football League South Australia191061
Queensland Australian Football League Queensland1905102
Ravensthorpe & Districts Football Association Western Australia196831
Riddell District Football League Victoria1902131
Riverina Football League New South Wales198291
Riverland Football League South Australia1909132
River Murray Football League South Australia193171
Sapphire Coast Australian Football League New South Wales198461
South Australian National Football League South Australia1877101
South Coast Australian Football League New South Wales196971
South East Football Netball League Victoria201591
South West Football League Western Australia1957101
South West District Football League Victoria197081
Southern Football League South Australia1896151
Southern Football League Tasmania1996101
Southern Football League Victoria1992323
Spencer Gulf Football League South Australia196161
Sunraysia Football League Victoria194581
Sydney Australian Football League New South Wales1903235
Tallangatta & District Football League Victoria1908121
Tamworth Football League New South Wales199771
Tasmanian Football League Tasmania2009101
Tiwi Islands Football League Northern Territory194471
Upper Great Southern Football League Western Australia195981
Upper Murray Football League Victoria189461
Victorian Amateur Football Association Victoria1892727
Victorian Football League Victoria1996151
Warrnambool & District Football League Victoria1945121
West Australian Amateur Football League Western Australia1922656
West Australian Football League Western Australia188591
West Gippsland Football Netball League Victoria2017101
West Kimberley Football Association Western Australia194881
Western Border Football League Victoria/ South Australia196461
Western Region Football League Victoria1931253
Whyalla Football League South Australia192761
Wimmera Football League Victoria193781
Yarra Valley Mountain District Football League Victoria1966192
Yorke Peninsula Football League South Australia188891


Adelaide Football AssociationSouth Australiac. 1916c. 1920
Adelaide Metropolitan Football League/Metropolitan Football Association South Australia
Adelaide Suburban Football League/Norwood-North Adelaide Football AssociationSouth Australia1969c. 1979
Adelaide & Suburban Football League/South Adelaide District Football AssociationSouth Australia19111947Many clubs had moved to the West Torrens District Football Association.
AFL Canberra ACT & NSW19242010Merged with QAFL to form North East Australian Football League
Ailsa Football Association/Borung & Wimmera Football AssociationVictoriac. 1919c. 1922
Albany Football AssociationWestern Australia1957Merged with the Mount Barker FA to form the Southern Districts Football League.
Albert Football AssociationSouth Australia19201923Disbanded due to many clubs folding.
Alberton Football Association/Alberton Shire Football AssociationVictoria19281940Replaced by the Alberton Football League in 1946.
Alberton Shire Football Association/South Gippsland Football AssociationVictoriac. 18891927Replaced by the Alberton Football Association
Albury & Border Football AssociationNew South Walesc. 1920
Albury & District Football LeagueNew South Walesc. 19301957Clubs later moved to the Farrer Football League
Albury-Bandiana Australian Rules Army CompetitionNew South Wales/Victoria19441945Merged with the Bonegilla Australian Rules Army Competition to form the Bandiana-Bonegilla Australian Rules Army Competition
Alice Springs Football AssociationNorthern Territory
Allans Flat District Football AssociationVictoria1923
Allansford District Football AssociationVictoria
Apollo Bay Football AssociationVictoria1934
Arapiles Football AssociationVictoria1945 (after a one-year revival)
Ararat Inter - Church Football AssociationVictoria19281931
Ararat and District Football AssociationVictoria19312000Shut down by VCFL because of lack of clubs. Remaining clubs dispersed into Horsham & District Football League and Mininera & District Football League
Ardlethan District Football LeagueNew South Wales
Ariah Park & District Football LeagueNew South Walesc. 1952
Arthur West Football LeagueWestern Australia
Augusta-Margaret River Football AssociationWestern Australia
Avoca District Football AssociationVictoria19091921Clubs in the league later moved to the Mountain Creek Football Association and the Pyrenees District Football Association
Avon Football AssociationVictoria
Avon Valley Football AssociationVictoria
Bacchus Marsh Football LeagueVictoria19191973Merged with Ballarat FL District Section to form the Ballarat & Bacchus Marsh FL.
Bairnsdale District Football LeagueVictoria19471972Merged with the Gippsland FL to form the East Gippsland Football League
Ballarat & Bacchus Marsh Football LeagueVictoria19731978Merged with Clunes FL to form the Central Highlands FL.
Ballarat Football League District SectionVictoria19591973Merged with Bacchus Marsh FL to form the Ballarat and Bacchus Marsh FL.
Ballarat - Wimmera Football LeagueVictoria19341937League split into the Ballarat Football League and Wimmera Football League after initially being separate before 1934.
Bass Valley Football AssociationVictoria19011954Merged with Wonthaggi and DFL to form Bass Valley-Wonthaggi & DFL
Bass Valley-Wonthaggi and District Football LeagueVictoria19551995League broken up with teams joining the Alberton FL and Ellinbank DFL.
Benalla & District Football League Victoria19472009Shut down by VCFL because of lack of clubs
Bourke Evelyn Football LeagueVictoria1890c. 1920A number of clubs joined the Diamond Valley FL.
Bundaberg Australian Football LeagueQueensland19721986Merged with Wide Bay Australian Football League
Catholic Young Men SocietyVictoria19101974Disbanded, Clubs joined YCW or Metropolitan FL
Central Gippsland Football LeagueVictoria19091953Restructure caused the formation of Latrobe Valley FL
Central Highlands Australian Football LeagueQueensland19831997Folded due to lack of player numbers
Clunes Football LeagueVictoria19311978Merged with Ballarat and Bacchus Marsh FL to form the Central Highlands FL.
Coreen & District Football League New South Wales19092007Club mergers made the league unviable and remaining clubs joined the Hume FL.
Deloraine Football AssociationTasmania19501983Merged with Esk Football Association to form the Esk-Deloraine Football Association.
Esk Football AssociationTasmania19301983Merged with Deloraine Football Association to form the Esk-Deloraine Football Association.
Esk-Deloraine Football AssociationTasmania19841997All clubs joined the Northern Tasmanian Football Association
Eastern District Football LeagueVictoria19621997Merged with Knox Junior Football Assiocation to form the EFL
Eastern Suburban Churches Football LeagueVictoria19231993Mergred With the SFL
Freshwater Creek District Football AssociationVictoria1920
Gippsland Football LeagueVictoria19021972Merged with the Bairnsdale District FL to form the East Gippsland Football League
Gippsland Latrobe Football LeagueVictoria19542001Merged with the West Gippsland FL to form the WGLFL
Glen Alvie Football AssociationVictoria19321945Merged with the Wonthaggia FA to form the Wonthaggia & DFL
Gold Coast Australian Football LeagueQueensland19611996Restructured competition involving Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Clubs
Heidelberg District Football LeagueVictoria19091921Renamed the Diamond Valley FL for season 1922
Heytesbury Football LeagueVictoria19801991Merged with Mt Noorat Football League to form the Heytesbury Mt Noorat Football League.
Heytesbury Mt Noorat Football LeagueVictoria19922002Competition no longer viable.
Huon Football AssociationTasmania18951997Competition no longer viable. Club moved to Southern FL.
Lexton Football LeagueVictoria19451998Merged with the Western Plains Football League to form the Lexton Plains Football League
Lexton Plains Football League Victoria19992010Disbanded in December 2010, clubs joined Mininera & District Football League, Maryborough Castlemaine District Football League and Central Highlands Football League
Maryborough Australian Football LeagueQueensland19811983Folded due to lack of player numbers
Mid Murray Football Association South Australia19102009Lack of clubs forced teams to move to the Hills FA and the North East FL.
Mountain District Football AssociationVictoriac. 1930s1966Merged with Yarra Valley FA to form the Yarra Valley Mountain DFL
Mt Noorat Football LeagueVictoria19301991Merged with Heytesbury Football League to form the Heytesbury Mt Noorat Football League.
North West Football Union Tasmania19101986Those clubs that didn't join the new Tasmanian Football League merged with the Northern Tasmania Football Association to create the Northern Tasmania Football League.
Northern Tasmanian Football Association Tasmania18861986Those clubs that didn't join the new Tasmanian Football League merged with the North West Football Union to create the Northern Tasmania Football League.
Ovens Valley Football AssociationVictoria19191936
Panton Hill and District Football LeagueVictoria19311987Clubs opted to leave and join the Diamond Valley FL and the Riddell District FL.
Peninsula Football AssociationTasmania19882001competition folded after Premaydena went into recess.
Portland District Football LeagueVictoria19551969Merged with Port Fairy Football League to form Portland Port Fairy Football League.
Port Fairy Football LeagueVictoria19261969Merged with Portland District Football League to form Portland Port Fairy Football League.
Queenstown Football AssociationTasmania19241963Formed the West Tasmanian FA with Rosebery FA clubs.
Riviera Football LeagueVictoria19862003Lack of clubs resulted in a merger with the East Gippsland FL.
South Gippsland Football LeagueVictoria19541969Competition not viable after weaker clubs left.
South West Gippsland Football LeagueVictoria19541994League was absorbed by the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League
Students Football AssociationSouth Australiac. 1922c. 1937
Sunday Football League Western Australia19832009
Sunshine Coast Australian Football LeagueQueensland19701992Restructured competition involving Brisbane and Gold Coast Clubs
Tamar Football AssociationTasmania19701984clubs joined the Tasmanian Amateurs Northern Division.
Tasman Football AssociationTasmania19102001clubs joined the Southern Football League.
Tungarmah Football LeagueVictoria19451996Merged with Goulburn Valley FL and became 2nd division and then the Central Gippsland FL. Most TFL clubs are now part of the Picola DFL.
West Gippsland Football leagueVictoria19272001Merged with the Gippsland Latrobe FL to form the WGLFL
West Tasmanian Football LeagueTasmania19641993Shortage of clubs. Clubs now part of the Darwin FA.
Western Plains Football LeagueVictoria19301998Merged with the Lexton Football League to form the Lexton Plains Football League
Western Port - Wonthaggi Football AssociationVictoria1936Merged with the Wonthaggi JFA to form the Wonthaggi FA
Wide Bay Australian Football LeagueQueensland19851986Merged with the Bundaberg Australian Football League
Wonthaggi and District Football LeagueVictoria19451954Merged with the Bass Valley FL to form Bass Valley-Wonthaggi & DFL
Wonthaggi Football AssociationVictoria19371944Merged with the Glen Alive FA to form Wonthaggi & DFL
Wonthaggi Junior Football AssociationVictoria19231936Merged with the Western Port - Wonthaggi FA to form the Wonthaggi FA
Wycheproof-Charlton District Football AssociationVictoria1890
Yarra Valley Football AssociationVictoria19201966Merged with Mountain DFL to form the Yarra Valley Mountain DFL
Yackandandah Football LeagueVictoria1954
Yungera District Football AssociationVictoria1930
Youth Christian Workers Football LeagueVictoria19581986Many clubs joined the Eastern Suburban Churches FA.

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Australian rules football Contact sport invented in Melbourne

Australian rules football, officially known as Australian football, or simply called "Aussie rules", "football" or "footy", is a contact sport played between two teams of 18 players on an oval field, often a modified cricket ground. Points are scored by kicking the oval ball between the middle goal posts or between a goal and behind post.

AFL Queensland

AFL Queensland (AFLQ) is the governing body of Australian rules football in Queensland. AFL Queensland has over 216,000 participants playing at all levels of football from the introductory NAB AFL Auskick program to the AFL Masters Competition. AFL Queensland covers 13 regions, 24 leagues and 159 clubs.

The Australian Football International Cup is an international sport competition in Australian rules football, currently contested by amateur players only. It is currently co-ordinated by the Australian Football League's game development arm and has been run every three years since 2002.

Rec footy

Recreational Football is a non-contact version of the Australian rules football game sanctioned by the Australian Football League. It is a more accessible version of Australian rules football that people can pick up and play with some degree of skill and ability and it is directly aligned to the traditional game of Australian rules football. It is a mixed competition, accessible to players of both sexes, all shapes and sizes and requires minimal equipment to play.

Australian rules football is a sport played in many countries around the world at amateur level only. In 2016, about 106,000 people played in structured competitions outside of Australia and at least 20 leagues that are recognised by the game's governing body, exist outside Australia. In 2007 there was a total of 34,845 players. In contrast, there are over 800,000 players in Australia where the game is at its strongest; overseas players make up less than 2% of the total players worldwide.

Womens Australian rules football

Women's Australian rules football, also known simply as women's football or women's footy, is a form of Australian rules football played by women, generally with some modification to the laws of the game.

Mid American Australian Football League

The MAAFL was a division of the United States Australian Football League and an Australian rules football competition based in the United States.

Central Australian Football League

The Central Australian Football League (CAFL) is an Australian rules football competition operating out of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Queensland Australian Football League Australian rules football competition

The Queensland Australian Football League (QAFL) is an Australian rules football competition organised by the AFL Queensland, contested by clubs from South East Queensland.

Australian rules football in Japan is a growing team sport which dates back to 1910, but found its roots in the late 1980s mainly due to the influence of Australian Football appearing on Japanese television.

AFL Canada is the governing body for Women's Australian rules football competition in Canada. The primary competition is centred in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec and the national team is known as the "Northern Lights".

The NAB AFL Under 18 Championships are the annual national Australian rules football championships for players aged 18 years or younger. The competition is seen as one of the main pathways towards being drafted into a team in the fully professional Australian Football League (AFL). Originally known as the Teal Cup, the competition began in 1953 between Queensland and New South Wales, but now features teams from each Australian state and mainland territory. Since 2017, the division 2 competition has been replaced by the Under 18 Academy Series, with teams from the 4 Queensland and NSW AFL clubs' academies in addition to Northern Territory and Tasmania state teams. The best players from the academy competition then combine to form an 'Allies' team in conjunction with South Australia, Western Australia and two Victoria teams, Metro and Country to contest the division 1 tournament. The tournament is currently sponsored by the National Australia Bank, having previously been sponsored by Caltex and the Commonwealth Bank. The winner of the 2019 division 1 tournament was Western Australia.

Variations of Australian rules football

Variations of Australian rules football are games or activities based on or similar to the game of Australian rules football, in which the player uses common Australian rules football skills. They range in player numbers from 2 up to the minimum 38 required for a full Australian rules football.

Quebec Saints

The Québec Saints is an Australian rules football club based in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

AFL Quebec is a 9-a-side Australian football competition formerly known as the Eastern Canadian Australian Football League or ECAFL. The league has both a men's and women's division and consists of teams from Montréal and its surrounding areas. Players from the current regular season teams are eligible to play representative 18-a-side football for the men's team the Québec Saints or the women's team the Montréal Angels. The Saints and Angels participate in the United States AFL National Championships Tournament, the Saints having previously participated in the AFL Ontario Division 2 competition from 2008–10.

The Baltimore Washington Eagles was a United States Australian Football League (USAFL) team, based in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. It was founded in 1998, and includes men's and women's teams that compete at a national level. Several of its players have participated in the USA national team in numerous AFL International Cups, which are held every three years in Melbourne, Australia. The club has won two Division II Championships, were runners-up in the Division I Championship in 2008, and won the 2017 Arctic Cup in Iceland. The Baltimore Washington Eagles also are affiliated with a kids footy program in the D.C. and Baltimore areas, as well as the AFL-light, tackle-free variation of the sport known as Ausball. The Eagles are affiliated with the West Coast Eagles, being one of only two USAFL teams to share the AFL club's name and wear its colors. At the end of the 2017 season, the Baltimore Washington Eagles voted to expand into two clubs, the DC Eagles and the Baltimore Dockers.

AFL Womens

AFL Women's (AFLW) is Australia's national semi-professional Australian rules football league for female players. The first season of the league in February and March 2017 had 8 teams; the league expanded to ten teams in the 2019 season and 14 teams in the 2020 season. The league is run by the Australian Football League (AFL) and is contested by a subset of clubs from that competition. The reigning premiers are 2019 premiers Adelaide, as the 2020 season was cut short due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tayla Harris Australian rules footballer

Tayla Harris is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Carlton Football Club in the AFL Women's (AFLW) and professional boxer. She previously played for Brisbane in the inaugural AFL Women's season. As of September 2020, she is ranked as the world's fourth best active female middleweight boxer by The Ring and ninth by BoxRec.