Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League

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Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League
2018 PremiersNick Mosey & Mundulla
Most premierships10 - Nick Mosey
2018 Leading goalkickerFraser “truck” Williams(Padthaway) 102

The Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League is an Australian rules football competition based in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia, Australia. It is an affiliated member of the South Australian National Football League. One unusual aspect of the league is that it includes clubs from both South Australia and Victoria. The 2018/19/20/21 league medalist was Darcy “Sauce” Boyanton.


Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League

In 1993 the Kowree-Naracoorte Football League and the Tatiara Football League merged to form the Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League. The founding clubs were Apsley, Border Districts, Bordertown, Edenhope, Kaniva & Districts, Keith, Kingston, Kybybolite, Leeor, Lucindale, Mundulla, Naracoorte, Padthaway and Penola.

Kaniva & Districts and Leeor merged in 1997 to form Kaniva Leeor United.

Apsley and Edenhope in 1999 merged to form Edenhope-Apsley and in 2006 moved to the Horsham & District Football League.

Current clubs

JumperClubNicknameYears in compPremiershipsPremiership Years
Border Districts
Waratah Warriors Jumper.svg
Bordertown Roosters1993-12012
Adelaide Club symbol.svg
Keith Crows1993-22007, 2008
St Kilda Jumper 2002.png
Kingston Saints1993---
Glenelg Tigers Jumper.svg
Kybybolite Tigers1993---
Lucindale Kangaroos1993-32005, 2011, 2017
Cobram Tigers Football Team Jumper.png
Mundulla Tigers1993-121994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2018, 2019, 2021
Melbourne Demons Jumper.png
Naracoorte Demons1993-32006, 2009, 2010
Williamstown Seagulls Jumper.svg
Padthaway Lions1993-31993, 2014, 2015
Penola Eagles Jumper.png
Penola Eagles1993-42001, 2003, 2013, 2016

Former clubs

JumperClubNicknameYears in compPremiershipsPremiership YearsNotes
Collingwood VFL.PNG
Apsley Magpies1993-1998--Merged with Edenhope to become Edenhope-Apsley
Edenhope Bombers1993-1998--Merged with Apsley to become Edenhope-Apsley
Kaniva Bulldogs1993-1996--Merged with Leeor to become Kaniva Leeor United
Leeor Jets1993-1996--Merged with Kaniva to become Kaniva Leeor United
Kaniva Leeor United Cougars1997-2019--Moved to Horsham & District Football League due to COVID-19 border closure
Edenhope ApsleyPower1999-2006--Moved to Horsham & District Football League for 2007 season [1]


Kowree-Naracoorte FL

This league was founded in 1937 when two competitions joined to create the Kowree-Naracoorte Football League. Towns of Apsley and Edenhope from the Shire of Kowree in Victoria got together with teams from Kybybolite, Frances and Naracoorte (North Naracoorte and South Naracoorte). After World War 2 Lucindale was admitted, then the two Naracoorte clubs merged to form Naracoorte, and Frances merged with Minimay to form Border Districts. The six team competition was later joined in the 1960s by Kingston and Padthaway. Penola joined from the Western Border Football League in 1988.

KNFL Premiers [2]

Tatiara FL

Tatiara FL had its origins in 1911. Teams from Mundulla, Bordertown, Keith, Wolseley and Servicetown were later joined by Kaniva, Lillimur and Federals.

Kaniva and Federals merged to form Kaniva & Districts in 1948, and Serviceton and Lillimur merged to form Leeor in 1950. Tintinara replaced Wolseley and the six team competition remain stable from the mid-1950s until 1991.

In 1992 Tintinara withdrew and merged with Border Downs reducing the league to five clubs; this was thought as unworkable, therefore a league merger was sought.

TFL Premiers [3]

2007 Ladder

Keith 15010196581570.68%60EliminationLucindale2313151Kybybolite1416100
Penola 130302080105266.41%52QualifyingNaracoorte1814122Penola1516106
Naracoorte 120402094121563.28%481st SemiPenola2117143Lucindale111177
Lucindale 110502248138861.83%442nd SemiKeith1512102Naracoorte4933
Kybybolite 80801843141156.64%32PreliminaryPenola2612168Naracoorte1616112
Border Districts80801490178745.47%32

2008 Ladder

Naracoorte 162002150108066.56%64EliminationLucindale189117Mundulla178110
Keith 14220226285972.48%56QualifyingKeith11975Kybybolite7244
Kybybolite 122401858109462.94%481st SemiLucindale1711113Kybybolite121082
Lucindale 112502108119563.82%442nd SemiKeith101272Naracoorte31028
Mundulla 112501687137555.09%44PreliminaryNaracoorte1912126Lucindale197121
Border Districts42120968228729.74%16

2009 Ladder

Naracoorte 132302288102569.06%52EliminationKingston168104Mundulla81159
Lucindale 132302145109766.16%52QualifyingLucindale141599Keith9559
Keith 132301705109560.89%521st SemiKeith1714116Kingston10666
Mundulla 102601591129955.05%402nd SemiNaracoorte1919133Lucindale6743
Kingston 92701761119259.63%36PreliminaryKeith13987Lucindale71557
Border Districts421201115209634.72%16

2010 Ladder

Kybybolite 150102134105766.88%60EliminationLucindale141094Bordertown121183
Naracoorte 140202097129461.84%56QualifyingNaracoorte13684Mundulla91468
Mundulla 120402045143358.80%481st SemiMundulla131391Lucindale8856
Bordertown 100601909165753.53%402nd SemiKybybolite7143Naracoorte2416
Lucindale 100601709149953.27%40PreliminaryNaracoorte179111Mundulla101272
Border Districts101501232242533.69%4

2011 Ladder

Naracoorte 150102231135662.20%60EliminationPadthaway239147Border District2011131
Lucindale 140202104102567.24%56QualifyingLucindale1913127Kybybolite10767
Kybybolite 110501787146654.93%441st SemiKybybolite1714116Padthaway1511101
Border Districts 90701640159950.63%362nd SemiLucindale2812180Naracoorte81058
Padthaway 90701541163548.52%36PreliminaryNaracoorte1713115Kybybolite14993

2012 Ladder

Kaniva-Leeor 14211202992468.71%66EliminationPadthaway2113139Mundulla131391
Keith 112501793138956.35%52QualifyingKeith13785Bordertown11773
Padthaway 102421623135054.59%521st SemiBordertown1712114Padthaway177109
Bordertown 111501679104661.61%482nd SemiKaniva-Leeor2016136Keith9761
Mundulla 102601650131855.59%48PreliminaryBordertown228140Keith11167
Border Districts221401342225937.27%16

2013 Ladder

Bordertown 140202032113364.20%56EliminationMundulla14892Naracoorte10464
Keith 140201892120961.01%56QualifyingPenola101575Keith5232
Penola 130302404124865.83%521st SemiKeith2118144Mundulla141498
Naracoorte 130302004109664.65%522nd SemiPenola1814122Bordertown111177
Mundulla 100601575120656.63%40PreliminaryKeith1614110Bordertown141599
Border Districts70901455188643.55%28GrandPenola1710112Keith131290

2014 Ladder

Padthaway 152202145116964.73%68EliminationBordertown2513163Kaniva-Leeor1512102
Penola 132402288105968.36%60QualifyingMundulla141498Penola13684
Mundulla 122401801114061.24%561st SemiPenola1712114Bordertown71658
Kaniva-Leeor 112501677142554.06%522nd SemiPadthaway178110Mundulla111076
Bordertown 102601747133656.67%48PreliminaryPenola169105Mundulla1513103
Border Districts221401197224134.82%16

2015 Ladder

Keith 16200201999467.01%72EliminationPenola1814122Lucindale141094
Padthaway 13230169397763.41%60QualifyingBordertown121284Padthaway7951
Bordertown 112501976141458.29%521st SemiPadthaway131492Penola4428
Lucindale 102601768128058.01%482nd SemiKeith199123Bordertown8654
Penola 102601740129957.26%48PreliminaryPadthaway1511101Bordertown131189
Border Districts521101245191839.36%28

2016 Ladder

Penola 14020214493769.59%56EliminationKeith184112Mundulla81664
Lucindale 130301895115862.07%52QualifyingKybybolite111379Lucindale10767
Kybybolite 100511601123256.51%421st SemiLucindale178110Keith8654
Keith 100511483130653.17%422nd SemiKybybolite8654Penola61147
Mundulla 100601599118957.35%40PreliminaryPenola1518108Lucindale8553
Border Districts20140989209632.06%8

2017 Ladder

Mundulla 14020216695169.49%56EliminationLucindale141599Kybybolite10969
Penola 12031194097366.60%50QualifyingPenola9862Lucindale6844
Keith 120311438104857.84%501st SemiLucindale1515105Keith6440
Lucindale 120401564112058.27%482nd SemiMundulla1416100Penola7648
Kybybolite 100511667117458.68%42PreliminaryLucindale12880Penola10868
Border Districts10150800195929.00%4

KNTFL A Grade Premierships


Virgo Medal

Mail Medal

Mail Medalists & Virgo Medalists (Combined in 1994)

Leading Goalkickers

Notable players from the area

The KNFL, TFL and KNTFL have produced:

Additionally some famous SANFL and AFL footballers have played in the league, including:

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Apsley is a small town in Victoria, Australia. It is on the Wimmera Highway, in the Shire of West Wimmera, 420 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, and 7 kilometres east of the South Australian border. The town is named after Apsley House in London. It was surveyed in 1851 and proclaimed in 1852, a Post Office opening on 1 January 1854 replacing that of Lake Wallace nearer what is now Edenhope serving the grazing population.

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The Horsham & District Football League is an amateur Australian rules football league based in the Wimmera area of Western Victoria.

Nigel Fiegert is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Port Adelaide in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Victoria was an electorate in the South Australian House of Assembly from 1857 until 1902 and from 1915 to 1993.

Victoria and Albert was an electoral district in the South Australian House of Assembly from 1902 to 1915. The seat elected candidates of both major parties at various times. It merged the seats of Victoria and Albert, which were both recreated on its abolition.

Albert was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in South Australia, spanning its time as both a colony and a state. It was created in 1875, taking much territory from adjacent Victoria, merged with Victoria in 1902 as Victoria and Albert, separated again in 1915, and abolished in 1970.

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The Naracoorte Herald is a weekly newspaper first published in Naracoorte, South Australia on 14 December 1875. It was later sold to Rural Press, previously owned by Fairfax Media, but now an Australian media company trading as Australian Community Media.

TheBorder Chronicle is a weekly newspaper published in Bordertown, South Australia from June 1908 to the present day. Its head office is in Smith Street, Naracoorte. It was later sold to Rural Press, previously owned by Fairfax Media, but now an Australian media company trading as Australian Community Media.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">County of MacDonnell</span> Cadastral in South Australia

The County of MacDonnell is one of the 49 cadastral counties of South Australia. It was proclaimed in 1857 and named for the South Australian Governor at the time of proclamation, Richard Graves MacDonnell. It is located in the upper south-east of the state from the Limestone Coast at Kingston to the Victorian border. This includes the following contemporary local government areas of the state:


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