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Upper Murray
Football Netball League
Current season, competition or edition:
Sports current event.svg2021
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Sport Australian rules football (1893)
Netball (2001)
Founded1893;130 years ago (1893) as " Corryong Football Association"
No. of teams6
CountryFlag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia
Confederation AFL North East Border
Netball Victoria

The Upper Murray Football Netball League(UMFNL) is an Australian Rules Football and Netball competition based in the rural town of Corryong, Victoria, Australia. The league contains five clubs from around the townships & farming districts of the greater Upper Murray area, including the three founding clubs from 1893.


The league features three grades in the Australian rules football competition, with these being Senior-Grade, Under 14's, with Under 10's as Auskick. In the netball competition, there are six grades, with these being A-Grade, B-Grade, C-Grade, D-Grade, Under 15's, with Under 11's as Netta. Results from Auskick & Netta are normally not recorded and final series are normally not played, instead, emphasis is put on having fun while playing sport and improving their skills.

There are many pieces of league memorabilia scatted throughout the Upper Murray region, including some photos & trophies away from clubroom and sporting grounds. Some notable locations include Bridge Hotel (Jingellic), Corryong Hotel Motel, Corryong Sporting Complex, Courthouse Hotel (Corryong), Hotel Cudgewa, Khancoban Country Golf Club, Koetong Pub, Riley's Restaurant (Corryong), The Man from Snowy River Museum (Corryong), Tintaldra Hotel, & Walwa Hotel.


Establishment (1892–1893)

During the 1892/1893 summer three of the regions cricket clubs agreed to the establishment of a competition in order to keep their players fit during the winter break. The three founding clubs were Corryong, Cudgewa, and Mount Elliot, and in early 1893 the Corryong Football Association was officially established.

The league is one of the oldest Football Leagues in Victoria still active today. It was established 16 years after the first Victorian Football Association (VFA/VFL) season, the same year as the first Ovens & Murray Football Association season, 4 years before the first Victorian Football League (VFL/AFL) season, and 10 years before the first Ovens & King Football Association season. Additional the league was established almost 1 year before the Corryong Courier newspaper was first published on January 25, 1894.

Corryong Football Association (1893–1899)

During the first five years of the association only the three founding clubs competed in the competition, and the "championship" [note 1] was awarded to the club that finished in 1st position on the ladder. The early "champions" [note 1] included Corryong (1893, 1895, 1899) and Mount Eliot (1894, 1897, 1898). The only exception was in 1896 when Cudgewa defeated Mount Elliot in the first final played, unfortunately the details of this occasion are now lost.

At the start of the 1898 season, the competition expanded for the first time in its short history to include a fourth football club, Walwa, representing the township of Walwa, Victoria. The addition of the Walwa FC to the competition was seen as a success, and during their second season they finished in second position on the 1899 Ladder.

The same season, 1899, the competition expanded to include a fifth football club, Khancoban FC representing the township of Khancoban, New South Wales. However, the addition of the Khancoban FC to the competition was less successful. Only lasting two seasons, they finished in third and fourth respectively.

Upper Murray Football Club Association (1900–1901)

At the start of the 1900 season the competition renamed itself to the Upper Murray Football Club Association, and after the 1900 season the Khancoban FC went into recess for the first time. In 1901, the Mount Elliot FC renamed itself to the Federal FC.

Upper Murray Football Association (1902–1903)

At the start of the 1902 season the league name changed again, to the Upper Murray Football Association.

Corryong District Association (1904–1906)

At the start of the 1904 season the league name changed again, to the Corryong District Association, also the Federal FC relocated from Mount Elliot, Vic to Corryong, Vic.

The Khancoban FC relocated from Khancoban, NSW to Towong, Vic in 1904 and became the Towong FC before renaming to Towong Wanderers FC in 1905. Then in 1906 they relocated again to Thowgla, Vic and became the Thowgla FC, this move would result in the club's first premiership success, Thowgla 4.6 (30) defeating Corryong 2.8 (20).

Upper Murray Football Association (1907–1936)

In 1907 Cudgewa won the right to challenge the minor premiers, Corryong, in the grand final, but Corryong refused to play because an umpire for the grand final was not sourced from Albury, NSW.

By 1908, with a re-found form of success, Thowgla FC relocated back to Khancoban, NSW and renamed back to Khancoban FC and were runners-up in 1908, this was to be the last grand final match for the club. By 1910 the Corryong FC won its fourth straight premiership; 1907 (tied with Cudgewa FC), 1908, 1909, 1910.

From 1912 to 1913 Khancoban FC relocated to Tintaldra, Vic and became known as Tintaldra FC.

After the 1914 season the premiers of Tallangatta and Mitta Mitta Football Association, Federated Railways (a merged club formed by "Tallangatta FC" & "Tallangatta Valley FC"), traveled to Corryong Park to play the Combined Corryong team of both the Corryong & Federal football club's. As reported in the Corryong Courier on Thursday August 20, "The ground was in excellent order , and there was a large attendance of spectators." The Final scores were, Combined Corryong 9 goals & 12 behinds, Federated Railways 6 goals & 10 behinds. [1] As far as records indicate, excluding Inter-League matches, this is the only time that players from the arch-rival football clubs of Corryong & Federal have played together as one club.

Club Inter-League Match
Saturday, 15 August (1914)Combined Corryong
Upper Murray Football Association
vs.Federated Railways
Tallangatta and Mitta Mitta Football Association
Corryong Park Report
Umpires: N.Hanlon (of Tallangatta)
Best On Ground: Scott (Federated Railways)
Television broadcast: *Corryong Courier (Newspapers)
Greenham 3
Lukins 2
P.Greenhill, Clem, Hill, Otty 1
Goals2 Seammell, Scott
1 Starr, Hogan
Beard, Charlton, Lynch, Greenham, C.Sheather, Lukins, Greenhill, H.Hamilton, H.Waters, Otty, P.Whitehead, Hill Bros., Mildren Bros.BestScott, O.Scanunell, Hogan, Brown, Card, Starr Bros., Ilaekett, Williams, Judd
15 Free Kicks forReports29 Free Kicks for

In 1916, with a lack of players in the region due to the First World War the Upper Murray Football Association went into recess.

In 1918 the association restarted but the 1918 and 1919 seasons were restricted to half seasons still due to a lack of players after the First World War.

By 1920 the competition was now representing only three townships, with four competing clubs Corryong, Cudgewa, Federal and Walwa.

Upper Murray Football League (1937-2000)

In 1950 the round 5 match between Corryong and Cudgewa saw a then-record gate takings of £30.

The UMFNL was also a part of the former recruiting zone known as VFL Country Recruiting Zone no.11 , which from the 1960s to the 1980s was controlled by South Melbourne. However, no players were ever recruited from the Upper Murray under the zoning rules to play for South Melbourne.

The Upper Murray Football League won the North East Riverina Leagues Championships in 1976, & 1977 with Kevin Mack as Captain-Coach & John Cornish as Vice Captain. Also in 1977 John Cornish (from Tumbarumba FC) winning "Best player from all leagues in series", Kevin Mack (from Corryong FC) winning "Best player on ground against Hume League", & Craig Whitehead (from Corryong FC) winning "Best player on ground against Ovens & King".

Upper Murray Football Netball League (2001–present)

The 2001 season saw a lot of changes for the league including the resumption of the reserve-grade football competition after it folded in 1995, and the junior football competition changed from Under 18s to Under 16s. The introduction of a netball competition being run in conjunction with the football competition, sharing the same club names, colors and playing venues. The largest change seen the Bullioh Valley Football Club reforming in late 2000 as Bullioh Football Netball Club. In 2001 both the VCFL & UMFNL admitted the club into the competition for the 2001 season, despite protests of concerns that Bullioh would pinch players from both the Cudgewa FNC & the Tallangatta Valley FNC . [2]

Unfortunately, since the 2002 season there have currently been no official Inter-League matches , the only exceptions are a handful of Junior Carnivals the last one attended was an AFL North East Border carnival in 2009, & the senior Netballer's since 2006 have regularly attended the Albury Indoor Carnival, normally held in October, after all the regions competitions have ended. [3] The AFL North East Border other league's, the Ovens & Murray Football League, the Ovens & King Football League, & the Tallangatta & District Football League , along with AFL New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory league, the Hume Football League , have agreements with either The AFL Victorian Country Championships or other leagues across Victoria & New South Wales leaving the Upper Murray without the option for an opponent for most years. [4]

In 2008 Federals had a poor season and finished last on the ladder, it was the first time since 1957 that the club didn't play finals.

Since 2013 the league has been affiliated with the AFL Victoria Country North East Border board who are responsible for overseeing the game across the greater local region. In 2019 the board has conducted feasibility studies into the future of the league with player numbers continuing to drop year over year. [5] [6] [7]

In a first for the local area, the 2015 Round 13 (August 1, 2015) clash between Bullioh & Cudgewa at Tallangata Valley saw the match abandoned by the Umpire. During play in the third quarter Bullioh's Matt Tyrell was reported & requested to leave the ground by the Umpire. After five (5) minutes had past and Tyrell had refused to leave the field of play, a new rule allowed the Umpire officially abandon the match. As the incident has occurred after half time the scores were declared final and Cugdewa officially awarded the four premiership points, "Bullioh 2.1 (13) def. by Cudgewa 8.12 (60)." During that week's tribunal Bullioh's Matt Tyrell was cleared to play the following week after they took into account his excellent playing record, while teammate Taylor Fenton received a one-week suspension for abusive language from the same game. [8] [9] [10]

As part of the AFL Victoria Country reforms to league operations a player point cap system will be introduced from the start of the 2016 season. Fellow leagues the Ovens and Murray, the Tallangatta and District, and the Ovens and King will also see the introduction of a player point cap system while the Hume league introduced the change to their league for the start of the 2015 season. For the UMFNL the player points cap has been set at 46 for 2016 before it drops by four in 2017. [11]

At the Border-Walwa Football Netball Clubs annual general meeting on Sunday, 9 February 2020 the Border Mail reported that Border-Walwa Football Netball Club's had decided to enter recess for the 2020 season. A number of factors were cited including population decline, but mainly the devastation of the Upper Murray from the 2019/2020 Australian Bushfires. They hope to re-join the league in 2021. [12] This was the first time a club had left the league since then end of the 1995 season when Tumbarumba entered a state of recess for one season.

Footy For Fires

The Footy For Fires is a charity event for the Upper Murray Bushfires.

Footy For Fires (Cudgewa Football Ground)
Saturday, 14 March (1:00 pm)Upper Murray Legends  
(Past & Present UMFNL Players)
vs.  Celebrity All Stars
(Past AFL Players & Local Celebrities)
FootballMatch report
Saturday, 14 March (1:00 pm)Cudgewa Blues Carlton AFL icon.svg
(2019 UMFNL Premiers)
vs. Clarence Football Club colours.jpg Federal Swans
(2019 UMFNL Runners-up)
NetballMatch report
Saturday, 14 March (2:15 pm)Thurgoona Bulldogs South Croydon Football Club colours.jpg
(2019 TDFL Premiers)
vs. AFL Richmond Icon.jpg Osborne Tigers
(2019 HAFNL Premiers)
FootballMatch report
Saturday, 14 March (2:15 pm)Kiewa-Sandy Creek Hawks Hawthorn Football Club colours.jpg
(2019 TDNA Premiers) 57
def. Adelaide Club symbol.svg Billabong Crows
52 (2019 HAFNL Premiers)
Netball Match report
Saturday, 14 March (4:30 pm)Wangaratta Rovers Hawthorn Football Club colours.jpg
(2019 NEB FFL 5th place)
vs. Boolarra fc club colors.png Wodonga Raiders
(2019 NEB FFL Runners-up)
FootballMatch report
  • A pre-game AFL Auskick clinic will be held for children aged 10-16 from 12:00pm.
  • The day will feature two "Battle of the Premiers" when the 2019 TDFL/TDNA premiers face the 2019 HAFNL premiers in both football and netball matches.


Current clubs

Active clubs

Premiership Years
[note 2]
Bullioh Football Club colours.jpg
Bulldogs Tallangatta Valley VIC Whyeebo Recreation Reserve
2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2018, 2019
Boolarra fc club colors.png
Demons Corryong VIC Corryong Showgrounds
1893, 1985, 1899, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912,
1915, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1951, 1964,
1968, 1969, 1972, 1978, 1985, 1987, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2005, 2017
Carlton AFL icon.svg
Blues Cudgewa VIC Cudgewa Football Ground
1896, 1904, 1907, 1911, 1913, 1914, 1919, 1921, 1938, 1939,
1946, 1947, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967,
1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1979, 1981, 1999, 2000, 2014, 2015
AFL North Melbourne Icon.jpg
Roos Tumbarumba NSW Tumbarumba Cricket Ground
2012, 2013, 2022

Recess clubs

Premiership Years
Border-Walwa (R)
[note 3] [note 4]
Port Adelaide SANFL Icon.jpg
Magpies Walwa VIC Walwa Sportsground1960196071984, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998
Federal (R)
[note 5] [note 6]
Clarence Football Club colours.jpg
Swans Corryong VIC Corryong Showgrounds
1894, 1987, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1918, 1925, 1933, 1934, 1935,
1945, 1959, 1960, 1965, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1986,
1988, 1989, 1993, 1994, 2006, 2007, 2016

★ According to the AFL Victoria Country both Border-Walwa FNC & Federal FNC are still affiliated to the Upper Murray Football Netball League and have publicly stated their desires to rejoin the league in the future. However, they do not currently field any football or netball teams to compete in the competition but maintain some involvement with-in their local community including various fundraising events & community days.

Former clubs

Premiership Years
Berringama ? Berries Berringama VIC Berringama Recreation Reserve19291929–19300
Border United
[note 7]
Leongatha Football Club colours.jpg
Hoppers Jingellic NSW Jingellic Cricket Ground19501950–19600
Tintaldra-Khancoban United
[note 8]
AFL St Kilda Icon.jpg
Saints Tintaldra
Tintaldra Recreation Reserve
Khancoban Cricket Ground
[note 9]
AFL Hawthorn Icon.jpg
Hawks Tumut NSW Tumut Recreation Reserve19701978–198511982
[note 10]
AFL Richmond Icon.jpg
Tigers Walwa VIC Walwa Sportsground18981898–1960151900, 1920, 1922, 1929, 1931, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1948, 1949,
1950, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958
CompetitionLevelPremiershipsYear Won

★ Berringama was established in 1929, and entered the competition that season. The club wore light coloured jumper with a dark coloured vee on the front, as the photo is in black and white the team's true colours are unknown. [13] During their first season they were able to claim six points through a win along with a draw against Corryong. They withdrew from the competition after 7 rounds of the 1930 season on July 10, it's unclear as to why they withdrew but records show they were winless in 1930. They last competed in 1930, and since the 1931 season have not played, leading to the club being seen as folded.

CompetitionLevelPremiershipsYear Won

★ The football club has had a mixed past, having played under many names & colours as well as locations. The club itself was established in 1899 as Khancoban FC, they played from Khancoban (NSW) until 1900. After a three-year period of recess the club reappeared for the 1904 season as Towong Wanderers FC, they played from Towong (VIC) until 1905. They then relocated for the 1906 season to Thowgla (VIC) and were known as Thowgla FC until 1907. It was while the club was based in Thowgla that the club won their sole premiership when they defeated Corryong in the grand final, 4.6 (30) to 2.8 (20). For the 1908 season they relocated back to Khancoban (NSW) and were renamed back to Khancoban FC. After another three-year period of recess the club reappeared for the 1912 season as Tintaldra FC, they played from Tintaldra (VIC) until 1913. Then from 1914 the club was in recess for 38 years, before returning as Tintaldra FC for the 1951 season playing from Tintaldra (VIC). They would be known as Tintaldra FC until the 1961 season, and from the 1962 season the club would be known as Tintaldra-Khancoban United FC, playing from both Tintaldra (VIC) & Khancoban (NSW). They last competed in 1967, and since the 1968 season have not played, leading to the club being seen as folded.

CompetitionLevelPremiershipsYear Won

★ Tumut was established in 1970, and first competed in the "Central Riverina Football League" until 1977. They then entered the Upper Murray Football League for the 1978 season, before going on to leave after the 1985 season. Tumut claimed their sole senior premiership in 1982 at the Cudgewa Football Ground when they defeated Cudgewa, 14.7 (91) to 8.10 (58). The club renamed to Tumut-Talbingo in 1986 before joining the "Farrar Football League - Division 2" for the 1986 season. They last competed in 1987, and since the 1988 season have not played, leading to the club being seen as folded.

Senior-grade honour boards

1907: Cudgewa won the right to challenge the minor premiers, Corryong, who refused to play because an umpire for the grand final was not sourced from Albury, NSW.
1918–1919: Only a half season was played due to a lack of footballers during and after World War I.
1945–1946: Only a half season was played due to a lack of footballers during and after World War II.


KEY: [?] = Details are still unclear or are missing.

190520Corryong16Cudgewa12Towong Wanderers[?][?] Federal[?][?] Walwa
190616Thowgla16Corryong4Cudgewa[?][?] Federal[?][?] Walwa
190714Corryong14Cudgewa4Thowgla[?][?] Federal[?][?] Walwa
190820Corryong16Khancoban0Cudgewa[?][?] Federal[?][?] Walwa
1912[?]Corryong[?]Cudgewa[?]Federal[?]Tintaldra[?][?] Walwa
1914[?]Cudgewa[?]Federal[?]Corryong[?][?] Walwa
1915[?]Corryong[?]Federal[?]Cudgewa[?][?] Walwa
1916Upper Murray Football Association in recess due to World War I
1917Upper Murray Football Association in recess due to World War I
19188Federal4Corryong0Cudgewa[?][?] Walwa
1919[?][?] Corryong[?][?] Cudgewa[?][?] Federal[?][?] Walwa
1941Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1942Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1943Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1944Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
195040Walwa32Corryong32Federal12Cudgewa4Border United
195156Corryong44Federal36Walwa32Cudgewa12Border United4Tintaldra
195256Corryong44Cudgewa36Walwa24Federal20Border United0Tintaldra
1953[?]Corryong[?]Walwa[?]Federal[?]Cudgewa[?]Border United[?]Tintaldra
1954[?]Corryong[?]Walwa[?]Federal[?]Cudgewa[?]Border United[?]Tintaldra
1955[?]Corryong[?]Cudgewa[?]Federal[?]Walwa[?]Border United[?]Tintaldra
195652Walwa44Cudgewa36Border United24Corryong24Federal0Tintaldra
195748Walwa42Border United34Cudgewa32Corryong24Federal0Tintaldra
195844Cudgewa38Walwa38Corryong28Federal24Border United8Tintaldra
1959[?]Corryong[?]Cudgewa[?]Federal[?]Border United[?]Walwa[?]Tintaldra
1960[?]Federal[?]Corryong[?]Cudgewa[?]Walwa[?]Border United[?]Tintaldra
196160Cudgewa46Federal32Corryong22Tintaldra12Walwa0Border United
196240Cudgewa36Corryong24Federal20Border-Walwa0Tintaldra-Khancoban United
196348Corryong36Cudgewa20Federal16Border-Walwa0Tintaldra-Khancoban United
196440Corryong36Federal24Border-Walwa20Cudgewa0Tintaldra-Khancoban United
196544Cudgewa32Federal20Tintaldra-Khancoban United16Corryong8Border-Walwa
196640Cudgewa38Corryong28Federal14Border-Walwa0Tintaldra-Khancoban United
196744Cudgewa34Border-Walwa22Corryong16Federal4Tintaldra-Khancoban United

Grand Finals

KEY: [?] = Details are still unclear or are missing.

1905--1stCorryong--2ndCudgewaLadder: home & away points
--3rdThowglaLadder: home & away points
1908--1stCorryong--2ndKhancobanLadder: home & away points
1909--1stCorryong--2ndCudgewaLadder: home & away points
191071355Corryong3725CudgewaCorryong Recreation Reserve
191271147Corryong2416CudgewaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
191351343Cudgewa4630CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
19146339Cudgewa2517FederalCudgewa Recreation Reserve
191531230Corryong2618FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
1916Upper Murray Football Association in recess due to World War I
1917Upper Murray Football Association in recess due to World War I
1918--1stFederal--2ndCudgewaLadder: home & away points
1920[?][?][?]Walwa[?][?][?]CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
19214933Cudgewa21123WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
1922[?][?][?]Walwa[?][?][?]CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
19239559Corryong2113CudgewaCorryong Recreation Reserve
192461349Corryong4832FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
1925[?][?][?]Federal[?][?][?]WalwaWalwa Recreation Reserve
192651040Corryong4933FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
192771052Corryong4125CudgewaCorryong Recreation Reserve
1928121284Corryong11571WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
192951545Walwa3321CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
193012981Corryong51040FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
193110767Walwa9458CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
19321713115Corryong14589WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
19339963Federal7850CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
1934111177Federal91064CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
193510767Federal6945CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
193661248Walwa5939FederalWalwa Recreation Reserve
1937121082Walwa11874FederalWalwa Recreation Reserve
193871355Cudgewa72466WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
193972466Cudgewa71355CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
19407951Walwa3523FederalWalwa Recreation Reserve
1941Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1942Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1943Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
1944Upper Murray Football League in recess due to World War II
19458856Federal3927WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
194631028Cudgewa3725WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
194771052Cudgewa6945WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19481614110Walwa165101CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
194991973Walwa8957CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
19507547Walwa4731CorryongWalwa Recreation Reserve
195110767Corryong41135FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
1952111076Cudgewa9761CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19539660Cudgewa81159CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
195791367Walwa4630Border United[?]
1963111076Cudgewa41135CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
1964131189Corryong6945FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
196511773Federal9761CudgewaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19661814122Cudgewa8856CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
196791064Cudgewa5434Border-WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
196881159Corryong4630FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
19749963Cudgewa8654FederalCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19759963Federal8957Border-WalwaJingellic Recreation Reserve
19769761Federal7850Border-WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
19771821129Federal167103CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
19781710112Corryong1611107FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
197982270Cudgewa10565FederalCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19801618114Federal61349TumbarumbaCorryong Recreation Reserve
1981112591Cudgewa71254Border-WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
198214791Tumut81058CudgewaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19834731Federal3927Border-WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
19841518108Border-Walwa131694CudgewaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
1985189117Corryong1512102FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
19872513163Corryong10767FederalCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19887850Federal5535CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
198971254Federal7749Border-WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
19901816124Border-Walwa81260CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19911919133Border-Walwa81159CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19929458Border-Walwa4630FederalCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19941713115Federal101070CudgewaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
19951813121Corryong131290Border-WalwaWalwa Recreation Reserve
19971516106Border-Walwa12577CudgewaWalwa Recreation Reserve
199861046Border-Walwa51040TumbarumbaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
199991468Cudgewa10363Border-WalwaCudgewa Recreation Reserve
20019761Corryong5434FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
20021914128Corryong4731Border-WalwaCorryong Recreation Reserve
20039357Corryong6238FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
2004101676Bullioh8654CorryongTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
20051511101Corryong7648FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
20061514104Federal3725CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
200713886Federal12678BulliohTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
20082013133Bullioh3725CorryongTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
200912981Bullioh71456TumbarumbaTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
20106440Bullioh044FederalTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
20111911125Bullioh9862CudgewaTallangatta Valley Recreation Reserve
2012131189Tumbarumba12476CudgewaTumbarumba Recreation Reserve
20131512102Tumbarumba10969BulliohTumbarumba Recreation Reserve
20141612108Cudgewa12577CorryongCudgewa Recreation Reserve
20151510100Cudgewa91165FederalCorryong Recreation Reserve
201681260Federal8957CorryongCorryong Recreation Reserve
2017207127Corryong10565BulliohCorryong Recreation Reserve

Season Structure

Currently, the Upper Murray Football Netball League season runs from late April until early August, with matches traditionally played on Saturday's. There are fifteen home and away rounds where every club plays each other three times over the course of a season. There are three fixtures per round, with each fixture hosting three football games and six netball games across the day at the one venue. A total of 27 matches take place across the Upper Murray region each round.

There are no fixtured byes each round, but there are two league bye weekends. The first is normally in the second weekend of June to coincide with the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday across Victoria, the second is normally in the second weekend of July to coincide with the Winter School Holiday across Victoria.

While there is no official pre-season competition, the league's clubs are free to organise their own practice matches against any opponent either at home or away.

Current competitions

Since 2016 a number of the grades in the Australian rules football competition have discontinued, the last under 16's season was held in 2017 and the last reserves season was held in 2019. Additionally the under 13's competition became the under 14's, while in 2019 it was only competed by four clubs (Bullioh, Corryong, Cudgewa & Tumbarumba). There was also talk of scrapping the netball competition's d-grade in 2019, however the clubs voted in favour of retaining it for the 2020 season.

A green tick (Yes check.svg) represents that competition will be held, while a red cross (Red x.svg) indicates that competition is not being held, the competitions for the 2020 Upper Murray Football Netball League are listed below. [14]

Current finals system

The Upper Murray Football Netball League currently uses the "Page–McIntyre system". The final series is played over four Saturdays from early August until early September, with the grand final traditionally being played on the first weekend of September.

A home ground advantage is awarded to teams only according to the senior grade football, with all finals for both football & netball are played at the one venue during each final day. Unlike other leagues in the local area, the grand final is not played at a natural venue (like the TDFL/TDNA) or traditional venue (like the HAFNL), instead the winner of the major semi-final for the senior grade football is awarded hosting rights for that season's grand final.

In some cases a clubs team other than the senior grade football team may be listed as the "away team" as they might qualify second for that final. For example, in Cudgewa at the 2019 Grand Final the Cudgewa reserve grade football team was listed as the "away team" as they qualify second for the grand final.

Semi-FinalsPreliminary FinalGrand Final
A1st on ladderHomeDWinner major semi-finalHome
2nd on ladderAwayWinner Preliminary FinalAway
CLoser major semi-finalHome
Winner minor semi-finalAway
B3rd on ladderHome
4th on ladderAway

General information

League Names
1893–1899Corryong Football Association
1900–1901Upper Murray Football Club Association
1902–1903Upper Murray Football Association
1904–1906Corryong District Association
1907–1936Upper Murray Football Association
1937–2000Upper Murray Football League
2001–presentUpper Murray Football Netball League
2021 Compertitions
FootballUMFNL Seniors
UMFNL Reserves
UMFNL Under 16's
UMFNL Under 14's
UMFNL Under 10's (Auskick)
NetballUNFNL A-Grade
UMFNL Under 15's
UMFNL Under 11's (Netta)
Men's Leagues
Ovens & King
Ovens & Murray
Tallangata & District
Upper Murray
Women's Leagues
Junior Leagues
Albury Wodonga Junior
Wangaratta & District Junior

League honour boards

Club Results


Interleague / community championships matches


Individual awards

League medals

McAullife Medal: Best & Fairest[?] Medal: Leading Goalkicker
201320Even Nichols
Stephen Barnes
90Matthew MolkentinTumbarumba

Life members

(N/A)Arthur R. NicklessUpper Murray Football League
* (No life membership awarded)
* President: 1972-1977

Victoria Country Football League
* VCFL Service Medallion
M.B.D. Football Council
* Delegate for the Upper Murray Football League 1977

[Pre-1977]Alan M. VogelUpper Murray Football League
* President: 1961, 1965, 1970
[Pre-1977]Clive McAuliffeUpper Murray Football League
* President: 1964
* Vice President: 1977
* Inter-League Manager: 1977

Victoria Country Football League
* VCFL Service Medallion
M.B.D. Football Council
* Delegate for the Upper Murray Football League 1977

[Pre-1977]Col McClure
Upper Murray Football League
* Secretary: 1945-1962
* Ball Committee: 1977

Victoria Country Football League
* VCFL Service Medallion

[Pre-1977]G. C. Hamilton
Upper Murray Football League
* President: 1959
[?]George Turner[?]
[?]Jack HallinanBorder-Walwa FNC
* Formed the Junior Border-Walwa Football team
* Arranged entry into the Upper Murray Football Association
* Coached & organized juniors
* Club Secretary: 10 Seasons

Upper Murray Football League
* Tribunal Representative
Ovens and Murray Football League
* Appeals Board
Victoria Country Football League
* Delegate for the Upper Murray Football League

[?]Jeff RossUpper Murray Football League Secretary
[?]Milne Bryant
2013Mont Waters(Tumbarumba AFNC)
[?]Norm Hughes[?]
1976Ron G. Clarke
Tintaldra FC
* Player: 1951-1959
* Club Best & Fairest: 1958
* President: 1960-1961

Tintaldra-Khancoban United FC
* President: 1963-1966
Upper Murray Football League
* President: 1962, 1967
* Vice-president: 6 Seasons
* Secretary: 10 Seasons
* Assistant Secretary: 1 Season
* Tribunal Representative: 3 Seasons
* Ball Committee: 1977

National League players

Netball honour boards


Best & Fairest

Leading Goal Scorers

National League players


Inter-League matches



  1. 1 2 3 The term "champions" was used for a club finishing the season on top of the ladder with no finals series played, today the league recognizes these "champions" who won the "championship" as premiers who won the premiership.
  2. Established as Bullioh Valley in 1947, Reformed as Bullioh in 2000.
  3. Formed from merger of Border United FC & Walwa FC after the 1960 season.
  4. Border-Walwa FNC entered a state of recess from the 2020 pre season, last season they competed in was the 2019 season.
  5. Established as Mount Elliot in 1892, Renamed to Federal in 1901.
  6. Federal FNC entered a state of recess from the 2022 post season, last season they competed in was the 2022 season.
  7. Merged with Walwa FC after the 1960 season to form the Border-Walwa FC.
  8. Established as Khancoban in 1899, and had a number of name changers over the years.
  9. Established as Tumut in 1970, Renamed to Tumut-Talbingo in 1986.
  10. Merged with Border United FC after the 1960 season to form the Border-Walwa FC.

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The Rutherglen Football Club was an Australian rules football club based in Rutherglen, Victoria, being a founding member of the Ovens & Murray Football League in 1893. In 1979, the club merged with Corowa to form the Corowa-Rutherglen FC, joining the Ovens & Murray Football League.

The Chiltern & District Football Association was first established in 1912 from the following Australian Rules Football clubs - Barnawartha, Chiltern, Chiltern Valley, Christmastown, Southern and Wodonga, in North Eastern Victoria, Australia and was an active competition until 1956 when it was wound up.

Wahgunyah Football / Netball Club is an Australian Rules Football club based in North Eastern Victoria that currently competes in the Tallangatta & District Football League.


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