Loddon Valley Football Netball League

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Loddon Valley Football Netball League
SportAustralian rules football
No. of teams9
Headquarters Victoria, Australia
Most recent
Mitiamo 2019
Most titlesBridgewater
(22 premierships)
Sponsor(s) Bendigo Bank
Official website LVFNL

The Loddon Valley Football Netball League is an Australian rules football league based in Central Victoria.



The league was formed in 1903 by the Inglewood, Bridgewater, Newbridge and Arnold’s Bridge clubs.

Inglewood and Bridgewater withdrew in 1908 to form the Korong District Central Association with Korong Vale and Wedderburn. The Loddon Valley Association remained based around the Newbridge area until the Bridgewater and Inglewood clubs returned in the late 1930s.

The centre of the league shifted to Inglewood with the inclusion of Bears Lagoon - Serpentine after WW2.

Gradually the smaller clubs such as Rheola, Logan, Arnold’s Bridge and Bealiba folded or left the competition until in 1956 northern clubs Calivil, Mitiamo and Yarrawalla were admitted.

A junior competition was introduced in 1959, and Reserves competition in 1970.


Australia Victoria Bendigo City location map.svg
Red pog.svg
Current LVFL clubs (Greater Bendigo)

Current Clubs

GuernseyClubNicknameYears in compLVFL PremiershipsPremiership Years
Thomson Football Club jumper.png
Bears Lagoon Serpentine Bears1945;77 years ago121947, 1948, 1949, 1960, 1961, 1965, 1966, 1982, 1983, 1992, 1994, 1995
Congupna Football Club jumper Congupna Football Club jumper.png
Congupna Football Club jumper
BridgewaterMean Machine1931;91 years ago221938, 1939, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1974, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1991, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Coburg Football Guernsey.png
Calivil UnitedDemons1997;25 years ago81998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2017
Penola Football Club (former) jumper Penola Football Club (former) jumper.png
Penola Football Club (former) jumper
Inglewood Blues1938;84 years ago91903, 1946, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1971, 1986
Maiden Gully YCWEagles1985;37 years ago41987, 1997, 2001, 2002
CroweatersDesign CroweatersDesign.PNG
MarongPanthers1983;39 years ago11989
Kangaroos Jumper.png
MitiamoSuperoos1956;66 years ago61967, 1977, 1979, 1999, 2009, 2019
Newbridge guernsey Newbridge guernsey.jpg
Newbridge guernsey
Newbridge Maroons1904;118 years ago161905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1929, 1930, 1933, 1937, 1957, 1978, 1993, 2000, 2018
Footscray Football Guernsey.png
Pyramid HillBulldogs1995;27 years ago

League Awards and Honours

YearBest & FairestLeading Goal KickerH&A goalsFinals goalsTotal Goals
1946George Vanston (Inglewood)82082
1947George Vanston (Inglewood)76076
1948George Vanston (Inglewood)82082
1949George Vanston (Inglewood)51051
1950George Vanston (Inglewood)66066
1951George Vanston (Inglewood)64064
1952George Vanston (Inglewood)43043
1953George Vanston (Inglewood)65873
1954George Vanston (Inglewood)571370
1955Graham O'Shea (Newbridge)000
1956Ralph Metcalf (Inglewood)000
1957Andrew Blow (Calivil)Graham O'Shea (Newbridge)87087
1958Steven Storti (Korong Vale)000
1959Ian O'Shea (Newbridge)000
1960George Ennor (Mitiamo)000
1961Ken Smalley (Inglewood)John Canville (Calivil)56460
1962Cyril Butler (Bridgewater)John Canville (Calivil)46147
1963Cress Thompson (Mitiamo)William Redmond (Bridgewater)51657
1964Maurie Elliot (Korong Vale)Ian O'Shea (Newbridge)33033
1965Bill Page (BLS)M Rodda (Bridgewater)50151
1966Ron Ford (BLS)R Medcalf (Inglewood)38038
1967John Farmer (Bridgewater)M Rodda (Bridgewater)50252
1968Jocka Keating (Inglewood)B Chilcott (Bridgewater)51556
1969Ron Ford (BLS)Bruce Wick (BLS)58462
1970Ron Ford (BLS)Bruce Wick (BLS)571168
1971Colin Hodgsen (Bridgewater)Barry Ansett (Calivil)53659
1972Barry Perryman (Korong Vale)Bruce Wick (BLS)66066
1973John Lynch (Bridgewater)Bruce Wick (BLS)58058
1974Max Coutts (Mitiamo)Max Baker (Inglewood)37643
1975Brett Everall (Korong Vale)Garry Leech (Mitiamo)65873
1976Robert Rothacker (BLS)Garry Leech (Mitiamo)65974
1977Ian Drill (Inglewood)Garry Leech (Mitiamo)76682
1978David Cossar (Inglewood)Alan Jackson (Korong Vale)1115116
1979Leigh Gallagher (BLS)Alan Jackson (Korong Vale)1250125
1980Noel Watson (Newbridge)Peter Collins (Bridgewater)12619145
1981Ian Marlow (Mitiamo)Alan Jackson (Korong Vale)10616122
1982Peter Lewis (Newbridge)Peter Collins (Bridgewater)14022162
1983Peter Hynes (BLS)Mick Murphy (Calivil)1024106
1984Chris Pollock (Bridgewater)Darrell Billett (Inglewood)947101
1985Russell Boorn (Calivil)Kelvin Dows (Inglewood)90797
1986Peter Hynes (BLS)Kelvin Dows (Inglewood)976103
1987Russell Boorn (Calivil)
Marty Graham (YCW)
Kelvin Dows (Inglewood)10515120
1988Shawn McCormick (Mitiamo)Colin Grenfell (Bridgewater)975102
1989Terry Noden (Marong)Kelvin Dows (Inglewood)561066
1990Steven Robinson (Inglewood)Matt Cullen (Marong)55661
1991Peter Larson (Inglewood)
Ian Garland (Bridgewater
Rod Wight (Calivil)61566
1992Bert McIvor (Newbridge)Travis Hall (Bridgewater)64872
1993Scott Niemann (BLS)David Sullivan (Marong)10610116
1994Peter Larson (Inglewood)David Sullivan (Marong)10514119
1995Darren Featherby (BLS)Shawn McCormick (Mitiamo)591271
1996Dale Pannington (Marong)
Dennis Kelly (BLS)
Steve Robinson (YCW)62163
1997Andrew Wild (Calivil)
Barry Stewart (PH)
Shawn McCormick (Mitiamo)87693
1998Tim Wicks (Mitiamo)Shawn McCormick (Mitiamo)72880
1999Ray Bramley (Marong)Shawn McCormick (Mitiamo)721385
2000Ross Pointon (BLS)Greg Gadsen (BLS)871299
2001Tim Wicks (Mitiamo)Scott Carson (Newbridge)1020102
2002Dallas Slingo (Inglewood)Greg Gadsen (BLS)1080108
2003Steve Cox (Newbridge)Greg Gadsen (BLS)1147121
2004Nathan Sachse (PH)Phillip Hetherington (Calivil)83992
2005Wayne Landry (Marong)Phillip Hetherington (Calivil)1030103
2006Nathan McNally (BLS)David McCormack (YCW)1090109
2007Tim Wicks (Mitiamo)Matthew Chilcott (PH)1016107
2008Lee Franklin (Marong)Ryan Haythorpe (Mitiamo)77077
2009Luan Marsh (PH)Ryan Haythorpe (Mitiamo)631982
2010Luke Mitchell (Mitiamo)Ryan Haythorpe (Mitiamo)10010110
2011Luke Mitchell (Mitiamo)Brad Rohde (Bridgewater)78987
2012Corey Gregg (Marong)Brad Rohde (Bridgewater)68775
2013Adam Parry (Bridgewater)Alexander Collins (Bridgewater)9316109
2014Adam Parry (Bridgewater)Rhys Ford (Newbridge)74579
2015Andrew Collins (Bridgewater)Andrew Collins (Bridgewater)56258
2016Zeb Broadbent (Bridgewater)Justin Maddern (Mitiamo)9312105
2017Ben Knight (Calivil)Bryce Curnow (Calivil)761086
2018Chris Down (Calivil)Jordan Gilboy (Newbridge)70474
2019Terry Reeves (Mitiamo)Braidy Dickens (Pyramid Hill)601070
2020Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
2021Harry Whittle (Newbridge)Joshua Martyn (Bridgewater)57057


Current Finals System

Finals Format

 Qualifying/Elimination FinalSemi FinalsPreliminary FinalGrand Final
12nd Semi Final
  AWinner of Qualifying Final     FWinner of 2nd Semi Final 
2Qualifying Final
   DLoser of 2nd Semi Final  GWinner of Preliminary Final 
33rd    EWinner of 1st Semi Final  
B1st Semi Final
Loser of Qualifying Final
4Elimination Final
  CWinner of Elimination Final  

Week one

  • Qualifying Final: 2nd ranked team meets 3rd ranked team. Winner proceeds to Week 2 (2nd Semi Final). Loser proceeds to Week 2 (1st Semi Final).
  • Elimination Final: 4th ranked team meets 5th ranked team. Winner proceeds to Week 2 (1st Semi Final). Loser is Eliminated.

Week two

  • 1st Semi Final: Loser of Qualifying Final meets winner of Elimination Final. Winner proceeds to Week 3 (Preliminary Final). Loser is Eliminated.
  • 2nd Semi Final: 1st ranked team meets winner of Qualifying Final. Winner proceeds to Week 4 (Grand Final). Loser proceeds to Week 3 (Preliminary Final).

Week three

  • Preliminary Final: Loser of 2nd Semi Final meets winner of 1st Semi Final. Winner proceeds to Week 4 (Grand Final). Loser is Eliminated.

Week four

  • Grand Final: Winner of 2nd Semi Final meets winner of Preliminary Final. Winner is crowned Premier.

Season Results

2001 Ladder

Newbridge 1602021781151189.23%64EliminationMitiamo101070Calivil United8452
YCW 1404021751131192.31%56QualifyingYCW1911125Bears-Lagoon Serpentine14993
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1305023171470157.62%521st SemiMitiamo204124Bears-Lagoon Serpentine178110
Mitiamo 1206016021422112.66%482nd SemiNewbridge1617113YCW61248
Calivil United 8010014291366104.61%32PreliminaryYCW9963Mitiamo6844
Marong801001436169484.77%32Grand FinalYCW121688Newbridge91064
Pyramid Hill201601037231944.72%8

2002 Ladder

Calivil United 1404016271159140.38%56EliminationYCW15999Inglewood10666
Newbridge 1404019591449135.20%56QualifyingNewbridge12981Mitiamo12375
Mitiamo 1305018141204150.66%521st SemiYCW141094Mitiamo61652
YCW 1107018501361135.93%442nd SemiCalivil United121385Newbridge12981
Inglewood 1107017241306132.01%44PreliminaryYCW121385Newbridge91064
Pyramid Hill1008015881536103.39%40Grand FinalYCW91367Calivil United4529
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine801001750175899.54%32

2003 Ladder

Mitiamo 160202262918246.41%64EliminationBears-Lagoon Serpentine1611107Newbridge81462
Calivil United 1503023221156200.87%60QualifyingCalivil United91266Inglewood8957
Inglewood 1305024171213199.26%521st SemiInglewood1715117Bears-Lagoon Serpentine11470
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1206027511396197.06%482nd SemiCalivil United91064Mitiamo9357
Newbridge 1107021101343157.11%44PreliminaryMitiamo225137Inglewood11470
Marong909018731624115.33%36Grand FinalCalivil United13987Mitiamo10969
Pyramid Hill7011018341640111.83%28

2004 Ladder

Calivil United 162001966893220.16%64EliminationPyramid Hill2613169Bears-Lagoon Serpentine81462
Mitiamo 132301545916168.67%52QualifyingMitiamo101171Marong6642
Marong 1026016961003169.09%401st SemiMarong131492Pyramid Hill71456
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1026018671311142.41%402nd SemiCalivil United1710112Mitiamo111379
Pyramid Hill 927015381192129.03%36PreliminaryMarong1813121Mitiamo131189
Newbridge729017701402126.25%28Grand FinalCalivil United1912126Marong81260

2005 Ladder

Calivil United 162002250942238.85%64EliminationMarong14488Bridgewater101070
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1323024661446170.54%52QualifyingPyramid Hill14791Bears-Lagoon Serpentine11672
Pyramid Hill 1125019281308147.40%441st SemiBears-Lagoon Serpentine121486Marong71658
Marong 927017051509112.99%362nd SemiCalivil United1912126Pyramid Hill9660
Bridgewater 72901527180284.74%28PreliminaryBears-Lagoon Serpentine1611107Pyramid Hill141296
YCW621001399158088.54%24Grand FinalCalivil United2111137Bears-Lagoon Serpentine1612108

2006 Ladder

Pyramid Hill 132301820843215.90%52EliminationYCW141397Bears-Lagoon Serpentine168104
Calivil United 1224019291136169.81%48QualifyingNewbridge12981Calivil United7951
Newbridge 1224017751212146.45%481st SemiCalivil United2418162Bears-Lagoon Serpentine9559
YCW 1124118171094166.09%462nd SemiPyramid Hill1612108Newbridge121183
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 926115961344118.75%38PreliminaryCalivil United1617113Newbridge4933
Mitiamo828015471526101.38%32Grand FinalCalivil United1520110Pyramid Hill9458

2007 Ladder

Newbridge 1521020951128185.73%60EliminationPyramid Hill1322100Bridgewater6844
Calivil United 1125016221253129.45%44QualifyingCalivil United121385Mitiamo10767
Mitiamo 1125016761446115.91%441st SemiMitiamo1813121Pyramid Hill111480
Bridgewater 827114141351104.66%342nd SemiCalivil United1719121Newbridge111682
Pyramid Hill 828016211328122.06%32PreliminaryNewbridge1416100Mitiamo14690
YCW728116291427114.16%30Grand FinalCalivil United1616112Newbridge121385
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine621001420186975.98%24

2008 Ladder

Pyramid Hill 142201760925190.27%56EliminationBridgewater121385Marong91367
Calivil United 1323018101006179.92%52QualifyingCalivil United2014134Mitiamo14690
Mitiamo 1026016831408119.53%401st SemiBridgewater91468Mitiamo6743
Bridgewater 1026014771394105.95%402nd SemiCalivil United81361Pyramid Hill4630
Marong 828014391347106.83%32PreliminaryPyramid Hill141599Bridgewater111480
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine72901455161190.32%28Grand FinalCalivil United1617113Pyramid Hill6945

2009 Ladder

Pyramid Hill 132301654921179.59%52EliminationMarong131189Bridgewater111177
Mitiamo 1223117011140149.21%50QualifyingMitiamo1622118Calivil United111278
Calivil United 122401552961161.50%481st SemiCalivil United1615111Marong81058
Marong 1125014611106132.10%442nd SemiMitiamo121587Pyramid Hill41438
Bridgewater 926115431163132.67%38PreliminaryCalivil United141296Pyramid Hill9963
Newbridge729013541346100.59%28Grand FinalMitiamo2211143Calivil United121385
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine12150934204045.78%4

2010 Ladder

Bridgewater 152101955914213.89%60EliminationMitiamo131795YCW12779
Pyramid Hill 1422018991033183.83%56QualifyingPyramid Hill7547Calivil United31331
Calivil United 1224015891195132.97%481st SemiCalivil United2315153Mitiamo12880
Mitiamo 1125019881182168.19%442nd SemiBridgewater131088Pyramid Hill9761
YCW 72901299130799.39%28PreliminaryCalivil United7749Pyramid Hill41741
Inglewood521101225158477.34%20Grand FinalBridgewater276168Calivil United71153
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine12150829249433.24%4

2011 Ladder

Bridgewater 152102233998223.75%60EliminationMitiamo1914128Calivil United1714116
Pyramid Hill 132301740997174.52%52QualifyingPyramid Hill1610106YCW9660
YCW 1224017941367131.24%481st SemiYCW1626122Mitiamo14993
Calivil United 927015991472108.63%362nd SemiBridgewater111682Pyramid Hill71355
Mitiamo 828016001532104.44%32PreliminaryPyramid Hill101272YCW91670
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine729015701563100.45%28Grand FinalBridgewater2218150Pyramid Hill7951

2012 Ladder

Bridgewater 1322117961034173.69%62EliminationBears-Lagoon Serpentine131391Calivil United71254
Newbridge 1125019461165167.04%52QualifyingPyramid Hill14791Newbridge8957
Pyramid Hill 1125016101109145.18%521st SemiNewbridge1811119Bears-Lagoon Serpentine1516106
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1125019391403138.20%522nd SemiBridgewater1617113Pyramid Hill8755
Calivil United 1025116101264127.37%50PreliminaryNewbridge141397Pyramid Hill7850
Marong82801529160495.32%40Grand FinalBridgewater2112138Newbridge101373

2013 Ladder

Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 152102065869237.63%68EliminationMarong131290Newbridge2517
Bridgewater 132301756943186.21%60QualifyingBridgewater81967Pyramid Hill9862
Pyramid Hill 1224018691014184.32%561st SemiPyramid Hill179111Marong11975
Newbridge 1125014891190125.13%522nd SemiBridgewater1614110Bears-Lagoon Serpentine1613109
Marong 927015491349114.83%44PreliminaryBears-Lagoon Serpentine1910124Pyramid Hill10666
Calivil United621001094139378.54%32Grand FinalBridgewater1511101Bears-Lagoon Serpentine131593

2014 Ladder

Bridgewater 162002211765289.02%72EliminationMarong111480Newbridge101575
Pyramid Hill 1224016391186138.20%56QualifyingBears-Lagoon Serpentine131391Pyramid Hill121385
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1125017821325134.49%521st SemiPyramid Hill13987Marong71153
Newbridge 1026017441114156.55%482nd SemiBridgewater1614110Bears-Lagoon Serpentine8957
Marong 1026014951340111.57%48PreliminaryBears-Lagoon Serpentine1712114Pyramid Hill14993
YCW521101270158780.03%28Grand FinalBridgewater2215147Bears-Lagoon Serpentine7951
Calivil United32130925194947.46%20

2015 Ladder

Bridgewater 152102015788255.71%60EliminationMitiamo199123Calivil United6642
Pyramid Hill 1323018201113163.52%52QualifyingBears-Lagoon Serpentine2011131Pyramid Hill207127
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 927015581376113.23%361st SemiMitiamo131492Pyramid Hill91468
Mitiamo 828013921252111.18%322nd SemiBridgewater2118144Bears-Lagoon Serpentine41236
Calivil United 828013241322100.15%32PreliminaryMitiamo2016136Bears-Lagoon Serpentine121082
Marong82801202138187.04%32Grand FinalBridgewater1714116Mitiamo81260

2016 Ladder

Bridgewater 162002218771287.68%64EliminationPyramid Hill1511101Marong8856
Mitiamo 1323015871126140.94%52QualifyingMitiamo1812120Calivil United111480
Calivil United 1125014681074136.69%441st SemiCalivil United2119145Pyramid Hill71052
Marong 82801306137994.71%322nd SemiBridgewater1518108Mitiamo7749
Pyramid Hill 72901252134792.95%28PreliminaryMitiamo132199Calivil United13987
Newbridge72901162129190.01%28Grand FinalBridgewater1912126Mitiamo101676
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine02160828189843.62%0

2017 Ladder

Calivil United 152101807953189.61%60EliminationMitiamo14892Bears-Lagoon Serpentine8957
Bridgewater 1125015011082138.72%44QualifyingBridgewater11773Newbridge101171
Newbridge 1125012571145109.78%441st SemiNewbridge1613109Mitiamo81260
Mitiamo 92701364992137.50%362nd SemiBridgewater131391Calivil United121082
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 927014101222115.38%36PreliminaryCalivil United131290Newbridge71153
Pyramid Hill828014971202124.54%32Grand FinalCalivil United131694Bridgewater81260
Maiden Gully YCW32130980168058.33%12

2018 Ladder

Newbridge 1422016291010161.29%56EliminationMitiamo1715117Bears-Lagoon Serpentine6238
Maiden Gully YCW 1224015001206124.38%48QualifyingMaiden Gully YCW1612108Pyramid Hill101575
Pyramid Hill 102601143117797.11%401st SemiMitiamo101777Pyramid Hill111076
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 927015511208128.39%362nd SemiNewbridge2012132Maiden Gully YCW13482
Mitiamo 927013211102119.87%36PreliminaryMitiamo1620116Maiden Gully YCW12880
Calivil United729012951140113.60%28Grand FinalNewbridge111177Mitiamo4933

2019 Ladder

Pyramid Hill 132301753884198.30%52EliminationMaiden Gully YCW14791Calivil United81058
Mitiamo 132301567881177.87%52QualifyingMitiamo199123Bears-Lagoon Serpentine11874
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 1025112641161108.87%421st SemiBears-Lagoon Serpentine111379Maiden Gully YCW81058
Maiden Gully YCW 927012711154110.14%362nd SemiMitiamo112288Pyramid Hill10666
Calivil United 727012481184105.41%28PreliminaryPyramid Hill141599Bears-Lagoon Serpentine91064
Marong72901189120998.35%28Grand FinalMitiamo111682Pyramid Hill9660

2020 Ladder

Bears-Lagoon Serpentine
Calivil United
Maiden Gully YCWSeason cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
Pyramid Hill

2021 Ladder

Home & Away Season was reduced by 5 rounds and Finals series abandoned due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria

Mitiamo 121001399478292.68%48
Marong 101201490541275.42%40
Bridgewater 101201479683216.54%40
Pyramid Hill 71501158707163.79%28
Bears-Lagoon Serpentine 52601001890112.47%20
Maiden Gully YCW4270980848115.57%16
Calivil United2290515139536.92%8

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The 2022–23 UEFA Champions League qualifying phase and play-off round is scheduled to take place between on 21 June and ended on 24 August 2022.