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Sport Australian rules football
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The Golden Rivers Football Netball League (GRFNL) is an Australian rules football and netball organisation with clubs in north central Victoria and the western Riverina district of New South Wales.


The League formed in 1919 and was known as the Kerang and District Football Association until 1944. In 1946 the league was reestablished as the Kerang and District Football League. In 1998 the League changed its name to the Golden Rivers Football League at the direction of the Victorian Country Football League, to better reflect its expansion beyond the immediate Kerang area.


Golden Rivers Football League
General Information
Founded1919 (Kerang District Football Association)
Most goals in a game24 - Nathan Henry - Murrabit (v Quambatook) – 2005
Most goals in a season134 - Steven Strevens – Ultima – 1985
Most flags in a row5 Murrabit 1965-1969


The League currently has teams from eight towns in Victoria and New South Wales. [1] All football clubs field seniors, reserves, under 17's and under 14's teams. All netball clubs field an A grade, B grade, B reserve, 17 and under and 14 and under grades.


ColorsClubTownNicknameYears in CompetitionPopulationPremiers
Premiership Years
Seymour fc icon.png
Hay Hay Lions1981–2,300
1982, 1992, 1995
Macorna Macorna Tigers1945–87
1947, 1948, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1960, 1962, 1970
Moulamein Moulamein Swans1958–484
1961, 1988
Winchelsea fc icon.png
Murrabit Murrabit Blues1947–201
1949, 1958, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2016
Nullawil Nullawil Maroons1998–93
1998, 2000, 2001, 2012, 2018, 2019
Ultima Ultima Roos1979–174
1981, 1983, 1991, 1994, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2015
Wandella(Kerang)Bombers1945–69 (3,893)
1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1977, 1979, 1985, 1986, 1993, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017


ColorsClubTownNicknameYears in CompetitionPremiers
Premiership Years
1964, 1987
Boort Boort Magpies1945–46, 1950
Kerang Kerang Blues1945–46
Kerang Rovers Kerang Magpies1949–90
1954, 1971, 1975
Adelaide Club symbol.svg
Koondrook Koondrook Tigers1945–46
Lakes Mystic Park Bulldogs1947–49, 1953–85
Quambatook Quambatook Saints1945–46, 1973–2022
1945, 1973, 1974, 1984, 1997
Wakool Wakool Hawks1958–2015, 2017–18
1976, 1978, 1980, 1989, 1990, 2006, 2013


Leading Goal Kickers

YearPlayerH&A goalsFinals goalsTotal Goals
1952Cliff Mowat (Macorna)41041
1953Don Poyner (Macorna)60060
1954Don Poyner (Macorna)39039
1959J Wishart (Macorna)60060
1960Max Major (Murrabit)59362
1961Max Major (Murrabit)85792
1962Max Major (Murrabit)72981
1963Max Major (Murrabit)57360
1964Stewart Robertson (Murrabit)49352
1965Max Major (Murrabit)75580
1966Stewart Robertson (Murrabit)661177
1968Spike Laursen (Murrabit)66470
1969Laurie Plowman (Appin)67067
1971Terry Bennett (Lakes)74074
1973T Green (Wakool)47047
1974Lionel Ritchie (Quambatook)63063
1975T Green (Wakool)55055
1976B Liningston (Wakool)86086
1977L Whelan (Wakool)90090
1978P Evans (Moulemein)53053
1979Steven Strevens (Ultima)1320132
1980Darren Troy (Appin)80787
1981Brian Findlay (Ultima)9321114
1982Ian Prendergast (Appin)83588
1983Steven Strevens (Ultima)10519124
1984Steven Strevens (Lakes)87087
1985Steven Strevens (Ultima)1313134
1986Andrew Moore (Kerang Rovers)1060106
1987Gary MacGillavray(Appin)601474
1988Peter Johnson (Macorna)75681
1989Stephen (Rowdy) Arthur (Wakool)761086
1990Stephen (Rowdy) Arthur (Wakool)87794
1991Dean Farrell (Ultima)83891
1992Andrew Stevens (Hay)1227129
1993Ricky Lavercombe (Wakool)69271
1994Jayson Aylett (Hay)81687
1995Ian Collinson (Moulemein)771188
1996Doug Sutherland (Murrabit)46753
1997Neil McCallum (Hay)85085
1998Tony Doran (Nullawil)969105
1999Tony Doran (Nullawil)978105
2000Tony Doran (Nullawil)89796
2001Tony Doran (Nullawil)81384
2002Tony Doran (Nullawil)77178
2003Brad Carroll (Ultima)1199128
2004Tony Doran (Nullawil)10114115
2005Nathan Henry (Murrabit)1049113
2006Shane Harvey (Wakool)9620116
2007Shane Harvey (Wakool)1007107
2008Nathan Henry (Murrabit)84084
2009Sean Bedggood (Nullawil)711384
2010Sean Bedggood (Nullawil)91394
2011Dean McGowan (Murrabit)72476
2012Daniel Needs (Macorna)52153
2013Luke Kirkland (Wakool)73578
2014Luke Kirkland (Wakool)89392
2015Kallen Heslop (Nullawil)56460

2013 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Wakool 132301401827169.41%521st SemiUltima179111Quambatook8755
Nullawil 122401346831161.97%482nd SemiWakool12779Nullawil10868
Ultima 112501719910188.90%44PreliminaryUltima13583Nullawil8452
Quambatook 112501507958157.31%44GrandWakool15999Ultima11874

2014 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Ultima 152101719810212.22%601st SemiWandella141296Wakool121284
Nullawil 142201641720227.92%562nd SemiUltima141397Nullawil13886
Wakool 1026014101110127.03%40PreliminaryNullawil101676Wandella5636
Wandella 1026013861151120.42%40GrandUltima101373Nullawil8957

2015 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Ultima 140201576958164.51%561st SemiHay141195Nullawil91973
Quambatook 120401444860167.91%482nd SemiUltima1612108Quambatook8654
Nullawil 100601417903156.92%40PreliminaryQuambatook141397Hay10969
Hay 1006012901039124.16%40GrandUltima101474Quambatook81159

2016 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Murrabit 120401476957154.23%481st SemiNullawil8856Wandella8755
Ultima 1204014321034138.49%482nd SemiUltima121284Murrabit10464
Nullawil 110501447885163.50%44PreliminaryMurrabit8452Nullawil5838
Wandella 907015561034150.48%36GrandMurrabit8957Ultima8452

2017 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Wandella 140201944924210.39%561st SemiNullawil2020140Murrabit7446
Ultima 130301787912195.94%522nd SemiWandella11975Ultima8755
Nullawil 120402048850240.94%48PreliminaryUltima1514104Nullawil91165
Murrabit 1105014661014144.58%44GrandWandella1617113Ultima2820

2018 Ladder

Golden RiversWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Nullawil 150102485632393.20%601st SemiWandella179111Hay13684
Ultima 140202235655341.22%562nd SemiNullawil141498Ultima15494
Wandella 130302067769268.79%52PreliminaryUltima10868Wandella91367
Hay 1006018311022179.16%40GrandNullawil121688Ultima61046

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