Wimmera Football League

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Wimmera Football League
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Sport Australian rules football
Founded1937;85 years ago (1937)
No. of teams9
Country Australia
Most recent
Minyip Murtoa
Official website Wimmera FL
WFL Records and Stats
Highest Score304 - Ararat 46.28.304 (v Jeparit 2.2.14) - 1989
Most goals in a game22 - Brad Miller – Horsham United (v Nhill) – 2004
Most goals in a season156 - David Johns 2006
Most flags in a row10 – Horsham – 2003-2012
Most wins in a row41 – Horsham – 2004-2007
Most losses in a row33 - Nhill – 1990-1992

The Wimmera Football League is a major Australian rules country league based in Western Victoria, with clubs located in towns in the Wimmera region: the regional centres along the Western Highway from Ararat to Nhill as well as Minyip-Murtoa and Warracknabeal.



A Wimmera Football Association was first formed in 1902, with teams from Ararat, Horsham and Stawell as the founding clubs. In 1921 the Wimmera District Football League was formed. The seven original clubs were Ararat, Horsham, Minyip, Murtoa, Rupanyup, Stawell and Warracknabael. Dimboola joined in 1923 and Nhill in 1925; Ararat spent six years in the Ballarat Football League from 1924 to 1929.

In 1932, during the height of the Great Depression, the small town clubs were suffering from financial pressures, and tried to get the league to change the way the gate taking were distributed to the clubs. The larger town clubs, knowing that they would be disadvantaged, blocked the motion. Subsequently, Nhill and Dimboola both went into recess while Minyip and Murtoa replaced their junior sides in the Dunmunkle FL.

The WDFL approached the Ballarat Football League to merge hoping that greater interest and better football would cause larger gate takings, so in 1934 the Wimmera FL and the Ballarat FL merged to form the Ballarat Wimmera FL. After three years, in which the Wimmera clubs faced with greater costs and were constantly losing on the field, feelers were put out to the smaller clubs, now playing in the Mid Wimmera FL. A peace deal was settled in September 1936 and the Wimmera Football League was reformed in 1937 as a nine team competition. [1]

After WWII Rupanyup decided to join and that made it a ten team competition. As a ten team competition the league remain stable until Rupanyip decided the level of football was too hard for them and they opted to drop to the local district competition in 1981. The numbers returned to ten when local district club Imperials-Wonwondah joined in 1983. After fifty fruitless years Jeparit decided to try their luck in the South Mallee FL from 1990. St Michaels from the district competition joined in 1993. Founding clubs Minyip and Murtoa decided to merge in 1995.

2000 saw local Horsham clubs change their names, St Michaels became Horsham Saints and Imperials-Wonwondah became the Horsham Diggers.

Horsham Diggers later merged with Natimuk FNC under the banner Natimuk United at the start of 2014; following an exodus of players in the 2008 pre-season, the Diggers had struggled on and off-field, and had won three matches in the previous four seasons. The merged club plays home games at Natimuk and City Oval.

Southern Mallee transferred from the Hosham District League in 2018 after dominating the competition.



ClubNicknameYears in compTotal FlagsWFL Premierships
Ararat Rats1937-111949, 1951, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1971, 1975, 1986, 1999, 2001
Dimboola Roos1937-51937, 1946, 1959, 1985, 2013
Horsham Demons1937-261938, 1960, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1989, 1990, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018
Horsham Saints Saints1993- (St. Michaels until 1999)22015, 2016
Minyip-Murtoa Burras1995- (merger)5Minyip: 1952, 1954, 1984, 1991, 1992, 1993
Murtoa: 1980
Minyip-Murtoa: 1996, 1997, 1998, 2019, 2022
Nhill Tigers1937-41964, 1965, 1969, 1981
Southern Mallee Giants Giants20180
Stawell Warriors1937-81939, 1940, 1948, 1950, 1978, 1987, 1995, 2000
Warrack Eagles Eagles1937- as Warracknabeal
2001- (merged with Brim to become Warrack Eagles)
5Warracknabeal: 1947, 1953, 1966, 1977, 1994
Warrack Eagles: 2002

Former clubs

ClubNicknameYears in compTotal FlagsWFL Premierships
Jeparit Redbacks1937-19890
Rupanyup Panthers1945-198031961, 1963, 1973
Horsham United Diggers1983-201311988

List of premiers

Wimmera District FL

VFL/AFL players

2005 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 152102401977245.75%68EliminationHorsham Saints1618114Stawell11975
Horsham Diggers 1223118841294145.60%58QualifyingDimboola1510100Horsham Diggers141296
Dimboola 1224021231126188.54%561st SemiHorsham Diggers1811119Horsham Saints121587
Horsham Saints 1125018351307140.40%522nd SemiHorsham2010130Dimboola131189
Stawell 62911373164883.31%34PreliminaryDimboola131391Horsham Diggers81563
Minyip Murtoa621001250168474.23%32GrandHorsham1810118Dimboola121587
Warrack Eagles421201254189566.17%24

2006 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 162002784984282.93%72EliminationMinyip Murtoa91367Horsham Diggers92175
Dimboola 1422024091181203.98%64QualifyingDimboola2020140Ararat14892
Ararat 102601424157990.18%481st SemiHorsham Diggers1614110Ararat1514104
Minyip Murtoa 927015281446105.67%442nd SemiHorsham2016136Dimboola81159
Horsham Diggers 72901555157598.73%36PreliminaryDimboola141397Horsham Diggers12880
Warrack Eagles321301314196266.97%20
Horsham Saints321301162224851.69%20

2007 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 1521022681022221.92%68EliminationDimboola1910124Minyip Murtoa91367
Stawell 1323017121199142.79%60QualifyingHorsham Diggers81563Stawell131189
Horsham Diggers 1224018211125161.87%561st SemiHorsham Diggers131593Dimboola9761
Dimboola 927014511287112.74%442nd SemiHorsham1512102Stawell15696
Minyip Murtoa 82801389146994.55%40PreliminaryStawell81260Horsham Diggers4832
Warrack Eagles521101372156487.72%28
Horsham Saints02160955207745.98%8

2008 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 1422023701166203.26%64EliminationArarat15494Horsham Saints2012132
Stawell 1323020381067191.00%60QualifyingStawell2210142Warrack Eagles61349
Warrack Eagles 1125014871322112.48%521st SemiHorsham Saints121688Warrack Eagles6642
Ararat 1026017551365128.57%482nd SemiHorsham Demons91367Stawell8957
Horsham Saints 828014671457100.69%40PreliminaryHorsham Saints1711113Stawell121183
Dimboola621001400165084.85%32GrandHorsham Demons1914128Horsham Saints9862
Horsham Diggers221401277213959.70%16
Minyip Murtoa22140908220041.27%16

2009 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 162002248928242.24%72EliminationNhill2216148Stawell10565
Horsham Saints 132301639980167.24%60QualifyingNhill111177Horsham Saints92175
Warrack Eagles 92701385147294.09%441st SemiHorsham Saints11773Nhill101171
Nhill 828016131417113.83%402nd SemiHorsham1913127Warrack Eagles7749
Stawell 72901332145091.86%36PreliminaryWarrack Eagles131391Horsham Saints111581
Minyip Murtoa621001149141781.09%32GrandHorsham1614110Warrack Eagles13886
Horsham Diggers621001153166069.46%32

2010 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 152102067919224.92%68EliminationWarrack Eagles15696Ararat91468
Horsham Saints 1323015261111137.35%60QualifyingNhill111682Horsham Saints12779
Nhill 1026015081360110.88%481st SemiWarrack Eagles1611107Horsham Saints91266
Warrack Eagles 927012611211104.13%442nd SemiHorsham1918132Nhill11874
Ararat 82801398145895.88%40PreliminaryNhill91064Warrack Eagles41135
Minyip Murtoa521101103125987.61%28
Horsham Diggers12150930203045.81%12

2011 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 162002445973251.28%72EliminationHorsham Saints91670Stawell10767
Warrack Eagles 1422018151234147.08%64QualifyingWarrack Eagles1727129Dimboola6844
Dimboola 926113281276104.08%461st SemiHorsham Saints12476Dimboola10767
Stawell 72811393152691.28%382nd SemiHorsham2611167Warrack Eagles121082
Horsham Saints 72901405147095.58%36PreliminaryWarrack Eagles1523113Horsham Saints9963
Minyip Murtoa621001185139485.01%32GrandHorsham15797Warrack Eagles121385
Horsham Diggers121501155217853.03%12

2012 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 152102568877292.82%68EliminationDimboola227139Minyip Murtoa101171
Warrack Eagles 142202077922225.27%64QualifyingWarrack Eagles1517107Horsham Saints121082
Horsham Saints 1125015771102143.10%521st SemiDimboola121688Horsham Saints8755
Dimboola 1026017171133151.54%482nd SemiWarrack Eagles15393Horsham11773
Minyip Murtoa 1026013731018134.87%48PreliminaryHorsham121789Dimboola10969
Stawell521101261173072.89%28GrandHorsham2111137Warrack Eagles131290
Horsham Diggers12150780250631.13%12

2013 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Dimboola 152102042802254.61%68EliminationHorsham Saints1424108Minyip Murtoa9963
Horsham 142201944770252.47%64QualifyingHorsham Saints2218150Warrack Eagles5838
Warrack Eagles 1025114281212117.82%501st SemiHorsham Saints131795Warrack Eagles9660
Horsham Saints 1026014521025141.66%482nd SemiDimboola1712114Horsham1519109
Minyip Murtoa 927012061035116.52%44PreliminaryHorsham Saints101171Horsham9862
Nhill62911090160168.08%34GrandDimboola1615111Horsham Saints71355
Horsham Diggers02160664199733.25%8

2014 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 1303017741096161.86%52EliminationArarat15898Minyip Murtoa121082
Horsham Saints 1204015961180135.25%48QualifyingHorsham Saints121082Warrack Eagles10565
Warrack Eagles 1204015241243122.61%481st SemiWarrack Eagles91468Ararat8654
Minyip Murtoa 1006016061213132.40%402nd SemiHorsham Saints121587Horsham91064
Ararat 808014981394107.46%32PreliminaryHorsham121890Warrack Eagles121688
Dimboola709017271386124.60%28GrandHorsham121082Horsham Saints111076

2015 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham Saints 150101838839219.07%60EliminationStawell101272Ararat71557
Horsham 1303017871012176.58%52QualifyingHorsham189117Minyip Murtoa12880
Minyip Murtoa 1105012531020122.84%441st SemiMinyip Murtoa10666Stawell21224
Ararat 808013511255107.65%322nd SemiHorsham Saints91064Horsham81058
Stawell 709013871348102.89%28PreliminaryHorsham111682Minyip Murtoa81563
Dimboola601001310143491.35%24GrandHorsham Saints166102Horsham9862
Warrack Eagles00160845220938.25%0

2016 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Minyip Murtoa 140201647746220.78%56EliminationHorsham Demons1814122Warrack Eagles2719
Horsham Saints 120401510998151.30%48QualifyingHorsham Saints1513103Stawell101070
Stawell 1105014661181124.13%441st SemiStawell15999Horsham Demons121183
Horsham 1105015181307116.14%442nd SemiHorsham Saints12779Minyip Murtoa91266
Warrack Eagles 501011171143481.66%22PreliminaryMinyip Murtoa8957Stawell71254
Ararat501101203156277.02%20GrandHorsham Saints6945Minyip Murtoa6743

2017 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 140201764798221.05%56EliminationHorsham Saints101474Stawell5939
Minyip Murtoa 140201439800179.88%56QualifyingMinyip Murtoa1512102Warrack Eagles10565
Warrack Eagles 1104114771219121.16%461st SemiWarrack Eagles166102Horsham Saints101272
Horsham Saints 907011681138102.64%362nd SemiHorsham121183Minyip Murtoa12678
Stawell 80801226132482.60%32PreliminaryMinyip Murtoa101676Warrack Eagles11369
Ararat301211050166862.95%14GrandHorsham71961Minyip Murtoa5737

2018 Ladder

Wimmera FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Horsham 142201709870196.44%64EliminationHorsham Saints14791Warrack Eagles121385
Southern Mallee Giants 122401651878188.04%56QualifyingSouthern Mallee Giants121486Ararat6642
Ararat 1125013641056129.17%521st SemiArarat121183Horsham Saints12476
Horsham Saints 102601230921133.55%482nd SemiSouthern Mallee Giants9862Horsham61450
Warrack Eagles 927014061099127.93%44PreliminaryHorsham207127Ararat10868
Minyip Murtoa729012891031125.02%36GrandHorsham111076Southern Mallee Giants9357


Wheatbelt Warriors. A Tribute To Wimmera Football League.

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The Serviceton railway line is part of the Melbourne–Adelaide rail corridor. It serves the west of Victoria, linking the state capital of Melbourne to the cities of Ballarat and Ararat. It once extended to the disputed South Australian border as part of the Melbourne–Adelaide railway. The former broad-gauge track was replaced in 1995 by the 1435 mm Western standard gauge line.

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3WM is a radio station based in Horsham in the Wimmera Mallee region of Victoria, Australia. It broadcasts on the AM band, at a frequency of 1089 kHz, and on the FM band around Ararat at a frequency of 96.1 MHz.

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The Victorian Government's Act No. 821, the Railway Construction Act 1884, authorised the construction of 59 new railway lines in the colony, plus additional infrastructure.

The Horsham & District Football League is an amateur Australian rules football league based in the Wimmera area of Western Victoria.

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The Wimmera Regional Library Corporation is situated in the northwest of Victoria, Australia. It covers an area of approximately 36,800 km2. and serves two local government bodies -Horsham Rural City Council and West Wimmera Shire Council, with a combined population of approximately 23,700. As these figures indicate, its clientele is predominantly rural-based and often has considerable distances between centres.

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Bill Smeaton is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

Michael Francis Pickering was an Australian rules footballer who played with North Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL).


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