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Sunraysia Football & Netball League
General Information
Highest Score298 - Wentworth 45.28.298 (v Mildura) - 2002
Most goals in a game20 - Paul Evans - Robinvale (v South Mildura) – 2001
Jarrod Arentz – Wentworth Districts (v South Mildura) – 2001
Most goals in a season163 - Trevor Sutton - Robinvale - 1984
Most career goals689 - Graham Bland (Merbein)
Most wins in a row38 - Imperials 1986-1988
Most losses in a row46 Ouyen 1979-1981
Most flags in a row4 Imperials 1992-1995

The Sunraysia Football and Netball League, also known simply as the SFNL is an Australian rules league in the Sunraysia district of north-west Victoria and south-west New South Wales. Nine clubs – Mildura, South Mildura, Imperials, Irymple, Red Cliffs, Merbein, Robinvale–Euston, Ouyen United and Wentworth – participate in the competition, which includes senior and junior grades of football and netball. The SFNL is considered a major country league. The league's grand final is traditionally played at City Oval in Mildura.



The Sunraysia Football League was formed in 1945, replacing the earlier Mildura Football League (which existed from 1903 to 1920) and the Mildura District Football League (which existed from 1921 to 1944).

Stance on Violence

Irymple Football Club is working with Kim O'Reilly to educate players around healthy relationships and violence against women. O'Reilly was seriously assaulted by ex-Irymple player Jake Frecker.

Irymple Club president Dennis Mitchell has called for Football clubs to change their culture around violence, condemning the support Dimboola Football Club provided to Frecker after he was charged with the assault on O'Reilly,"When your sporting club is the heart of the community, then it is our responsibility to be a vehicle for [education on family violence]" [1]



ClubNicknameLocationHome groundColoursYears in SFNLPremierships
ImperialsImps Mildura, Victoria City OvalGreen and white1945-19 (1949, 1950, 1956, 1957, 1971, 1977, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2013)
IrympleSwallows Irymple, Victoria Henshilwood OvalBlue and gold1945-7 (1954, 1966, 1976, 1978, 2006, 2011, 2017, 2019)
MerbeinMagpies Merbein, Victoria Kenny Park
Devonport Magpies Jumper.png
1945-6 (1948, 1962, 1963, 1975, 2002, 2003)
MilduraDemons Mildura, Victoria City Oval
Melbourne Demons Jumper.png
1945-8 (1946, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1982, 2007)
Ouyen UnitedKangas [2] Ouyen and Underbool, Victoria Blackburn Park and Underbool Recreation Reserve
2016-2 (2016, 2018)
Red CliffsTigers Red Cliffs, Victoria Quandong Park
Glenelg Tigers Jumper.svg
1945-11 (1953, 1959, 1961, 1964, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 2000, 2014, 2015)
Robinvale–EustonEagles Robinvale, VIC and Euston, NSW John James Oval and Euston Recreation Reserve
Waratah Warriors Jumper.svg
1958-9 (1965, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1979, 1989, 1991, 1997, 2010)
South MilduraBulldogs Mildura, Victoria Sarah Oval
Geelong Cats Jumper.jpg
1945-4 (1968, 1969, 1970, 1998)
Wentworth DistrictsKangaroos Dareton, New South Wales George Gordon Oval
Footscray Football Guernsey.png
1957-6 (1973, 1984, 1996, 2001, 2009, 2012)

Former clubs

RAAF Mildura, Victoria 1 (1945)
University Mildura, Victoria 1 (1947)
South Merbein Merbein South, Victoria nil
Ouyen* Ouyen, Victoria nil

(*) Ouyen competed between 1979 - 1982


  • 1945 RAAF
  • 1946 MILDURA
  • 1948 MERBEIN
  • 1949 IMPERIALS
  • 1950 IMPERIALS
  • 1951 MILDURA
  • 1952 MILDURA
  • 1953 RED CLIFFS
  • 1954 IRYMPLE
  • 1955 MILDURA
  • 1956 IMPERIALS
  • 1957 IMPERIALS
  • 1958 MILDURA
  • 1959 RED CLIFFS
  • 1960 MILDURA
  • 1961 RED CLIFFS
  • 1962 MERBEIN
  • 1963 MERBEIN
  • 1964 RED CLIFFS
  • 1965 ROBINVALE
  • 1966 IRYMPLE
  • 1967 ROBINVALE
  • 1971 IMPERIALS
  • 1972 ROBINVALE
  • 1974 ROBINVALE
  • 1975 MERBEIN
  • 1976 IRYMPLE
  • 1977 IMPERIALS
  • 1978 IRYMPLE
  • 1979 ROBINVALE
  • 1980 RED CLIFFS
  • 1981 RED CLIFFS
  • 1982 MILDURA
  • 1983 RED CLIFFS
  • 1985 RED CLIFFS
  • 1986 IMPERIALS
  • 1987 IMPERIALS
  • 1988 IMPERIALS
  • 1989 ROBINVALE
  • 1990 IMPERIALS
  • 1991 ROBINVALE
  • 1992 IMPERIALS
  • 1993 IMPERIALS
  • 1994 IMPERIALS
  • 1995 IMPERIALS
  • 1997 ROBINVALE
  • 1999 IMPERIALS
  • 2000 RED CLIFFS
  • 2002 MERBEIN
  • 2003 MERBEIN
  • 2004 IMPERIALS
  • 2005 IMPERIALS
  • 2006 IRYMPLE
  • 2007 MILDURA
  • 2008 IMPERIALS
  • 2009 Wentworth Districts
  • 2010 Robinvale
  • 2011 Irymple
  • 2012 Wentworth Districts
  • 2013 Imperials
  • 2014 Red Cliffs
  • 2015 Red Cliffs
  • 2016 Ouyen United
  • 2017 Irymple
  • 2018 Ouyen United
  • 2019 Irymple
  • 2020 Recess due to COVID19 pandemic

Leading goalkickers

YearPlayerClubHome and away goalsFinals goalsTotal goals
1945N McManusRed Cliffs1147121
1947Barry MooreImperials45045
1948Jack DohertyMerbein62062
1949Jack GleesonImperials1162118
1950Jack GleesonImperials11813131
1951Lance SimpsonMerbein68068
1952Ross BurrMildura741690
1953Jim McKechnieRed Cliffs291039
1954Ross BurrMildura58967
1955Ross BurrMildura73578
1956Jim McKechnieRed Cliffs64064
1957David GathercoleIrymple71475
1958Stan NokesMerbein11011133
1959John JessupIrymple73578
1960Ken WhitecrossMildura71677
1961John JessupIrymple81485
1962John JessupIrymple71475
1963John JessupIrymple71071
1964Merv SummerfieldImperials47047
1965Peter MitchellMerbein71071
1966Ross BurrIrymple56056
1967Alan RowarthRobinvale79079
1968Alan RowarthRobinvale59059
1969Graham BlandMerbein83588
1970Graham BlandMerbein87087
1971Graham BlandMerbein83083
1972Graham BlandMerbein1060106
1973John ThompsonWentworth79079
1974Graham BlandMerbein1005105
1975Graham BlandMerbein12114135
1976Frank CurranRobinvale67168
1977Graham BlandMerbein1074111
1978Alan McDonaldImperials85489
1979Peter WoodfordRed Cliffs1055110
1980Colin ChesterMildura13915154
1981Colin ChesterMildura69069
1982Colin ChesterSouth Mildura10413117
1983John PriceImperials73174
1984Trevor SuttonRobinvale1549163
1985John PriceImperials1050105
1986Craig EarnshawIrymple87693
1987Phillip NashImperials98098
1988Heath ShepherdRobinvale72476
1989Pat HealyRobinvale998107
1990Phillip NashImperials78886
1991Michael DeanWentworth88088
1992Jasmin BaryzckaMildura76076
1993Michael JohnstonRed Cliffs1093112
1994Chris PohlnerSouth Mildura968104
1995Michael BilucagliaSouth Mildura10714121
1996Dallas KalmsWentworth781593
1997Dallas KalmsWentworth11111122
1998Michael BilucagliaSouth Mildura851398
1999Toby CardewMildura71071
2000Robert LindseyRed Cliffs12410134
2001Paul EvansRobinvale1190119
2002Brenton McMastersMerbein94094
2003Jason BellRed Cliffs77077
2004Jason BellRed Cliffs9611107
2005Jason BellWentworth90999
2006Brett HaaseSouth Mildura79079
2007Jason BellWentworth986104
2008Michael FaulkheadRed Cliffs77077
2009Michael FaulkheadRed Cliffs1116117
2010Bradley O'ConnorRobinvale11517132
2011Carmelo LandoWentworth10311114
2012Carmelo LandoWentworth74680
2013Michael FaulkheadRed Cliffs65873
2014Troy MoncurRed Cliffs621173
2015Jason EagleIrymple1176123
2016William FarrerOuyen United541064
2017William FarrerOuyen United90393

2009 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Wentworth 1404023011409163.31%561st SemiRobinvale11874Red Cliffs11773
Imperials 1305020911286162.60%522nd SemiWentworth2012132Imperials121688
Robinvale 1305020731369151.42%52PreliminaryRobinvale131391Imperials101373
Red Cliffs 1008019801534129.07%40GrandWentworth2419163Robinvale101070
Irymple 8010019471731112.48%32
South Mildura601201536200376.68%24

2010 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Robinvale 180002731674405.19%721st SemiIrymple1612108Imperials13987
Wentworth 1404018911420133.17%562nd SemiRobinvale288176Wentworth10868
Imperials 1107018251442126.56%44PreliminaryIrymple141195Wentworth81866
Irymple 100801626163799.33%40GrandRobinvale2112138Irymple111076
Mildura 90901634173894.02%36
South Mildura801001597192383.05%32
Red Cliffs001801071242244.22%0

2011 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Irymple 1602022361077207.61%641st SemiWentworth1811119South Mildura91165
Robinvale 1503022531111202.79%602nd SemiRobinvale178110Irymple111379
South Mildura 1305019071205158.26%52PreliminaryIrymple131795Wentworth11773
Wentworth 1107021961478148.58%44GrandIrymple131088Robinvale12981
Red Cliffs301501155229450.35%12

2012 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Irymple 170101977799247.43%681st SemiSouth Mildura1614110Mildura7345
Wentworth 1503022621154196.01%602nd SemiIrymple178110Wentworth12880
South Mildura 1305020521166175.99%52PreliminaryWentworth131189South Mildura41741
Mildura 90901268159379.60%36GrandWentworth14791Irymple111884
Red Cliffs401401150204456.26%16

2013 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Irymple 1404020931156181.06%561st SemiRed Cliffs2611167Wentworth187115
Imperials 1304117311276135.66%542nd SemiIrymple131492Imperials11874
Red Cliffs 1304117951346133.36%54PreliminaryImperials101979Red Cliffs8755
Wentworth 90901603163098.34%36GrandImperials12880Irymple61046
South Mildura601111312181472.33%26

2014 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Imperials 1602018791019184.40%641st SemiRed Cliffs141296Imperials111177
Red Cliffs 1404018291365133.99%562nd SemiIrymple91266Mildura9862
Irymple 1206017271250138.16%48PreliminaryImperials15999Irymple9862
Mildura 1107014011192117.53%44GrandRed Cliffs1520110Imperials14690
South Mildura909015811476107.11%36

2015 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Imperials 1503020871155180.69%601st SemiRed Cliffs121486Irymple101373
Mildura 1503019591155169.61%602nd SemiImperials177109Mildura61349
Irymple 1206018101388130.40%48PreliminaryRed Cliffs188116Mildura12981
Red Cliffs 120601720175997.78%48GrandRed Cliffs15999Imperials14791
South Mildura701101468158292.79%28

2016 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Mildura 1303015231004151.69%521st SemiOuyen United111480Merbein6743
Irymple 1303014381097131.08%522nd SemiMildura111379Irymple5636
Ouyen United 907012631157109.16%36PreliminaryOuyen United176108Irymple81361
Merbein 90701301132298.41%36GrandOuyen United1610106Mildura111177
Red Cliffs709014201354104.87%28
South Mildura30130839130564.29%12

2017 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Mildura 140201831939194.99%561st SemiIrymple1419103Robinvale-Euston3624
Ouyen United 1204017481197146.03%482nd SemiOuyen United121082Mildura111076
Irymple 100601586936169.44%40PreliminaryIrymple11874Mildura51343
Robinvale-Euston 1006014451190121.43%40GrandIrymple91569Ouyen United9862
Red Cliffs401201071180359.40%16
South Mildura40120884164953.61%16

2018 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Ouyen United 140201878931201.72%561st SemiIrymple121183Robinvale-Euston61147
Red Cliffs 1303014011039134.84%522nd SemiOuyen United1510100Red Cliffs81260
Robinvale-Euston 120401490947157.34%48PreliminaryIrymple10666Red Cliffs8755
Irymple 100601348904149.12%40GrandOuyen United101171Irymple10666
South Mildura50110948142066.76%20

2019 Ladder

Sunrayia FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Irymple 140111597963165.84%581st SemiRobinvale-Euston14993Wentworth11773
Imperials 130301571887177.11%522nd SemiImperials121385Irymple91569
Robinvale-Euston 1005113311213109.73%42PreliminaryIrymple121587Robinvale-Euston5535
Wentworth 80801284130798.24%32GrandIrymple91266Imperials81159
Ouyen United80801244130295.55%32
Red Cliffs401201074155069.29%16
South Mildura20140819150954.27%8

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Rural City of Mildura Local government area in Victoria, Australia

The Rural City of Mildura is a local government area in Victoria, Australia, located in the north-western part of the state. It covers an area of 22,083 square kilometres (8,526 sq mi) being the largest LGA in the state. In June 2016 the area had a population of 53,878. It includes the city of Mildura and the towns of Merbein, Red Cliffs, Irymple, Ouyen, Werrimull, Murrayville, Walpeup and Hattah. It was formed in 1995 from the amalgamation of the City of Mildura, Shire of Mildura and Shire of Walpeup.

Mildura City in Victoria, Australia

Mildura is a regional city in north-west Victoria, Australia. Located on the Victorian side of the Murray River, Mildura had a population of 33,444 in 2016. When nearby Wentworth, Irymple, Nichols Point and Merbein are included, the area had an estimated urban population of 51,903 at June 2018, having grown marginally at an average annual rate of 0.88% year-on-year over the preceding five years. It is the largest settlement in the Sunraysia region. Mildura is a major horticultural centre notable for its grape production, supplying 80% of Victoria's grapes. Many wineries also source grapes from Mildura.

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Wentworth is a small border town in the far south west of the state of New South Wales, Australia. It lies at the confluence of Australia's two most important rivers, the Darling and the Murray, the latter forming the border with the state of Victoria to the south. The border with the state of South Australia lies approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) to the west. The town of Wentworth is in the local government area of the same name.

Sunraysia Region of Australia

The Sunraysia is an ill–defined district, sometimes incorrectly referred to as an economic region, located in northwestern Victoria and southwestern New South Wales in Australia. The region is renowned for its sunshine, intensive horticulture including grapes and oranges, and grain farms. Its main centre is Mildura, Victoria.

Robinvale Town in Victoria, Australia

Robinvale is a town on the south bank of the Murray River in north western Victoria, Australia. It is connected by a bridge to Euston on the other side of the river in New South Wales. At the 2016 census, Robinvale had a population of 3,313, however a population study conducted by the Rural City of Swan Hill that was undertaken in 2019 identified Robinvale had an estimated population of between 7,000 in November and 8,800 in March each year.

Euston, New South Wales Town in New South Wales, Australia

Euston is a small town on the banks of the Murray River, southern New South Wales, Australia in Balranald Shire. The twin town of Robinvale is on the other side of the river in the state of Victoria.

Merbein Town in Victoria, Australia

Merbein is a town just north of Mildura, Victoria, in the Sunraysia region of Australia. It is on the Calder Highway between Mildura and the Murray River crossing at the Abbotsford Bridge to Curlwaa. At the 2016 census, the town had a population of 1,981. Merbein is 12 kilometres from Mildura, 553 km from Melbourne and 389 km from Adelaide.

Red Cliffs, Victoria Suburb of Rural City of Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Red Cliffs is a town in Victoria, Australia in the Sunraysia region. It is located on the Calder Highway, 16 km south of Mildura and 544 km north-west of Melbourne.

Underbool Town in Victoria, Australia

Underbool is a town in the Mallee region of north-west Victoria, Australia. The town is in the Rural City of Mildura local government area and on the Mallee Highway—between Ouyen and the South Australian border – 476 kilometres (296 mi) north west of the state capital, Melbourne. The town services the grain farmers and graziers in the area. For tourists it provides access to the Pink Lakes in Murray-Sunset National Park.

Ouyen Town in Victoria, Australia

Ouyen is a town in Victoria, Australia, located in the Rural City of Mildura at the junction of the Calder Highway and Mallee Highway, 105 kilometres (65 mi) south of Mildura, and 441 km (274 mi) northwest of Melbourne. At the 2016 census, the town had a population of 1,045.

Colin Sylvia Australian rules footballer

Colin Martin Sylvia was an Australian rules footballer who played for the Melbourne Football Club and Fremantle Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Electoral district of Mildura

Mildura is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria and sits within the Northern Victoria electorate. It is a 35,702 km2 rural electorate in the far-north-west of the state, encompassing the regional towns of Hopetoun, Mildura, Ouyen, Red Cliffs and Robinvale. It is currently represented by independent Ali Cupper.

Irymple, Victoria Town in Victoria, Australia

Irymple is a suburb of Mildura in the state of Victoria in Australia. Located in the region of Sunraysia in the far North-West Victoria, Irymple is 6 km south of Mildura and 550 km northwest of Melbourne. At the 2016 census, Irymple and the surrounding area had a population of 5,325.

The Mildura railway line is a heavy rail line in northwestern Victoria, Australia. The line runs from Yelta station to Ballarat station via the settlements of Mildura, Ouyen and Maryborough in an approximate south-southeasterly direction. Initial sections of the line opened from Ballarat in 1874 and the line reached Mildura in 1903.

Millewa Football League

The Millewa Football League is an Australian rules football league with teams based in north-western Victoria and south-western New South Wales, Australia.

The Mallee Football Netball League (MFNL) was an Australian rules football and netball competition finishing in 2015 with just five clubs based in the Mallee region of northwestern Victoria, Australia. The league featured three grades in the Australian rules football competition, being First-Grade, Reserve-Grade and Under 16s. It is not to be confused with the identically named Mallee Football League.

The Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League is a rugby league football competition in New South Wales, Australia which was run under the auspices of the Country Rugby League & Victoria Rugby League. The group was formed in 1991 but was soon disbanded after just 4 seasons and was completely defunct after the 1995 season. This rugby league group covered an area in the far south west corner of the state, along with parts of Victoria. In 1997 Sunraysia entered a combined team in the Group 12 competition. In 2011 the competition reformed and in 2012 the competition has five clubs. Sunraysia Riverlands Rugby League have been replaced by Sunraysia Rugby League, SRL has 5 teams Mildura Tigers, Mildura Warriors, Chaffey Titians, Murray Darling Eels and Robinvale Storm

The Clayton Football & Netball Club (CFNC) is an Australian rules football club located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Clayton. They compete in the 3rd Division of the Southern Football Netball League in the Men's football competition, the 1st Division of the Women's competition and field two Women's Netball teams in the SFNL Netball competition.

Robinvale Storm Rugby League Football Club is an Australian rugby league football club based in Robinvale, Victoria. They conduct both junior and senior rugby league teams and compete in the Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League. The club won their inaugural premiership in 2014 defeating Mildurra Warriors 20-6, going on to win back-to-back titles in 2015 defeating Chaffey Titans 22-16 at Wentworth, and the 2016 season as a 3 peat defeating the Mildura Tigers 28-20. What a remarkable achievement by such a successful club.


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