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Alberton Football Netball League
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FormerlyAlberton Football Association
Sport Australian rules football
First season1946
PresidentBarry Stride
No. of teams6
Most recent
(9 premierships)
Most titlesFish Creek
(20 premierships)
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The Alberton Football Netball League was an Australian rules football league covering the South Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia.



1946: Reformation of Alberton Football Association (League)

The Alberton Football Association was reformed in 1946 after the end of World War II in 1945, renamed the Alberton Football League in 1947, with eight teams comprising the league such as Carrajung, Devon (formed 1883 also known from 1900 to 1909 as West Alberton), Foster (formed 1890), Ramblers, Toora (formed 1891), Welshpool, Woodside and Yarram (formed 1887). [1] The name of the league is taken from the small town of Alberton, near Yarram.

The Ramblers Football Club, after a promising inaugural season in the league where it recorded six wins to just miss the finals, decided to disband from the league and Won Wron Football Club were accepted into the league for the 1949 season. [2] Four years later, the Carrajung Football Club followed suit which enabled Fish Creek to join the Alberton League in 1953. [3] Carrajung produced many substandard efforts during their seven years of existence in the Alberton League and many matches would result in percentage gaining contests for opposing teams. The club finished last in 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951 and 1952. The very last game Carrajung played in the Alberton League during the 1952 season resulted in Toora forward, Frank Salmon, kicking a record 34 goals 17 behinds out of the teams 35.18 score. Salmon's (and his teammates' efforts) helped him claim the League goalkicking award by overtaking Woodside great Charles Williamson.

1947–1952: Early dominance by Woodside

Woodside dominated the competition during the early stages as the club won six consecutive premierships from 1947 to 1952. [4] It is the only club to have achieved such a feat in the league's history.

1953–1967: Golden era of Fish Creek success

Fish Creek produced the most outstanding era of success in the Alberton League as it claimed 11 premierships from 15 successive Grand Final appearances between 1953 and 1967. [5] [6] The recruitment of former VFL Collingwood player, Maurice 'Mocca' Dunstan helped the club attain a standard of professionalism that was second to none for a sustained period.

Much focus throughout the late 1950s and 1960s centred around the future of football in the region, with many suggesting that the South Gippsland Football League and the Alberton Football League merge to generate a more powerful football league across South Gippsland for better growth in the sport. However, the AFL continued to function through many debates and became progressively stronger by the 1970s.

1970s: Meeniyan-Dumbalk United and Stony Creek join the fray

In 1969, the Meeniyan-Dumbalk United and Stony Creek Football Clubs joined the Alberton League after the SGFL eventually disbanded [7] as Welshpool won a treble of premierships from 1969 to 1971. Welshpool also became the first club in the AFL to produce an undefeated season with its flag in 1970. [8]

In 1973, Toora and Meeniyan-Dumbalk United fought out a close grand final with Toora winning by a single point. It remains to this day Toora's only Alberton senior grade premiership and the only 1-point grand final (seniors) in the Alberton league's history.

By the late 1970s, Yarram were looking to join the Latrobe Valley Football League but remained with the AFL and by the end of the 1981 season the league was reduced to nine clubs when Won Wron and Woodside merged to form the Won Wron-Woodside Football Club. [9]

The inclusion of Tarwin in 1988 [10] returned the number of clubs to ten but by 1995, Welshpool had amalgamated with Devon. [11]

1996–2005: League Expansion

In 1996, Dalyston, Wonthaggi Rovers, Inverloch, Korumburra and Bena joined the Alberton Football League, [12] after the Bass Valley Wonthaggi FL had been disbanded as part of a restructuring of local football by the Victorian Country Football League. The "final five" system was first utilised with the inclusion of the new clubs.

Devon-Welshpool and Won Wron-Woodside created the Allies when they merged in 1997 [13] and then Bena and Korumburra joined forces to become Korumburra-Bena in 2001. [14]

In 2005 the Phillip Island and Kilcunda-Bass football clubs moved from the defunct West Gippsland Football League to the Alberton Football League. [15]

The 2008 season saw a large contingent from the Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside Football Club leave to create a new club, the Woodside & District Wildcats, in the North Gippsland Football League. [16]

2005–2008: DWWWW Allies de-merger

Since merging in 1997 the DWWWW Allies had enjoyed some early years of success with premierships in 1998, 1999 and 2003. However, with the further expansion of the league in 2005 the club tired of travelling up to two hours west to places such as Dalyston, Bass and Cowes. Some supporters and players with the club began agitating for a move to the closer North Gippsland Football League. This change was looking set to be approved, until in 2007 a proposal was put forth for the club to play all their home games at Woodside. The Devon-Welshpool people of the club who were proud of the facilities at the Alberton West Recreation Reserve, refused to agree. After a number of meetings failed to find a solution an extraordinary resolution took place. The club de-merged. [17]

Most of the Won Wron-Woodside people, led by Anthony Banik, moved away from the rest of the club to form a new entity known as the Woodside & District Wildcats. The new club would join the North Gippsland Football League from the 2008 season onwards, whilst DWWWW would continue competing in the Alberton league, albeit with a heavily weakened playing list.

The division of the club extended beyond football, causing a major rift within the local community that in some cases continues to this day. Despite, the divide DWWWW refused to revert to their former name of Devon-Welshpool. A number of Won Wron-Woodside life members had remained on board with DWWWW through the split and the club president Matthew Moore had remained hopeful that some Won Wron-Woodside people may return.

In the six years after the de-merger the DWWWW football club's on-field success was virtually non-existent. From 2008 to 2013 the DWWWW senior team would achieve only 3 wins and a staggering 105 losses, which included four winless seasons. This level of poor on-field results was mirrored in the reserve and junior grades.

In 2014 after multiple years of struggling for success and maintaining a large enough playing list the options had become limited and the members voted for the club to enter recess.

2005–2009: Formation and departure of Wonthaggi Power

At the end of 2004 the Wonthaggi Rovers (Alberton) and Wonthaggi Blues (West Gippsland Latrobe) would merge to become a new entity known as the Wonthaggi Power. This new club applied to enter the Alberton league, citing junior players resenting travelling to distant clubs such as Sale and Maffra.

This move was met with discontent from some existing Alberton clubs. Wonthaggi with a local population of 7000 people now had a single club to compete against towns with local populations of only approximately 200 people. Wonthaggi Power were admitted into the Alberton Football League under the provision that if they were proven too strong they would relocate to the much stronger West Gippsland Latrobe Football League.

Wonthaggi Power achieved immediate success making the grand final in their first three years, winning two of them. The reserves and junior teams achieved similar success. Despite this evidence, Wonthaggi members and administrators refused to relocate to the stronger competition. The club's rivals became increasingly disgruntled and began to seek assistance from the Victorian Country Football League. The governing body reviewed the situation and ordered Wonthaggi Power to begin competing against towns of similar size. In response Wonthaggi Power decided to launch legal action.

Early in 2008 an agreement was reached that would see Wonthaggi compete in Alberton for seasons 2008 and 2009, before departing the league at the conclusion of the 2009 season. This was a legally binding agreement, however the Alberton clubs were still seeking a more rapid solution. They discussed options of forming their own breakaway league or boycotting matches against Wonthaggi Power.

Yarram Football Club were the first club to lead a boycott. They had defeated Wonthaggi Power in the 2007 grand final the previous year and were only scheduled to play Wonthaggi Power once during the 2008 home & away season. The Yarram committee had decided to take matters into their own hands and on 17 May 2008 in a watershed moment for the league they forfeited all grades of football and netball from their round 6 clash against Wonthaggi Power. As a consequence of the forfeiture the Victorian Country Football League issued Yarram with a $6,500 fine - half of which was suspended. Other clubs would avoid following Yarram's example and would instead assist to help cover the costs of their fine.

Wonthaggi would go on to finish the season undefeated and comfortably secure first position on the ladder, whilst Yarram would finish just below them in second position. Both teams would finally meet for the first time that year in a semi-final clash at Tarwin Lower. In this match, Wonthaggi would defeat Yarram by a massive 64-points in what was fierce and fiery encounter for both players and spectators. They would proceed directly through to the grand final two weeks later were their opponent would again be Yarram. Wonthaggi would become victorious, this time defeating Yarram by 57-points to claim their third flag in the Alberton league. [18]

The dispute would continue into the following season with the VCFL making the recommendation that Wonthaggi Power enter either Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League (Casey Cardinia division) or the West Gippsland Latrobe Football League. On July 14, 2009, Wonthaggi Power published an open letter to the VCFL disputing the decision. The letter referred to the decision as 'lacking clarity, direction and vision', whilst labelling the VCFL themselves as 'incompetent'. [19] The VCFL did not publicly respond to the letter and despite Wonthaggi Power's resistance it was ultimately decided that the 2009 season would be Wonthaggi's last in Alberton.

Wonthaggi Power would once again finish on top of the ladder with only two losses during the 2009 home & away season. A victory in the finals would see Wonthaggi progress directly to the grand final and regardless of the result this was to be Wonthaggi's final match in Alberton. Their opponent was third placed Stony Creek, who also happened to be one of the teams to claim a victory against Wonthaggi during the season. With such a vast difference in township populations the match was widely considered a 'David verses Goliath' match-up. Despite playing two more finals matches on their way to the grand final Stony Creek would defeat Wonthaggi by 14-points. This was Stony Creek's second Alberton premiership, their first since 1983. [20]

At the conclusion of the season Wonthaggi Power transferred into the newly renamed Gippsland Football League for the start of the 2010 season. For the five years that Wonthaggi Power had participated in the Alberton football league they had made the grand final every season, which included winning three of them.

2010–2020: League Demise

The last round of the 2010 season saw Yarram defeat Tarwin. However, this result was subsequently reversed and the win awarded to Tarwin by the Victorian Country Football League (VCFL) after it was discovered that Yarram had fielded an unregistered player under another identity. Yarram club president, Paul Clavorino, claimed that the player didn't have any impact on the result. The result didn't have any effect for Yarram's finals aspirations as by this point in the season the club was already out of contention. The change in result would impact which teams would play each other in the first week of finals. As a consequence three clubs (Fish Creek, Korumburra-Bena & Tarwin) would end up changing opponents. [21]

Yarram depart to North Gippsland football league

In August 2013, Yarram applied to transfer to the North Gippsland Football League (NGFL). Their application would stall with an unofficial vote from the NGFL clubs to accept Yarram resulting in a fifty-fifty split. Some concerns cited by the NGFL clubs were the reintroduction of a bye, subsequent return to a 20-round season and struggle between clubs for junior footballers. [22] In October Yarram appealed to AFL Victoria Country who after considering submissions from the relevant parties overturned the initial decision and allowed Yarram to enter the NGFL beginning with 2014 season. [23] This move ended a 68-year affiliation with the Alberton Football League of which Yarram was a founding member. [24]

Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside Recess

In its existence the Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside football has twice gone into recess. As of 2020 the club is still in recess.

First recess: 2014 season

On 30 March 2014, after many years of struggling since the 2008 de-merger, members of the DWWWW football club met to vote on the fate of the club. A shortage of players had already forced the club's committee to give up on fielding a team for the 2014 season. Now the members were voting on whether the club would be placed into a temporary recess or wound up. The club would remain alive after a vote saw close to 100% of members vote for the club to enter a recess. With the club in recess for the 2014 season the remaining DWWWW players transferred to the neighbouring Yarram and Woodside & District football clubs, who with the influx of players became markedly stronger. Despite not fielding a team the DWWWW community continued to keep the club's members together with regular meal nights for everyone to get together and continue to support the club. The recess would only last for the one season with the club back fielding a team the following season in 2015. [25]

Second recess: 2018 season — Present

With the recruitment of players from outside of the local area the club was able to field football teams for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 season. During this time the club also experienced some success, coming within 11 points of a place in the 2017 grand final. Unfortunately, an acrimonious saga regarding player payment destabilised the playing group, culminating in several player players walking out on the club.

For the second time in four years the shortage of players forced the club to move into recess for the 2018 season, leaving the Alberton football league with only six clubs fielding teams. The Allies remain in recess to this day. Since 2017, the club has the maintained a healthy financial position and continues to engage with its members through the likes of midweek meals and social functions. [26]

While the DWWWW remains still remains alive, the disbandment of the Alberton football league in 2020 has meant that the club is without a league to participate in. Should the club accumulate enough players to field a team again they would need to seek approval to join either the North Gippsland or Mid Gippsland football league where they could complete. However, many football followers in the Yarram region believe that the community of 2,200 people is simply too small to sustainably support three football clubs and that with each passing season the likelihood of DWWWW returning a team to the field continues to diminish.

AFL Gippsland Review

A 2015 review, conducted by AFL Gippsland to address issues of competitive imbalance and club sustainability, brought major change to structure of the Alberton Football Netball League. [27] In 2017, the Alberton League was reduced to seven clubs after the departure Dalyston, Korumburra-Bena, Inverloch-Kongwak, Kilcunda-Bass and Phillip Island to the newly formed West Gippsland Football Netball League as part of the review. Prior to the 2018 season, DWWWW went into recess again due to lack of players in the district and would remain in recess throughout the 2019 season. [28]

Colgan Bauer Review

In 2019 AFL Victoria commissioned consultancy group Colgan Bauer to review the structure and sustainability of football in the Gippsland region and provide a strategic plan for the future. A number of town hall style meetings were conducted to gather feedback from community members within the region. A number of ideas were proposed for how to preserve the Alberton Football League. These included adding two clubs from the nearby West Gippsland Football League and the Alberton Football League joining the West Gippsland Football League as a second division.

A further review recommended that the AFL merge with the Mid Gippsland Football League for the 2019 season. [29] However a backlash by some clubs who had concerns over a 15 team competition and increased travel distance of the proposed league. [30]

Final Alberton Match

The final match in the Alberton Football League was the 2019 Grand Final which took place on 31 August 2019. The match was contested by the Foster and Stony Creek football clubs at the Tarwin Lower recreation reserve. Foster defeated Stony Creek by 7 points in what would be the closest grand final margin since 1995. On the date of the match occurring the future of the Alberton had not yet been determined and no one was aware that this was Alberton's final match. [31]

2020 Season Cancellation

The COVID-19 pandemic lead to the 2020 season being abandoned, despite efforts to run a junior competition in conjunction with the Mid Gippsland Football League. [32] Whilst the league sat idle, the planning for the future of the Alberton football clubs continued. On 24 April 2020 a meeting of the Mid Gippsland football clubs saw them vote to accept all six Alberton clubs as of the 2021 season, whilst the Alberton Football League would cease to exist. This decision was met with widespread relief after many years of uncertainty surrounding the future of the league's clubs. [33] On 25 November 2020 the Alberton Football League conducted its final annual general meeting. A special resolution to dissolve the league was passed and after 74 years of competition the league had officially met its end.


Final Clubs

ClubColoursMonikerHome venueFormedFirst yearPremiershipsPremiership Years
TotalMost recent
Fish Creek
Fish Creek FC.png
Kangaroos John Terrill Memorial Park,
Fish Creek
18911953202018 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1985, 1991, 1992, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2016, 2017, 2018
Mirboo North FC.png
Tigers Foster Showgrounds, Foster 1890194692019 1946, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1989, 1993, 2010, 2019
Meeniyan Dumbalk United
Boolarra fc club colors.png
Demons Meeniyan Recreation Reserve, Meeniyan 1964
196951990 1975, 1976, 1981, 1988, 1990
Stony Creek
Stony creek football colours.jpg
Lions Stony Creek Racecourse,
Stony Creek
1894196922009 1983, 2009
Tarwin Football Club colours.jpg
Sharks Tarwin Lower Recreation Reserve, Tarwin Lower 1988198812004 2004
Toora & District
Toora and District FC.png
Magpies Toora Recreation Reserve, Toora 18911946119731973

Former clubs

ClubColoursMonikerFormedFirst YearLast YearPremiershipsPremiership YearsDetails
TotalMost recent
Yallourn Yallourn North FC.png
Bulls1921199620000Merged with the Korumburra Football Club prior to the 2001 Alberton League season to form the Korumburra-Bena Football Club.
Carrajung fc icon.png
Blacks1911194619520Disbanded at the conclusion of the 1952 Alberton League season.
Toora and District FC.png
Magpies189819962016120152015Left at the conclusion of the 2016 season to join the newly formed West Gippsland Competition.
Devon fc icon.png
Bombers188319461994219871968, 1987Merged with the Welshpool Football Club prior to the 1995 Alberton League season to form the Devon-Welshpool Football Club.
DWWWW FC icon.png
Bombers / Bulldogs1995
19951996219961995, 1996Merged with the Won Wron-Woodside Football Club prior to the 1997 Alberton League season to form the East Coast Allies Football Club, which was renamed the Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside Football Club prior to the 1998 Alberton League season.
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside
Dwwww 2015 icon.png
19972017320031998, 1999, 2003The Allies participated in Alberton from 1997 to 2013 with a brief recess in 2014, before re-entering the competition in 2015. At the end of 2017 they again went into recess for a second time, which the club still remains in presently.
Inverloch kongwak icon.png
Sea Eagles1957
199620160Left at the conclusion of the 2016 season to join the newly formed West Gippsland Competition.
Kilcunda bass icon.png
20052016320132011, 2012, 2013Left at the conclusion of the 2016 season to join the newly formed West Gippsland Competition.
Korumburra fc icon.png
Bullants191119962000119971997Merged with the Bena Football Club prior to the 2001 Alberton League season to form the Korumburra-Bena Football Club.
Korumburra bena icon.png
200120160Between 2001 and 2014 the club was known as the Bulldogs and wore red, white and blue colours. In 2015 the club rebranded themselves as the Giants and changed their colours to distinguish themselves from Phillip Island who worn similar colours. [34] Left at the conclusion of the 2016 season to join the newly formed West Gippsland Competition.
Phillip Island
Phillip island icon.png
Bulldogs193220052016120142014Left at the conclusion of the 2016 season to join the newly formed West Gippsland Competition.
Ramblers (Hiawatha)
Ramblers FC.png
Ramblers1900194619480Disbanded at the conclusion of the 1948 Alberton League season.
Welshpool fc icon.png
Bulldogs190919461994619791953, 1962, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1979Merged with the Devon Football Club prior to the 1995 Alberton League season to form the Devon-Welshpool Football Club.
Won Wron
Morwell East FC.png
Swans1919194919810Merged with the Woodside Football Club prior to the 1982 Alberton League season to form the Won Wron-Woodside Football Club.
Won Wron-Woodside
Won wron woodside fc icon.png
19821994119941994Merged with the Devon-Welshpool Football Club prior to the 1997 Alberton League season to form the Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside Football Club.
Wonthaggi Rovers
Mirboo North FC.png
Tigers1956199620040Merged with the Wonthaggi Blues Football Club prior to the 2005 season to form the Wonthaggi Power Football Club.
Wonthaggi Power
Wonthaggi power fc icon.png
20052009320082005, 2006, 2008Ordered to leave by the Victorian Country Football League for being considered too dominant to compete in the Alberton Football League.
Woodside fc icon.png
Blues190819461981819741947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1957, 1974 Merged with the Won Wron Football Club prior to the 1982 Alberton League season to form the Won Wron-Woodside Football Club.
Yarram fc icon.png
Demons188719462013520071954, 1972, 1977, 1986, 2007Left Alberton at the conclusion of 2013 to join the North Gippsland Football League for the 2014 season.

Timeline of clubs

Alberton Football Netball League

| = indicates premiership year
Club recess


VFL/AFL Players

During its history the Alberton Football League has produced a number of players who would go on to play in the VFL/AFL competition.

Jarryd Blair

Jarryd Blair played junior football at Wonthaggi Power and in 2006 he was a part of the senior premiership team. He was selected as pick 27 in the 2009 AFL rookie draft and made his AFL debut in round 14, 2010 against West Coast at Etihad Stadium. His debut AFL season saw him play in Collingwood's 2010 premiership team. Blair played 157 games for Collingwood before being delisted in 2018. In 2020, Wonthaggi Power announced that Blair had been appointed as senior coach for the 2021 season in the Gippsland League.

Brent Macaffer

Brent Macaffer was selected as pick 26 in the 2007 AFL rookie draft. He would play in Collingwood's 2010 premiership team. In 2016, Macaffer announced his retirement from AFL football. Macaffer would return to his original club, Kilcunda Bass to coach the club for the 2017 season. On 13 February 2019, Macaffer was awarded a life member of the Collingwood Football Club.

Nathan Vardy

Nathan Vardy played his junior football for DWWWW. He was selected at pick 42 by Geelong in the 2009 national draft. At the conclusion of the 2016 season Vardy was traded to the West Coast Eagles. In 2017, with Nic Naitanui and Scott Lycett injured, Vardy had to take charge as West Coast's number one ruckman and played almost every game. [35] He played a critical role in West Coast's 2018 premiership team. Vardy is one of four current former Alberton players listed by AFL clubs.

PlayerOriginal Alberton clubVFL/AFL club(s)VFL/AFL games playedFirst seasonMost recent season
Ian Abraham Won Wron Collingwood 319601961
Damien Adkins Meeniyan Dumbalk United Collingwood / West Coast Eagles 5420002005
Anthony Banik Won Wron-Woodside Richmond 4919901994
Jarryd Blair Wonthaggi Power Collingwood 15720102018
Neil Chandler Welshpool Carlton / St Kilda 8219681974
Sam Docherty Phillip Island Brisbane Lions / Carlton 108*20132020
Andrew Dunkley Devon Sydney Swans 21719922002
Xavier Duursma Foster Port Adelaide 35*20192020
Brett Eddy Foster Port Adelaide 320172017
Robert Eddy Stony Creek St Kilda 3320072011
Sam Flanders Fish Creek Gold Coast Suns 5*20202020
Mitch Golby Kilcunda Bass Brisbane Lions 5620112015
Jed Lamb Yarram Sydney Swans / GWS Giants / Carlton 6620112018
Brent Macaffer Kilcunda Bass Collingwood 7720092016
Max Parker Welshpool Footscray 519711971
Laurie Rippon Welshpool Footscray 4519691973
Barry Standfield Fish Creek Footscray / Adelaide 11119901997
Wayne Weidemann Fish Creek Adelaide 6819911996
Trent West Wonthaggi Power Geelong / Brisbane Lions 7020082016
Nathan Vardy DWWWW Geelong / West Coast Eagles 68*20102020
Current AFL listed player
*Games played correct as at 5 October 2020
† List may not be complete


The following major individual awards and accolades are presented each season:

Season structure


The Alberton Football League like most country leagues does not have a formal Pre-season competition. As part of their Pre-season preparation clubs will often schedule between one and two practice matches with clubs from other leagues prior to the season beginning. These matches could take on different structures and were primarily conducted on a non-official basis with limited match officials and scores not being recorded.

Premiership season

The Alberton home-and-away season at present lasts for 15 rounds, starting in mid April and ending in early August. As of the 2017 season, each team plays 15 matches. Teams receive four premiership points for a win and two premiership points for a draw. Ladder finishing positions are based on the number of premiership points won, and "percentage" (calculated as the ratio of points scored to points conceded throughout the season) is used as a tie-breaker when teams finish with equal premiership points.

Finals series

Since its inception until 1995 the Alberton finals consisted of a 'final-four' system. With the inclusion of a number of clubs from the defunct Bass Valley Wonthaggi football league in 1996 the finals series was expanded to a 'final-five' system. The finals series was expanded again in 2005 with the inclusion of Kilcunda Bass and Phillip Island to become a 'final-six' system. Since 2017 the finals series has since returned to a 'final-four' system, after a number of clubs left resulting in a smaller competition.

The top four teams at the end of the Alberton home & away season compete in a four-week finals series throughout August, culminating in a grand final to determine the premiers. The grand final is played on the afternoon of the last Saturday in August.

The winning team receives a silver premiership cup and a premiership flag – a new one of each is manufactured each year. The flag has been presented since the league began and is traditionally unfurled at the team's first home game of the following season. Additionally, each player in the grand final-winning team receives a premiership medallion.

2019 Finals series

Qualifying – Week 2 / Elimination – Week 1Preliminary – Week 3Grand Final – Week 4
1 Mirboo North FC.png Foster12.8 (80)1 Mirboo North FC.png Foster8.7 (55)
2Stony Creek8.5 (53)2Stony Creek7.6 (48)
2Stony Creek12.10 (82)
3 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek7.5 (47)
3 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek23.10 (148)
4 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District4.5 (29)

Grand final venues

For most of its history the Alberton football league grand final was hosted at the Yarram recreation reserve. With the expansion of the league in 1996 the grand final was relocated to the Foster Showgrounds to maintain a central location with respect to the rest of the league. With Foster football club making the grand final in 2010 and 2011 the grand final was subsequently relocated to Inverloch recreation reserve to avoid a home-ground advantage. The grand final venue would then cycle back to Foster in 2012. The grand final since cycled between a few different venues until Tarwin Lower recreation reserve hosted the last Alberton grand final in 2019.

  • Yarram Recreation Reserve (1946–1952)
  • Welshpool Recreation Reserve (1953)
  • Yarram Recreation Reserve (1954–1973)
  • Foster Showgrounds (1974)
  • Yarram Recreation Reserve (1975)
  • Foster Showgrounds (1976–1977)
  • Yarram Recreation Reserve (1978–1995)
  • Foster Showgrounds (1996–2009)
  • Inverloch Recreation Reserve (2010–2011)
  • Foster Showgrounds (2012)
  • Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve (2013)
  • Meeniyan Recreation Reserve (2014–2018)
  • Tarwin Lower Recreation Reserve (2019)

Finals history

1946Foster 3.4 (22)Woodside 2.7 (19)DevonWelshpool
1947Woodside 15.23 (113)Foster 9.6 (60)WelshpoolDevon
1948Woodside 11.15 (81)Devon 11.5 (71)TooraYarram
1949Woodside 11.18 (84)Welshpool 9.14 (68)YarramDevon
1950Woodside 8.17 (65)Devon 7.10 (52)YarramWelshpool
1951Woodside 10.15 (75)Welshpool 9.12 (66)YarramFoster
1952Woodside 3.5 (23)Toora 2.7 (19)FosterWelshpool
1953Welshpool 16.20 (116)Fish Creek 6.6 (42)TooraWoodside
1954Yarram 10.12 (72)Fish Creek 11.4 (70)WelshpoolWoodside
1955Fish Creek 16.7 (103)Welshpool 7.10 (52)WoodsideYarram
1956Fish Creek 17.12 (114)Woodside 15.14 (104)YarramWelshpool
1957Woodside 9.10 (64)Fish Creek 7.11 (53)FosterYarram
1958Fish Creek 18.14 (122)Yarram 15.13 (103)WoodsideFoster
1959Fish Creek 16.15 (111)Yarram 11.14 (80)Won WronWelshpool
1960Fish Creek 8.14 (62)Welshpool 6.8 (44)Won WronYarram
1961Fish Creek 15.14 (104)Devon 7.6 (48)TooraWon Wron
1962Welshpool 7.13 (55)Fish Creek 8.5 (53)FosterYarram
1963Fish Creek 13.8 (86)Toora 4.11 (35)FosterWelshpool
1964Fish Creek 8.6 (54)Welshpool 5.5 (35)TooraDevon
1965Fish Creek 9.11 (65)Toora 8.9 (57)Won WronWelshpool
1966Fish Creek 17.17 (119)Toora 9.7 (61)YarramFoster
1967Fish Creek 12.8 (80)Welshpool 9.11 (65)Won WronDevon
1968Devon 12.9 (81)Welshpool 7.3 (45)TooraFoster
1969Welshpool 12.24 (96)Fish Creek 9.11 (65)TooraFoster
1970Welshpool 12.16 (88)Toora 8.7 (55)YarramFoster
1971Welshpool 12.12 (84)Woodside 6.5 (41)Won WronToora
1972Yarram 14.14 (98)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 9.20 (74)WoodsideToora
1973Toora 10.13 (73)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 10.12 (72)WoodsideFoster
1974Woodside 10.13 (73)Yarram 5.8 (38)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedToora
1975Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 17.19 (121)Woodside 5.16 (46)WelshpoolYarram
1976Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 15.16 (106)Yarram 10.12 (72)WoodsideFish Creek
1977Yarram 18.15 (123)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 16.12 (108)FosterWoodside
1978Foster 13.14 (92)Woodside 5.9 (39)YarramMeeniyan-Dumbalk United
1979Welshpool 12.18 (90)Foster 13.10 (88)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedStony Creek
1980Foster 11.17 (83)Stony Creek 8.7 (55)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedToora
1981Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 9.14 (68)Foster 6.16 (52)Stony CreekToora
1982Foster 14.11 (95)Won Wron-Woodside 8.8 (56)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedDevon
1983Stony Creek 14.13 (97)Devon 7.6 (48)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedWon Wron-Woodside
1984Foster 15.7 (97)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 9.11 (65)Won Wron-WoodsideFish Creek
1985Fish Creek 8.9 (57)Stony Creek 3.11 (29)DevonYarram
1986Yarram 15.12 (102)Devon 5.8 (38)Won Wron-WoodsideStony Creek
1987Devon 11.10 (76)Fish Creek 8.15 (63)Won Wron-WoodsideYarram
1988Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 16.15 (111)Fish Creek 10.9 (69)DevonWon Wron-Woodside
1989Foster 12.10 (82)Toora 7.8 (50)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedDevon
1990Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 14.19 (103)Foster 11.12 (78)Fish CreekToora
1991Fish Creek 20.8 (128)Foster 7.11 (53)Meeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedToora
1992Fish Creek 14.12 (96)Foster 7.14 (56)YarramTarwin
1993Foster 20.10 (130)Won Wron-Woodside 9.6 (60)Fish CreekMeeniyan-Dumbalk United
1994Won Wron-Woodside 12.15 (87)Fish Creek 5.10 (40)FosterMeeniyan-Dumbalk United
1995Devon-Welshpool 11.8 (74)Won Wron-Woodside 10.8 (68)Fish CreekFoster
1996Devon-Welshpool 9.18 (72)Inverloch-Kongwak 5.5 (35)DalystonFosterMeeniyan-Dumbalk United
1997Korumburra 17.14 (116)Inverloch-Kongwak 13.7 (85)DalystonMeeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedFish Creek
1998Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside 22.19 (151)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 14.10 (94)YarramKorumburraFish Creek
1999Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside 15.19 (109)Fish Creek 10.10 (70)Inverloch-KongwakKorumburraYarram
2000Fish Creek 13.6 (84)Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside 10.11 (71)DalystonKorumburraInverloch-Kongwak
2001Fish Creek 14.11 (95)Inverloch-Kongwak 11.6 (72)Korumburra-BenaDalystonDevon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside
2002Fish Creek 18.12 (120)Inverloch-Kongwak 13.13 (91)DalystonWonthaggiDevon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside
2003Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside 13.14 (92)Fish Creek 12.12 (84)DalystonWonthaggiMeeniyan-Dumbalk United
2004Tarwin 6.13 (49)Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 2.5 (17)Fish CreekStony CreekDevon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside
2005Wonthaggi 15.8 (98)Fish Creek 11.12 (78)Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-WoodsideTarwinYarramKorumburra-Bena
2006Wonthaggi 20.13 (133)Yarram 14.15 (99)Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-WoodsideFosterKorumburra-BenaTarwin
2007Yarram 16.10 (106)Wonthaggi 14.13 (97)Inverloch-KongwakTooraTarwinPhillip Island
2008Wonthaggi 18.20 (128)Yarram 10.11 (71)Phillip IslandTarwinDalystonKorumburra-Bena
2009Stony Creek 14.10 (94)Wonthaggi 11.14 (80)Korumburra-BenaYarramTarwinPhillip Island
2010Foster 13.20 (98)Stony Creek 11.8 (74)Phillip IslandFish CreekTarwinKorumburra-Bena
2011Kilcunda-Bass 13.3 (81)Foster 7.15 (57)Korumburra-BenaFish CreekMeeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedStony Creek
2012Kilcunda-Bass 12.17 (89)Dalyston 11.4 (70)Fish CreekKorumburra-BenaFosterInverloch-Kongwak
2013Kilcunda-Bass 18.10 (118)Korumburra-Bena 12.10 (82)DalystonFish CreekYarramPhillip Island
2014Phillip Island 17.16 (118)Dalyston 11.07 (73)Kilcunda-BassInverloch-KongwakKorumburra-BenaFish Creek
2015Dalyston 21.9 (135)Fish Creek 8.5 (53)Phillip IslandStony CreekMeeniyan-Dumbalk UnitedInverloch-Kongwak
2016Fish Creek 6.15 (51)Inverloch-Kongwak 4.10 (34)DalystonFosterKilcunda-BassStony Creek
2017Fish Creek 17.10 (112)Toora 10.9 (69)Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-WoodsideStony Creek
2018Fish Creek 14.12 (96)Foster 6.6 (42)Stony CreekToora
2019Foster 8.7 (55)Stony Creek 7.6 (48)Fish CreekToora

Peter Moore Medallists (Best and fairest winners)

1947Jack MitchellFoster18½
1948Noel RossFoster32½
1949Jack MitchellFoster14½
1950Joe MaloneFoster26
1951Joe MaloneFoster20
1952Ben DavisWon Wron15
1953Stan O'NeillDevon25
1954Brian ReidYarram22
1955Stan O'NeillDevon24
1956Leo ClarkeWoodside23
1957Ken MayWon Wron20
1958Hugh DavisFoster18
1959Pat LithgowDevon19
1960Ron StandfieldFish Creek17
Ian CrewesDevon17
1961Ernie TaylorWon Wron19
1962George HowlettWoodside20
1963Gary ClavarinoFoster21
1964Jeff StandfieldFish Creek14
1965Gary ClavarinoFoster22
1966Gary ClavarinoFoster28
1967Gary ClavarinoFoster21
1968John FellowsFish Creek21
1969Paul SutherlandWelshpool24
1970John BurleighYarram21
1971Don McKnightStony Creek30
1972Ross SmithWon Wron19
Paul SutherlandWelshpool19
1973Angus HumeToora31
1974Graham AndersonFoster28
1975Alan LoweDevon23
1976Peter LynchYarram23
1977Wayne LynchYarram29
1978Wayne LynchDevon29
1979Alan LoweWoodside24
Chris AitkenWelshpool24
1980Rod McRaeToora29
1981Neil ParkFish Creek18
John JohnstonToora18
1982Trevor YoungToora19
1983John PellicanoMeeniyan-Dumbalk United23
1984Robert DaviesFoster19
Paul ClavarinoYarram19
Wayne WithworthFish Creek19
1985Rohan BurkeYarram24
1986Paul ClavarinoYarram27
1987 Wayne Weidemann Fish Creek25
1988Paul HeppellMeeniyan-Dumbalk United25
1989Peter LynchYarram28
1990Greg RyanToora26
1991Wayne LynchWelshpool21
1992Henry BergervoetWon Wron-Woodside23
1993Henry BergervoetWon Wron-Woodside25
1994Brendan LittlerWon Wron-Woodside21
1995Nicholas ShawFish Creek23
1996Phil PaveyDevon-Welshpool24
Justin PaulWonthaggi24
1997Glen GarnerDevon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside25
1998Tim HarrisMeeniyan-Dumbalk United30
1999Anthony KnoxKorumburra19
2000Marshall LivingstoneFish Creek27
2001 Barry Standfield Fish Creek29
2002Neil De SantisInverloch-Kongwak24
2003David BaldiMeeniyan-Dumbalk United26
2004Brad HutchinsonStony Creek31
2005Brett AnthonyKilcunda-Bass31
2006Mark BradleyKorumburra-Bena32
2007Griffin UnderwoodYarram27
2008James RossDalyston32
2009Aaron WareWonthaggi20
2010Shaun EveringtonFoster30
2011Shaun EveringtonFoster24
2012Travis ManneFish Creek21
2013Mark BradleyKorumburra-Bena26
2014Chris EndresKilcunda-Bass25
2015Brendan KimberPhillip Island31
2016Chris EndresKilcunda-Bass27
Tom CameronFish Creek27
2017Callum ParkFish Creek25
Ben WellsToora25
2018Ethan ParkFish Creek20
Jesse MantonToora20
2019Darcy AtkinsStony Creek20

Century Goal Kickers

YearPlayerTeamGoals (Incl. finals)
1957Ben DavisWon Wron103
1970Ron TibballsWelshpool117
1972Kevin FoatWoodside119
1974Kevin FoatWoodside116
1977Harry SkrejaYarram113
1978Daniel DwyerWoodside103
1983Robert ProfittDevon116
1983Daniel DwyerWon Wron-Woodside110
1990Andrew YoungFish Creek124
1992Craig HamsFoster129
1994Peter AndersonWon Wron-Woodside131
1995Peter AndersonWon Wron-Woodside112
1996Justin PaulWonthaggi116
1996Glen MartinInverloch-Kongwak104
1997Phil BramleyYarram105
2002Rodney TackDalyston119
2004Lucas McMillanStony Creek111
2006Rodney TackWonthaggi135
2006Barry StandfieldFish Creek102
2011Luke JamesKilcunda-Bass119
2011Tom BartholomewFoster110
2013Kael BerglesKilcunda-Bass121
2015Michael KraskaDalyston128
2015Beau RunnallsPhillip Island106
2017Kael BerglesDevon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside122

Final standings

2004 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Meeniyan Dumbalk United 1701018781126166.79%68
Fish Creek1404017601331132.23%56
Stony Creek1206017951252143.37%48
DWWWW 1107014531263115.04%44
Wonthaggi Rovers501211121158170.90%22
Toora & District20160856238735.86%8


Qualifying Finalat WonthaggiSecond semi-finalat Fish CreekPreliminary finalGrand Finalat Foster
1 Boolarra fc club colors.png Meeniyan Dumbalk Utd.19.13 (127)Tarwin6.12 (49)
Tarwin19.14 (128) Boolarra fc club colors.png Meeniyan Dumbalk Utd.2.5 (17)
2Tarwin13.8 (86) Boolarra fc club colors.png Meeniyan Dumbalk Utd.13.11 (89)
3 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek12.6 (78)First semi-finalat Tarwin Lower Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek11.16 (82)
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek18.10 (118)
4Stony Creek20.18 (138)Stony Creek12.12 (84)
5 DWWWW FC icon.png DWWWW9.11 (65)

2007 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Wonthaggi Power 170102315896258.37%68
Yarram 170102009896224.22%68
Toora & District1206017571314133.71%48
Tarwin 1008016201385116.97%40
Inverloch-Kongwak 90811268138491.62%38
Phillip Island909012971244104.26%36
Fish Creek80911387155189.43%34
Stony Creek701011245147684.35%30
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside401401067213849.91%16
Meeniyan Dumbalk United10170886191546.27%4


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat Tarwin LowerGrand Finalat Foster
1 Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power12.12 (84) Yarram fc icon.png Yarram16.10 (106)
2 Yarram fc icon.png Yarram14.19 (103)Preliminary Finalat Fish Creek Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power14.13 (97)
First Elimination Finalat Korumburra
Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power12.8 (134)
3 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District18.19 (127)
First semi-finalat Wonthaggi Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak5.6 (36)
6 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island8.8 (56)
Toora and District FC.png Toora & District10.13 (73)
Second Elimination Finalat Dalyston
Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak13.13 (91)
4Tarwin10.10 (70)
5 Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak14.10 (94)

2008 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Wonthaggi Power 180002088883236.47%72
Yarram 1404017831187150.21%56
Dalyston 1305018101451124.74%52
Tarwin 1206021901441151.98%48
Korumburra-Bena 1206017101359125.83%48
Phillip Island1107015681216128.95%44
Stony Creek909015491525101.57%36
Fish Creek90901382140098.71%36
Toora & District8010015501503103.13%32
Kilcunda Bass601201571178188.21%24
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United301501063212050.14%12
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside00180784291626.89%0


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat Tarwin LowerGrand Finalat Foster
1 Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power20.8 (128) Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power18.20 (128)
2 Yarram fc icon.png Yarram10.4 (64)Preliminary Finalat Fish Creek Yarram fc icon.png Yarram10.11 (71)
First Elimination Finalat Korumburra
Yarram fc icon.png Yarram21.24 (150)
3 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston16.8 (104)
First semi-finalat Wonthaggi Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island7.10 (52)
6 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island17.6 (108)
Tarwin7.7 (49)
Second Elimination Finalat Fish Creek
Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island6.16 (52)
4Tarwin19.14 (128)
5 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena8.8 (56)

2009 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Wonthaggi Power 160202012948212.24%64
Korumburra-Bena 1503018251061172.01%60
Stony Creek 1404015901086146.41%56
Yarram 1305016641252132.91%52
Tarwin 1206016411241132.23%48
Phillip Island1107015591325117.66%44
Kilcunda Bass701101140144678.84%28
Toora & District501301029154166.77%20
Fish Creek301501177181464.88%12
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United301501217187564.91%12
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside20160804217436.98%8


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat Tarwin LowerGrand Finalat Foster
1 Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power12.17 (89) Wonthaggi power fc icon.png Wonthaggi Power11.14 (80)
2 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena8.3 (51)Preliminary Finalat Fish CreekStony Creek14.10 (94)
First Elimination Finalat Wonthaggi
Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena11.13 (79)
3Stony Creek11.11 (77)
First semi-finalat InverlochStony Creek15.14 (104)
6 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island7.5 (47)
Stony Creek9.17 (71)
Second Elimination Finalat Stony Creek
Yarram fc icon.png Yarram9.10 (64)
4 Yarram fc icon.png Yarram12.10 (82)
5Tarwin7.17 (59)

2010 Ladder

Foster after winning the 2010 Alberton Football League grand final. Foster Premiership team in 2010.jpg
Foster after winning the 2010 Alberton Football League grand final.
Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Foster 172102367966245.03%68
Stony Creek 152211526978156.03%62
Phillip Island 122601737916189.63%48
Tarwin 1127017441150151.65%44
Fish Creek 1127015441267121.86%44
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United1028016871320127.80%40
Kilcunda Bass929016311348120.99%36
Toora & District22160752221933.89%8
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside02180497349214.23%0


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat Tarwin LowerGrand Finalat Inverloch
1 Mirboo North FC.png Foster11.9 (75)Stony Creek11.8 (74)
2Stony Creek12.11 (83)Preliminary Finalat Fish Creek Mirboo North FC.png Foster13.20 (98)
First Elimination Finalat Foster
Mirboo North FC.png Foster9.15 (69)
3 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island8.9 (57)
First semi-finalat Meeniyan Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island10.4 (64)
6 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena6.4 (40)
Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island11.11 (77)
Second Elimination Finalat Stony Creek
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek6.5 (41)
4Tarwin4.5 (29)
5 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek6.9 (45)

2011 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Kilcunda Bass 162202367966245.03%64
Foster 142401526978156.03%56
Korumburra-Bena 132501737916189.63%52
Fish Creek 1226017441150151.65%48
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 1226015441267121.86%48
Stony Creek 1226015401123137.13%48
Phillip Island5213015211510100.73%20
Toora & District12170752221933.89%4
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside02180497349214.23%0


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat KorumburraGrand Finalat Inverloch
1 Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass16.13 (109) Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass13.3 (81)
2 Mirboo North FC.png Foster15.11 (101)Preliminary Finalat Tarwin Lower Mirboo North FC.png Foster7.15 (57)
First Elimination Finalat Cowes
Mirboo North FC.png Foster17.9 (111)
3 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena16.10 (106)
First semi-finalat Foster Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena6.14 (50)
6Stony Creek12.6 (78)
Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena11.12 (78)
Second Elimination Finalat Yarram
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.11 (65)
4 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek16.10 (106)
5 Boolarra fc club colors.png Meeniyan Dumbalk Utd.10.10 (70)

2012 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Fish Creek 1502118981013187.36%62
Kilcunda Bass 1503016531048157.73%60
Dalyston 1305015821116141.76%52
Korumburra-Bena 1107015171163130.44%44
Foster 1007115471499103.20%42
Phillip Island1008014581186122.93%40
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United7011013671280106.80%28
Stony Creek6012012481220102.30%24
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside10170736234531.39%4
Toora & District00180637253525.13%0


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat FosterGrand Finalat Foster
1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.13 (67) Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass12.17 (89)
2 Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass11.11 (77)Preliminary Finalat Tarwin Lower Toora and District FC.png Dalyston11.4 (70)
First Elimination Finalat Fish Creek
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek3.14 (32)
3 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston11.7 (73)
First semi-finalat Cowes Toora and District FC.png Dalyston8.10 (58)
6 Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak5.6 (36)
Toora and District FC.png Dalyston20.10 (130)
Second Elimination Finalat Yarram
Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena15.12 (102)
4 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena10.17 (77)
5 Mirboo North FC.png Foster9.5 (59)

2013 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Kilcunda Bass 162202126932228.11%64
Dalyston 162201767911193.96%72
Phillip Island 132411674987169.60%62
Yarram 1413117251067161.67%62
Korumburra-Bena 132501844977188.74%60
Fish Creek 1226016441103149.05%56
Stony Creek7211013841127122.80%36
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United32150937175553.39%20
Toora & District22160834193243.17%16
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside02180514248520.68%8


Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat CowesGrand Finalat Wonthaggi
1 Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass15.10 (100) Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass18.10 (118)
2 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston9.8 (62)Preliminary Finalat Tarwin Lower Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena12.10 (82)
First Elimination Finalat Korumburra
Toora and District FC.png Dalyston8.12 (60)
3 Yarram fc icon.png Yarram5.7 (37)
First semi-finalat Toora Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena15.18 (108)
6 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek7.6 (48)
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.8 (62)
Second Elimination Finalat Alberton West
Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena17.10 (112)
4 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island3.7 (25)
5 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena7.8 (50)

2014 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kilcunda Bass 133301440813177.12%64EliminationPhillip Island1922136Fish Creek8654
Dalyston 123401461826176.88%60QualifyingInverloch-Kongwak131391Korumburra-Bena121284
Phillip Island 113501216850143.06%561st semiPhillip Island2415159Inverloch-Kongwak7850
Korumburra-Bena 93701238906136.64%482nd semiDalyston1420104Kilcunda Bass14993
Inverloch-Kongwak 93701219952128.05%48PreliminaryPhillip Island141397Kilcunda Bass10464
Fish Creek8380975118982.00%44GrandPhillip Island1716118Dalyston11773
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United8380953119180.02%44
Stony Creek63100842122768.62%36
Toora & District43120753128858.46%28
Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat CowesGrand Finalat Meeniyan
1 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston14.20 (104) Toora and District FC.png Dalyston11.7 (73)
2 Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass14.9 (93)Preliminary Finalat Inverloch Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island17.16 (118)
First Elimination Finalat Bass
Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass10.4 (64)
3 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island19.22 (136)
First semi-finalat Stony Creek Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island14.13 (97)
6 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek8.6 (54)
Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island24.15 (159)
Second Elimination Finalat Fish Creek
Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak7.8 (50)
4 Welshpool fc icon.png Korumburra-Bena12.12 (84)
5 Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak13.13 (91)

2015 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Dalyston 180002292659347.80%72EliminationFish Creek91367Meeniyan-Dumbalk United91064
Phillip Island 150301911841227.23%60QualifyingStony Creek1519109Inverloch-Kongwak7951
Stony Creek 120511306890146.74%501st semiFish Creek111480Stony Creek31230
Fish Creek 1206017161299132.10%482nd semiDalyston10565Phillip Island2315
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United 1206013221141115.86%48PreliminaryFish Creek131694Phillip Island71860
Inverloch-Kongwak90901200140285.59%36GrandDalyston219135Fish Creek8553
Kilcunda Bass601111095145575.26%26
Toora & District30150784168746.47%12
Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat KorumburraGrand Finalat Meeniyan
1 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston10.5 (65) Toora and District FC.png Dalyston21.9 (135)
2 Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island2.3 (15)Preliminary Finalat Tarwin Lower Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek8.5 (53)
First Elimination Finalat Alberton West
Phillip island icon.png Phillip Island7.18 (60)
3Stony Creek15.19 (109)
First semi-finalat Toora Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek13.16 (94)
6 Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak7.9 (51)
Stony Creek3.12 (30)
Second Elimination Finalat Foster
Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek11.14 (80)
4 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.13 (67)
5 Boolarra fc club colors.png Meeniyan Dumbalk Utd.9.10 (64)

2016 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts

Fish Creek 160201828997183.35%64
Dalyston 150301885957196.97%60
Foster 150301627945172.17%60
Inverloch-Kongwak 140401820863210.89%56
Kilcunda Bass 1107014511155125.63%44
Stony Creek90901067121188.11%36
Phillip Island601201214134690.19%24
Toora & District501301192137686.63%20
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United501301091153970.89%20
Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four
Second semi-finalat CowesGrand Finalat Meeniyan
1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek13.9 (87) Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek6.15 (51)
2 Toora and District FC.png Dalyston11.11 (77)Preliminary Finalat Bass Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak4.10 (34)
First Elimination Finalat Tarwin Lower
Toora and District FC.png Dalyston11.7 (73)
3 Mirboo North FC.png Foster13.10 (88)
First semi-finalat Stony Creek Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak13.13 (91)
6Stony Creek7.7 (49)
Mirboo North FC.png Foster10.9 (69)
Second Elimination Finalat Dalyston
Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak11.11 (77)
4 Inverloch kongwak icon.png Inverloch-Kongwak13.17 (95)
5 Kilcunda bass icon.png Kilcunda-Bass4.7 (31)

2017 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Fish Creek 173102187784278.95%68
Devon-Welshpool-Won Wron-Woodside 1236017041015167.88%48
Toora & District 1236016561065155.49%48
Stony Creek 93901127120893.29%36
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United03180574241923.73%0


Semi-finals – Week 1Preliminary – Week 2Grand Final – Week 3
1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.9 (63)1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek17.10 (112)
2 Dwwww 2015 icon.png DWWWW6.4 (44)3 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District10.9 (69)
2 Dwwww 2015 icon.png DWWWW8.13 (61)
3 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District11.6 (72)
3 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District19.11 (125)
4Stony Creek5.4 (34)

2018 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Fish Creek 141201417663213.73%56
Stony Creek 111501345764176.05%44
Foster 91701180883133.64%36
Toora 818010721006106.56%32
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United01160537169431.70%0


Semi-finals – Week 1Preliminary – Week 2Grand Final – Week 3
1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek9.16 (70)1 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek14.12 (96)
2Stony Creek10.8 (68)3 Mirboo North FC.png Foster6.6 (42)
2Stony Creek12.7 (79)
3 Mirboo North FC.png Foster12.8 (80)
3 Mirboo North FC.png Foster8.4 (52)
4 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District6.11 (47)

2019 Ladder

Alberton FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Foster 140101411589239.56%56
Stony Creek 10050950860110.47%40
Fish Creek 90601045808129.33%36
Toora 50100912121375.19%20
Meeniyan-Dumbalk United40110806109873.41%16


2nd semi-final– Week 2 / 1st semi-final– Week 1Preliminary – Week 3Grand Final – Week 4
1 Mirboo North FC.png Foster12.8 (80)1 Mirboo North FC.png Foster8.7 (55)
2Stony Creek8.5 (53)2Stony Creek7.6 (48)
2Stony Creek12.10 (82)
3 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek7.5 (47)
3 Fish Creek FC.png Fish Creek23.10 (148)
4 Toora and District FC.png Toora & District4.5 (29)

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Port Adelaide Football Club</span> Australian rules football club

Port Adelaide Football Club is a professional Australian rules football club based in Alberton, South Australia. The club's senior men's team plays in the Australian Football League (AFL), where they are nicknamed the Power, while its reserves men's team competes in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), where they are nicknamed the Magpies. Since its founding, the club has won an unequalled 36 SANFL premierships and 4 Championship of Australia titles, in addition to an AFL Premiership in 2004. It has also fielded a women's team in the AFL Women's (AFLW) league since 2022 (S7).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Yarram, Victoria</span> Town in Victoria, Australia

The township of Yarram is in Victoria, Australia, in the Shire of Wellington, located in the southeast of Gippsland. At the 2016 census, the population of the town was 2,135. The town is the regional centre of a prosperous farming district. It has a vibrant community, which remains dedicated to a strong sporting culture. The town also has a strong tourism industry, with Tarra Bulga National Park, Port Albert, Ninety Mile Beach and Agnes Falls all being within a 30-minute commute from Yarram. The town is located about one and a half hours from Wilsons Promontory. Nearby towns include Welshpool, Alberton and Foster.

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Leongatha is a town in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges, South Gippsland Shire, Victoria, Australia, located 135 kilometres (84 mi) south-east of Melbourne. At the 2021 census, Leongatha had a population of 5,869.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Toora, Victoria</span> Town in Victoria, Australia

Toora is a small farming town in Victoria, Australia whose main industry is dairy farming. It is located at the top of Corner Inlet opposite Wilsons Promontory National Park. In the 2016 census the population was 681.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Great Southern Rail Trail</span>

The Great Southern Rail Trail is a 109-kilometre rail trail from Nyora to Welshpool in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Sections of the trail are flat or gently undulating trail through lush dairy farmland, areas of remnant bush and lowland scrub. There is a big climb on the section between Loch and Leongatha. The section between Fish Creek and Foster climbs past Mount Hoddle and goes through dense forest with occasional magnificent views of Wilsons Promontory and Corner Inlet.

The South Gippsland railway line is a partially closed railway line in Victoria, Australia. It was first opened in 1892, branching from the Orbost line at Dandenong, and extending to Port Albert. Much of it remained open until December 1994. Today, only the section between Dandenong and Cranbourne remains open for use. The section of the line from Nyora to Leongatha was used by the South Gippsland Tourist Railway until it ceased operations in 2016. The section from Nyora to Welshpool, with extension trail to Port Welshpool and a portion of the former line at Koo Wee Rup, have been converted into the Great Southern Rail Trail.

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The Mid Gippsland Football League is an Australian rules football and netball league in the Latrobe Valley and South Gippsland regions of Victoria, Australia.

Stony Creek is a small township in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, located roughly between Meeniyan and Foster. At the 2016 census, it had a population of 281.

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Woodside Beach is a rural locality with a popular surf beach in Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 10 km from the town of Woodside, and can be reached by the Woodside Beach Road. Areas of interest surrounding Woodside Beach include Balloong Natural Interest Reserve, Jack Smith Lake and McLoughlins Beach.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Welshpool Football Club</span>

Welshpool Football Club was an Australian rules football club that participated in the Alberton Football League from 1946 up until 1994. With the continual struggle to entice outside players to the club and a constant strain in retaining local juniors due to lack of employment opportunities, the club ventured into amalgamation talks with neighbouring football clubs Devon and Toora. The outcome would eventually see the club join forces with the Devon Football Club prior to the start of the 1995 Alberton League season. The newly formed Devon-Welshpool Football Club would experience immediate success by claiming the 1995 Alberton League premiership with a six-point triumph over Won Wron-Woodside, winning 11.8 (74) to 10.8 (68) in the last Grand Final played at Yarram.

Maxwell Sam Parker is a former Australian rules footballer who played for Footscray in the Victorian Football League (VFL) and Woodville and North Adelaidein the South Australian National Football League (SANFL).

Royce Vardy is an Australian rules footballer who played for Richmond between 2000 and 2003.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Reg Baker</span> Australian rules footballer

Arthur Reginald Baker was an Australian rules footballer who played with Collingwood and Richmond in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Josh Dunkley</span> Australian rules footballer

Joshua Dunkley is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Brisbane Lions in the Australian Football League (AFL).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Leongatha Football Club</span>

The Leongatha Football Club, nicknamed the Parrots, is an Australian rules football and netball club based in the town of Leongatha, Victoria. The club teams currently compete in the Gippsland League.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">West Gippsland Football Netball Competition</span> Australian rules football and netball league

The West Gippsland Football Netball Competition (WGFNC) is an Australian rules football and netball league in the West Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. The competition comprises four grades of football and six grades of netball.


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