Central Murray Football Netball League

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Central Murray
Football Netball League
Central Murray Football League logo.png
Sport Australian rules football
Founded1997;25 years ago (1997)
PresidentJohn Brookshaw [1]
No. of teams11
CountryFlag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia
Most recent
Cohuna Kangas
Most titlesKerang FC
Sponsor(s)Murray Downs Golf & Country Club, 3SH
Official website cmfnl.com.au

The Central Murray Football Netball League (CMFNL) is a major country Australian rules football and netball competition based in northern Victoria and southwest New South Wales in Australia.



The league was formed in 1997, combining all eight teams from the existing Mid Murray Football League, and three sides from the Northern and Echuca Football League. Leitchville-Gunbower joined the league in 2002, while Tooleybuc merged with former Mallee Football League club Manangatang in 2004.

Leitchville-Gunbower moved to the Heathcote District Football League in 2010.

Current Clubs

ColoursClubNicknameDebutPremiersPremiership Years
Balranald Roos199722006, 2009
AFL Fremantle Icon 1995-2010.png
Cohuna KangasKangas19970-
Kerang fc icon.png
KerangBlues199782004, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Adelaide Club symbol.svg
Koondrook-BarhamRiver Raiders19970-
Collingwood icon.svg
Lake BogaMagpies199712003
Mallee eagles icon.png
Mallee [note 1] Eagles19970-
Nyah-Nyah West United Demons199722000, 2001
Swan HillSwans199732005, 2008, 2011
AFL St Kilda Icon.jpg
Tyntynder Bulldogs199731997, 1998, 1999
WoorinenTigers199732002, 2018, 2019
  1. Formerly Lalbert.

Recent Premierships

2011 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Tooleybuc Manangatang 1322119181088176.29%54EliminationSwan Hill14993Koondrook-Barham121284
Tyntynder 1223119011101172.66%50QualifyingKerang1814122Tyntynder101272
Kerang 1224016661281130.05%481st SemiSwan Hill1613109Tyntynder6945
Swan Hill 1026016961227138.22%402nd SemiKerang213129Tooleybuc Manangatang1514104
Koondrook-Barham 1026014291332107.28%40PreliminarySwan Hill121284Tooleybuc Manangatang71456
Mallee Eagles927014641302112.44%36GrandSwan Hill2014134Kerang61248
Lake Boga621001281151584.55%24
Nyah Nyah West Utd521101439170384.50%20
Cohuna Kangas421201059175560.34%16

2012 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 162002244880255.00%72EliminationKoondrook-Barham1519109Cohuna Kangas7648
Woorineen 1125016681186140.64%52QualifyingTyntynder1911125Woorineen10969
Tyntynder 1125017581273138.10%521st SemiWoorineen1612108Koondrook-Barham6945
Koondrook-Barham 1026014851233120.44%482nd SemiKerang1916130Tyntynder5838
Cohuna Kangas 927017461168149.49%44PreliminaryWoorineen141397Tyntynder12981
Lake Boga828015501490104.03%40GrandKerang1919133Woorineen101272
Swan Hill729015611161134.45%36
Mallee Eagles621001511161693.50%32
Nyah Nyah West Utd521101347168579.94%28
Tooleybuc Manangatang521101333178274.80%28

2013 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 150101876774242.38%60EliminationWoorineen141397Mallee Eagles8654
Cohuna Kangas 140202026847239.20%56QualifyingCohuna Kangas169105Tyntynder5939
Tyntynder 1203115991012158.00%501st SemiWoorineen1811119Tyntynder111177
Mallee Eagles 110501557979159.04%442nd SemiKerang15999Cohuna Kangas6945
Woorineen 1105016461114147.76%44PreliminaryCohuna Kangas198122Woorineen15595
Swan Hill807113881116124.37%34GrandKerang131189Cohuna Kangas101474
Tooleybuc Manangatang501101236139788.48%20
Nyah Nyah West Utd501101133168967.08%20
Lake Boga20140994170658.26%8

2014 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 152102024780259.49%68EliminationWoorineen141498Cohuna Kangas141094
Tooleybuc Manangatang 1224017861035172.56%56QualifyingSwan Hill1715117Tooleybuc Manangatang121789
Swan Hill 1224013641027132.81%561st SemiTooleybuc Manangatang1920134Woorineen12981
Woorineen 102511604970165.36%502nd SemiKerang1614110Swan Hill4933
Cohuna Kangas 1026013941127123.69%48PreliminaryTooleybuc Manangatang1716118Swan Hill10666
Mallee Eagles926113211103119.76%46GrandKerang2418162Tooleybuc Manangatang131391
Nyah Nyah West Utd321301184150578.67%20
Lake Boga32130871166852.22%20

2015 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 140201808857210.97%56EliminationKoondrook-Barham91165Tooleybuc Manangatang5939
Mallee Eagles 110501355994136.32%44QualifyingMallee Eagles13785Woorineen10868
Woorineen 1105013461163115.74%441st SemiKoondrook-Barham121284Woorineen101474
Koondrook-Barham 1005114071038135.55%422nd SemiKerang131290Mallee Eagles5232
Tooleybuc Manangatang 1006016341143142.96%40PreliminaryKoondrook-Barham101171Mallee Eagles81159
Swan Hill1006014061198117.36%40GrandKerang169105Koondrook-Barham81058
Nyah Nyah West Utd501011331147790.12%22
Cohuna Kangas40120878196844.61%16
Lake Boga10150951162958.38%4

2016 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 130211511917164.78%54EliminationWoorineen2014134Tooleybuc Manangatang91569
Koondrook-Barham 130301515938161.51%52QualifyingKoondrook-Barham131391Nyah Nyah West United81159
Nyah Nyah West Utd 1204019861021194.52%481st SemiNyah Nyah West United15999Woorineen141094
Tooleybuc Manangatang 1005114851181125.74%422nd SemiKerang13785Koondrook-Barham91064
Woorineen 905214941030145.05%40PreliminaryNyah Nyah West United141195Koondrook-Barham131290
Lake Boga808014121313107.54%32GrandKerang1610106Nyah Nyah West United91367
Swan Hill70901223149381.92%28
Mallee Eagles601001120125389.39%24
Cohuna Kangas601001261142788.37%24

2017 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Kerang 150101489733203.14%60EliminationSwan Hill101070Nyah Nyah West United8957
Woorineen 140201662791210.11%56QualifyingWoorineen1715117Mallee Eagles8149
Mallee Eagles 130301668940177.45%521st SemiSwan Hill11975Mallee Eagles101474
Nyah Nyah West Utd 1006014461097131.81%402nd SemiKerang1710112Woorineen141498
Swan Hill 808013391211110.57%32PreliminaryWoorineen101272Swan Hill10666
Cohuna Kangas601001058120787.66%24
Lake Boga20140935164156.98%8
Tooleybuc Manangatang20140902167353.92%8

2018 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Woorineen 140201476759194.47%56EliminationKerang177109Cohuna Kangas31028
Mallee Eagles 130301422917155.07%52QualifyingMallee Eagles168104Swan Hill1416100
Swan Hill 120311458997146.24%501st SemiKerang131694Swan Hill10969
Kerang 90521123987113.78%402nd SemiWoorineen111076Mallee Eagles5636
Cohuna Kangas 907012051064113.25%36PreliminaryMallee Eagles10464Kerang41337
Balranald807112531097114.22%34GrandWoorineen15797Mallee Eagles111884
Tooleybuc Manangatang50101914127471.74%22
Lake Boga30121848134563.05%14
Nyah Nyah West Utd20140978160960.78%8

2019 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Woorineen 120401409828170.17%48EliminationTooleybuc Manangatang14993Swan Hill91266
Mallee Eagles 110501469860170.81%44QualifyingKoondrook Barham111278Mallee Eagles71355
Swan Hill 1105011891047113.56%441st SemiMallee Eagles121082Tooleybuc Manangatang4428
Koondrook-Barham 100601229981125.28%402nd SemiWoorineen71355Koondrook Barham8654
Tooleybuc Manangatang 1006012551108113.27%40PreliminaryMallee Eagles101272Koondrook Barham81361
Tyntynder907012901285100.39%36GrandWoorineen7951Mallee Eagles51545
Cohuna Kangas808013391132118.29%32
Nyah Nyah West Utd201401053150370.06%8
Lake Boga00160530191827.63%0

2021 Ladder

Central MurrayWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%Pts
Cohuna Kangas 90101245610204.10%36
Woorinen 90101010569177.51%36
Kerang 80201027520197.50%32
Mallee Eagles 7030863652132.36%28
Swan Hill 6040818724112.98%24
Nyah Nyah West Utd307068677888.17%12
Lake Boga2080585105355.56%8
Tooleybuc Manangatang00100379134828.12%0

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