North Gippsland Football League

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North Gippsland Football League
General Information
Most Recent PremiersYallourn-Yallourn North Jets (1st Premiership)
Highest Score
Most goals in a game
Most goals in a season164 – William Higgins – Heyfield – 1976
Most premierships11 – Glengarry
Most flags in a row4- Heyfield – 1997–2000
Most wins in a row28 – Sale City – 2010–2012
Most losses in a row37 – Nambrok – 1998–2001

The North Gippsland Football League (NGFL) is an Australian rules football league in the Central Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia.



The NGFL was formed in 1955 through the merger of the Cowwarr Football League and the Sale District Football League.

The league was known as the Sale Cowwarr FL, until taking its present name in 1965. The region where the league is located is home to a number of other Australian football leagues, and a number of clubs have shifted between the North Gippsland FL and others such as the Mid Gippsland Football League, Riviera Football League and Latrobe Valley Football League.

In 2008, the league gained the Woodside and District Wildcats, who broke away from the DWWWW club in the Alberton Football League, followed in 2014 by Yarram. In 2012 Stratford, followed by Boisdale-Briagolong in 2015 moved to the weaker East Gippsland Football League. [1]

Games in the North Gippsland Football League are umpired by members of the Sale Umpires Association.


Current clubs

ClubColoursMonikerFormedYears in CompetitionPremiershipsNGFL Premiership years [2]
TotalMost Recent
Churchill football club icon.png
Cougars18881995–520192002, 2003, 2008, 2014, 2019
Cowwarr Football Club colours.jpg
Saints18921955–520061963, 1973, 1974, 1987, 2006
Clunes Football Club colours.jpg
Magpies18951955–1120131959, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1994, 1996, 2013
Mirboo North FC.png
Tigers18981955–619951982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1995
AFL North Melbourne Icon.jpg
Kangaroos18821975–1020121976, 1988, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012
Rosedale Football Club colours.jpg
Blues18821955–620151958, 1961, 1962, 1965, 2001, 2015
Sale City
Western Bulldogs AFLW icon.png
Bulldogs19701970–2002, 2004–720171978, 1979, 1993, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017
Traralgon Tyers United
Yallourn Yallourn North FC.png
Bombers19811981, 1989–220041990, 2004
Woodside & District
Albion Football Club.jpg
Yallourn Yallourn North
Yallourn Yallourn North FC.png
Moulamein Football Club colours.jpg


ClubColoursNicknameYears in CompetitionPremiersNGFL Premiership years [3]
Bombers1965–1982 (merged with Briagolong in 1982)11970
Bombers1983–1985, 2004–2014 (moved to RFL in 1985 and EGFL in 2014)
Albion Football Club.jpg
In recess from 1952 to 1982 (merged with Boisdale in 1982)
Clydebank 1955
St Patrick's College Students1955–1960
Maffra Rovers Rovers1955–1956, 1960–197311969
Maryvale 1960–1965 (moved to MGFL in 1965)11964
AFL Hawthorn Icon.jpg
Hawks1958–1999, 2004 (moved to RFL in 1999)31977, 1980, 1985
Eagles1955–1988, 2004 (moved to RFL in 1988)21956, 1957
Old Collegians 1955–1956
RAAF East Sale
Sturt design 2.png
Cats1955–1985 (moved to RFL in 1985)41955, 1960, 1972, 1975
Mordialloc football club colors.jpg
Swans1974–1988, 2004–2011 (moved to RFL in 1988 and EGFL in 2011)
Toongabbie Yabbies1987–1997
Traralgon Seconds Maroons1963–1967


YearPremierRunner Up
Sale Cowwarr Football League
1955RAAF 14.22.106Maffra Rovers 3.8.26
1956Newry 9.12.66RAAF 8.4.52
1957Newry 8.7.55Gormandale 7.4.46
1958Rosedale 10.6.66Newry 8.17.65
1959Glengarry 13.9.87RAAF 12.8.61
1960RAAF 8.13.61Glengarry 6.10.46
1961Rosedale 10.9.69Cowwarr 7.6.48
1962Rosedale 3.8.26Maryvale 3.6.24
1963Cowwarr 7.5.47Gormandale 3.3.21
1964Maryvale 11.11.77Maffra Rovers 10.9.69
North Gippsland Football League
1965Rosedale 10.7.67Maryvale 6.15.51
1966Glengarry 9.4.64Traralgon 8.7.55
1967Glengarry 12.14.86Rosedale 7.5.47
1968Glengarry 7.16.58Maffra Rovers 7.5.47
1969Maffra Rovers 10.13.73Boisdale 9.4.58
1970Boisdale 17.14.116Nambrok 7.15.57
1971Glengarry 11.12.78Boisdale 7.11.53
1972RAAF 16.11.107Glengarry 10.5.65
1973Cowwarr 9.14.68Gormandale 9.7.61
1974Cowwarr 11.10.76Newry 6.6.42
1975RAAF 8.14.62Newry 6.12.48
1976Heyfield (Champions) 17.18.110Stratford 11.16.82
1977Nambrok (Champions) 13.7.85Sale City 11.6.72
1978Sale City 14.12.96Nambrok 9.15.69
1979Sale City 12.14.86Nambrok 11.16.82
1980Nambrok 14.9.93Glengarry 11.8.74
1981Glengarry 14.16.100Gormandale 7.5.47
1982Gormandale 15.6.96Glengarry 8.10.58
1983Glengarry 22.12.144Gormandale 7.12.54
1984Glengarry 12.4.76Gormandale 11.6.72
1985Nambrok 21.9.135Heyfield 17.5.107
1986Gormandale (Champions) 13.8.86Cowwarr 10.13.73
1987Cowwarr 15.4.94Heyfield 12.11.83
1988Heyfield 11.12.78Cowwarr 5.12.42
1989Gormandale 10.14.74Glengarry 10.9.69
1990Traralgon Tyers United 12.19.91Heyfield 10.10.70
1991Gormandale 22.19.151Heyfield 15.9.99
1992Gormandale (Champions) 8.9.57Glengarry 3.4.22
1993Sale City 10.14.74Gormandale 8.6.54
1994Glengarry 11.16.82Gormandale 11.11.77
1995Gormandale 13.13.91Churchill 12.11.83
1996Glengarry 10.13.73Churchill 10.12.72
1997Heyfield 19.8.122Traralgon Tyers United 6.14.56
1998Heyfield 14.15.99Glengarry 11.13.79
1999Heyfield 12.16.88Sale City 9.7.61
2000Heyfield (Champions) 15.11.101Glengarry 8.6.54
North Gippsland Football Netball League
2001Rosedale 17.10.112Churchill 6.18.54
2002Churchill 15.9.99Traralgon Tyers United 5.3.33
2003Churchill 14.14.98Heyfield 12.10.82
2004Traralgon Tyers United 17.8.110Heyfield 6.8.44
2005Heyfield 24.10.154Cowwarr 10.9.69
2006Cowwarr 11.21.87Rosedale 10.7.67
2007Heyfield 11.10.76Churchill 8.11.59
2008Churchill 11.10.76Gormandale 9.19.73
2009Heyfield 15.13.103Churchill 10.14.74
2010Sale City 17.16.118Rosedale 13.11.89
2011Sale City 16.14.110Glengarry 14.9.93
2012Heyfield 14.9.93Rosedale 10.15.75
2013Glengarry 16.15.111Heyfield 15.15.105
2014Churchill 20.9.129Heyfield 10.18.78
2015Rosedale 12.22.94Heyfield 5.6.36
2016Sale City 13.14.92Heyfield 5.9.39
2017Sale City 14.16.100Yarram 5.11.41
2018Yarram 8.17 65Churchill 5.3 33


Leading Goal Kickers

YearPlayerH&A goalsFinals goalsTotal Goals
1955P Robinson (Maffra Rovers)87087
1956Daryl Lane (Gormandale)79079
1957Daryl Lane (Gormandale)44448
1958H Gallatly (Newry)60666
1959T. O'Callaghan (Glengarry)60060
1960T. O'Callaghan (Glengarry)76076
1961T. O'Callaghan (Glengarry)59059
1962R Cugley (Glengarry)71071
1963A. Anton (Cowwarr)58058
1964T. Robinson (Maffra Rovers)58058
1965B Farley (Rosedale)74074
1966G Robbins (Glengarry)1010101
1967J Glenton (Nambrok)58058
1968C French (Boisdale)44044
1969N Farrington (Rosedale)85085
1970D O'Donnell (Cowwarr)78078
1971D O'Donnell (Cowwarr)89089
1972G Steele (Boisdale)77077
1973P Northe (Gormandale)80080
1974G. Domaille (Gormandale)59059
1975M Jones (RAAF)99099
1976William Higgins (Heyfield)16410174
1977R Reid (Rosedale)79079
1978D Parker (Cowwarr)75075
1979P. Wojcinski (Heyfield)95095
1980D Reid (Rosedale)78078
1981G Young (RAAF)1140114
1982R Cowell (Gormandale)1070107
1983R King (Glengarry)1210121
1984B Doolan (Nambrok)99099
1985Chris May (Glengarry)1120112
1986Paul Horton (Rosedale)67067
1987Paul Horton (Rosedale)73073
1988Paul Horton (Rosedale)1110111
1989Dean Grant (Gormandale)61061
1990Paul Horton (Rosedale)79079
1991Rod Jennings (TTU)58058
1992Grantley Switzer (Gormandale)79079
1993John Ashby (Sale City)9210102
1994Rod Jennings (TTU)77077
1995David Reid (Heyfield)69069
1996Steve Sanders (Churchill)1000100
1997Chris Membrey (Glengarry)88795
1998Nathan McDonald (Churchill)1090109
1999Rod Tylor (Glengarry)88189
2000David Ivey( Heyfield)11113124
2001Nick Leechino (Rosedale)87592
2002Nick Leechino (Rosedale)72274
2003T Darby (Churchill)84084
2004David Ivey( Cowwarr)84084
2005Paul Richards (Gormandale)70070
2006Paul Richards (Gormandale)69069
2007Gerard Kennedy (Heyfield)651176
2008Nathan McDonald (Churchill)751792
2009Justin Staley (Woodside)74074
2010Paul Richards (Gormandale)78078
2011Jacob Schuback (Sale City)10112113
2012Josh King (Glengarry)75580
2013Josh King (Glengarry)541872
2014Justin Staley (Woodside)65166
2015Stephen Hawkins (TTU)57158
2016Brandon McDonald (Rosedale)77077
2017Corbin Sutherland (Yarram)65469
2018Stuart Buckley (Sale City)50454
2019Shane Morgan (Cowwarr)67067

2007 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Churchill 170101850881209.99%68EliminationGormandale177109Cowwarr81260
Heyfield 160201924921208.90%64QualifyingHeyfield1920134Rosedale13684
Rosedale 130501944890218.43%521st SemiRosedale1616112Gormandale101070
Gormandale 1206016911041162.44%482nd SemiChurchill10969Heyfield141195
Cowwarr 1206018131341135.20%48PreliminaryChurchill197121Rosedale13987
Sale City601201166159573.10%24GrandHeyfield111076Churchill81159
TT United60120995180555.12%24
Boisdale Braigolong401401082164665.74%16

2008 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Gormandale 162202022896225.67%72EliminationHeyfield2319157Boisdale Braigolong51444
Churchill 1424018871228153.66%64QualifyingChurchill169105Glengarry91569
Glengarry 1325018971223155.11%601st SemiGlengarry91165Heyfield7345
Heyfield 1325019751308150.99%602nd SemiGormandale1610106Churchill131391
Boisdale Braigolong 1226018751668112.41%56PreliminaryChurchill1813121Glengarry111076
TT United621201406165884.80%32
Sale City521301413168583.86%28

2009 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Heyfield 1602020941295161.70%64EliminationGormandale141397Woodside9862
Churchill 1404018121319137.38%56QualifyingChurchill1510100Boisdale Braigolong7850
Boisdale Braigolong 1305018231473123.76%521st SemiChurchill111076Boisdale Braigolong10767
Woodside 1107016521515109.04%442nd SemiChurchill12880Heyfield81462
Gormandale 909014181234114.91%36PreliminaryHeyfield131593Gormandale131189
Sale City7011016621626102.21%28
TT United701101334174676.40%28

2010 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Sale City 160202467932264.70%64EliminationRosedale2019139Churchill91165
Gormandale 1503021701173185.00%60QualifyingGormandale1714116Glengarry101171
Glengarry 1404019371297149.34%561st SemiRosedale2318156Glengarry8654
Churchill 1305018161431126.90%522nd SemiSale City121688Gormandale111177
Rosedale 1107021051351155.81%44PreliminaryRosedale2118144Gormandale14387
Heyfield1008017111436119.15%40GrandSale City1716118Rosedale131189
Boisdale Braigolong501301147219252.33%20
TT United30150993194551.05%12

2011 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Sale City 1800023591174200.94%72EliminationChurchill82270Rosedale10767
Glengarry 1503019531197163.16%60QualifyingGlengarry81361Cowwarr71557
Cowwarr 1404019761254157.58%561st SemiCowwarr2112138Churchill12779
Churchill 1008015111490101.41%402nd SemiGlengarry209129Sale City15898
Rosedale 100801737175798.86%40PreliminarySale City131492Cowwarr111076
TT United909016171564103.39%36GrandSale City1614110Glengarry14993
Boisdale Braigolong201601108189058.62%8

2012 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Rosedale 150302253999225.53%60EliminationCowwarr12880Glengarry11975
Sale City 1404021851203181.63%56QualifyingHeyfield131795Sale City71456
Heyfield 1305019471299149.88%521st SemiSale City141498Cowwarr141397
Glengarry 1206021171246169.90%482nd SemiRosedale2113139Heyfield91468
Cowwarr 1206018351301141.05%48PreliminaryHeyfield141599Sale City10464
TT United909016511364121.04%36
Boisdale Braigolong20160952254237.45%8

2013 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Heyfield 1404017681255140.88%56EliminationRosedale1812120Churchill121789
TT United 1107016061279125.57%44QualifyingGlengarry112490Traralgon Tyers United4327
Glengarry 1107016821372122.59%441st SemiRosedale131795Traralgon Tyers United5535
Churchill 1107018591616115.04%442nd SemiGlengarry188116Heyfield15898
Rosedale 1107015671430109.58%44PreliminaryHeyfield131492Rosedale91872
Sale City401401326180173.63%16
Boisdale Braigolong301501166195359.70%12

2014 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Heyfield 1800023801001237.76%72EliminationSale City199123Woodside121183
Churchill 1404024801290192.25%56QualifyingChurchill1718120Rosedale121486
Rosedale 1305018961341141.39%521st SemiSale City1710112Rosedale91569
Sale City 1107016581495110.90%442nd SemiHeyfield1615111Churchill10969
Woodside 909017021610105.71%36PreliminaryChurchill131391Sale City101171
TT United501301337172177.69%20
Boisdale Braigolong101701018233343.63%4

2015 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Rosedale 1503023061043221.09%60EliminationChurchill168104TT United71052
Sale City 1403119771260156.90%58QualifyingHeyfield131088Sale City111278
Heyfield 1206020201292156.35%481st SemiChurchill189117Sale City1516106
TT United 1206020411393146.52%482nd SemiRosedale1610106Heyfield61248
Churchill 1206019921522130.88%48PreliminaryHeyfield2221153Churchill15898

2016 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Sale City 170102134940227.02%68EliminationYarram1713115Woodside101575
Churchill 1403120401447140.98%58QualifyingHeyfield141498Churchill5838
Heyfield 1305016691375121.38%521st SemiYarram1916130Churchill101272
Yarram 1106118481382133.72%462nd SemiHeyfield1416100Sale City101272
Woodside 1107018231653110.28%44PreliminarySale City101272Yarram9862
Rosedale909015791425110.81%36GrandSale City131492Heyfield5939
TT United501301278179671.16%20

2017 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Yarram 1602020481086188.58%64EliminationChurchill1811119Woodside13886
Sale City 150302291876261.53%60QualifyingSale City10969Heyfield121082
Heyfield 1404017811122158.73%561st SemiSale City1820128Churchill13886
Churchill 1206018161441126.02%482nd SemiYarram2020140Heyfield13886
Woodside 110701393149892.99%44PreliminarySale City1611107Heyfield10868
Cowwarr701101420161687.87%28GrandSale City1416100Yarram51141
TT United601201288162879.12%24

2018 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Yarram 170101804912197.81%68EliminationSale City91266Rosedale81058
TT United 150301583918172.44%60QualifyingTT United13684Churchill81260
Churchill 1305017151187144.48%521st SemiChurchill1911125Sale City121486
Rosedale 1107013331131117.86%442nd SemiYarram141094TT United9862
Sale City 1008014751194123.53%40PreliminaryChurchill141195TT United91468

2019 Ladder

North Gippsland FLWinsByesLossesDrawsForAgainst%PtsFinalTeamGBPtsTeamGBPts
Churchill 1701020531002204.89%68EliminationRosedale15898Heyfiekd121082
Yarram 160202158825261.58%64QualifyingYarram1326104TT United7749
Heyfield 1206016741076155.58%481st SemiRosedale101878TT United51141
TT United 1206015811083145.98%482nd SemiYarram1910124Churchill188116
Rosedale 1008016191027157.64%40PreliminaryChurchill1513103Rosedale131189
Sale City8010015201424106.74%32GrandChurchill91165Yarram81058

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