Bendigo Football Netball League

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Bendigo Football
Netball League
Current season, competition or edition:
Sports current event.svg2022
Bendigo league logo.png
Sport Australian rules football
Founded10 June 1881;141 years ago (10 June 1881)
No. of teams10
CountryFlag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia
Confederation AFL Victoria
Most recent
Gisborne Football Club
Most titles Eaglehawk (28)
Sponsor(s) Bendigo Bank
Level on pyramid1
Official website
A full grandstand at the Queen Elizabeth Oval for the 2007 Grand Final of the Bendigo Football League Queen Elizabeth Oval Bendigo VIC.jpg
A full grandstand at the Queen Elizabeth Oval for the 2007 Grand Final of the Bendigo Football League

The Bendigo Football Netball League (previously known as the Sandhurst Football Association, Bendigo and District Football Association, Bendigo Football Association and Bendigo Football League) is an Australian rules football and netball competition based in the Bendigo region of Victoria.


Formed on 10 June 1881 by the city's three clubs as the Sandhurst Football Association, [1] it is one of the oldest football leagues in Australia, and among its members are some of the oldest football clubs in Australia, including the Castlemaine Football Club, acknowledged as the second oldest football club in Australia and one of the oldest in the world.

Clubs Location

Australia Victoria location map.svg
Current BFL clubs (Outer Region)

Current Clubs

ColoursClubNicknameEstab.JoinedPremiersPremiers years
Collingwood icon.svg
Castlemaine Magpies1859192551926, 1952, 1966, 1992, 2000
Eaglehawk Football Club colours.jpg
Eaglehawk Hawks;
Two Blues
18801880281882, 1883, 1886, 1887, 1889, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1998, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1908, 1922, 1924, 1935, 1941, 1946, 1953, 1957, 1968, 1971, 1980, 1982, 2007, 2008, 2018
Western Bulldogs AFLW icon.png
Gisborne Bulldogs1879200052002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2022
Goldensquare icon.png
Golden Square Bulldogs19321935171938, 1939, 1945, 1964, 1965, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1988, 1989, 2001, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Kangaroo Flat Football Club colours.jpg
Kangaroo Flat Kangaroos1890198111996
Kyneton Tigers1875194751936, 1960, 1961, 1995, 1997
Maryborough fc icon.png
Maryborough Magpies1872199221998, 1999
Sandhurst Football Club colours.jpg
Sandhurst Dragons18611880271881, 1884, 1885, 1890, 1891, 1893, 1920, 1923, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1937, 1940, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1983, 2004, 2016
South Bendigo Football Club colours.jpg
South Bendigo Bloods18931893241899, 1900, 1902, 1904, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1919, 1921, 1925, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1969, 1974, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994
Geelong icon.svg
Strathfieldsaye Storm2007200942014, 2015, 2017, 2019

Former Clubs

Senior Football Premierships

Football: Best & Fairest Award / Goalkicking


In 1929, the Bendigo Football League (BFL) decided to perpetuate the memory of the late BFL President, Mr. Fred A. Wood with a gold medal for the best and fairest player from 1930 to 1939. [9] [10]

In 1946, the BFL best and fairest award was named the Arthur E. Cook Medal, in memory of the late Bendigo MLA, who died suddenly at the Victorian Parliament House in April, 1945,. [11] For many years, Cook was associated with the administration of the BFL. [12]

Between 1947 and 1951 the award was known as the Thomas Rees Davies Medal, after a former Bendigo Councillor, Eaglehawk Mayor and BFL President from 1935 to 1939. [13] Davies was a former Eaglehawk footballer and club Secretary [14] and also Secretary of the BFL too. [15] He was made a life member of the BFL in 1926. [16]

The Jack Michelsen Medal was first awarded in 1952, after a prominent Bendigo Mayor, long term Councillor and BFL President from 1923 to 1925, [17] John Andrew Michelsen, OBE. [18] Michelsen was a journalist at the Bendigo Advertiser for many years. [19]

Goals in brackets () includes goals kicked in finals.

SeasonBest & Fairest MedalClubLeading goal-kickerClubGoals
1923Ike Jones Eaglehawk 54
1924R Scott South Bendigo 78
1925Charlie Nicholls Castlemaine 58
1926Percy Forbes Sandhurst 70
1927 Bert Smedley Castlemaine 79
1928John Cook South Bendigo 84
1929 Frank Ford Sandhurst 62
1930 [20] Fred Wood Medal Frank Crapper Eaglehawk 95 (108) [21]
Bill Callaghan [22] Castlemaine
Mickey Crisp Sandhurst
Bruce Jones South Bendigo
Norm Le Brun Sandhurst
Len Major Rochester
1931Alf Firmer [23] Rochester Roy Moore Sandhurst 78
1932Stan Nicoll [24] [25] Maryborough Frank Crapper Eaglehawk 129 (143)
1933 Jimmy Davidson [26] Castlemaine Frank Crapper [27] Eaglehawk 154 (165) [28]
1934Dave Fraser [29] Rochester Roy Moore Sandhurst 90
1935Ern Major [30] Rochester Mancel Davies Eaglehawk 82
1936 Bill Spurling [31] [32] Kyneton Mancel Davies Eaglehawk 88
1937George Mumford [33] Golden Square Stan Sinclair Rochester 82
1938 Frank Halloran [34] Kyneton Mancel Davies Eaglehawk 86
1939Elder Anderson [35] Kyneton J Hunter South Bendigo 50
Arthur Cook Medal
1946 Bob Dawson [36] ElmoreFred Hicks Eaglehawk 57
T R Davies Medal
1947Herb Zegelin [37]
Ron McHardy
Doug Wilson
Bill White
Golden Square
Golden Square
Vin Kelly Rochester 49
1948 Heinz Tonn Golden Square Harry Morgan Eaglehawk 66
1949Heinz Tonn [38] Castlemaine Ken Connaughton South Bendigo 54
1950Herb Zegelin [39] Rochester Frank Scholes Sandhurst 63
1951 Jim Wilson [40] Golden Square Harry Morgan Eaglehawk 78
Jack Michelsen Medal
1952 Kevin Curran [41] Sandhurst Harry Morgan Eaglehawk 66
1953 Noel Evans [42] Sandhurst Harry Morgan Eaglehawk 107
1954 Eddie Jackson [43] [44] Echuca Keith Elliott Golden Square 76
1955 Jim Byrne Sandhurst Ern Parker Echuca 86
1956 Frank Fitzpatrick Rochester Ray McHugh Sandhurst 71
1957Frank Fitzpatrick Rochester John Waddington South Bendigo 72
1958 Cliff Deacon Kyneton Ray Poulter Castlemaine 81
1959 Clive Philp Kyneton Ron Ford Sandhurst 62
1960 Kevin Parks Kyneton Clive Philp Kyneton 75
1961Frank Maxwell Rochester Merv Hicks Eaglehawk 64
1962 Ray Willett Rochester Ray Willett Rochester 67
1963 Bob Vagg Echuca Ray Willett Rochester 53
1964 Ian Burt Kyneton Terry Nolen Sandhurst 87
1965 Kevin Delmenico
Bill Serong
Kevin Shearn Golden Square 76
1966 Derek Cowen Castlemaine Les Kaine Kyneton 84
1967 Derek Cowen Castlemaine Brian Jones Rochester 68
1968 Colin Rice South Bendigo Bob Morton South Bendigo 108
1969 Brian Walsh Sandhurst Ron Best Golden Square 137
1970 Kevin Shinners Rochester Ron Best Golden Square 107
1971 Greg Kennedy Eaglehawk Greg Kennedy Eaglehawk 139
1972 Tony Southcombe Golden Square Keith Raynor
Peter Hutcheson
South Bendigo
1973 Bernie McCarthy South Bendigo Ron Best Sandhurst 108
1974Allan Williams Eaglehawk Ron Best Sandhurst 135
1975 Tony Southcombe Golden Square Ron Best Sandhurst 145
1976 Bruce Reid Sandhurst Ron Best Sandhurst 108
1977Graham Clark Kyneton Peter Woodford Castlemaine 76
1978 Des English Eaglehawk Ron Best Golden Square 124
1979 Eric Pascoe
Peter Tyack
Golden Square
South Bendigo
Ron Best Golden Square 137
1980John Watts Kyneton Ron Best Golden Square 145
1981 Mick Lenaghan Sandhurst Wayne Crosbie Castlemaine 112
1982 Greg Williams Golden Square Daryl Gilmore Eaglehawk 113
1983 Greg Williams Golden Square Ron Best Northern United124
1984Gary Mountjoy
Marty Graham
Golden Square
South Bendigo
Daryl Gilmore Eaglehawk 120
1985Shane Muir Kyneton David Collins Sandhurst 84
1986 Craig Dowsett Golden Square Gavin Exell Northern United87
1987 Brendan Hartney Sandhurst John Jefferies Castlemaine 73
1988Rod SouthonKennington-StrathdaleDanny Ellis Sandhurst 78
1989 Brendan Hartney Sandhurst Leigh Williams Golden Square 102
1990Damien Saunders Kangaroo Flat Shawn McCormickNorthern United79
1991Derrick Filo Castlemaine Daryl Gilmore Eaglehawk 82
1992Simon McLean Sandhurst Steven Oliver Castlemaine 136
1993Ron Wicks Kangaroo Flat Andrew McClellanNorth Bendigo112
1994Derek Percival Golden Square Shane McCluskey Maryborough 100
1995 Frank Coghlan Sandhurst David Lancaster Kangaroo Flat 105
1996 Jamie Bond Maryborough Steven Oliver Castlemaine 84
1997Chris Giri
Robin Keck
Kangaroo Flat
South Bendigo
David Lancaster Kangaroo Flat 76
1998Paul Frew [45] Golden Square Steven Reaper Kyneton 107
1999Luke Adams Castlemaine Steven Reaper Kyneton 100
2000Reece Langan Eaglehawk Steven Oliver Castlemaine 132
2001Paul Eyles
Lucas Matthews
Phil Hetherington South Bendigo 72
2002Matt Aston Maryborough Steven Reaper Gisborne 70
2003Matt Fitzgerald Gisborne Steven Reaper Gisborne 86
2004Simon Elsum Gisborne Steven Reaper Gisborne 75
2005Luke Saunders Gisborne Steven Oliver Castlemaine 77
2006Kain Robins Eaglehawk Matt O'Toole Golden Square 82
2007Matt Fitzgerald Gisborne Damien Brown Eaglehawk 59
2008Shannon Milward Eaglehawk Jordan Barham Gisborne 75
2009Lee Coghlan Sandhurst Justin Maddern Kangaroo Flat 81
2010Josh Bowe Eaglehawk Grant Weeks Golden Square 145
2011Wayne Schultz Castlemaine Grant Weeks Golden Square 125
2012Scott Walsh Gisborne Grant Weeks Golden Square 148
2013Tim Martin Sandhurst Matthew Gretgrix Eaglehawk 71
2014Tim Martin Sandhurst Stephen Milne Strathfieldsaye 101
2015Brodie Filo Eaglehawk Matthew Gretgrix Eaglehawk 82
2016Kristan Height Sandhurst Matthew Gretgrix Eaglehawk 90
2017Lachlan Sharp Strathfieldsaye Lachlan Sharp Strathfieldsaye 142
2018Jack Geary Golden Square Kaiden Antonowicz South Bendigo 76
2019Adam Baird Golden Square Lachlan Sharp Strathfieldsaye 129
2020Season cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
2021Season abandoned after Rd.17 > COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria No finals seriesLachlan Sharp Strathfieldsaye 68
2022Jake Moorhead Strathfieldsaye Joel Brett Golden Square 92 (98)

2000 Ladder

Castlemaine 1701027131255216.18%68EliminationSouth Bendigo1812120Gisborne8856
Kangaroo Flat 1602022731341169.50%64QualifyingKangaroo Flat1611107Eaglehawk13684
Eaglehawk 1206021131639128.92%481st SemiEaglehawk111278South Bendigo141498
South Bendigo 1107020031421140.96%442nd SemiCastlemaine189117Kangaroo Flat1611107
Gisborne 100801828183699.56%40PreliminaryKangaroo Flat2014134South Bendigo13886
Maryborough909018061681107.44%36GrandCastlemaine121183Kangaroo Flat91771
Golden Square501301324202565.38%20
Lockington BU00180883265433.27%0

2001 Ladder

Sandhurst 1422017291164148.54%64EliminationGolden Square15999Eaglehawk7850
South Bendigo 1124117291160149.05%54QualifyingKangaroo Flat1519109South Bendigo12981
Kangaroo Flat 1124115761402112.41%541st SemiGolden Square101676South Bendigo8553
Golden Square 1125016701260132.54%522nd SemiSandhurst169105Kangaroo Flat61147
Eaglehawk 828015941505105.91%40PreliminaryGolden Square11672Kangaroo Flat81159
Castlemaine729014631440101.60%36GrandGolden Square141195Sandhurst12981

2002 Ladder

Gisborne 1521019531002194.91%68EliminationSouth Bendigo1619115Maryborough101070
Sandhurst 1125014081243113.27%52QualifyingGolden Square2313151Sandhurst71254
Golden Square 1026016271355120.07%481st SemiSouth Bendigo121587Sandhurst111480
South Bendigo 927014421319109.33%442nd SemiGisborne2113139Golden Square71860
Maryborough 92701443144899.65%44PreliminaryGolden Square1511101South Bendigo141397
Castlemaine621001387157987.84%32GrandGisborne1614110Golden Square121183
Kangaroo Flat521101138170366.82%28

2003 Ladder

Gisborne 1521021661071202.24%68EliminationKyneton101171Sandhurst1322100
Maryborough 1125015291461104.65%52QualifyingMaryborough8553Eaglehawk101474
Eaglehawk 927018891535123.06%441st SemiMaryborough81563Sandhurst101575
Kyneton 927016681507110.68%442nd SemiGisborne189117Eaglehawk131795
Sandhurst 828016051345119.33%40PreliminaryEaglehawk2210142Sandhurst111379
South Bendigo82801564171391.30%40GrandGisborne1812120Eaglehawk11773
Golden Square729018171795101.23%36
Kangaroo Flat02160905315628.68%8

2004 Ladder

Gisborne 1521022621040217.50%68EliminationCastlemaine1510100Maryborough121082
Sandhurst 1422018301134161.38%64QualifyingSandhurst1613109Eaglehawk131694
Eaglehawk 1026019911309152.10%481st SemiEaglehawk1617113Castlemaine91367
Castlemaine 1026017231629105.77%482nd SemiGisborne111076Sandhurst102080
Maryborough 828015571491104.43%40PreliminaryGisborne141397Eaglehawk31432
Golden Square72901483164390.26%36GrandSandhurst1514104Gisborne101575
South Bendigo621001380161285.61%32
Kangaroo Flat121501058246842.87%12

2005 Ladder

Gisborne 1521021261224173.69%68EliminationGolden Square1715117South Bendigo2512162
Castlemaine 1323020451384147.76%60QualifyingCastlemaine1511101Eaglehawk1810118
Eaglehawk 1125017541511116.08%521st SemiSouth Bendigo1420104Castlemaine111177
Golden Square 1026017971560115.19%482nd SemiGisborne3014194Eaglehawk10666
South Bendigo 828016821465114.81%40PreliminaryEaglehawk131694South Bendigo10868
Kangaroo Flat121501441215466.90%12

2006 Ladder

Gisborne 1602028061086258.38%64EliminationSandhurst1514104Eaglehawk121486
South Bendigo 1503023121396165.62%60QualifyingGolden Square1922136South Bendigo1614110
Golden Square 1404026311655158.97%561st SemiSouth Bendigo1920134Sandhurst101474
Eaglehawk 1305022211471150.99%522nd SemiGolden Square131088Gisborne101474
Sandhurst 1007119961841108.42%42PreliminaryGisborne2721183South Bendigo9963
Castlemaine701101911201794.74%28GrandGisborne131189Golden Square101070
Kangaroo Flat301501437254956.38%12
North Ballarat City001801197299539.97%0

2007 Ladder

Gisborne 1701022961002229.14%68EliminationSouth Bendigo131391Golden Square101373
Eaglehawk 1404019211365140.73%56QualifyingEaglehawk2314152Sandhurst5838
Sandhurst 1305019471399139.17%521st SemiSouth Bendigo131290Sandhurst6440
Golden Square 1206018601326140.27%482nd SemiEaglehawk208128Gisborne1813121
South Bendigo 1206017801354131.46%48PreliminaryGisborne1416100South Bendigo51141
North Ballarat City501301169192160.85%20
Kangaroo Flat00180882233737.74%0

2008 Ladder

Eaglehawk 1422022061265174.39%64EliminationGolden Square1718120Maryborough71052
Gisborne 1323022381074208.38%60QualifyingGisborne61652South Bendigo3624
South Bendigo 1323020511051195.15%601st SemiGolden Square2014134South Bendigo1515105
Golden Square 1125018911149164.58%522nd SemiEaglehawk1717119Gisborne141195
Maryborough 72901490153397.20%36PreliminaryGolden Square1611107Gisborne111682
Kangaroo Flat72901440173782.90%36GrandEaglehawk141195Golden Square121789

2009 Ladder

South Bendigo 1602022521115201.97%64EliminationKangaroo Flat1917131Eaglehawk91266
Golden Square 1602024591306188.28%64QualifyingGolden Square1921135Gisborne3927
Gisborne 1206017671458121.19%481st SemiKangaroo Flat1712114Gisborne71557
Kangaroo Flat 1107016671661100.36%442nd SemiGolden Square2110136South Bendigo15595
Eaglehawk 1008018831732108.72%40PreliminarySouth Bendigo1611107Kangaroo Flat101575
Sandhurst909015791520103.88%36GrandGolden Square1612108South Bendigo101171

2010 Ladder

Golden Square 1701025591079237.16%68EliminationMaryborough131290Sandhurst11975
South Bendigo 1701023221034224.56%68QualifyingEaglehawk1813121South Bendigo13583
Eaglehawk 1404021281378154.43%561st SemiSouth Bendigo236144Maryborough11773
Sandhurst 1008017481536113.80%402nd SemiGolden Square2011131Eaglehawk13987
Maryborough 909016391565104.73%36PreliminarySouth Bendigo178110Eaglehawk71254
Kangaroo Flat90901830207188.36%36GrandGolden Square112187South Bendigo81058

2011 Ladder

Golden Square 180002609976267.32%72EliminationSandhurst1919133South Bendigo121183
Eaglehawk 1305020371525133.57%52QualifyingEaglehawk1616112Gisborne131088
Gisborne 1206022121547142.99%481st SemiGisborne1714116Sandhurst9761
Sandhurst 1107019181469130.57%442nd SemiGolden Square101373Eaglehawk31230
South Bendigo 1107019351647117.49%44PreliminaryEaglehawk177109Gisborne1419103
Strathfieldsaye909018071456124.11%36GrandGolden Square2518168Eaglehawk5333
Kangaroo Flat501301608189584.85%20

2012 Ladder

Gisborne 1502122161199184.82%62EliminationStrathfieldsaye1513103South Bendigo9660
Golden Square 1403120941355154.54%58QualifyingGolden Square131290Sandhurst101777
Sandhurst 1304117611342131.22%541st SemiStrathfieldsaye1915129Sandhurst131290
Strathfieldsaye 1206019861490133.29%482nd SemiGolden Square1715117Gisborne12981
South Bendigo 1107016961280132.50%44PreliminaryGisborne1610106Strathfieldsaye13987
Eaglehawk801001343169379.33%32GrandGolden Square1610106Gisborne1513103
Kangaroo Flat701101738180796.18%28

2013 Ladder

Strathfieldsaye 1203116451020161.27%50EliminationGisborne1712114Sandhurst101373
Eaglehawk 1105014861112133.63%44QualifyingGolden Square10969Eaglehawk81765
Golden Square 1105013461033130.30%441st SemiEaglehawk1814122Gisborne81058
Sandhurst 100601583999158.46%402nd SemiGolden Square131492Strathfieldsaye121284
Gisborne 1006014991238121.08%40PreliminaryStrathfieldsaye141498Eaglehawk111379
South Bendigo90611255127298.66%38GrandGolden Square1418102Strathfieldsaye12981
Kangaroo Flat201401063179659.19%8

2014 Ladder

Strathfieldsaye 170102174995218.49%68EliminationGolden Square1718120Eaglehawk141195
Sandhurst 1602020951053198.96%64QualifyingSandhurst1518108Gisborne10666
Gisborne 1305018941295146.25%521st SemiGisborne111177Golden Square101373
Golden Square 1008016951411120.13%402nd SemiStrathfieldsaye1711113Sandhurst101171
Eaglehawk 909015051428105.39%36PreliminarySandhurst131492Gisborne13987
Kangaroo Flat90901499177784.36%36GrandStrathfieldsaye2018138Sandhurst121183
South Bendigo201501000179955.59%8

2015 Ladder

Strathfieldsaye 180002081938221.86%72EliminationEaglehawk121789Kyneton9963
Golden Square 1602020831050198.38%64QualifyingGolden Square141498Sandhurst12880
Sandhurst 1404020881132184.45%561st SemiSandhurst1517107Eaglehawk81260
Eaglehawk 1206019461199162.30%482nd SemiStrathfieldsaye1513103Golden Square9862
Kyneton 801001730195788.40%32PreliminarySandhurst1514104Golden Square3927
Kangaroo Flat601201294193266.98%24
South Bendigo401401186158274.97%16

2016 Ladder

Sandhurst 1602021691039208.76%64EliminationEaglehawk209129Kyneton11874
Golden Square 1503022121060208.68%60QualifyingGolden Square15898Strathfieldsaye6844
Strathfieldsaye 1404017151034165.86%561st SemiEaglehawk91569Strathfieldsaye9963
Eaglehawk 1008017431275136.71%402nd SemiSandhurst13886Golden Square4933
Kyneton 1008017701579112.10%40PreliminaryGolden Square111379Eaglehawk9660
Kangaroo Flat1008015741459107.88%40GrandSandhurst121890Golden Square81058
South Bendigo501301264154981.60%20

2017 Ladder

Eaglehawk 1602020621186173.86%64EliminationSandhurst121890Kyneton13785
Strathfieldsaye 1503022671039218.19%60QualifyingStrathfieldsaye91973Golden Square10464
Golden Square 1403118541065174.08%581st SemiGolden Square71355Sandhurst61551
Sandhurst 1106118611215153.17%462nd SemiEaglehawk141397Strathfieldsaye141094
Kyneton 1006219501488131.05%44PreliminaryStrathfieldsaye101777Golden Square9761
South Bendigo909016851464115.10%36GrandStrathfieldsaye131088Eaglehawk71456
Kangaroo Flat401401178190161.97%16

2018 Ladder

Strathfieldsaye 160202198974225.67%64EliminationSandhurst131088Gisborne91165
Eaglehawk 1503020381093186.46%60QualifyingEaglehawk2217149Kyneton5737
Kyneton 1205118091295139.69%501st SemiSandhurst249153Kyneton61349
Sandhurst 120601791934191.76%482nd SemiEaglehawk169105Strathfieldsaye91165
Gisborne 1107017451291135.17%44PreliminaryStrathfieldsaye131492Sandhurst9963
Golden Square1008016811187141.62%40GrandEaglehawk198122Strathfieldsaye11773
South Bendigo701011454160990.37%30
Kangaroo Flat401401072205552.17%16

2019 Ladder

Strathfieldsaye 170102646846312.77%68EliminationGolden Square111177Sandhurst10262
Eaglehawk 1503021341043204.6%60QualifyingEaglehawk131189Gisborne7951
Gisborne 1404020331016200.1%561st SemiGisborne1610106Golden Square51343
Golden Square 1206017111050162.95%482nd SemiStrathfieldsaye1416100Eaglehawk31028
Sandhurst 1206015701193131.6%48PreliminaryEaglehawk12779Gisborne11975
South Bendigo501301411182177.48%20
Kangaroo Flat40140973207346.94%16

2020 Ladder

Golden Square
Kangaroo FlatSeason cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria
South Bendigo

2021 Ladder

Home & Away Season was reduced by 6 rounds and Finals series cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria

Strathfieldsaye 100201469634231.7%40
Golden Square 100201433769186.35%40
Sandhurst 100201297757171.33%40
Gisborne 90301442701205.71%36
South Bendigo 90301306823158.69%36
Kangaroo Flat20100599143441.77%8

2022 Ladder

Gisborne 160202221839264.72%64EliminationSouth Bendigo1712114Sandhurst91165
Golden Square 140402216903245.4%56QualifyingStrathfieldsaye15898Golden Square71860
Strathfieldsaye 1404019661058185.82%561st SemiGolden Square102282South Bendigo6743
South Bendigo 1107015911458109.12%442nd SemiStrathfieldsaye121183Gisborne101171
Sandhurst 1008017851286138.8%40PreliminaryGisborne8957Golden Square71355
Kangaroo Flat401401012209448.33%16

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