Mil Milhas Brasil

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Mil Milhas Brasil
Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (AKA Interlagos) track map.svg
Venue Interlagos Circuit
Location Interlagos
First race1956
Last race2023
Most wins (driver)Zeca Giaffone (5)

The Mil Milhas Brasil (also known as the Mil Milhas Brasileiras or 1000 Miles of Brazil in Portuguese) is a sports car endurance race held annually in Brazil since 1956.


The Mil Milhas has been held nearly every year since its inception and is one of the longest running motor racing events in Brazil. Nearly every running has used the Interlagos circuit, but the 1997 and 1999 events were held at Brasília and Curitiba respectively.

Zeca Giaffone holds the record of most wins, having won in 1981, 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1989.


The first Mil Milhas was organized by Eloy Gagliano and Wilson Fittipaldi Sr., the father of Wilson Fittipaldi Júnior and Emerson Fittipaldi. The two had been inspired by the 1949 Italian Mille Miglia. Wilson Fittipaldi Sr. was a journalist and brought media as well as sponsors such as auto parts companies to support the event. The first event was held on November 2425, 1956 with 31 sports cars competing at the Interlagos circuit.

The race has been held at Interlagos from 1956 to 1996. In 1997, the Brasília circuit held the event. In 1998, Interlagos again held the event. In 1999, the Curitiba circuit held the event. Since 2001, the event has been held at Interlagos.

Start of Mil Milhas Brasil in 2007 Mil Milhas Brasil 2007 start.jpg
Start of Mil Milhas Brasil in 2007

In 2007, the race was held as a part of the Le Mans Series, the first time the race had been part of an international championship. The event had previously been supported as a non-championship event in the BPR Global GT Series as well as the FIA GT Championship. FIA GT planned to add the event to their calendar in 2007, but chose to hand the event instead to Le Mans Series organizers.


Winners on 8 km Interlagos track (1956–1989)

1956 Flag of Brazil.svg Catharino Andreatta
Flag of Brazil.svg Breno Fornari
Carretera Ford
1957 Flag of Brazil.svg Aristides Bertuol
Flag of Brazil.svg Orlando Menegaz
Carretera Chevrolet
1958 Flag of Brazil.svg Catharino Andreatta
Flag of Brazil.svg Breno Fornari
Carretera Ford
1959 Flag of Brazil.svg Catharino Andreatta
Flag of Brazil.svg Breno Fornari
Carretera Ford
1960 Flag of Brazil.svg Chico Landi
Flag of Brazil.svg Christian Heins
Alfa Romeo JK 2000
1961 Flag of Brazil.svg Italo Bertão
Flag of Brazil.svg Orlando Menegaz
Chevrolet Corvette
Not held
1965 Flag of Brazil.svg Justino de Maio
Flag of Brazil.svg Victoria Azzalin
Carretera Chevrolet
1966 Flag of Brazil.svg Camilo Christófaro
Flag of Brazil.svg Eduardo Celidôneo
Chevrolet Corvette
1967 Flag of Brazil.svg Luiz Bueno
Flag of Brazil.svg Luiz Terra Smith
Interlagos Mark 1
Not held
1970 Flag of Brazil.svg Abílio Diniz
Flag of Brazil.svg Alcides Diniz
Alfa Romeo GTA 2000
Not held
1973 Flag of Brazil.svg Bird Clemente
Flag of Brazil.svg Nilson Clemente
Ford Maverick 4800
Not held
1981 Flag of Brazil.svg Zeca Giaffone
Flag of Brazil.svg Affonso Giaffone Filho
Flag of Brazil.svg Chico Serra
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1982Not held
1983 Flag of Brazil.svg Fausto Wajchenberg
Flag of Brazil.svg Vicente Corrêa
Flag of Brazil.svg Valdir Silva
Volkswagen Passat
1984 Flag of Brazil.svg Zeca Giaffone
Flag of Brazil.svg Reinaldo Campello
Flag of Brazil.svg Maurizio Sandro Sala
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1985 Flag of Brazil.svg Paulo Gomes
Flag of Brazil.svg Fábio Sotto Mayor
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1986 Flag of Brazil.svg Zeca Giaffone
Flag of Brazil.svg Affonso Giaffone Filho
Flag of Brazil.svg Walter Travaglini
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1987 Flag of Brazil.svg Luís Pereira
Flag of Brazil.svg Marcos Gracia
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1988 Flag of Brazil.svg Zeca Giaffone
Flag of Brazil.svg Luís Pereira
Flag of Brazil.svg Walter Travaglini
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1989 Flag of Brazil.svg Zeca Giaffone
Flag of Brazil.svg Walter Travaglini
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car

Winners on 4.3 km Interlagos track (1990–1996)

1990 Flag of Brazil.svg Carlos Alves
Flag of Brazil.svg José Carlos Dias
Chevrolet Opala Stock Car
1991Not held
1992 Flag of Brazil.svg Klaus Heitkotter
Flag of Germany.svg Jurgen Weis
Flag of Germany.svg Marc Gindorf
BMW M3 2300
1993 Flag of Brazil.svg Antônio Hermann
Flag of Austria.svg Franz Konrad
Flag of Germany.svg Franz Prangemeier
Porsche 911
1994 Flag of Brazil.svg Wilson Fittipaldi
Flag of Brazil.svg Christian Fittipaldi
Porsche 911 RSR
1995 Flag of Brazil.svg Wilson Fittipaldi
Flag of Brazil.svg Antônio Hermann
Flag of Austria.svg Franz Konrad
Porsche 993
1996 Flag of Brazil.svg André Lara Resende
Flag of Brazil.svg Roberto Keller
Flag of Brazil.svg Roberto Aranha
Porsche 911

Winners 1997–2000

1997 Flag of Brazil.svg Nelson Piquet
Flag of Venezuela (1930-1954).svg Johnny Cecotto
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Steve Soper
McLaren F1 GTR Brasília
1998 Flag of Brazil.svg Tom Stefani
Flag of Brazil.svg André Grillo
Flag of Brazil.svg Júlio Fernandes
AS Vectra 2.0Interlagos
1999 Flag of Brazil.svg Beto Borghesi
Flag of Brazil.svg Jair Bana
Flag of Brazil.svg Luciano Borghesi
Aldee AP-2000Curitiba
2000Not held

Winners on Interlagos track (2001–2008)

2001 Flag of Brazil.svg André Lara Resende
Flag of Brazil.svg Régis Schuch
Flag of Brazil.svg Max Wilson
Flag of Brazil.svg Flávio Trindade
Porsche 911 GT3
2002 Flag of Brazil.svg Régis Schuch
Flag of Brazil.svg Flávio Trindade
Flag of Brazil.svg Raul Boesel
Porsche 911 GT3
2003 Flag of Brazil.svg Ingo Hoffmann
Flag of Brazil.svg Xandy Negrão
Flag of Brazil.svg Ricardo Etchenique
Flag of Brazil.svg Fernando Nabuco
Porsche 911 GT3
2004 Flag of Italy.svg Stefano Zonca
Flag of Italy.svg Angelo Lancelotti
Flag of Italy.svg Fabrizio Gollin
Dodge Viper GTS-R
2005 Flag of Brazil.svg Xandy Negrão
Flag of Brazil.svg Xandynho Negrão
Flag of Brazil.svg Guto Negrão
Flag of Brazil.svg Giuliano Losacco
2006 Flag of Brazil.svg Nelson Piquet
Flag of Brazil.svg Nelson Piquet Jr.
Flag of France.svg Christophe Bouchut
Flag of Brazil.svg Hélio Castroneves
Aston Martin DBR9
2007 Flag of France.svg Nicolas Minassian
Flag of Spain.svg Marc Gené
Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
2008 Flag of Brazil.svg Raul Boesel
Flag of Brazil.svg Max Wilson
Flag of Brazil.svg Marcel Visconde
Porsche 911 GT3 RSR


2009–2019Not held

The race was not held in the decade 2009–2019

Winners since 2020

2020 Flag of Brazil.svg Esio Vichiese
Flag of Brazil.svg Renan Guerra
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Stuart Turvey
Ginetta G55 GT4
2021 Flag of Brazil.svg Jose Vilela
Flag of Brazil.svg Leandro Totti
Flag of Brazil.svg Eduardo Pimenta
Flag of Brazil.svg Gustavo Ghizzo
Flag of Brazil.svg Leonardo Yoshi
Metalmoro MXR
2022 Flag of Brazil.svg Jindra Kraucher
Flag of Brazil.svg Aldo Piedade Jr
Flag of Brazil.svg Beto Ribeiro
Sigma P1 G4
2023 Flag of Brazil.svg Fernando Fortes
Flag of Brazil.svg Henrique Assunção
Flag of Brazil.svg Emílio Padron
Flag of Brazil.svg Fernando Ohashi
Metalmoro JLM AJR

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