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The National Auditorium (Portuguese: Auditório Nacional) is a public building on Av. Cidade de Lisboa in Praia, capital of Cape Verde, completed in 2015. It was constructed with state investment by China. [1] It is on the west side of the National Library of Cape Verde.

Avenida Cidade de Lisboa

Avenida Cidade de Lisboa is an avenue west of the center of Praia, Santiago island, Cape Verde. It runs along the neighbourhoods of Várzea, Achadinha and Chã de Areia. It is one of the major arterial roads of the city. The street is named for Praia's town twinning with the city of Lisbon, Portugal. It runs south to north, west of the Plateau. The annual carnival parade takes place on Avenida Cidade de Lisboa.

Praia City in Santiago

Praia, is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde, an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean west of Senegal. It lies on the southern coast of Santiago island in the Sotavento Islands group. It is the island's ferry port and is home to one of the nation's four international airports. The city centre is known as Plateau due to its location on a small plateau.

Cape Verde Country comprising ten islands off the Northwest coast of Africa

Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. It forms part of the Macaronesia ecoregion, along with the Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Savage Isles. In ancient times these islands were referred to as "the Islands of the Blessed" or the "Fortunate Isles". Located 570 kilometres (350 mi) west of the Cape Verde Peninsula off the coast of Northwest Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi).

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Foreign relations of Cape Verde

Cape Verde follows a policy of nonalignment and seeks cooperative relations with all friendly states. Angola, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, Cuba, France, Germany, Portugal, Senegal, Russia, South Korea and the United States maintain embassies in Praia.

Estádio da Várzea stadium

Estádio da Várzea is a multi-purpose stadium in Praia, Cape Verde just west of the city center's plateau in the subdivision of Várzea and on Avenida Cidade de Lisboa on its east side. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 8,000 people. The stadium is owned by the city of Praia and is operated by the Santiago South Regional Football Association and serves its headquarters of the association. The other stadium operated by the association in the south of the island is Calabaceira. The entrance is on the west side of the stadium where most of the seat is. The stadium has seat rows in the left and right sides, 200 meters east is the Plateau of Praia. Its size is 108 by 69 m, the longest part of the field goes north to south with a 15 degree angle facing east at the top. Its elevation is about 4 meters above sea level. A smaller practice field lies due south. The stadium is home to the four best football clubs in Cape Verde, Sporting, CD Travadores, Académica and Boavista FC the Santiago Island first division alongside Vitória FC, one of the region's best, it also home of Desportivo da Praia which is a military club and the lesser club Benfica Praia. Other teams that base in another part include ADESBA located in the nearby neighborhood of Craveiro Lopes some hundreds of meters north but play in the stadium.

RTC (Cape Verde)

The Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station broadcasting local programs from Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil as well as the rest of the world especially France. It is a publicly owned company and enterprise and is located in the Capeverdean capital city of Praia, in the southern part in the middle of Achada Santo António RTC also has a few buildings, it also has offices in São Vicente, Sal, São Filipe on Fogo Island and Assomada in Santa Catarina. The building size is very small, only like local affiliates in North America as well as Latin America, Australia and Europe. The radio building is in the south on Rua 13 de Janeiro and the television station is in the north. Its current president is José Emanuel Tavares Moreira/

The São Francisco Bay is a bay on the southeastern coast of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. It is situated 8 km northeast of the city centre of Praia, the capital of Cape Verde. The bay was mentioned in the 1747 map by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin as "St. Francisco".

Jardim Botânico Nacional Grandvaux Barbosa

The Jardim Botânico Nacional Grandvaux Barbosa is the only botanical garden in Cape Verde. The garden is located in São Jorge, in the middle of the island Santiago. Its collection focuses on endemic and native plants of Cape Verde.

The University of Cape Verde is the only public university of Cape Verde. The main campus is in Palmarejo, Praia, but there are also institutes in Mindelo, Assomada and São Jorge dos Órgãos. It has over 5000 students. A new campus for Uni-CV is under construction in Palmarejo, financed by the Chinese government. It should be completed by July 2020. It will have capacity for 4,890 students and 476 professors, with a library, dorms, cafeterias and sports facilities. It will have 61 class rooms, five auditoriums with a capacity of 150 seats, eight computer rooms, eight reading rooms and 34 laboratories.

Correios de Cabo Verde

Correios de Cabo Verde is the company responsible for postal service in Cape Verde. The headquarters of the company are in the city centre of Praia, at Rua Cesário Lacerda, nº 2.

Law enforcement in Cape Verde

The Law enforcement in Cape Verde is carried out by the Judicial police.

Portuguese Cape Verde former colony of the Portuguese Empire in the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde was a colony of the Portuguese Empire from the initial settlement of the Cape Verde Islands in 1462 until the independence of Cape Verde in 1975.

Complexo Desportivo Adega building in Africa

Complexo Desportivo Adega is a multi-purpose stadium in Achada Grande Trás, Praia, Cape Verde. It is currently used mostly for football matches and athletics competitions, much of the football (soccer) training are used for practices. It is 100 metres (330 ft) long and 64 metres (210 ft) wide. It is the home base of several athletic clubs playing at the regional level.

Arquivo Histórico Nacional (Cape Verde) national archives of Cape Verde

The Arquivo Nacional de Cabo Verde is the national archive of Cape Verde. It is located in the capital city of Praia, on Avenida Combatentes da Liberdade da Patria, in the subdivision of Chã de Areia. It is housed in the former customs building, that was built in 1878.

Estádio Nacional de Cabo Verde is a multi-purpose stadium in Praia, Cape Verde. Used for football matches, it is home to the Cape Verde National football team. The stadium has an announced capacity of 15,000 people. It is owned by the government of Cape Verde, and operated by an appointed Commission of Stadium Administration.

Museu Etnográfico da Praia Ethnographic Museum in Santiago, Cape Verde

Museu Etnográfico da Praia is an ethnographic museum in the Cape Verdean capital of Praia on the island of Santiago. It is located at 45 Rua 5 de Julho, in the historic part of the city, the Plateau. The museum was opened in November 1997 and is located in a 19th century building. The museum contains a selection of objects that represent the traditional uses and customs of the Cape Verdean people.

Museu Municipal de São Filipe Museum in Fogo, Cape Verde

Museu Municipal de São Filipe is a museum located in the historic centre of São Filipe, on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. It is located in a sobrado, a colonial town house. The museum was opened on December 13, 2008, by the town president Eugênio Miranda da Veiga.

Gimnodesportivo Vavá Duarte

GimnodesportivoVavá Duarte is a multi-purpose stadium in Praia, Cape Verde south of the city center's plateau in the subdivision of Gamboa just south of Várzea and is located on Avenida de Cuba, a road connecting the south of the city and the north and the southwest of the island. It is currently used for basketball, volleyball and futsal matches. The arena are operated by the Santiago South Regional Basketball Association for basketball, the Santiago South Regional Volleyball Association for volleyball and probably the Santiago Regional Futsal Association for futsal. These associations are also headquartered in the arena and around it.

Quintal da Música

Quintal da Música, abbreviation: 5tal da Música is a music pub located in the downtown area of Praia, the Plateau and is located at 70A Avenida Amílcar Cabral in the northern part of the center, across Rua António Pusich and south of Rua António Macedo. It is one of the most famous and most used pubs and music pubs in Cape Verde.

Liceu Velho

Liceu Velho is a building in the eastern part of the city centre of Mindelo, Cape Verde. It is situated on Praça Dr. Duarte Silva, between Avenida Fernando Ferreira Fortes and Rua Franz Fanon, east of the Palácio do Povo. Since 2008, it houses the art school M_EIA, officially Instituto Universitário de Arte, Tecnologia e Cultura. It is also one of the locations of the School of Business and Governance (ENG) of the University of Cape Verde.

EN1-ST05 road in Cape Verde

EN1-ST05 is a first class national road on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. It runs from the western outskirts of the capital Praia to Cidade Velha. It is 7 km long. In Praia it is connected with the Circular da Praia (EN1-ST06).


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