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Jornal Horizonte or O Horizonte (Portuguese meaning the Horizon Journal) is a weekly Cape Verdean newspaper that covers the top stories in the archipelago and local stories from each island. Expresso das Ilhas is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and is one of the most circulated newspapers and dailies in Cape Verde.[ citation needed ].



Jornal Horizonte features sports, weather, businesses and entertainment including its television lineups. It features pages about news stories, newspaper pictures and sports online. Until around 2010, it remained to be one of the newspapers that was not linked to the World Wide Web.


The publication was founded as Voz di Povo (unrelated to the current VozDiPovoOnline paper which is a Capeverdean paper published in Portugal) and became the first newspaper in Cape Verde after independence. The last paper before independence was known were O Eco de Cabo Verde and O Ressurgimento. Around the mid-1980s, it became Novo Jornal de Cabo Verde. (New Journal of Cape Verde).

The current Jornal Horizonte was founded in 1988, the first national level newspaper in an independent Cape Verde, it was founded before the establishment of the democratic government in 1991. Before its foundation, there were earlier newspapers and journals including Jornal de Cabo Verde existed during late Portuguese rule.

The newspaper celebrated its 10th anniversary of its foundation in 1998 and later its 25th anniversary in 2013. [1]


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Music of Cape Verde music

Cape Verde is known internationally for morna, a form of folk music usually sung in the Cape Verdean Creole, accompanied by clarinet, violin, guitar and cavaquinho. Funaná, Coladeira, Batuque and Cabo love are other musical forms.

Baltasar Lopes da Silva Cape Verdean writer

Baltasar Lopes da Silva was a writer, poet and linguist from Cape Verde, who wrote in both Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. With Manuel Lopes and Jorge Barbosa, he was the founder of Claridade. In 1947 he published Chiquinho, considered the greatest Cape Verdean novel and O dialecto crioulo de Cabo Verde which describes different dialects of creoles of Cape Verde. He sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Osvaldo Alcântara.

A Semana is a Cape Verdean daily that covers its top stories in the archipelago and local stories ranging from each island. A Semana is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and is one of the most circulated newspapers and dailies in Cape Verde. Its slogan is the "First Capeverdean Daily in Line".

Expresso das Ilhas is a weekly Cape Verdean newspaper that covers its top stories in the archipelago and local stories from each island. The newspaper is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and has one of the largest circulations in Cape Verde. The newspaper is published in Portuguese, apart from some occasional articles in Cape Verdean Creole. Its current editor-in-chief is João Augusto do Rosário.' Its daily circulation are around 10,000, it costs 100 per copy as of 2010. The newspaper is also available on the Internet.

<i>Artiletra</i> bi-monthly magazine from Cape Verde

Artiletra is a Cape Verdean bi-monthly newspaper/magazine. It is headquartered in Mindelo, and is the most circulated non-generalist newspaper in Cape Verde. Artiletra features articles and essays, as well as literary fiction, often by prominent Cape Verdean writers, covering topics such as the Cape Verdean culture, education, and science.

RTC (Cape Verde)

The Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station broadcasting local programs from Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil as well as the rest of the world especially France. It is a publicly owned company and enterprise and is located in the Capeverdean capital city of Praia, in the southern part in the middle of Achada Santo António RTC also has a few buildings, it also has offices in São Vicente, Sal, São Filipe on Fogo Island and Assomada in Santa Catarina. The building size is very small, only like local affiliates in North America as well as Latin America, Australia and Europe. The radio building is in the south on Rua 13 de Janeiro and the television station is in the north. Its current president is José Emanuel Tavares Moreira/

O dialecto crioulo de Cabo Verde is a Capeverdean book published in 1957 by Baltasar Lopes da Silva. As the title was the spelling used after the 1945 Portuguese Orthography Agreement, its modern spelling is titled O Dialeto Crioulo de Cabo Verde.

Adriano Gonçalves, known by his stage name Bana and called the "King of Morna", was a Cape Verdean singer and performer of the morna style, the plaintive, melodic lament which is a staple musical style of the country.

Tabanka is a musical genre of Cape Verdean music

Media of Cape Verde

This article is about the Media in Cape Verde including its telecommunications, television and radio.

Belinda Lima Francis, on album cover simply Belinda, is a Cape Verdean-American singer based in Mindelo.

Cinema of Cape Verde

The history of the cinema of Cape Verde dates back to the arrival of filmmakers in the early twentieth century. The first picture house was established in Mindelo around 1922, called Eden Park.

Mito Elias

Fernando Hamilton Barbosa Elias, also known as Mito or Mito Elias is a Cape Verdean artist, plastic artist and a poet.

Carlos de Vasconcelos. was a Portuguese politician and journalist, born in Colonial Cape Verde.

VozDiPovo-Online is a Capeverdean online newspaper that covers top stories from Cape Verde and is based in Aveiro, Portugal. It serves the Capeverdean community in Portugal and has articles written in Portuguese and Capeverdean Creole and rarely English. Its founder is Amílcar Tavares and is the current writer and editor-in chief.

Maria Dulce de Oliveira Almada Duarte is a Cape Verdean linguist who was a member and resistance fighter of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde.

Literature of Cape Verde

The Literature of Cape Verde is among the most important in West Africa, it is the second richest in West Africa after Mali and modern day Mauritania. It is also the richest in the Lusophony portion of Africa. Most works are written in Portuguese, but there are also works in Capeveredean Creole, French and notably English.

The 2018 Cape Verdean Football Championship season is the 39th beginner level competition of the first-tier football in Cape Verde. Also it was another season that it was sponsored by a clothing company Tecnicil, it was also known as the 2018 Cape Verdean Tecnicil football season or the 2018 Tecnicil Football Championships. The championship was governed by the Cape Verdean Football Federation. The season began earlier started on 7 April 2018 and finished on 2 June.

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