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Type Weekly
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Founded 2014
Headquarters Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde
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Oceanpress (Portuguese meaning "The Week") is a weekly newspaper published in the island of Sal, Cape Verde and is headquartered in Santa Maria. It is the only newspaper in Sal. Its slogan includes Noticias de Cabo Verde which also features national stories on paper and online.

Portuguese language Romance language that originated in Portugal

Portuguese is a Western Romance language originating in the Iberian Peninsula. It is the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe. It also has co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau in China. As the result of expansion during colonial times, a cultural presence of Portuguese and Portuguese creole speakers are also found in Goa, Daman and Diu in India; in Batticaloa on the east coast of Sri Lanka; in the Indonesian island of Flores; in the Malacca state of Malaysia; and the ABC islands in the Caribbean where Papiamento is spoken, while Cape Verdean Creole is the most widely spoken Portuguese-based Creole. Reintegrationists maintain that Galician is not a separate language, but a dialect of Portuguese. A Portuguese-speaking person or nation is referred to as "Lusophone" (Lusófono).

Newspaper scheduled publication containing news of events, articles, features, editorials, and advertising

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink with a white or gray background.

Sal, Cape Verde island in Cape Verde

Sal is an island in Cape Verde. It belongs to the northern group of islands, called Barlavento ("windwards"), and comprises a single administrative division, the municipality of Sal. Its seat is the city of Espargos.


The newspaper published its first number in 2014 making it the newest newspaper publication in the archipelago. [1]


Oceanpress features top stories as well as sports from the island and across and outside the archipelago, weather, businesses, arts and entertainment and more, from the island as well as from Cape Verde. It features pages about news stories, newspaper pictures and sports online. [1]

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Barlavento Islands northern island group of Cape Verde archipelago

The Barlavento Islands is the northern island group of the Cape Verde archipelago. It can be divided into two sub-groups:

Boa Vista, Cape Verde Cape Verde island

Boa Vista, also written as Boavista, is a desert-like island that belongs to the Cape Verde Islands. At 631.1 km2 (243.7 sq mi), it is the third largest island of the Cape Verde archipelago.

Cape Verdean Football Federation

The Cape Verdean Football Federation is the governing body of football in Cape Verde. It was founded in 1982, affiliated to FIFA in 1986 and to CAF in 2000. It organizes the national football league and the national team.

Estádio Marcelo Leitão building in Cape Verde

Estádio Marcelo Leitão is a multi-use stadium in Sal Island, Cape Verde. It is used mostly for football matches and now track and field and has a capacity of 8,000 people. It is named for Marcelo Leitão, one of the two main features on the island, the other is a square located in Santa Maria. The stadium is owned by the municipality of Sal and still does as the municipality has yet to split into two. The stadium are operated by the Sal Regional Football (Soccer) and Athletic associations. It is the home stadium of Espargos teams, Académico do Aeroporto and others based in a neighborhood Juventude and recently Chã de Matias, Gaviões, Jovens Unidos of Ribeira Funda and Pretória, it is also home to the island's club Académica do Sal. The ground is made of artificial grass, its area is 105 x 68 meters. Its location is south of the road connecting the east of the city with the road encircling most of the city. The stadium also had recently constructed parking lots.

FC Juventude (Sal)

Futebol Clube Juventude is a football (soccer) club that had played in the Premier division and plays in the Sal Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the subdivision of Morro de Cural in the city of Espargos in the island of Sal. Juventude is the fifth successful football (soccer) club on the island, having won 7 official regional titles. As of the 2016-17 season, its chairman is David Brito and its coach is Djulhiano Santos.

For the Brazilian newspaper, see A Semana

Expresso das Ilhas is a weekly Cape Verdean newspaper that covers its top stories in the archipelago and local stories from each island. The newspaper is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and has one of the largest circulations in Cape Verde. The newspaper is published in Portuguese, apart from some occasional articles in Cape Verdean Creole. Its current editor-in-chief is João Augusto do Rosário.' Its daily circulation are around 10,000, it costs 100 per copy as of 2010. The newspaper is also available on the Internet.

Jornal Horizonte or O Horizonte is a weekly Cape Verdean newspaper that covers the top stories in the archipelago and local stories from each island. Expresso das Ilhas is located in the Cape Verdean capital city of Praia and is one of the most circulated newspapers and dailies in Cape Verde..

Jornal o Cidadão is a weekly newspaper published in Mindelo, in the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. It is one of the most important newspapers in Cape Verde. It was founded in 1988.

Terra Nova is a weekly newspaper that covers top stories from the island of São Vicente in the island country of Cape Verde. Terra Nova is headquartered in Mindelo, the nation's second largest city and is one of the most circulated newspapers and dailies in Cape Verde as well as the island of São Vicente. It was founded in 1975 making it one of the oldest newspapers that ever existed in the country or the archipelago.

RTC (Cape Verde)

The Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station broadcasting local programs from Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil as well as the rest of the world especially France. It is a publicly owned company and enterprise and is located in the Capeverdean capital city of Praia, in the southern part in the middle of Achada Santo António RTC also has a few buildings, it also has offices in São Vicente, Sal, São Filipe on Fogo Island and Assomada in Santa Catarina. The building size is very small, only like local affiliates in North America as well as Latin America, Australia and Europe. The radio building is in the south on Rua 13 de Janeiro and the television station is in the north. Its current president is José Emanuel Tavares Moreira/

Economy of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a small archipelagic nation that lacks resources and has experienced severe droughts. Agriculture is made difficult by lack of rain and is restricted to only four islands for most of the year. Most of the nation's GDP comes from the service industry. Cape Verde's economy has been steadily growing since the late 1990s, and it is now officially considered a country of average development, being only the second African country to have achieved such transition, after Botswana in 1994. Cape Verde has significant cooperation with Portugal at every level of the economy, which has led it to link its currency first to the Portuguese escudo and, in 1999, to the euro.

Cape Verde Country comprising ten islands off the Northwest coast of Africa

Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. It forms part of the Macaronesia ecoregion, along with the Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Savage Isles. In ancient times these islands were referred to as "the Islands of the Blessed" or the "Fortunate Isles". Located 570 kilometres (350 mi) west of the Cape Verde Peninsula off the coast of Northwest Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi).

Media of Cape Verde

This article is about the Media in Cape Verde including its telecommunications, television and radio.

Sports in Santiago, Cape Verde

The island of Santiago in Cape Verde in the middle of the Sotavento Islands is home to several teams and clubs. The major professional clubs are Sporting Praia, Boavista Praia and CD Travadores, semi-pro teams includes Académica da Praia and Desportivo da Praia. From its foundation in 1953 to 1999, the island had a single league of each sport. Since that time, the association and competition are currently divided into two zones, the north and the south and includes all sports including football, basketball, volleyball, futsal and athletics, the only island to have nearly all the sport competitions into two zones.

The following lists events that happened during 2014 in Cape Verde.

Sports in Sal, Cape Verde

The island of Sal in Cape Verde in the east of the Barlavento Islands is home to several teams and clubs. The major professional club may now be Académico do Aeroporto do Sal, the remaining clubs are amateur or beginners. In 1976, Sal would have its own island championships of each sport. The football competition was the third along with Fogo to have its own first held in 1976 after the nation's independence. Since 2014, the football (soccer) was the only competition divided into two divisions.

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