Rugby union in Myanmar

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Rugby was established in modern Burma in 2013, with the establishment of the Yangon Dragons club. The club was founded by Dave Smith, who had similarly popularized rugby in the Philippines with the Cebu Dragons club. [1]

Colonial history

During British rule in Burma (1824-1948), rugby was played by British colonists and soldiers in Burma. In the early 20th century, Kwasi Kwarteng notes that the Gymkhana Club played rugby against the military garrison, "their only opponents". [2] The Myanmar Times notes that Herbert Thirkell White (lieutenant governor of Burma 1905-1910) had stated: “To think of hot-headed Burmans engaged in the rough-and-tumble of Rugby excites lurid imaginings.” [3]

British rule in Burma Historical time period

British rule in Burma, also known as British Burma, lasted from 1824 to 1948, from the Anglo-Burmese wars through the creation of Burma as a Province of British India to the establishment of an independently administered colony, and finally independence. Various portions of Burmese territories, including Arakan, Tenasserim were annexed by the British after their victory in the First Anglo-Burmese War; Lower Burma was annexed in 1852 after the Second Anglo-Burmese War. The annexed territories were designated the minor province, British Burma, of British India in 1862.

Kwasi Kwarteng British politician

Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng is a British Conservative Party politician serving as Member of Parliament (MP) for Spelthorne since 2010. On November 16, 2018, Kwarteng was appointed Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU), following the resignation of Suella Braverman.

Herbert Thirkell White British administrator in Burma

Sir Herbert Thirkell White (1855–1931) was the Lieutenant Governor of the British Indian province of Burma (1905–1910) and the author of several books on Burma, the best known of which is the classic, A Civil Servant in Burma, which is based on the 32 years (1878–1910) he spent as a civil servant in that province. White also authored the fourth volume Burma of the four volume series "Provincial Geographies of India" which was published between 1913-23 from the Cambridge University Press under the editorship of Thomas Henry Holland.

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Yangon Metropolitan City in Yangon Region, Myanmar

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the capital of the Yangon Region and commercial capital of Myanmar. Yangon served as the administrative capital of Myanmar until 2006, when the military government relocated the administrative functions to the purpose-built city of Naypyidaw [nèpjìdɔ̀] in central Myanmar. With over 7 million people, Yangon is Myanmar's largest city and its most important commercial centre.

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The England national rugby league team represents England in international rugby league.

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Rugby League World Cup international rugby league football tournament

The Rugby League World Cup is an international rugby league tournament, contested by national teams of the Rugby League International Federation, which was first held in France in 1954, the first World Cup in either rugby code. The idea of a rugby league world cup tournament was first mooted in the 1930s with the French proposal to hold a tournament in 1931, and again in 1951. The fifteen tournaments held to date have been at intervals ranging from two to eight years, and have featured a number of formats. So far three nations have won the competition. Australia, France and New Zealand are the only teams to have played in all tournaments. Since 2000, the RLIF has also organised World Cups for women, students and other categories. The 2017 Rugby League World Cup was held in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea which was won by Australia.

Yan Paing born 27 November 1983 in Yangon) is a Burmese footballer who plays for the Myanmar national football team. He also plays with Yadanarbon in Myanmar National League. Yan Paing is a key striker for the Myanmar National Team and Yadanarbon FC. He became a popular player playing with former club Finance & Revenue FC.

Myanmar Radio and Television, formerly the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), is the parent of state-run Myanmar Radio National Service, and a television channel. The television channels are broadcast from its broadcast centre in Kamayut, Yangon. The radio service is now broadcast primarily from Naypyidaw.

The Challenge Cup is a knockout rugby league cup competition organised by the Rugby Football League, held annually since 1896, with the exception of 1915–1919 and 1939–1940. It involves amateur, semi-professional and professional clubs.

Myanmar National League

The MPT Myanmar National League is the premier national professional football league of Myanmar. In 2009, the league replaced the Myanmar Premier League, which consisted only of 14 Yangon-based football clubs, with eight professional clubs representing different regions across the nation. On 16 May 2009, the league launched its inaugural two-month tournament, the Myanmar National League Cup 2009 in preparation for the first full season in 2010. Despite its national ambitions, the league held the MNL Cup 2009 matches in the country's two main stadiums in Yangon due to the lack of adequate facilities elsewhere. On 5 July 2009, Yadanabon FC defeated Yangon United FC in the MNL Cup final to become the first-ever MNL Champions.

Rugby union in Singapore

Rugby union is not a major sport in Singapore. Singapore is currently ranked 58th in the world and 6th in Asia. As of February 2015, there over 12,000 registered players, with more than 2,000 women playing the sport. There are also 15 formally organised clubs with 4 registered Women's sides.

Yangon United F.C.

Yangon United Football Club is a Burmese football club, based at Yangon United Sports Complex, in Yangon, Myanmar. Owned by Tay Za, a prominent Burmese businessman, the club was one of eight teams originally participating in the first Myanmar National League in 2009. The team finished runners-up in the league's inaugural cup competition, the Myanmar National League Cup 2009. Yangon United's biggest rivals are Yadanarbon F.C., with whom they contested the Myanmar rivalry.

Sithu Aung is a burmese professional footballer who plays as midfielder for Myanmar national football team and Chonburi. He has played much of his career as a Left Back, but he has also been used in various midfield roles.

2014 AFC U-19 Championship

The 2014 AFC U-19 Championship was the 38th edition of the biennial international youth football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for players aged 19 and below. Myanmar were approved as hosts of the competition on 25 April 2013. The tournament was held from 9 to 23 October 2014, with the top four teams qualifying for the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand.

World Club Challenge

The World Club Challenge is an annual rugby league competition between the winners of the Australian NRL and the Super League. The first such match was played in 1976 but did not become a regular fixture until the late 1980s. It was also punctuated in the 1990s by the Super League war but has been held every year since 2000. The Sydney City Roosters are the current champions, having defeated the Wigan Warriors 8– 20 in Wigan.

Shan United F.C.

Shan United Football Club is a professional Burmese football club based in Taunggyi, Myanmar, representing Shan State in the Myanmar National League. It had previously competed as an amateur club under the name Kanbawza FC, based in Yangon.

2016 AYA Bank Cup

The 2016 AYA Bank Cup was a four-nation football tournament hosted in Yangon, Myanmar from 3–6 June 2016.

The 2017 General Aung San Shield is the third season of Myanmar knockout football competition. The tournament is organized by the Myanmar Football Federation. It is the league cup competition started in 2017 Myanmar football season. This cup succeeded the Myanmar Football Federation Cup. MFF has changed the cup competition style as follows.

The 2019 Myanmar National League is the 10th season of the Myanmar National League, the top Myanmar professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 2009, also known as MPT Myanmar National League due to the sponsorship deal with Myanma Posts and Telecommunications. A total of 12 teams will compete in the league. The season began on 12 January 2019 and is scheduled to conclude on 24 September 2019.


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