Rugby union in Mongolia

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Rugby union in Mongolia is a minor but growing sport. Mongolia is represented in international matches by the Mongolia national rugby union team, which compete in the annual Asian Five Nations tournament.


Governing body

The governing body is the Mongolian Rugby Football Union (MRFU), which was established in 2003. [1]


Rugby was first introduced into Mongolia from the Soviet Union's Red Army, where it was a moderately popular sport.

The first ever official match of Mongolia was played at 9 June 2009, for the Asian Five Nations, Division II, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, with Kyrgyzstan, finishing with a respectable 21–38 loss. Mongolia takes part in the regional sections of the Asian Five Nations [2] [3]

There are currently 8 clubs in existence. [4]

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The Mongolian national rugby union team represents Mongolia in international rugby union play. Mongolia is a member of the International Rugby Board (IRB), and has yet to play in a Rugby World Cup. The Mongolian Rugby Football Union (MRFU), which governs the sport of rugby in the country, was established in 2003.

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