Rugby union in Belgium

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Rugby union in Belgium
Belgian rugby goes to the carnival: the Giant Xhovémont in the streets of Outremeuse in Liège, 15 August 2008
Governing bodyBelgian Rugby Federation
National team(s) Belgium
Registered players14,266 [1]
National competitions
Club competitions
Romain Orban of Kituro Rugby Club scores the winning conversion in the last second of the final of the Belgian Rugby Championship, 2009 2009-05-17 Kituro Rugby Club RC Frameries.jpg
Romain Orban of Kituro Rugby Club scores the winning conversion in the last second of the final of the Belgian Rugby Championship, 2009

Rugby union in Belgium is a growing sport. The national governing body for rugby union in Belgium is the Belgian Rugby Federation. The national team plays in the European Nations Cup, and as of October 2014, they were ranked thirtieth in the World Rugby Rankings. [2]


Governing body

The national governing body for rugby union in Belgium is the Belgian Rugby Federation (FBRB - Fédération Belge de Rugby in French and Belgische Rugby Bond in Dutch) which is headquartered in Brussels. The Belgian Rugby Federation was formed in 1931, and joined the IRFB in 1988. [3]

Rugby union is governed by two regional bodies that answer to FBRB, the national governing body. Most of the clubs in the northern region of Belgium are governed by the Vlaamse Rugby Bond (VRB). The remaining clubs are governed by the Ligue Belge Francophone de Rugby (LBFR). [4]

Rugby union in Belgium is also structured into four districts for competition purposes. These districts are; Brabant, Hainaut, Liège/Namur/Luxembourg, and Flanders.

Within these districts, there are also several leagues and divisions that are structured based on the skill level of the clubs.


For a long time, Belgian rugby's most high-profile personality was the former international referee, Teddy Lacroix, who became president of the union. [3]

Rugby union in Belgium has not been popular historically, but due to its recent international successes, it is a quickly growing sport. As of the December 2007, more than half of the nearly seven thousand registered players are pre-teens or teenagers. [5] In addition, there are currently forty-eight domestic clubs that compete against each other on various levels.

Notable players

Notable Belgian rugby players include:

National team

The national team, nicknamed the Black Devils (Zwarte Duivels), has been competing in international tests since 1932.

2006-08 European Nations Cup

The national team competed in competition in the Second Division at the 2010-2012 European Nations Cup winning the division and securing promotion to Division 1A for the next season.

DateCityOpponentResults¹AttendanceType of game
12 February 2011 Brussels Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova 20-5??? European Nations Cup
12 March 2011 Gdynia, Poland Flag of Poland.svg Poland 21-28??? European Nations Cup
19 March 2011 Brussels Flag of Germany.svg Germany 28-25??? European Nations Cup
23 April 2011 Amsterdam Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 30-18??? European Nations Cup
5 November 2011 Brussels Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic 55-0??? European Nations Cup
25 February 2012 Brussels Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 58-3??? European Nations Cup
10 March 2012 Chisinau Flag of Moldova.svg Moldova 17-16??? European Nations Cup
17 March 2012 Heusenstamm Flag of Germany.svg Germany 30-29??? European Nations Cup
7 April 2012 Brussels Flag of Poland.svg Poland 20-13??? European Nations Cup

¹ Results from Belgian view

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