Rugby union in San Marino

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Rugby union in San Marino
CountrySan Marino
Governing bodyFederazione Sammarinese Rugby
National team(s) San Marino
National competitions

Rugby union in San Marino is a minor but growing sport.


Governing body

The governing body is the Federazione Sammarinese Rugby, which was set up in 2004 by the brothers Giacomo and Michele Rossi. [1] It is affiliated to FIRA.


Although San Marino is not a major rugby playing nation, it is surrounded by Italy which is one of the players in the Six Nations.

Aside from the national team, there is one major club, the Rugby Club San Marino. [2] Unlike some microstates which have had to contend with lack of facilities, San Marino's main problem is one of population.

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Sport in San Marino

This article is about the sports in the Republic of San Marino.

Romania national rugby union team

The Romania national rugby union team represents Romania in men's international rugby union competitions, nicknamed Stejarii, is long considered one of the stronger European teams outside the Six Nations. They have participated in all but one Rugby World Cup and currently compete in the first division of the European Nations Cup, which they won recently in 2017. Rugby union in Romania is administered by the Romanian Rugby Federation.

The Greece national rugby union team represents one of the world's newest rugby union playing nations. The national team is governed by the HRF, or EOP, presided by Evangelos Stamos. Greece has been participating in international competitions since October 2005 playing its first international game against Austria in Vienna. Since then, they have played several international games in FIRA competition 3D, and in Greece. Greece played Slovakia in the Final on 12 May 2007 in Thessaloniki, where they won 20–17 and in doing so gained promotion to division 3C. The current coach of the Greek national team is Mike Bishop taking over from Niall Doherty who is currently involved with Turkey. The national side is ranked 108th in the world

Luxembourg national rugby union team

The Luxembourg national rugby union team is a minor team, and is ranked as a third tier nation. The team participates in the annual Rugby Europe Championship Conference 2 North 2017–18 Rugby Europe Conference. Since 1996 Luxembourg also competes in the sevens circuits in Europe Luxembourg national rugby sevens team.

Rugby union in France is a popular team sport. Rugby union was first introduced in the early 1870s by British residents. Elite French clubs participate in the professional domestic club league, the Top 14. Clubs also compete in the European knock-out competition, the European Rugby Champions Cup, which replaced the Heineken Cup from 2014–15.

Lithuania national rugby union team

The Lithuania national rugby union team represents Lithuania in men's international rugby union competitions. Nicknamed The Knights (Vytis), is considered one of the relatively stronger tier 3 teams in European rugby and currently compete in the second division of the Rugby Europe International Championships in the Rugby Europe Trophy, a competition which is just below the Rugby Europe Championship where the top 6 countries in Europe compete. They are yet to participate in any Rugby World Cup and play in black with a pattern involving the colours red, yellow and green.

The San Marino national rugby union team represents San Marino in international rugby union. San Marino are a member of World Rugby.

Rugby union in Poland

Rugby union in Poland is a minor, but growing sport and currently, the Polish men`s national team are ranked 34th in the world as of 31 October 2020.

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Rugby union in Cyprus is a minor but growing sport.

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Rugby union in Malta is a small but growing sport. The national senior men's team are currently ranked 39th by the World Rugby.This is the islands highest international rank.

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Rugby union in Liechtenstein is a minor but growing sport.

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Rugby union in Yugoslavia was a moderately popular sport. It was most popular in the Croatian SR, and to a lesser extent in the Serbian and Slovenian SRs, with some presence in the Bosnian SR as well.

2010–12 European Nations Cup First Division

The 2010–12 European Nations Cup is the premier rugby union competition below the Six Nations Championship in Europe.

The European Under-18 Rugby Union Championship is an annual rugby union championship for Under-18 national teams, held since 2004. The championship is organised by rugby's European governing body, the FIRA – Association of European Rugby (FIRA-AER).

The 2012–14 European Nations Cup Second Division is the third tier rugby union in Europe behind the Six Nations Championship and the 2012-2014 European Nations Cup First Division.

Rugby Europe

Rugby Europe is the administrative body for rugby union in Europe. It was formed in 1999 to promote, develop, organise and administer the game of rugby in Europe under the authority of World Rugby. However, it is not responsible for the organisation of the Six Nations Championship or the competitions run by European Professional Club Rugby.

Polish Rugby Union, abbreviated to PZR, is the only legal Polish representative of Polish rugby union and rugby sevens for both men and women's rugby and all age groups.

Rugby union in Montenegro

Rugby union in Montenegro is a minor but growing sport. The game has only recently been developed in the country since its independence in 2006. The governing body is the Montenegrin Rugby Union which was accepted as a member of Rugby Europe at the 2014 convention held in Split, Croatia. It is not yet affiliated with World Rugby but is applying for membership.

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