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Sharon den Adel
Sharon Den Adel.jpg
Sharon den Adel on backstage at the 2016 Hellfest in Clisson, France.
Behind her on the right, Jeroen van Veen.
Background information
Birth nameSharon Janny den Adel
Also known asSharon den Adel
Born (1974-07-12) 12 July 1974 (age 45)
Origin Waddinxveen, Netherlands
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • fashion designer
Years active1996–present
Associated acts

Sharon Janny den Adel (born 12 July 1974) is a Dutch singer, songwriter and fashion designer, best known as the lead vocalist and one of the main songwriters in the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. She has been a performing musician since the age of 14, and is a founding member of Within Temptation, along with Robert Westerholt, in 1996. She was also elected to be the Dutch chairperson of the jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. [1]

Symphonic metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music which combines the heavy drums and guitars of metal with different elements of orchestral classical music, such as symphonic instruments, choirs and sometimes a full orchestra. Keyboards reminiscent of power metal are also sometimes featured.

Within Temptation symphonic metal band from the Netherlands

Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt. They have always been classified by critics as gothic metal, although the "gothic" influence varies with each album. Their most prominent and well-known sound is described as symphonic metal, although their earlier material, such as debut album Enter, was mostly gothic metal, with Enter also having a hint of doom metal. In an interview, den Adel said they fell into a symphonic rock genre with various influences. In a later interview with Dutch music platform 3VOOR12, den Adel stated that "we consider ourselves more a symphonic rock band ... in my opinion, we are no gothic band".

Robert Westerholt Dutch musician

Robert Westerholt is a Dutch musician, known as the guitarist and co-founder of the symphonic metal band Within Temptation. He also writes music for the band along with his partner and band vocalist Sharon den Adel. He used to work in human resource management before his career with Within Temptation.


Personal life

Sharon Janny den Adel was born on 12 July 1974 in Waddinxveen, Netherlands. She traveled extensively in her youth, [2] living in at least ten different countries, including Indonesia, where she lived between ages one and six. [3] From the age of 14, she performed with various bands, including a blues rock band called Kashiro. [4] During high school Den Adel met Robert Westerholt who introduced her to Paradise Lost. [5] As their partnership grew, in 1996 they came to form a band called The Portal, though the name was changed to Within Temptation before their debut recording. [2] [6] She has a bachelor's degree in fashion design. [5]

Waddinxveen Municipality in South Holland, Netherlands

Waddinxveen is a town and municipality along the Gouwe river in the western Netherlands in the province of South Holland near Gouda. The municipality had a population of 27,213 in 2017 and covers an area of 29.40 km2 (11.35 sq mi) of which 1.50 km2 (0.58 sq mi) is water.

Paradise Lost (band) British gothic metal band

Paradise Lost are a gothic metal band that formed in 1988 in Halifax, England and are considered by some to be the pioneers of the death-doom genre, and regarded as the main influence for the later gothic metal movement. Bands that have cited Paradise Lost as an influence, or have covered them, include My Dying Bride, Anathema, The Gathering, Amorphis, Cradle of Filth, Katatonia, Moonspell, Lacuna Coil, HIM, Nightwish, and many others. As of 2005, Paradise Lost have sold over two million albums worldwide.

A bachelor's degree or baccalaureate is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to seven years. In some institutions and educational systems, some bachelor's degrees can only be taken as graduate or postgraduate degrees after a first degree has been completed. In countries with qualifications frameworks, bachelor's degrees are normally one of the major levels in the framework, although some qualifications titled bachelor's degrees may be at other levels and some qualifications with non-bachelor's titles may be classified as bachelor's degrees.

Den Adel and long-term partner Robert Westerholt have three children together (daughter Eva Luna, sons Robin Aiden and Logan Arwin), [3] and they currently live near Hilversum. Den Adel was pregnant with their first child, Eva Luna (born 7 December 2005), during The Silent Force tour. On 22 February 2009, Den Adel announced that she was pregnant with her second child, [7] Robin Aiden Westerholt, whose birth was announced on the band's official website on 1 June 2009. Going by the name of Aiden, he was born prematurely at 32 weeks and 6 days. [8] On 26 November 2010, Den Adel announced that she was expecting another child which, due to complications with her previous pregnancies, meant that the band's 2011 tour dates would be rescheduled from spring until autumn. The birth of her son, Logan Arwin, was announced on 31 March 2011. [9]

Hilversum City and municipality in North Holland, Netherlands

Hilversum is a city and municipality in the province of North Holland, Netherlands. Located in the heart of the Gooi, it is the largest urban centre in that area. It is surrounded by heathland, woods, meadows, lakes, and smaller towns. Hilversum is part of the Randstad, one of the largest conurbations in Europe.

<i>The Silent Force</i> 2004 studio album by Within Temptation

The Silent Force is the third studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation, released on 15 November 2004, by GUN Records. This album is the first to feature Ruud Jolie on lead guitar, as well as Martijn Spierenburg on keyboards, after Martijn Westerholt had to leave the band due to illness.


Training and vocal profile

Den Adel never formally studied singing and stated in a 2006 interview that she had sung a short while in a choir and was mostly self-taught. [10] She used to practice alone three or four hours per day. [11] Sharon has a mezzo-soprano range, though she has a light and lyric vocal quality for that range. Her highest note is found on the song "Jane Doe" Netherlands/Australia/Japan release and her lowest on "Empty Eyes".[ citation needed ] On Stand My Ground, one of Within Temptation signature songs, Den Adel vocal range spans from C4 to A5. [12]

A mezzo-soprano or mezzo (, ; Italian pronunciation: [ˈmɛddzo soˈpraːno] meaning "half soprano") is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range lies between the soprano and the contralto voice types. The mezzo-soprano's vocal range usually extends from the A below middle C to the A two octaves above (i.e. A3–A5 in scientific pitch notation, where middle C = C4; 220–880 Hz). In the lower and upper extremes, some mezzo-sopranos may extend down to the F below middle C (F3, 175 Hz) and as high as "high C" (C6, 1047 Hz). The mezzo-soprano voice type is generally divided into the coloratura, lyric, and dramatic mezzo-soprano.

<i>The Unforgiving</i> 2011 studio album by Within Temptation

The Unforgiving is the fifth studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation, released by Roadrunner Records on March 25, 2011. It was a concept album as one part of a transmedia storytelling project. The first single, "Faster", was released on January 21. The first related short film "Mother Maiden'", was released on January 31. The second short film, Sinéad was released on March 21, and the second single with the same name on July 15. The first issue of the comic books, Penance, Part One, was released on March 18, 2011, and digitally released by Diamond Digital at the New York Comic Con on October 22. The second issue, Penance, Part Two was released on May 13. The third issue, Penance, Part Three, was released on August 31 and the fourth issue, Penance, Part Four, on November 2. As of November 2012, the album reportedly sold 313,790 copies exclusively on the iTunes merchandise website.

Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel performing with Within Temptation in 2011 Within Temptation 2011 5.jpg
Sharon den Adel performing with Within Temptation in 2011

Together with her partner, Robert Westerholt, Den Adel formed Within Temptation (initially called The Portal, though the name was changed before their first recording) [2] in 1996. She has defined their work as epic and cinematic. [13] Her vocals play a major role in the band's sound, despite having never received formal vocal training. [14]

Epic poetry lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily detailing heroic deeds

An epic poem, epic, epos, or epopee is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily involving a time beyond living memory in which occurred the extraordinary doings of the extraordinary men and women who, in dealings with the gods or other superhuman forces, gave shape to the moral universe that their descendants, the poet and his audience, must understand to understand themselves as a people or nation.

Before Within Temptation became famous, she worked for a fashion company, leaving after the band found success with their hit single "Ice Queen". She utilises her fashion expertise by designing her stage costumes and the band's merchandise. [15] described Den Adel as a "versatile and skilled singer who is equally adept at singing powerfully with a full orchestra and choir as she is at singing quietly and emotionally with just a piano." [16] When asked if she prefers to sing in Dutch or English, den Adel said that she favours the latter because "Dutch just doesn't fit to our music style. It is also not the nicest language to sing in. Italian or Spanish would then be better options." [17]

Ice Queen (song) Within Temptation song

"Ice Queen" is a song by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. It was released in June 2001 as the second single from their second studio album Mother Earth. The song was the band's commercial breakthrough, and it remains one of the band's most successful songs to date in Europe. It has been featured on the annual Dutch Top 2000 since 2011.

The band were invited several times to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest as the Dutch representatives, but they have declined everytime since they find it not the best place for a metal band to present themselves. In 2018, den Adel was then selected as a juror for that year edition. [1] [18]

My Indigo

On November 9, 2017, Den Adel announced on the Dutch TV-show RTL Late Night, that on the following day November 10, 2017, the first single for her solo project My Indigo, also entitled "My Indigo", will be released. [19] [20] According to Den Adel, the project was originally not intended to be released to the general public as it was for her a form to deal with personal problems, and also due to a writer's block for composing for Within Temptation. After two years composing for herself and with regained inspiration to write for Within Temptation, Den Adel decided to share the project publicly as a separate project named “My Indigo”. [21] [22] The self titled first album was released on April 20, 2018.

Collaborations with other artists

Sharon den Adel has performed on-stage and in the studio with several notable artists, including Tarja Turunen, Armin van Buuren, After Forever, De Heideroosjes, Oomph!, Delain, Agua de Annique and Anneke van Giersbergen. She sang the part of Anna Held in Tobias Sammet's Avantasia projects, and the part of the Indian on Ayreon's rock opera Into the Electric Castle . She sang the vocals of one Timo Tolkki song, "Are You The One?", co-wrote and recorded the vocals for the track "In And Out Of Love" on Armin van Buuren's 2008 Trance album Imagine , and sang on the track "No Compliance" for Delain's album Lucidity , as well as working with the band Voyage on the track "Frozen" (not to be confused with the Within Temptation song of the same title). At the 2009 edition of the Night of the Proms festival, Den Adel made a guest appearance during John Miles' performance of "Stairway to Heaven". [23] At the end of 2012, Sharon made an appearance on a charity campaign made by a Belgian radio station to raise money for children singing the chorus of the song het Meneer Konijn lied among other Belgian celebrities [24] The song also peaked #1 at the Belgium Charts. [25] Her cover of the song "Just What I Need for Tonight", from The Dinky Toys during the TV program Liefde voor muziek, peaked #18 on the Ultratip Belgium Charts. [26]


Within Temptation

My Indigo

Guest appearances

YearTitleMain or other artist(s)Album
1997"Hear"Silicon HeadBash
1998"Isis & Osiris" Ayreon Into the Electric Castle
"Amazing Flight"
"The Decision Tree"
"Tunnel of Light"
"The Garden of Emotions"
"Cosmic Fusion"
"Another Time, Another Space"
1999"Regular Day in Bosnia" De Heideroosjes Schizo
2000"Beyond Me" After Forever Prison of Desire
"Farewell" Avantasia The Metal Opera
The Metal Opera: Pt 1 & 2 - Gold Edition [A]
"Behold" Orphanage Inside
"Fly"ParalysisArchitecture of the Imagination
"Architecture of the Imagination"
2001"Last Call to Humanity" De Heideroosjes Fast Forward
2002"Time"AemenFooly Dressed
"Into the Unknown" Avantasia The Metal Opera Part II
The Metal Opera: Pt 1 & 2 - Gold Edition [A]
"Are You the One?" Timo Tolkki Hymn to Life
2005"Candy" De Heideroosjes N/A [B]
2006"No Compliance" Delain (also featuring Marco Hietala) Lucidity
2008"In and Out of Love" Armin van Buuren Imagine
2009"Somewhere" [C] Agua de Annique Pure Air
"Stairway to Heaven" John Miles, Katona Twins Night of the Proms [D]
2010"Land Ahead" Oomph! Truth Or Dare
2011"Keep Breathing" Ruud Jolie For All We Know
2012"Nostradamus"CoeverduhWesley Against Society
"Between Two Worlds And I"Leander RisingHeart Tamer
"Het Meneer Konijn Lied"Various artistsDe Vrienden Van Meneer Konijn
2013"Shine" Avalon The Land of New Hope
"No Compliance" Delain Metal Female Voices Fest 2013 [E]
2014"Hier" Ali B Ali B en de Muziekkaravaan
2016"Isle of Evermore" Avantasia Ghostlights
"Paradise (What About Us?)" (new mix) Tarja Turunen The Brightest Void
2017"Escape" [F] Avi8
"Feliz Navidad" Tarja Turunen Feliz Navidad

Other Songs

2018"Just What I Need Tonight"Liefde Voor Muziek (Live)
"Virgin State Of Mind"
"Things That I Should Have Done"



YearAwardCategoryNominated WorkResult [27] [28] [29]
2009 International Dance Music Awards Best Progressive House/Trance Track In and Out of Love
(Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel)
2011 Loudwire Music Awards Rock Goddess of the YearSharon den AdelWon


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All I Need (Within Temptation song) song of Within Temptation

"All I Need" is a power ballad written by Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt for Within Temptation's fourth studio album The Heart of Everything (2007).

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<i>Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live in Concert</i> 2014 video by Within Temptation

Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live in Concert is a live album, DVD and Blu-ray Disc from Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. It was scheduled to be released in November, 2014 and is available on 2-disc DVD, 2-disc CD, 2-disc Blu-ray and digital album. The live album features two performances, being the first one the greatest part of the band's 15th anniversary concert at the Sportpaleis, entitled Elements, and the second one the band's performance at the Heineken Music Hall during the Hydra World Tour.

My Indigo music project by Sharon den Adel

My Indigo is a musical project by Dutch singer and songwriter Sharon den Adel. The project was announced in late 2017 and is unrelated to den Adel's symphonic metal band Within Temptation.

My Indigo (song) 2017 single by My Indigo

"My Indigo" is the first single of Dutch singer and songwriter Sharon den Adel musical project My Indigo. The song was announced on 9 November 2017, by den Adel at the Dutch talkshow RTL Late Night, and officially released on 10 November 2017, via a Facebook announcement.

<i>My Indigo</i> (album) 2018 studio album by My Indigo

My Indigo is the debut studio album by Dutch singer and songwriter Sharon den Adel with her solo musical project My Indigo. It was released on April 20, 2018. The track listing of the debut album was released on January 31, 2018, by Within Temptation fansite DontTearMeDown.

<i>Resist</i> (Within Temptation album) 2019 studio album by Within Temptation

Resist is the seventh studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation. It was scheduled to be released on December 14, 2018, but later postponed to February 1, 2019 due to production problems. The album contains guest appearances by singers Jacoby Shaddix, Anders Fridén and Jasper Steverlinck (Arid) and was produced by their longtime producer Daniel Gibson. The album marks the longest time gap between the band's releases at five years.

The Reckoning (Within Temptation song) 2018 Within Temptation single

"The Reckoning" is the first single from Dutch symphonic metal and rock band Within Temptation's seventh studio album Resist, and features guest vocals from Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. It was released worldwide via digital download and streaming on 14 September 2018. A promotional lyric video accompanied the release. The official music video for the song was released on September 24. The video was nominated for an Edison Award for Best Video.

Firelight (song)

"Firelight" is the third single from Dutch symphonic metal and rock band Within Temptation's seventh studio album Resist, and features guest vocals from Jasper Steverlinck of Arid. It was released worldwide via digital download and streaming on 23 November 2018.