There Goes the Groom (film)

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There Goes the Groom
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Directed by Joseph Santley
Screenplay byS.K. Lauren
Dorothy Yost
Harold Kussel
Based onLet Freedom Swing
1937 story in American Magazine
by David Garth
Produced by Albert Lewis
Starring Ann Sothern
Burgess Meredith
Mary Boland
Cinematography Milton R. Krasner
Edited by Jack Hively
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • October 29, 1937 (1937-10-29)(US)
Running time
65 minutes
CountryUnited States

There Goes the Groom is a 1937 screwball comedy film directed by Joseph Santley and starring Ann Sothern and Burgess Meredith. It was Burgess Meredith's second film and his first screen comedy; his first film, Winterset (1936), was a serious romantic drama. [1]



Dick Matthews (Burgess Meredith), just out of college, heads for the gold fields of Alaska to find his fortune. When he returns to marry his girl friend Janet Russell (Louise Henry), he discovers that she is no longer interested him. When her mother learns that the fellow has struck it rich, she changes her daughter's mind. Unfortunately, the young man has become enamored of the girl's little sister Betty (Ann Sothern). [2]



The working title for the film was "Don't Forget to Remember". The part played by Burgess Meredith was originally scheduled to be played by John Boles. [1]

Critical response

Variety said about the film, "The yarn is well-worn around the edges, but ... buoyantly and skillfully acted by each least or large member of the cast... The direction, camera and production are all first-rate. Theatres catering to smart clientele should especially look into There Goes the Groom," while The New York Times said it was "an amiable comedy [which] ... may best be described as a cinematic exercise for Burgess Meredith, who dominates the whole affair. His performance, like the film, is occasionally brilliant, but on the whole does not merit more than a polite, indulgent commendation... [He] appears to be more at ease before the camera than he was in the memorable Winterset. His approach is less strained and he seems to have dropped most of his stage mannerisms." [3]

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