Through Fire and Water

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Through Fire and Water
Directed by Thomas Bentley
Written by Eliot Stannard
Based on Greensea Island by Victor Bridges
Starring Clive Brook
Flora le Breton
Lawford Davidson
Jerrold Robertshaw
Distributed byIdeal Film Company
Release date
February 1923
CountryUnited Kingdom

Through Fire and Water is a 1923 British silent adventure film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Clive Brook, Flora le Breton and Lawford Davidson. [1] It was based on the 1922 novel Greensea Island by Victor Bridges.



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The following is an overview of 1923 in film, including significant events, a list of films released and notable births and deaths. This year saw the establishments of both Warner Bros. Pictures and Walt Disney Productions.

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Return to Yesterday is a 1940 British comedy-drama film directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Clive Brook and Anna Lee. It was based on Robert Morley's play Goodness, How Sad. The film was made at Ealing Studios.

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Gilbert Lawford Dalton (1904–1963) was a British children's writer and comics writer. He was most prolific as an author of stories for British boys' comics for DC Thomson publications.

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Lawford Davidson British actor

Lawford Davidson was a British film actor.

<i>Cocaine</i> (film) 1922 film by Graham Cutts

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The Rolling Road is a 1927 British silent drama film directed by Graham Cutts and starring Carlyle Blackwell, Flora le Breton, Clifford Heatherley and A.V. Bramble. The screenplay concerns a young woman in a Cornish fishing village who has to choose between various suitors.

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<i>The Love Doctor</i> 1929 film

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Half a Truth is a 1922 British silent crime film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Margaret Hope, Lawford Davidson and Miles Mander. It was based on a 1911 novel by Eliza Humphreys writing as Rita.

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<i>Daredevils Reward</i> 1928 film

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Constant Hot Water is a 1923 British silent comedy film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Gladys Jennings, John Stuart and Lawford Davidson.

<i>Marriage</i> (1927 film) 1927 film by Roy William Neill

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Greenlink Rotary Park Trail System Urban park in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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<i>Greensea Island</i> 1922 novel

Greensea Island is a 1922 adventure novel by the British writer Victor Bridges. It was his final novel for publishers Mills & Boon as he was signed up by Hodder & Stoughton who hoped he could replicate the success of Edgar Wallace's thrillers.

<i>College Days</i> (1926 film) 1926 film

College Days is a 1926 American silent romantic comedy film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Marceline Day, Charles Delaney, and James Harrison. It was produced by the independent Tiffany Pictures. The film's sets were designed by the art director Edwin B. Willis.