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Tokelau , a dependency of New Zealand with a population of fewer than 1,500, has yet to take part in the Commonwealth Games. Tokelau usually only competes in international sports events in the Pacific region, such as the Pacific Games and Pacific Mini Games.

A team representing Tokelau was expected to make its début at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. [1] [2] However no team was present for the Opening Ceremony, and no Tokelauan athletes took part in the Games. [3]

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Tokelau Dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean

Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of three tropical coral atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. They have a combined land area of 10 km2 (4 sq mi). The capital rotates yearly among the three atolls. In addition to these three, Swains Island, which forms part of the same archipelago, is the subject of an ongoing territorial dispute; it is currently administered by the United States as part of American Samoa. Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, east of Tuvalu, south of the Phoenix Islands, southwest of the more distant Line Islands, and northwest of the Cook Islands.

Commonwealth Games Multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations

The Commonwealth Games, often referred to as the Friendly Games, is a quadrennial international multi-sport event among athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. The event was first held in 1930, and, with the exception of 1942 and 1946, have successively run every four years since. The Games were called the British Empire Games from 1930 to 1950, the British Empire and Commonwealth Games from 1954 to 1966, and British Commonwealth Games from 1970 to 1974. Athletes with a disability are included as full members of their national teams since 2002, making the Commonwealth Games the first fully inclusive international multi-sport event. In 2018, the Games became the first global multi-sport event to feature an equal number of men's and women's medal events and four years later they are the first global multi-sport event to have more events for women than men.

2010 Commonwealth Games Multi-sport event in Delhi, India

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games and commonly known as Delhi 2010, was an international multi-sport event that was held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. A total of 4352 athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and dependencies competed in 21 sports and 272 events, making it the largest Commonwealth Games to date. It was also the largest international multi-sport event to be staged in Delhi and India, eclipsing the Asian Games in 1951 and 1982. The opening and closing ceremonies were held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main stadium of the event.

Realm of New Zealand Entire area (or realm) in which the Queen of New Zealand is head of state

The Realm of New Zealand consists of the entire area in which the monarch of New Zealand functions as head of state. The Realm of New Zealand is not a federation; it is a constitutional concept encompassing the three autonomous legal systems of New Zealand, the Cook Islands, and Niue. It is a collection of states and territories united under its monarch. New Zealand is an independent and sovereign state. It has one Antarctic territorial claim, one dependent territory (Tokelau), and two associated states.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Delhi) Multi-sports stadium in New Delhi, India

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is a multi-sports stadium located in New Delhi, India. It is named after the first Prime Minister of India. Primarily a venue for football and athletics, it is an all-seated 60,254 capacity stadium, designed and constructed to meet the international standards for stadiums set by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). It is the fourth largest stadium in India, 27th largest stadium in Asia and the 103rd largest stadium in the world, in terms of seating capacity.

Vijender Singh Indian boxer

Vijender Singh Beniwal is an Indian professional boxer and politician. As an amateur, he won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, becoming the first Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal. He also won bronze medals at the 2009 World Championships and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, as well as silver medals at the 2006 and 2014 Commonwealth Games, all in the middleweight division.

Adam Thorp Brown is an English competition swimmer who has represented Great Britain at the Olympics and FINA world championships, and England at the Commonwealth Games. Brown specialises in the 50-metre and 100-metre freestyle sprint swimming events.

Sports in India refers to the large variety of games played in India, ranging from tribal games to more mainstream sports such as field hockey, kabaddi, cricket, badminton and football. India's diversity of culture, people, and tribes are reflected in the wide variety of sporting disciplines in the country.

Prashanti Singh Indian basketball player

Prashanti Singh is a shooting guard for the Indian national women's basketball team. She is first basketball player in India conferred with National Civilian Award Padma Shri in 2019. She has been honoured with the Arjuna Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India in 2017. She has also been awarded with the prestigious Rani Laxmi Bai Bravery Award 2016–17 in the field of sports by Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Australia at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Sporting event delegation

Australia competed at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

Sam Webster (cyclist) New Zealand cyclist

Sam Webster is a New Zealand track cyclist. He was the 2009 sprint, keirin and team sprint World Champion at the Junior World Championships and New Zealand national track cycling champion. He won gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in the individual sprint and the team sprint.

Wales at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Sporting event delegation

Almost 175 athletes across 15 different sports competed for Wales at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, between 3 October and 14 October 2010.

Canada at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Sporting event delegation

Canada competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games which were held in Delhi, India from October 3–14, 2010. Canada competed in 15 out of 17 sports with the exceptions being netball and tennis. Canada's team consisted of 251 athletes, which was a decrease of 3 from the 2006 games. However, the events at these games were much more than they were in 2006. Several athletes withdrew due to safety concerns, including medal contenders Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, Perdita Felician and Dietmar Trillus. Ken Pereira, Captain of the Men's field hockey team, was named the flag bearer on September 18, 2010, becoming the first Indo-Canadian and field hockey player to receive the honour.

Vanuatu at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Sporting event delegation

Vanuatu competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. Vanuatu's Table Tennis Federation has been for many years, honoured to select its players as the flag bearer of the 2010 Commonwealth games. As a result, Yoshua Shing was nominated flag bearer of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Vanuatu participated in table tennis at the commonwealth games for singles, doubles and mixed events. The events were held at the Yamuna Sports Complex from 4 to 14 October 2010.

A number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, which received widespread media coverage both in India and

Zoe Smith English weightlifter

Zoe Smith is an English weightlifter. In October 2010 she won a bronze medal in the women's 58kg division at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, her first senior international competition, to become the first English woman to win a Commonwealth Games weightlifting medal. Smith competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and finished 12th in the Women's 58kg division. After missing the 2016 Summer Olympics following an injury, she finished eighth in the 59kg at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Ryan Napoleon Australian swimmer

Ryan Napoleon is an Australian freestyle swimmer and Commonwealth Games medalist.

Valerie Christine Smith is an international lawn bowler from New Zealand.

India–Nauru relations Bilateral relations

India–Nauru relations refers to the international relations that exist between India and Nauru. These have been established since the island's independence in 1968.

Tokelau, a dependency of New Zealand, has taken part in the Pacific Games and Pacific Mini Games.


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