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Australia first competed at the Games, then titled the British Empire Games, in 1930; and is one of only six countries to have sent athletes to every Commonwealth Games. The others are Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales. Australian athletes competed for Australasia at the 1911 Festival of the Empire, the forerunner to the British Empire Games.


Five of the 21 games have been hosted by Australia, with the city of Gold Coast hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Australia has placed first at 13 out of the 21 games (compared with England 7 and Canada 1) and has been in the top three for all meets except the first games in 1930.

In all but one of the 18 Commonwealth Games held so far (excluding the 1978 Games), the Australian flag bearer has gone on to win a gold medal. [1]

List of Games Host Nation Bids

Games Staged

Australia has hosted the Commonwealth Games on four occasions but have only won once via an international vote. That vote was for the host of the 2018 games, won by the Gold Coast.

Sydney 1938 was simply awarded.

Perth 1962 was a contest between Adelaide and Perth which Adelaide originally won at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. Adelaide first won 13 votes to Perth's 3. Two years later that was overturned by the Australian Commonwealth Games Association prior to the 1958 British Empire Games in Cardiff, Wales. A New Vote awarded Perth with a 9 to 7 vote.

Brisbane 1982 was awarded after Lagos, Nigeria; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Birmingham, England all withdrew prior to the Bid vote that took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada during the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Melbourne 2006 was awarded to the city after Wellington, New Zealand withdrew their bid prior to the Bid Lodgement Deadline.

YearHost City, StateYears Between
2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast, Queensland 12
2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne, Victoria 24
1982 Commonwealth Games Brisbane, Queensland 20
1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games Perth, Western Australia 24
1938 British Empire Games Sydney, New South Wales -

Failed bid Results

YearAustralian Candidate CityWinning CityVote Tally
1974 Commonwealth Games Melbourne Christchurch 2-36
1998 Commonwealth Games Adelaide Kuala Lumpur 25-40


Overall Medal Tally

Positions are calculated by the number of gold medals earned, then the number of silvers is taken into consideration and then the number of bronze.

Figures from Commonwealth Games Foundation website. [2] Those represented in bold are the highest scoring medal tally for each individual medal.

The 2006 Games saw the highest overall medal tally, including the highest number of silver and bronze medals. The 1994 Games remains the Games with the highest number of gold medals won for Australia.

   Med 1.png      Med 2.png      Med 3.png   Total
Flag of Australia.svg Australia 9367777132426

Games Summary

GamesGoldSilverBronzeTotalRankCompetitorsOfficialsFlag Bearer OpeningFlag Bearer ClosingChe de Mission/General Manager
Flag of England.svg 1911 London 224871 Richard Coombes
Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg 1930 Hamilton 3418592 Bobby Pearce Hugh Weir
Flag of England.svg 1934 London 842143172 Noel Ryan Herbert Maxwell
Flag of Australia (converted).svg 1938 Sydney 25192266115811 Edgar 'Dunc Gray Wilfred Kent Hughes
Flag of New Zealand.svg 1950 Auckland 34271980114820 Mervyn Wood Harold Wikes
Canadian Red Ensign (1921-1957).svg 1954 Vancouver 2011174827813 Dick Garrard Jim Eve
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg 1958 Cardiff 27221766210514 Ivan Lund Jim Eve
Flag of Australia (converted).svg 1962 Perth 383631105120830 Tony Madigan Edgar Tanner
Flag of Jamaica.svg 1966 Kingston 23282273210123 David Dickson Bill Young
Flag of Scotland.svg 1970 Edinburgh 36242282110725 Pam Kilborn Michael Wenden [3] Arthur Tunstall
Flag of New Zealand.svg 1974 Christchurch 29282582116834 Michael Wenden Bill Young
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg 1978 Edmonton 24332784314842 Remo Sansonetti and
Salvatore Sansonetti
Tracey Wickham [4] Les Martyn
Flag of Australia (converted).svg 1982 Brisbane 393929107120854 Rick Mitchell Lisa Curry Jim Barry
Flag of Scotland.svg 1986 Edinburgh 404635121323569 Michael Turtur Gael Martin [5] Arthur Tunstall
Flag of New Zealand.svg 1990 Auckland 525456162124768 Lisa Curry-Kenny Phillip Adams Arthur Tunstall
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg 1994 Victoria 875243182124192 Ian Hale Gary Neiwand Arthur Tunstall
Flag of Malaysia.svg 1998 Kuala Lumpur 8061571981311130 Kieren Perkins Susan O'Neill Don Stockins
Flag of England.svg 2002 Manchester 8262632071355131 Damian Brown Ian Thorpe Don Stockins
Flag of Australia (converted).svg 2006 Melbourne 8469682211425168 Jane Saville Leisel Jones John Devitt
Flag of India.svg 2010 Delhi 7455481771368179 Sharelle McMahon Alicia Coutts Steve Mongehetti
Flag of Scotland.svg 2014 Glasgow 4942461372409184 Anna Meares Mark Knowles Steve Mongehetti
Flag of Australia (converted).svg 2018 Gold Coast 8059591981 Mark Knowles Kurt Fearnley Steve Mongehetti
Flag of England.svg 2022 Birmingham Future event Petria Thomas
Total93677771324261 [6] [1] [6]

Note - 1911 Games includes medals won by all Australasia athletes

Overall Medal Tally by Sport

Overall total of medals achieved for each individual Commonwealth Games sporting area from 1911-2018. Includes 1911 Festival of the Empire.

Swimming pictogram.svg Swimming 307225202734
Athletics pictogram.svg Athletics 196164140500
Cycling (road) pictogram.svg Cycling 1107053233
Shooting pictogram.svg Shooting 705942171
Weightlifting pictogram.svg Weightlifting 585046154
Gymnastics (artistic) pictogram.svg Gymnastics 474349139
Diving pictogram.svg Diving 374239118
Boxing pictogram.svg Boxing 19173571
Rowing pictogram.svg Rowing 1610834
Wrestling pictogram.svg Wrestling 14221652
Lawn bowls pictogram.svg Lawn bowls 14221147
Squash pictogram.svg Squash 1181433
Ice hockey pictogram.svg Hockey 101112
Basketball pictogram.svg Basketball 4004
Fencing pictogram.svg Fencing 3151028
Triathlon pictogram.svg Triathlon 34512
Tennis pictogram.svg Tennis 3328
Netball pictogram.svg Netball 3306
Bowling pictogram.svg Ten-pin bowling 3115
Judo pictogram.svg Judo 231318
Badminton pictogram.svg Badminton 21912
Table tennis pictogram.svg Table tennis 16512
Volleyball (beach) pictogram.svg Beach volleyball 1102
Archery pictogram.svg Archery 1023
Water polo pictogram.svg Water polo 1001
Synchronized swimming pictogram.svg Synchronised swimming 03710
Rugby Sevens pictogram.svg Rugby sevens 0224
Powerlifting pictogram.svg Powerlifting 0112
Cricket pictogram.svg Cricket 0101
Totals (29 nations)9367777132426

Progressive Medal Tally

Commonwealth Games Progressive Medal Tally
Year Med 1.png Gold Med 2.png Silver Med 3.png BronzeTotal

Note - 1911 Games includes medals won by all Australasia athletes

Numbers of athletes and sports

This list shows the total number of athletes, male and female, and the total sports they were selected to compete in.


Team & Individual Competitor Achievements

Notable Achievements

Represented at most Games

  • Arthur Tunstall has represented Australia as an official at 8 Commonwealth Games (1962, 66, 70, 74, 78, 86, 90, 94).
  • Runner Steve Moneghetti has represented Australia as an athlete in four Games (1986, 1990, 1994, 1998) and an official at four Games (2002, 2010, 2014, 2018)
  • Donald Stockins has represented Australia as an official at 8 Commonwealth Games (1974, 78, 82, 86, 90, 94, 98, 2002).
  • Badminton player Rhonda Cator has represented Australia as an athlete in fiveGames (1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002) and an official at three Games (2004, 2010, 2014)
  • Shooter Bruce Quick has represented in 7 Commonwealth Games (1990, 1998, 2002,2006,2010,2014 and 2018)
  • Shooter Phillip Adams has represented in 6 Commonwealth Games (1982, 86, 90, 94, 98, 2002).
  • Shooter Russell Mark has represented in 6 Commonwealth Games (1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014)
  • Shooter James Corbett has represented in 6 Commonwealth Games (1986, 1990, 1998, 2006, 2010, 2014)
  • Squash player David Palmer has represented in 6 Commonwealth Games (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018)

Best Individual Medal Achievements

Most gold medals won

  • Swimmer Susie O'Neill won 10 gold medals at three successive Games (1990, 94, 98).
  • Swimmer Ian Thorpe won 10 gold medals at two successive Games (1998, 2002).
  • Swimmer Leisel Jones won 10 gold medals at three successive Games (2002, 06, 10).

Most gold medals won at a single Games

Most medals won by a competitor

  • Shooter Phillip Adams has won 18 medals (7 gold, 9 silver, 2 bronze) at five Games (1982, 86, 90, 94, 2002).
  • Swimmer Susie O'Neill has won 15 medals (10 gold, 5 silver) at three Games (1990, 94, 98).
  • Swimmer Emily Seebohm has won 15 medals (7 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze) at three Games (2010, 14, 18)
  • Shooter Bruce Quick has won 14 medals ( 1 Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze) at 6 games ( 1990,1998,2002,2006,2010 and 2014).

Oldest gold medal winner

  • Dorothy Roche, was 61 years and 10 months old when she won a gold medal in the women's fours in Bowls at the 1990 Games.

Youngest gold medal winner

  • Jenny Turrall, was 13 years, 8 months old when she won a gold medal in the 400m freestyle at Christchurch, New Zealand in 1974. [7] Jenny Turrall also won Silver medals in the 200m Freestyle, 800m Freestyle and the women's 4x100 Freestyle Relay at the 1974 Christchurch Games. [8]

Winning Streaks

Australia has won gold in the following events for each consecutive Games since the beginning of each individual streak.

Australian Records Achieved at Commonwealth Games

Record Types listed follow this Key:

Record Summary

This list shows a summary of known Australian records and totals for each year and overall. A world record also covers all other records (Commonwealth, Australian and Games) but is not included in each individual tally. This also goes for each other section overlapping. The hierarchy is defined by the record key.



WRCycling4,000 m Team Pursuit (Qualifying)Team: Graeme Brown, Peter Dawson, Mark Renshaw, Luke Roberts 4:04.034
WRCycling4,000 m Team PursuitTeam: Graeme Brown, Peter Dawson, Mark Renshaw, Luke Roberts 3:59.583
WRSwimming50 m Freestyle Multi Disability (Heat) Ben Austin 27.48
WRSwimming100 m Freestyle Multi Disability (Heat) Ben Austin 1:00.21
WRSwimming100 m Freestyle Multi Disability (Final) Ben Austin 1:00.27
WRSwimming400 m Freestyle Ian Thorpe 3:40.08
GRAthleticsMen's 20 km Walk Nathan Deakes 1:25.35 (hours)
GRAthleticsWomen's 20 km Walk Jane Saville 1:36.34 (hours)
GRAthleticsWomen's 4 × 400 m RelayAustralia3:25.63 (mins)
GRAthleticsMen's 50 km Walk Nathan Deakes 3:52.40 (hours)
GRAthleticsWomen's Marathon Kerryn McCann 2:30.05 (hours)
GRAthleticsWomen's Pole Vault Tatiana Grigorieva 4.35 (meters)
GRAthleticsMen's shot put Justin Anlezark 20.91 (meters)
GRCyclingMen's 20 km Scratch Race Graeme Brown 24:14.660 (mins)
GRCyclingWomen's 25 km Points Race Katherine Bates 37 (points)
GRCyclingMen's 4000 m Individual PursuitBradley "Brad" McGee4:16.358 (mins)
GRCyclingWomen's 500 m Time Trial Kerrie Meares 35.084 (seconds)
GRCyclingMen's Road Race (187.2 km) Stuart O'Grady 4:43:17 (hours)
GRCyclingMen's Road Time Trial (46.8 km) Cadel Evans 1:00:53.50 (hours)
GRCyclingMen's Team SprintAustralia44.506 (seconds)
GRShootingWomen's 25 m Standard Pistol (Ind) Lalita Yauhleuskaya 686.8 (points)
GRShootingWomen's 25 m Standard Pistol (Team)Australia1150 (points)
GRShootingMen's 50 m Free Rifle-3 Position (Team)Australia2297 (points)
GRShootingWomen's 50 m Rifle Prone (Ind) Kim Frazer 588 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Skeet (Ind) Lauryn Ogilvie 93 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Skeet (Team)Australia95 (points)
GRShootingMen's Trap (Team)Australia187 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Trap (Team)Australia90 (points)
GRSwimmingMen's 100 m Backstroke Matt Welsh 0:54.72 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 100 m Butterfly Geoff Huegill 0:52.36 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 100 m Butterfly Petria Thomas 0:58.57 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 100 m Freestyle Ian Thorpe 48.73 (seconds)
GRSwimmingMen's 100 m Multi Disability Freestyle Ben Austin (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 200 m Butterfly Justin Norris 1:56.95 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 200 m Freestyle Ian Thorpe 1:44.71 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 400 m Freestyle Ian Thorpe 3:40.08 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 400 m Individual Medley Justin Norris 4:16.95 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 4 × 100 m Freestyle RelayAustralia3:16.42 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 4 × 100 m Freestyle RelayAustralia3:40.41 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 4 × 100 m Medley RelayAustralia3:36.05 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 4 × 100 m Medley RelayAustralia4:03.70 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 4 × 200 m Freestyle RelayAustralia7:11.69 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 50 m Backstroke Matt Welsh 25.65 (seconds)
GRSwimmingWomen's 50 m Backstroke Dyana Calub 28.98 (seconds)
GRSwimmingMen's 50 m Butterfly Geoff Huegill 23.57 (seconds)
GRSwimmingWomen's 50 m Butterfly Petria Thomas 26.66 (seconds)
GRSwimmingMen's 50 m Multi Disability Freestyle Ben Austin (seconds)
GRWeightliftingWomen's 75 kg+ Snatch Caroline Pileggi 100.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 77 kg Snatch Damian Brown 147.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 94 kg Snatch Alex Karapetyn 167.5 (kg)


GRAthleticsWomen's 10 km Road Walk Jane Saville 43:57 (mins)
GRCyclingMen's 184 km Road Race Jay Sweet 4:31:56 (hours)
GRCyclingWomen's 24 km Points Race Alayna Burns 34 (points)
GRCyclingWomen's Road Race (28 km) Anna Wilson 37:34 (mins)
GRCyclingMen's Sprint Darryn Hill 10.533 (seconds)
GRShootingWomen's Air Pistol (Ind) Annemarie Forder 480.6 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Air Pistol (Team)Australia748 (points)
GRShootingMen's Smallbore Rifle 3 Position (Ind) Timothy Lowndes 1235.3 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Smallbore Sport Rifle 3 Position (Ind) Susan McCready 667.3 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Smallbore Sport Rifle Prone (Team)Australia1174 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Sport Pistol (Team)Australia1140 (points)
GRSwimmingWomen's 200m Butterfly Susie O'Neill 2:06.60 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 200m Individual Medley Matthew Dunn 2:00.26 (mins)
GRTenpin BowlingWomen's DoublesAustralia3678 (points)
GRTenpin BowlingMixed DoublesAustralia3605 (points)
GRTenpin BowlingWomen's Singles Cara Honeychurch 6406 (points)
GRWeightliftingMen's 77 kg Clean and Jerk Damian Brown 187.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 77 kg Combined Damian Brown 327.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 94 kg Clean and Jerk Kiril Kounev 205.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 94 kg Combined Kiril Kounev 370.0 (kg)


GRAthleticsMen's Marathon Wheelchair Paul Wiggins 1:37.33 (hours)
GRCyclingMen's 10 Mile Stuart O'Grady 18:50.520 (mins)
GRCyclingMen's 100 km Team Time TrialAustralia1:53:19.13 (hours)
GRCyclingWomen's 25 km Team Time TrialAustralia1:04:03.20 (mins)
GRCyclingMen's 4000 m Team PursuitAustralia4:10.485 (mins)
GRCyclingMen's 40 km Points Race Brett Aitken 38 (points)
GRCyclingWomen's Road Race Kathryn "Kathy" Watt 2:48:04.73 (seconds)
GRShootingFullbore Rifle Queens Prize - Open (Pair)Australia593 (points)
GRShootingMen's Running Target (Ind) Bryan Wilson 657.9 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Smallbore Rifle Prone (Team)Australia1160 (points)
GRShootingWomen's Sport Pistol (Ind) Christine Trefry 679.4 (points)
GRSwimmingWomen's 100 m Breaststroke Samantha Riley 1:08.02 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 100 m Freestyle S9 Melissa Carlton 1:09.61 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 1500 m Freestyle Kieren Perkins 14:41.66 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 200 m Breaststroke Samantha Riley 2:25.53 (mins)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg + Clean and Jerk Stefan Botev 200.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg + Combined Stefan Botev 360.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg + Snatch Steven Kettner 165.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg Clean and Jerk Nicu Vlad 220.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg Combined Nicu Vlad 405.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 108 kg Snatch Nicu Vlad 185.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 64 kg Combined Sevdalin Marinov 277.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 76 kg Clean and Jerk Damian Brown 182.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 83 kg Clean and Jerk Kiril Kounev 200.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 83 kg Combined Kiril Kounev 352.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 83 kg Snatch Kiril Kounev 152.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 91 kg Clean and Jerk Harvey Goodman 200.0 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 91 kg Combined Harvey Goodman 362.5 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 91 kg Snatch Harvey Goodman 162.5 (kg)


GRAthleticsMen's Hammer ThrowSean Carlin75.66 (meters)
GRAthleticsWomen's HeptathlonJane Flemming6695 (points)
GRCyclingMen's 50 km Points RaceRobert Burns81 (points)
GRCyclingWomen's Road Race (72 km)Kathryn "Kathy" Watt1:55:11.60 (hours)
GRShootingMen's 50 m/Free Pistol (Team)Australia1106 (points)
GRSwimmingWomen's 400 m Individual MedleyHayley Lewis4:42.65 (mins)
GRWeightliftingMen's 75 kg Clean and JerkRonald Laycock177.5 (kg)


GRAthleticsMen's 30 km Road WalkSimon Francis Baker2:07.47 (hours)
GRAthleticsWomen's shot putGael Martin (née Mulhall)19.00 (meters)
GRRowingMen's Eight Oared ShellAustralia5:44.42 (mins)
GRRowingWomen's Eight Oared ShellAustralia6:43.69 (mins)
GRRowingMen's Lightweight Single ScullsPeter Antonie7:16.43 (mins)
GRRowingWomen's Lightweight Single ScullsAdair Ferguson7:45.49 (mins)


GRCyclingMen's Road Race (117 miles)Phillip Anderson4:22:34.41 (hours)
GRSwimmingWomen's 800 m FreestyleTracey Wickham8:24.62 (mins)


GRCyclingMen's Road Race (114 miles)Clyde Sefton5:07:16.87 (hours)


GRAthleticsMen's 20 Mile WalkNoel Freeman2:33:33 (hours)
GRWeightliftingMen's 110 kg + CombinedRaymond Rigby500 (kg)
GRWeightliftingMen's 52 kg CombinedGeorge Vasiliades290 (kg)


GRAthleticsWomen's 100 Yard DashDianne Burge10.6 (seconds)
GRAthleticsMen's 100 Yard DashMichael Van Der Velde10.1 (seconds)
GRAthleticsWomen's 440 Yard Run/Quarter MileJudith Pollock53.0 (seconds)
GRAthleticsWomen's 4x110 Yard RelayAustralia45.3 (seconds)
GRAthleticsMen's 880 Yard Run/Half-MileNoel Clough1:46.9 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 110 Yards BreaststrokeIan O'Brien1:08.2 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 110 Yards FreestyleMichael Wenden54.0 (seconds)
GRSwimmingMen's 220 Yard BackstrokePeter Reynolds2:12.0 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 220 Yards BreaststrokeIan O'Brien2:29.3 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 440 Yards FreestyleRobert Windle4:15.0 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 440 Yards FreestyleKathryn Wainwright4:38.8 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 440 Yards Freestyle RelayAustralia3:35.6 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 440 Yards Individual MedleyPeter Reynolds4:50.8 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 880 Yards Freestyle RelayAustralia7:59.5 (mins)
GRWeightliftingMen's 82.5 kg CombinedGeorge Vakakis925.5 (pounds)


GRAthleticsWomen's 880 Yard Run/Half-MileDixie Willis2:03.7 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 110 Yards ButterflyKevin Berry0:59.5 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 110 Yards FreestyleDawn Fraser0:59.5 (seconds)
GRSwimmingMen's 1650 Yards FreestyleMurray Rose17:18.1 (mins)
GRSwimmingMen's 220 Yards ButterflyKevin Berry2:10.8 (mins)


GRAthleticsWomen's 220 Yard DashMarlene Mathews-Willard23.6 (seconds)
GRAthleticsWomen's 80 m HNorma Thrower10.7 (seconds)
GRRowingMen's Singles Sculls Stuart Mackenzie 7:20.1 (mins)


GRAthleticsWomen's 440 yard relayAustralia47.9 (seconds)
GRAthleticsWomen's 660 Yard RelayAustralia1:13.4 (mins)


GRSwimmingMen's 1500 Yards FreestyleNoel Ryan18:25.4 (mins)
GRSwimmingWomen's 200 Yards BreaststrokeClare Dennis2:50.2 (mins)

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Petria Ann Thomas, OAM is an Australian swimmer and Olympic gold medallist and a winner of 15 national titles. She was born in Lismore, New South Wales, and grew up in the nearby town of Mullumbimby.

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Karen Denise Pickering, MBE is a former freestyle swimmer from Great Britain.

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Jennifer Turrall Australian swimmer

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Emma McKeon Australian swimmer

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Taylor Madison Ruck is a Canadian competitive swimmer. She won two Olympic bronze medals as part of Canada's women's 4×100 metre and 4×200 metre freestyle relay teams at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Ruck won eight medals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. Her eight medal performance of one gold, five silver, and two bronze tied her with three other athletes for the most all-time at a single Commonwealth Games, as well as making her the most decorated Canadian female athlete ever at a single Commonwealth Games. Ruck is the all-time leading medallist at the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships having won nine gold, two silver, and two bronze over the course of the 2015 World Junior Swimming Championships and 2017 junior championships.

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