Top Shelf Coffee

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Top Shelf Coffee
Industry Coffee company
Founded 1994
Founder Jordan Filippidis
Headquarters361 Griswold St. N.E., Warren, Ohio , United States
Area served
United States
Services Coffee roasting, coffee grinding, and coffee packaging
Owner Jordan Filippidis

Top Shelf Coffee, Inc. is a US privately owned and operated coffee company. Top Shelf Coffee was founded in 1994 as Top Shelf Coffee and Foods. The company was a medium scale business, operating mostly within Ohio; serving local factories, restaurants and coffee shops both small and large. [1]

Ohio State of the United States of America

Ohio is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Of the fifty states, it is the 34th largest by area, the seventh most populous, and the tenth most densely populated. The state's capital and largest city is Columbus.


Facility and equipment

Top Shelf Coffee currently occupies an 8,000-square-foot (740 m2) building where it roasts, grinds and packages coffee.

Inside the Top Shelf Coffee- on the right is Jordan Filippidis. Topshelfcoffee2.jpg
Inside the Top Shelf Coffee- on the right is Jordan Filippidis.

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Pick-N-Pay Supermarkets was a chain of supermarkets which operated in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. The company's origin can be traced to the year 1928 and the opening of a small dairy store in Cleveland Heights, Ohio by Edward Silverberg who then expanded his operation and created a chain of such stores which he called Farmview Creamery Stores. In 1938, Mr. Silverberg opened a supermarket on E. 185th Street which he called Pick-N-Pay. In 1940, he changed the name of all his stores to Pick-N-Pay Supermarkets. He grew the chain to a total of 10 stores and in 1951 sold the company to Cook Coffee Company. Under Cook Coffee's ownership, the chain continued to grow through expansion and through Pick-N-Pay's acquisition of the Foodtown supermarkets in 1959. In 1972, it was sold to a group of private investors led by Julius Kravitz, who continued the use of the brand for the newly independent company. Principal competitors in the Greater Cleveland market were the Fisher-Fazio-Costa, Stop-N-Shop, and Heinen's grocery chains.

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