Triumph Tiger 900 (2020)

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Triumph Tiger 900
Productionstarted 2020
Predecessor Triumph Tiger 800
Class Dual-sport
Engine 888 cm³ [1]
Bore / stroke 78.0 × 61.9 mm [1]
Compression ratio 11,27:1 [1]
Power 70 kW @ 8750 rpm [1]
Torque 87 Nm @ 7250 rpm [1]

The Triumph Tiger 900 is a dual-sport motorcycle launched in 2020 by British manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles. It is the successor of the Triumph Tiger 800. Compared to its predecessor, it is a completely new design with additional features and a larger 888 cm³ engine running at a big-bang firing order.

It is offered in six variants:

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