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College of Education
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Type Public education school
Parent institution
University of Florida
Endowment Increase2.svg$1.73 billion (2018) [1]
Dean Glenn E. Good
Academic staff
108 Faculty
108 Staff
Undergraduates 402
Postgraduates 1,097
Location, ,
United States

29°38′48.9″N82°20′17.3″W / 29.646917°N 82.338139°W / 29.646917; -82.338139 Coordinates: 29°38′48.9″N82°20′17.3″W / 29.646917°N 82.338139°W / 29.646917; -82.338139
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Norman Hall, Spring 2016
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Norman Hall, home of the College of Education
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Norman Gym

The University of Florida College of Education is the teacher's college, or normal school, of the University of Florida. The College of Education is located on the eastern portion of the university's Gainesville, Florida, campus in Norman Hall, and offers specializations in special education, higher education, educational policy, elementary education, counseling, teaching, and other educational programs. It is consistently ranked one of the top schools of education in the nation. The college was officially founded in 1906. [2] In fiscal year 2020, the College of Education generated $102.8 million in research funding. [3]


National rankings: US News & World Report (2023)

Schools and program areas

The College of Education is organized into the following three schools and program areas:

School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education (HDOSE)

School of Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies (SESPECS)

School of Teaching and Learning (STL)


Years of ServiceDean
1909-1916John A. Thackston
1916-1920Harvey Warren Cox
1920-1941James W. Norman
1941-1949G. Ballard Simmons
1949-1964Joseph B. White
1964-1968Kimball Wiles
1968-1978Bert Sharp
1978-1994David Smith
1994-1999 Roderick J. McDavis
2000-2002Ben F. Nelms
2002-2011 Catherine Emihovich
2011-Current Glenn E. Good

Office of Educational Research

UF's College of Education faculty and graduate students pursue interdisciplinary research that informs teaching and learning, education policy and leadership in all education disciplines. Faculty engage in activities that enhance overall school improvement, human development, student achievement, early-childhood readiness, assessment and program evaluation, teacher preparation and retention, and classroom technology advances.

Centers, institutes, and affiliates

See also

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School (UF's K-12 laboratory school since 1934)

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The College of Education is the undergraduate and graduate education school of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It was founded in 1905 and took on its current name in 1918 after previously being known as the School of Education. The college offers undergraduate, graduate, and online programs in areas including elementary education, early childhood education, special education, and Educational Organization and Leadership. It began with six departments; three of them merged and formed the largest department in the college. All departments offer masters and doctoral degrees. However, only two departments offer undergraduate degree programs: Special Education and Curriculum & Instruction. The college also offers 16 online programs. Students seeking an undergraduate degree in the college must meet the minimum graduation requirement set forth by the university. To obtain a certification, students must also meet the requirements of the Council on Teacher Education, a professional educational administration at the University of Illinois. The total enrollment is 1,361 students as of 2015.

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The Johns Hopkins School of Education is one of nine academic divisions of the Johns Hopkins University. Established as a separate school in 2007, its origins can be traced back to the 1909 founding of Johns Hopkins’ College Courses for Teachers, later renamed College for Teachers. It was ranked first in the nation among graduate schools of education in 2015 by U.S. News & World Report.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education consists of five academic departments: Administrative and Policy Studies, Health and Physical Activity, Instruction and Learning, Learning Sciences & Policy, and Psychology in Education. The school is primarily located in Wesley W. Posvar Hall although the school has facilities in the Petersen Events Center, Trees Hall, the Learning Research and Development Center, Falk School, and other locations. As of the 2016-2017 academic year, the student body consisted of over 1,200 students with nearly 1,000 among the over 50 graduate programs. The school is currently ranked 27th in graduate education according to U.S. News & World Report. As of 2017, over $26 million in funded research was undertaken in the school.

The Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver offers graduate and doctoral degrees in the fields of educational leadership, higher education, research methods information science, teaching and learning sciences, and counseling psychology. It is named after the Morgridge Family Foundation, led by Carrie Morgridge, that donated $10 million to the College.

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The University of Kentucky College of Education is an NCATE and Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board accredited, public school of education located on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The College of Education teaches about 3,000 students with approximately 90 faculty members.

The College of Education is one of 15 colleges at The Pennsylvania State University, located in University Park, PA. It houses the departments of Curriculum and Instruction, Education Policy Studies, Learning and Performance Systems, and Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education. Almost 2,300 undergraduate students, and nearly 1,000 graduate students are enrolled in its 7 undergraduate and 16 graduate degree programs. The college is housed in four buildings: Chambers, Rackley, Keller, and CEDAR Buildings.

The University of Iowa College of Education is one of 11 colleges that compose the University of Iowa. It is located in Iowa City, Iowa. The College of Education is divided into four departments that include Educational Policy and Leadership Studies, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, Rehabilitation and Counselor Education, and Teaching and Learning. Within those four departments, there are more than 20 specific academic programs, 500 undergraduate students, and 640 graduate students.

The University of Connecticut (UConn) Neag School of Education offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, sport management, and leadership across four campuses, with the main campus located in Storrs, Connecticut. The Storrs location is home to the Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, and additional locations are in Hartford, Waterbury, and Groton. It is ranked number 16 among public graduate schools of education in the nation. The schools' research and teaching programs have been funded by a wide number of institutions, such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Education.

The Syracuse University School of Education is the education school of Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Founded in 1906, the school is dedicated to training highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners, teachers, administrators, counselors, and scholars. The school offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs, as well as Certificates of Advanced Study, in elementary education, higher education, special education, school counseling, and educational leadership.


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