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Century Tower CenturyTower (cropped).jpg
Century Tower

The University of Florida is the flagship university in the State University System of Florida and has many notable buildings located in cities including Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando. The Campus Historic District at the University of Florida comprises 32 contributing properties that are registered with the National Register of Historic Places. As is typical in the United States, most of the university's oldest buildings were designed in the Collegiate Gothic architectural style; since the 1950s, Brutalist and Modern styles have been extensively employed. [1] The university has over 900 buildings on the main campus (about 170 have classrooms).


The University of Florida campus encompasses over 2,000 acres (8.1 km²). The campus is home to many notable structures, including Century Tower, a 157-foot-tall (48 m) carillon tower in the center of the campus historic district.

Buildings and Historic photos

Rolfs Hall Historic Rolfs Hall Side.jpg
Rolfs Hall
Buckman Hall Historic Buckman Hall.jpg
Buckman Hall
Bryan Hall Bryan Hall UF.jpg
Bryan Hall
Norman Hall Historic Norman Hall.jpg
Norman Hall
Broward Hall Broward Hall.jpg
Broward Hall
Anderson Hall Historic Anderson Hall.jpg
Anderson Hall
Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Historic Florida Field.jpg
Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Dauer Hall Historic Dauer Hall.jpg
Dauer Hall
Flint Hall Historic Flint Hall.jpg
Flint Hall
Inside Johnson Hall Inside Historic Johnson Hall.jpg
Inside Johnson Hall
Griffin-Floyd Hall Historic Floyd Hall.jpg
Griffin-Floyd Hall
Leigh Hall Historic Leigh Hall.jpg
Leigh Hall
Norman Area Historic Norman Area.jpg
Norman Area
Sledd Hall Historic Sledd Hall.jpg
Sledd Hall
Benton Hall UF BentonHall.jpg
Benton Hall
University of Florida Campus Historic University of Florida Campus.jpg
University of Florida Campus
Rolfs Hall Historic Rolfs Hall.jpg
Rolfs Hall
Historic Dormitory Historic Dormitory UF.jpg
Historic Dormitory
Smathers Library Historic Smathers Library.jpg
Smathers Library
Plaza of the Americas Historic Plaza of Americas.jpg
Plaza of the Americas
Ustler Hall Historic Ustler.jpg
Ustler Hall
Newell Hall Historic Newell Hall.jpg
Newell Hall
Seagle Building Historic Seagle Building.jpg
Seagle Building
A view of the College of Engineering Historic UF College of Engineering.jpg
A view of the College of Engineering
Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Historic Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.jpg
Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Johnson Hall UF JohnsonHall.jpg
Johnson Hall
Norman Hall Courtyard Historic Norman Hall Courtyard.jpg
Norman Hall Courtyard
ImageBuilding [2] ArchitectCompletedLast Major RenovationCurrent usageGross area.
UFHistoricBuildingBuckmanHall.JPG Buckman Hall William Augustus Edwards 19051984 Student housing 29,580 sq ft (2,748 m2)
UFHistoricBuildingThomasHall.JPG Thomas Hall William Augustus Edwards 19051984 Student housing 35,920 sq ft (3,337 m2)
Gville UF Newell01.jpg Newell Hall William Augustus Edwards 1909201735,038 sq ft (3,255.1 m2)
UFHistoricBuildingKeene-FlintHall.JPG Flint Hall William Augustus Edwards 19102000 Liberal Arts and Sciences 60,145 sq ft (5,587.7 m2)
UF BentonHall.jpg Benton Hall William Augustus Edwards 1911N/ADemolished in 1966N/A
Gville UF Floyd01.jpg Griffin-Floyd Hall William Augustus Edwards 19121992 Liberal Arts and Sciences 24,013 sq ft (2,230.9 m2)
UF JohnsonHall.jpg Johnson Hall William Augustus Edwards 1912N/ABurned down in 1987N/A
Gville UF Anderson03.jpg Anderson Hall William Augustus Edwards 19132000 Liberal Arts and Sciences 46,949 sq ft (4,361.7 m2)
Gville UF Peabody02.jpg Peabody Hall William Augustus Edwards 19131991 Student services 35,241 sq ft (3,274.0 m2)
UFHistoricBuildingBryanHall.JPG Bryan Hall William Augustus Edwards 19141940 Business 52,047 sq ft (4,835.3 m2)
Gville UF Womans Gym01.jpg Ustler Hall, formerly Women's Gymnasium William Augustus Edwards 19191950 Liberal Arts and Sciences 15,952 sq ft (1,482.0 m2)
UF BlackCulture.jpg Institute of Black Culture 1921,
2019 [note 1]
2019 Black/African-American culture 2,970 sq ft (276 m2)
UF Hispanic Latino Culture.jpg Institute of Hispanic/Latino Culture 1921,
2019 [note 1]
2019 Hispanic/Latino culture 3,062 sq ft (284.5 m2)
UF Auditorium1.jpg University Auditorium William Augustus Edwards 19221922 Auditorium 49,130 sq ft (4,564 m2)
Gville UF Plazamerica pano01.jpg Plaza of the Americas Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. 19251925 Recreation area 145,000 sq ft (13,500 m2)
Gville SeagleBuilding.jpg Seagle Building Rudolph Weaver 1926N/A Sold to private investors in 1983 1,882 sq ft (174.8 m2)
Gville UF Walker02.jpg Walker Hall Rudolph Weaver 19261926 Liberal Arts and Sciences 26,222 sq ft (2,436.1 m2)
Gville UF Leigh02.jpg Leigh Hall Rudolph Weaver 19271950 Liberal Arts and Sciences 93,931 sq ft (8,726.5 m2)
Gville UF Rolfs01.jpg Rolfs Hall William Augustus Edwards & Rudolph Weaver 19271939 Liberal Arts and Sciences 42,014 sq ft (3,903.2 m2)
Gville UF Library East04.jpg Smathers Library William Augustus Edwards
Guy Fulton
19271950 Library 109,851 sq ft (10,205.5 m2)
UFHistoricBuildingSleddHall.JPG Sledd Hall Rudolph Weaver 19291984 Student housing 43,310 sq ft (4,024 m2)
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium exterior.jpg Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 19302017 Football stadium 419,969 sq ft (39,016.4 m2)
UF FloridaPool.jpg Florida Pool 19301930 Recreational pool 9,000 sq ft (840 m2)
Gville UF Police03.jpg University Police Building Rudolph Weaver 19301989 Campus police 4,780 sq ft (444 m2)
Gville UF Infirmary01.jpg Infirmary Hall Rudolph Weaver 19311975 Student health care 49,254 sq ft (4,575.8 m2)
UF CLO.jpg Cooperative Living Organization 19321973 Student housing 17,390 sq ft (1,616 m2)
Gville UF Dauer01.jpg Dauer Hall Rudolph Weaver 19321932 Liberal Arts and Sciences 63,012 sq ft (5,854.0 m2)
Gville UF Norman06.jpg Norman Gym 19321984 Fine Arts 12,714 sq ft (1,181.2 m2)
Gville UF Norman03.jpg Norman Hall Rudolph Weaver 19322020 [3] Education 216,295 sq ft (20,094.5 m2)
UF ReedLab.jpg Reed Laboratory 19361936 Liberal Arts and Sciences 16,646 sq ft (1,546.5 m2)
UF Building120.jpg Aquatic Food Production Pilot Plant 19371986 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 17,013 sq ft (1,580.6 m2)
UFHistoricBuildingFletcherHall.JPG Fletcher Hall Rudolph Weaver 19391984 Student housing 50,500 sq ft (4,690 m2)
West side of Murphree Hall.JPG Murphree Hall Rudolph Weaver 19392005 Student housing 97,450 sq ft (9,053 m2)
UF UniversityPress.jpg University Press of Florida 1945N/A Publishing 16,485 sq ft (1,531.5 m2)
UF-IFASMultiPurposeLab.JPG Multi Purpose Lab 19461946 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 1,830 sq ft (170 m2)
UF-PhelpsLab.JPG Phelps Lab 19461946 Engineering 8,880 sq ft (825 m2)
UF MechanicalAerospaceEngineering C.jpg Mechanical Engineering Building C 19481967 Engineering 26,175 sq ft (2,431.7 m2)
UF RhinesHall.jpg Rhines Hall 19481967 Materials Science and Engineering 76,443 sq ft (7,101.8 m2)
UF-EH&SAdministrativeOffices.JPG Environmental Health and Safety Administrative Offices 19492004 Occupational safety and health 7,852 sq ft (729.5 m2)
Florida Gymnasium.jpg Florida Gymnasium Rudolph Weaver & Guy Fulton 19491996 Health and Human Performance 163,492 sq ft (15,188.9 m2)
UF-WilmontGardensAdministrationBuilding.JPG Wilmot Gardens Administration Building 19491988 Garden 1,913 sq ft (177.7 m2)
UF-HealthCenterAnnexNo.1.JPG Health Center Annex #1 19502014 Medicine 2,330 sq ft (216 m2)
Gville UF Hub01.jpg The Hub Guy Fulton 19501984 Food court and international center 72,448 sq ft (6,730.6 m2)
Gville UF Mallory01.jpg Mallory Hall Guy Fulton 19502007 Student housing 43,350 sq ft (4,027 m2)
UF NorthHall.jpg North Hall Guy Fulton 19502008 Student housing 36,600 sq ft (3,400 m2)
Gville UF Reid01.jpg Reid Hall Guy Fulton 19502008 Student housing 42,400 sq ft (3,940 m2)
UF RikerHall.jpg Riker Hall Guy Fulton 19502008 Student housing 43,440 sq ft (4,036 m2)
Gville UF Tigert front04.jpg Tigert Hall Jefferson Hamilton19501950 Academic administration 83,211 sq ft (7,730.6 m2)
UF TolbertHall.JPG Tolbert Hall Guy Fulton 19501969 Student housing 54,300 sq ft (5,040 m2)
UF Yulee.jpg Yulee Hall Guy Fulton 19502008 Student housing 43,350 sq ft (4,027 m2)
UF WeaverHall.jpg Weaver Hall Guy Fulton 19502002 [4] Student housing 46,840 sq ft (4,352 m2)
UF-UniversityPoliceAnnexNo.1.JPG University Police Annex #1 19501982 Campus police 4,932 sq ft (458.2 m2)
Dsg UF Campus Skyline From Stadium 20050507.jpg Weil Hall Guy Fulton 19501954 Engineering 153,576 sq ft (14,267.7 m2)
UF VanFleetHall.jpg Van Fleet Hall Guy Fulton 19521952 Reserve Officers' Training Corps 21,513 sq ft (1,998.6 m2)
UF CarletonAuditorium.jpg Carleton Auditorium Guy Fulton 19531975 Auditorium 14,100 sq ft (1,310 m2)
UF PresidentsHouse.JPG President's House 19531953 President's residence 9,527 sq ft (885.1 m2)
UF-BrowardHall-1.JPG Broward Hall Guy Fulton 19541954 Student housing 159,100 sq ft (14,780 m2)
UF Matherly Entrance.jpg Matherly Hall Rudolph Weaver & Guy Fulton 19541954 Business 60,156 sq ft (5,588.7 m2)
Century Tower (University of Florida).jpg Century Tower William Augustus Edwards
Guy Fulton
19551955 Carillon 10,594 sq ft (984.2 m2)
UF FrazierRogersHall.jpg Frazier Rogers Hall 19551983 Agricultural and Life Sciences 60,032 sq ft (5,577.2 m2)
UF McCartyA.jpg McCarty Hall A 19561956 Agricultural and Life Sciences 69,960 sq ft (6,499 m2)
UF McCartyB.jpg McCarty Hall B 19561956 Agricultural and Life Sciences 44,800 sq ft (4,160 m2)
UF McCartyC.jpg McCarty Hall C 19561956 Agricultural and Life Sciences 26,446 sq ft (2,456.9 m2)
UF McCartyD.jpg McCarty Hall D 19561969 Agricultural and Life Sciences 63,730 sq ft (5,921 m2)
UF Observatory.jpg Observatory 19561974 Observatory 520 sq ft (48 m2)
UF-StetsonMedicalSciencesBuilding.JPG Stetson Medical Sciences Building 19561969 Medicine 416,406 sq ft (38,685.4 m2)
UF-TeachingHospital.JPG Teaching Hospital Guy Fulton 19561974 Medicine hospital 446,534 sq ft (41,484.4 m2)
UF CorryVillage.jpg Corry Memorial Village 19581976 Student housing 155,430 sq ft (14,440 m2)
UF NewHume.jpg Hume Hall Ponikvar and Associates of Gainesville1958,
2002 [note 2]
2002 Student housing 165,240 sq ft (15,351 m2)
Gainesville PK Yonge01a.jpg P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School 19582005 Magnet school 153,054 sq ft (14,219.2 m2)
UF RawlingsHall.jpg Rawlings Hall Guy Fulton 19581993 Student housing 82,930 sq ft (7,704 m2)
UF Williamson Back.jpg Williamson Hall 19581958 Liberal Arts and Sciences 75,533 sq ft (7,017.2 m2)
UF EastHall SouthSide.jpg East Hall Guy Fulton 19612008 Student housing 44,230 sq ft (4,109 m2)
UF GrahamHall.jpg Graham Hall Guy Fulton 19611961 Student housing 58,000 sq ft (5,400 m2)
UF-JenningsHall.JPG Jennings Hall Guy Fulton 19611961 Student housing 122,018 sq ft (11,335.8 m2)
UF-SimpsonHall.JPG Simpson Hall Guy Fulton 19611969 Student housing 38,930 sq ft (3,617 m2)
UF TruslerHall.jpg Trusler Hall Guy Fulton 19611961 Student housing 40,540 sq ft (3,766 m2)
Gville UF Bostic clubhouse01.jpg Mark Bostick Golf Clubhouse 19631988 Golf course 10,636 sq ft (988.1 m2)
UF FineArtsA.jpg Fine Arts Building A 19641964 Fine Arts 23,400 sq ft (2,170 m2)
UF-FineArtsB.JPG Fine Arts Building B 19641964 Fine Arts 12,940 sq ft (1,202 m2)
UF FineArtsC South.jpg Fine Arts Building C 19641981 Fine Arts 75,303 sq ft (6,995.9 m2)
UF NuclearSciencesBuilding.jpg Nuclear Sciences Building 19641964 Liberal Arts and Sciences 87,780 sq ft (8,155 m2)
UF DiamondVillage.jpg Diamond Village 19651965 Student housing 163,300 sq ft (15,170 m2)
UF LittleHall.jpg Little Hall 19651965 Liberal Arts and Sciences 98,418 sq ft (9,143.3 m2)
UF-BeatyTowers.JPG Beaty Towers Forrest Kelly19672010 Student housing 168,200 sq ft (15,630 m2)
UF JRBentonHall.jpg Benton Hall 19671967 Engineering 28,600 sq ft (2,660 m2)
UF BlackHall.jpg Black Hall 19671967 Engineering 38,851 sq ft (3,609.4 m2)
UF McGuirePavilion.jpg Constans Theatre 19672004 Performing arts center 82,960 sq ft (7,707 m2)
UF HousingOffice.jpg Housing Office 19671967 Housing 18,570 sq ft (1,725 m2)
Human Development Center 19671967 Medicine 63,675 sq ft (5,915.6 m2)
UF HRBuilding.jpg Human Resources Building 1967N/A Academic administration 29,883 sq ft (2,776.2 m2)
UF LarsenHall.jpg Larsen Hall 19671967 Engineering 40,970 sq ft (3,806 m2)
UF-LibraryWest.JPG Library West 19672006 Library 177,129 sq ft (16,455.8 m2)
UF MechanicalAerospaceEngineeringA.jpg Mechanical Engineering Building A 19671967 Engineering 43,696 sq ft (4,059.5 m2)
UF MechanicalAeroSpaceB South.jpg Mechanical Engineering Building B 19671967 Engineering 44,407 sq ft (4,125.5 m2)
Reitz Union.jpg Reitz Student Union 19672016 Students' union 348,210 sq ft (32,350 m2)
UF SislerHall.jpg Sisler Hall 19671993 Engineering 69,426 sq ft (6,449.9 m2)
UF-BartramHall.JPG Bartram Hall 19681968 Liberal Arts and Sciences 59,710 sq ft (5,547 m2)
UF BryantSpaceScienceCenter.jpg Bryant Space Science Center 19681984 Liberal Arts and Sciences 59,129 sq ft (5,493.3 m2)
UF-HollandLawCenter-3.JPG Holland Law Center 19681968 Law 204,963 sq ft (19,041.7 m2)
UF-FoodScience&HumanNutritionBuilding.JPG Food Science and Human Nutrition Building 19691969 Health and Human Performance 45,045 sq ft (4,184.8 m2)
UF MaterialsEngineering.jpg Material Engineering Building 19691976 Engineering 35,984 sq ft (3,343.0 m2)
Gville UF Dickinson Hall01.jpg Dickinson Hall 19701970 Museum 115,095 sq ft (10,692.7 m2)
UF GrinterHall1.jpg Grinter Hall 19711971 Liberal Arts and Sciences 56,620 sq ft (5,260 m2)
UF MaguireApartments.jpg Maguire Village 19711971 Student housing 211,930 sq ft (19,689 m2)
UF-MusicBuilding.JPG Music Building 19711971 Fine Arts 73,057 sq ft (6,787.2 m2)
UF PsychologyBuilding.jpg Psychology Building 19721986 Liberal Arts and Sciences 74,587 sq ft (6,929.4 m2)
UF UniversityVillageApartments.jpg University Village South 19721976 Student housing 118,230 sq ft (10,984 m2)
UF TanglewoodVillage.jpg Tanglewood Village 19731973 Student housing 192,420 sq ft (17,876 m2)
UF-CarrHall.JPG Carr Hall 19741974 Liberal Arts and Sciences 48,120 sq ft (4,470 m2)
UF-Communicore.JPG Communicore Building 19751975 Medicine 333,659 sq ft (30,997.9 m2)
UF-DentalScienceBuilding.JPG Dental Science Building 19751975 Dentistry 488,600 sq ft (45,390 m2)
General Services Building 19751975 Medicine hospital 42,089 sq ft (3,910.2 m2)
UF-Development&AlumniAffairs.JPG Development and Alumni Affairs Building 19761976 Financial services 20,424 sq ft (1,897.5 m2)
UF IFAS ZieglerHall.jpg Newins-Ziegler Hall 19761976 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 59,242 sq ft (5,503.8 m2)
Basic Science Building 19771977 Veterinary Medicine 80,789 sq ft (7,505.5 m2)
Dsg UF Turlington Hall.jpg Turlington Hall 19771977 Liberal Arts and Sciences 184,137 sq ft (17,106.9 m2)
UF-VetMedFoodAnimalClinic.JPG Veterinary Medicine Food Animal Clinic 19771977 Veterinary Medicine hospital 14,910 sq ft (1,385 m2)
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital 19771990 Veterinary Medicine hospital 126,532 sq ft (11,755.2 m2)
UF OldBandshell.jpg Gator Band Shell 19781978 Demolished in 2010 2,370 sq ft (220 m2)
UF ArchitectureBuilding North.jpg Architecture Building 19791979 Design, Construction and Planning 114,156 sq ft (10,605.4 m2)
UF IFAS FifieldHall.jpg Fifield Hall 19791979 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 109,472 sq ft (10,170.3 m2)
Dsg UF O Dome 20050507.jpg O'Connell Center 19802016 Arena 309,843 sq ft (28,785.4 m2)
UF WeimerHall.jpg Weimer Hall 19801980 Journalism and Communications 151,594 sq ft (14,083.5 m2)
UF-StuzinHall-2.JPG Stuzin Hall 19811981 Business 54,916 sq ft (5,101.9 m2)
UF-VAHospital.JPG V. A. Hospital 1981N/A Veterans Affairs hospital 35,000 sq ft (3,300 m2)
UF-AnimalSciencesBuilding.JPG Animal Sciences Building 19821985 Agricultural and Life Sciences 96,694 sq ft (8,983.2 m2)
UF-PatientServicesBuilding-2.JPG Patient Services Building 19831988 Medicine hospital 588,570 sq ft (54,680 m2)
UF-Bruton-GeerHall-1.JPG Bruton-Geer Hall 19841984 Law 45,493 sq ft (4,226.4 m2)
UF-ComputerSciences&EngineeringBuilding.jpg Computer Science Building 19861986 Engineering 119,079 sq ft (11,062.8 m2)
UF-JamesGPresslyStadium.JPG James G. Pressly Stadium 19861994 Soccer and track and field stadium 11,605 sq ft (1,078.1 m2)
UF-MarstonScienceLibrary-2.JPG Marston Science Library 19861986 Library 115,730 sq ft (10,752 m2)
Varsity Tennis Building 19861986 Tennis athletics facility 1,543 sq ft (143.3 m2)
Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge [5] 19861992 Medicine 51,000 sq ft (4,700 m2)
Alfred A. McKethan Stadium viewed from the outfield bleachers.jpg Alfred A. McKethan Stadium 19871987Baseball stadium; replaced by Condron Ballpark in 202177,274 sq ft (7,179.0 m2)
UF-LinderTennisStadium.JPG Linder Tennis Stadium 19871987 Tennis stadium 8,581 sq ft (797.2 m2)
UF-AcademicResearchBuilding.JPG Academic Research Building 19891989 Medicine 278,245 sq ft (25,849.8 m2)
UF ChemLabBuilding.jpg Chemistry Laboratory 19901990 Liberal Arts and Sciences 85,880 sq ft (7,979 m2)
Doyle Conner Building 1990N/A Liberal Arts and Sciences N/A
Entomology-Nematology Building 19901990 Liberal Arts and Sciences 92,316 sq ft (8,576.4 m2)
UF HarnMuseum.JPG Harn Museum of Art 19901995 Museum 87,681 sq ft (8,145.8 m2)
UF Criser.jpg Criser Hall 19911991 Academic administration 64,248 sq ft (5,968.8 m2)
UF-DavisCancerPavilion.JPG Davis Cancer Pavilion 19911998 Medicine 128,594 sq ft (11,946.8 m2)
Elmore Hall 19911991 Academic administration 18,230 sq ft (1,694 m2)
UF KeysResidentialComplex.jpg Keys Residential Complex KBJ Architects 19911991 Student housing 188,211 sq ft (17,485.4 m2)
UF LittleExpress.jpg Little Hall Express 19911991 Dining 770 sq ft (72 m2)
UF RecAndFitnessCenter.jpg Recreation and Fitness Center 19911991 Fitness center 59,161 sq ft (5,496.2 m2)
UF RacquetClubDining.jpg Recreational Center Dining 19911991 Dining 14,800 sq ft (1,370 m2)
UF Phillips Center.JPG Phillips Center 19921992 Performing arts center 69,874 sq ft (6,491.5 m2)
UF-CourtelisEquineTeachingHospital.JPG Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital 19931993 Veterinary Medicine hospital 67,245 sq ft (6,247.3 m2)
UF MicroBioCellScienceBuilding.jpg Microbiology/Cell Science Building 19941994 Liberal Arts and Sciences 69,917 sq ft (6,495.5 m2)
UF-ShepardBroadBuilding.JPG Shepard Broad Building 19941994 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 13,436 sq ft (1,248.2 m2)
UF SouthWestRecCenter.JPG Southwest Recreation Center 19942010 [6] Fitness center 138,912 sq ft (12,905.3 m2)
UF FarriorHall.jpg Farrior Hall 19951995 Academic advising 37,220 sq ft (3,458 m2)
UF LemerandCenter.jpg Lemerand Center 19951995 Athletics facility 46,000 sq ft (4,300 m2)
Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator 19951995 Business incubator 39,981 sq ft (3,714.4 m2)
UF SpringsComplex.jpg Springs Residential Complex KBJ Architects 19951995 Student housing 120,160 sq ft (11,163 m2)
UF GatorCornerDining.jpg Gator Corner Dining Facility 19961996 Dining 22,135 sq ft (2,056.4 m2)
Powell Hall 19961996 Museum 61,715 sq ft (5,733.5 m2)
KatieSeasholePresslySoftballStadium.jpg Pressly Softball Stadium 19962019 Softball stadium 7,371 sq ft (684.8 m2)
UF-RingTennisPavilion.JPG Ring Tennis Pavilion 19961996 Tennis athletics facility 19,200 sq ft (1,780 m2)
UF-VetMedAcademicWing-1.JPG Veterinary Medicine Academic Wing 19961996 Veterinary Medicine 184,851 sq ft (17,173.2 m2)
UF-AquaticProductsLab.JPG Aquatic Products Lab 19971997 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 10,380 sq ft (964 m2)
UF NewEngineeringBuilding.jpg New Engineering Building 19971997 Engineering 140,179 sq ft (13,023.1 m2)
UF-FoundationAnnex.JPG University Foundation Annex 19971997 Financial services 22,780 sq ft (2,116 m2)
UF CarseSwimmingComplex.jpg Carse Swimming Complex 19981998 Swimming facility 6,692 sq ft (621.7 m2)
McKnight Brain Institute.JPG McKnight Brain Institute 19981998 Medicine 208,498 sq ft (19,370.1 m2)
UF ParticleScienceTech.jpg Particle Science Technology Building 19981998 Engineering 29,535 sq ft (2,743.9 m2)
UF NewPhysicsBuilding.jpg Physics Building 19981998 Liberal Arts and Sciences 232,714 sq ft (21,619.8 m2)
UF-RingVarsityTennisBuilding.JPG Ring Varsity Tennis Building 19981998 Tennis athletics facility 5,520 sq ft (513 m2)
UF-MedicalPlazaB.JPG Shands Medical Plaza 19981998 Medicine 111,446 sq ft (10,353.7 m2)
UF-105ClassroomBuilding.JPG 105 Classroom Building 20002000 Academic administration 33,906 sq ft (3,150.0 m2)
BaughmanCenter.jpg Baughman Center John Zona20002000 Convention center 1,474 sq ft (136.9 m2)
UF BrowardDining1.jpg Broward Dining Facility 20002000 Dining 17,130 sq ft (1,591 m2)
UF LakesideResidentialComplex.jpg Lakeside Residential Complex KBJ Architects 20002000 Student housing 158,135 sq ft (14,691.2 m2)
UF HiltonHotel.jpg UF Hotel and Conference Center 20002000 Convention center and hotel 189,600 sq ft (17,610 m2)
Gville UF basketball complex01.jpg Basketball Practice Facility 20012001 Basketball practice facility 48,850 sq ft (4,538 m2)
UF EmersonAlumniHall Wide.jpg Emerson Alumni Hall 20022002 Alumni association 61,862 sq ft (5,747.2 m2)
Grantelescopio.jpg Gran Telescopio Canarias [7] 20022002 Liberal Arts and Sciences 43,056 sq ft (4,000.0 m2)
UF-RinkerHall.JPG Rinker Hall 20022002 Design, Construction and Planning 48,906 sq ft (4,543.5 m2)
UF Bookstore and Welcome Center.jpg Bookstore and Welcome Center 20032003 Bookstore and visitor center 222,592 sq ft (20,679.5 m2)
UF FSOA GersonHall.jpg Gerson Hall 20032003 Business 44,630 sq ft (4,146 m2)
UF-HealthProfession NursingPharmacyBuilding-2.JPG Health Profession, Nursing, Pharmacy Building 20032003 Health, Nursing, and Pharmacy 197,384 sq ft (18,337.6 m2)
UF LipoffHall.JPG Lipoff Hall 20042004 Hillel International 23,000 sq ft (2,100 m2)
Flmnh maguirecenter.JPG McGuire Center 20042004 Museum 46,354 sq ft (4,306.4 m2)
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute 20042004 Health and Human Performance 132,664 sq ft (12,324.9 m2)
UF-Cancer&GeneticsResearchComplex-3.JPG Cancer and Genetics Research Complex 20062006 Medicine 290,820 sq ft (27,018 m2)
UF-DerisoHall.JPG Deriso Hall 20062006 Veterinary Medicine 9,998 sq ft (928.8 m2)
Randell Research Center 20062006 Liberal Arts and Sciences 2,500 sq ft (230 m2)
UF NanoscaleResearchBuilding.jpg Nanoscale Research Facility 20082008 Liberal Arts and Sciences 55,692 sq ft (5,174.0 m2)
UF PughHall.jpg Pugh Hall 20082008 Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, Bob Graham Center for Public Service, and Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures45,690 sq ft (4,245 m2)
UF BandHall.jpg Steinbrenner Band Hall 20082008 Marching band facility 18,209 sq ft (1,691.7 m2)
UF-CancerCenter.JPG Cancer Center 20092009 Medicine hospital 500,000 sq ft (46,000 m2)
UF-BiomedicalSciencesBuilding.JPG Biomedical Sciences Building 20092009 Medicine 146,611 sq ft (13,620.6 m2)
Donald R. Dizney Stadium 20092009 Lacrosse stadium 23,425 sq ft (2,176.3 m2)
UF-EmergingPathogensInstitute.JPG Emerging Pathogens Institute 20092009 Medicine 88,858 sq ft (8,255.2 m2)
UF-VetEducation&ClinicalResearchCenter.JPG Veterinary Education and Clinical Research Center 20092009 Veterinary Medicine 104,000 sq ft (9,700 m2)
UF StudentHealthCareConstruction1.jpg Counseling and Wellness Center 20102010 Student health care 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2)
East Campus Office Building 20102010 Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment 83,526 sq ft (7,759.8 m2)
UF-HoughHall-2.JPG Hough Hall 20102010 Business 72,140 sq ft (6,702 m2)
UF-LevinAdvocacyCenter.JPG Law Advocacy Center 20102010 Law 20,461 sq ft (1,900.9 m2)
Chemical Engineering Student Center [8] 20112011 Chemical Engineering 11,789 sq ft (1,095.2 m2)
Florida Innovation Hub20112011 Business incubator 46,000 sq ft (4,300 m2)
Research Building at Lake Nona [9] 20122012 Medicine 99,656 sq ft (9,258.3 m2)
Clinical and Translational Research Building [10] 20132013 University of Florida Health 120,000 sq ft (11,000 m2)
Heavener Hall.jpg Heavener Hall SchenkelShultz Architecture20142014 Business 57,000 sq ft (5,300 m2)
Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry [11] 20152019 Food pantry
Indoor Practice Facility 20152015Football practice facility87,218 sq ft (8,102.8 m2)
The Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building [12] 20172017 Liberal Arts and Sciences 111,552 sq ft (10,363.5 m2)
Condron Ballpark Populous, Walker Architects20212021 Baseball field 97,200 sq ft (9,030 m2)
Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence 20212021 Engineering 86,000 sq ft (8,000 m2)
  1. 1 2 In 2019, the original buildings for the Institute of Black Culture and Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures were rebuilt.
  2. The former Hume Hall was razed in Fall 2000 following a proposal in 1998. The current Hume Hall opened in Fall 2002 on the site of the original building.

Buildings under construction

ImageBuildingArchitectExpected CompletionUsageGross area.
University Public Safety BuildingSchenkel & Shultz Inc202250,000 sq ft (4,600 m2)
Student Health Care Center Phase 2Walker Architects Inc202250,000 sq ft (4,600 m2)
Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information TechnologyBohlin Cywinski Jackson2023 Engineering 263,000 sq ft (24,400 m2)

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University of Florida Public university in Gainesville, Florida

The University of Florida is a public land-grant research university in Gainesville, Florida. It is a senior member of the State University System of Florida, traces its origins to 1853, and has operated continuously on its Gainesville campus since September 1906.

University of Florida Campus Historic District Historic district in Florida, United States

The University of Florida Campus Historic District is a historic district on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. The district, bounded by West University Avenue, Southwest 13th Street, Stadium Road and Gale Lemerand Drive, encompasses approximately 650 acres (2.6 km2) and contains 11 listed buildings plus contributing properties. On April 20, 1989, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. On June 24, 2008, additional information was approved which resulted in the addition of 6 contributing properties

Anderson Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Anderson Hall is a historic building located in the northeastern section of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida. The building houses the university's political science and religion departments, both a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Anderson Hall was designed by William Augustus Edwards, responsible for planning nearly all of the campus' early buildings, in Collegiate Gothic style. Construction began in 1912, and the building opened in October 1913 as Language Hall.

Buckman Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Buckman Hall is a historic building located in Murphree Area on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida, United States. It was designed by architect William A. Edwards in the Collegiate Gothic style and opened in 1906 as one of the two original buildings on the University of Florida's Gainesville campus along with nearby Thomas Hall. It once was a multi-purpose facility but has been used exclusively as a student dormitory since the 1940s.

Newell Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Newell Hall is a historic site in Gainesville, Florida, United States. It is located in the northeastern section of the University of Florida. On June 27, 1979, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Formerly home to the Department of Soil and Water Science, the building is currently used as a 24/7 study space for university students to collaborate.

Thomas Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Thomas Hall, built in 1905, is a historic building located in Murphree Area on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, United States. The building is named for William Reuben Thomas, the Gainesville mayor and businessman responsible for bringing the University of Florida to Gainesville.

Rolfs Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Rolfs Hall is an historic building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, United States. It is located in the northeastern section of the campus. It was designed in the Collegiate Gothic style by William Augustus Edwards and completed by Rudolph Weaver, who succeeded him as architect for the Florida Board of Control. On September 11, 1986, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Rolfs Hall is named for Peter Henry Rolfs, who was dean of the College of Agriculture from 1915 to 1920.

Ustler Hall United States historic place

Kathryn Chicone Ustler Hall is a historic building on the campus of the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, Florida. It was designed by William Augustus Edwards in the Collegiate Gothic style and opened in 1919 as the University Gymnasium. In that capacity, the building was the first home of the Florida Gators men's basketball team, and it continued to serve as the home court for most of the university's indoor sports programs until the Florida Gymnasium opened in the late 1940s. The university became co-educational at about the same time, and the building was rechristened the Women's Gymnasium and was repurposed as a recreation center for the school's many new female students. On June 27, 1979, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Norman Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Norman Hall is an historic academic building on the eastern campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. It was designed by architect Rudolph Weaver in the Collegiate Gothic style, and built in 1932. It originally housed the university's research and development primary and secondary schools, but now is the principal building of the university's College of Education. It is located on U.S. 441, near the southwest corner of S.W. 3rd Avenue and S.W. 12th Street in Gainesville. On January 26, 1990, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Murphree Area is an historic residence hall complex on the northern edge of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida. The complex is adjacent to University Avenue, one of the major public roads that serve the university and define its boundaries. It was the university's first residence area and the last one to become co-ed. The Murphree Area complex is named for Albert A. Murphree, the second president of the university, who served from 1909 to 1927. It consists of the following five residence buildings, all built between 1905 and 1939:

Fletcher Hall (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

Fletcher Hall, originally called North Hall, is an historic dormitory building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, in the United States. It makes up half of the "F" in the "U.F." in the Murphee Area. The "U.F" in the building design can be seen from an aerial view. It was designed by Rudolph Weaver in the Collegiate Gothic style, was built in 1938 and was named for Duncan U. Fletcher, longtime U.S. Senator from Florida. It was renovated in 1984.

University of Florida College of Pharmacy Pharmacy school in Gainesville, Florida

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is the pharmacy school of the University of Florida. The College of Pharmacy was founded in 1923 and is located on the university's Gainesville, Florida main campus. The college offers the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree as the first professional degree for students entering the profession. The college offered a Working Professional Pharm.D. (WPPD) program for bachelor's-trained pharmacists already in practice with its last cohort of students enrolled in 2016. Additionally, various graduate degrees are offered. The professional program is fully accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Since 2011 the college has been offering online degree programs at the graduate level, such as the Forensic Science Program, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program and Clinical Toxicology Program. In total the College of Pharmacy received over $28.3 Million in total Research Revenues in 2019.

University of Florida Health Science Center

The University of Florida Health Science Center (HSC), also known as the J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center, is the medical division of the University of Florida.

University of Florida student housing

Student housing at University of Florida is governed by the Division of Student Affairs, and provides housing for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on and off-campus.

University Auditorium (Gainesville, Florida) United States historic place

The University Auditorium, originally known as the Memorial Auditorium and sometimes called the University of Florida Auditorium, is a historic building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, in the United States. It was designed by William Augustus Edwards in the Collegiate Gothic style and was built between 1922-1924. It was restored and expanded in 1977 by architect James McGinley. The expansion, which added a new entrance and lobbies, was designed to complement but not match the original architecture. It is a contributing property in the University of Florida Campus Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 20, 1989. On April 18, 2012, the AIA's Florida Chapter placed University Auditorium on its list of Florida Architecture: 100 Years. 100 Places.

Dauer Hall United States historic place

Dauer Hall is a historic building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, in the United States.

Yulee area United States historic place

The Yulee area is a historic residence hall complex at 13th Street and Inner Road, SW, on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida in the United States. It is the site of the first permanent dormitories built for women after the campus became co-educational in 1947. On June 24, 2008, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

University of Florida Marston Science Library

The Marston Science Library, often called Marston, is the science and engineering library of the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida, and is administered by the university's George A. Smathers Libraries system. The Marston Science Library hosts the university's extensive collections in agriculture, biological sciences, chemical and physical sciences, engineering, mathematics and statistics as well as librarians trained to help students and faculty working in these fields. It's located in the center of the university's campus adjacent to campus landmarks such as Turlington Hall, the University Auditorium and Century Tower. In 2008, Marston began hosting an annual competition, the Elegance of Science, in which University of Florida faculty, staff and students submit artwork on the topic of science.

History of the University of Florida

The history of the University of Florida is firmly tied to the history of public education in the state of Florida. The University of Florida originated as several distinct institutions that were consolidated to create a single state-supported university by the Buckman Act of 1905. The oldest of these was the East Florida Seminary, one of two seminaries of higher learning established by the Florida Legislature. The East Florida Seminary opened in Ocala 1853, becoming the first state-supported institution of higher learning in the state of Florida. As it is the oldest of the modern University of Florida's predecessor institutions, the school traces its founding date to that year. The East Florida Seminary closed its Ocala campus at the outbreak of the American Civil War and reopened in Gainesville in 1866

University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville

The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville is the largest of the three University of Florida Health Science Center Jacksonville colleges — medicine, nursing and pharmacy. The college's 16 clinical science departments house more than 440 faculty members and 380 residents and fellows. The college offers 34 accredited graduate medical education programs and 10 non-standard programs. In addition to graduate medical education, clinical rotations in all the major disciplines are provided for students from the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville.


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