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Us and Them
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Released17 May 1999
Label Earache
Godflesh chronology
Love and Hate in Dub
Us and Them
In All Languages

Us and Them is the fifth studio album by English band Godflesh. It was released through Earache Records on 17 May 1999 in Europe and on 8 June 1999 in North America. As with Godflesh's 1997 remix album Love and Hate in Dub , Us and Them is influenced by breakbeats, drum and bass, oldschool jungle, trip hop and hip hop.

Godflesh English industrial metal band

Godflesh are an English industrial metal band from Birmingham, England. The group formed in 1982 under the title Fall of Because but did not release any complete music until 1988 when Justin Broadrick and G. C. Green (bass) renamed the band and decided to use a drum machine for percussion. Melding heavy metal with industrial music and later with electronic music and dub, Godflesh's innovative sound is widely regarded as a foundational influence on other industrial metal and post-metal acts and as significant to both experimental metal and extreme metal.

Earache Records is an independent record label, music publisher and management company founded by Digby Pearson, based in Nottingham, England with offices in London and New York. It helped to pioneer extreme metal by releasing early grindcore and death metal records between 1988 and 1994. The label roster has since diversified into more mainstream guitar music, working with bands such as Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement, Blackberry Smoke and The White Buffalo. The company also hosted the 'Earache Express' stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 and 'The Earache Factory' at Boomtown Fair 2018.

<i>Love and Hate in Dub</i> 1997 remix album by Godflesh

Love and Hate in Dub is remix album by industrial metal band Godflesh released on 24 June 1997 through Earache Records. The remixed songs are sourced from their 1996 album Songs of Love and Hate, and they adopt a more ambient, dub and drum and bass flavor.


Shortly after Us and Them's release, Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick admitted that he "hated" the album as it was the expression of an "identity crisis". [2] Years later, he revised his thoughts, saying that his hatred of Us and Them was "overstated", and that his main issue in the album lies in its more "cringe-worthy moments." [3]

Justin Broadrick Record producer, musician, singer

Justin Karl Michael Broadrick is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer. He is best known as a founding member of the band Godflesh, one of the first bands to combine elements of extreme metal and industrial music. He was briefly in the English grindcore band Napalm Death when he was a teenager in the mid-1980s, writing and recording guitar for Side One of Napalm Death's debut album, Scum. Broadrick has also maintained a parallel career as a producer, producing records and remixes for groups such as Pantera, Isis, Mogwai and Hydra Head labelmates Pelican. Since 2012, he has been releasing hard techno music under the solo moniker JK Flesh. Broadrick has set up record labels such as HeadDirt, Avalanche Recordings, Post Mortem Productions, Lo Fibre and Heartache.

Composition and music

Us and Them features a sound similar to Songs of Love and Hate's remix album, Love and Hate in Dub (1997), driven percussively and relying on thumping drum and bass and hip hop rhythms. [4] AllMusic critic John Bush, who described the record as "heavy grindcore with drum machines," wrote: "From the drum'n'bass onslaught of the opener though, it's clear that Us and Them is more indebted to electronics and pure noise. The razor-sharp guitars and sweeping, guttural vocals that fans have come to expect from any Godflesh record are still intact, but the pair extend the sound with avenues rarely heard on their proper albums." [5] Ian Christe of CMJ thought that Rather than the lurching stomp of 1992's Pure , Us and Them calls on trip-hop and slowed jungle. [6] Decibel 's Kevin Stewart-Panko also thought that the track "Internal" "acts as an elegiac, post-punk, shoegazing harbinger of what was to come on Hymns and the Jesu project." [7] In a 2015 retrospective with Consequence of Sound , Broadrick said Us and Them "was so informed by the excesses of dance music ... But as we know, dance music moves at fucking light speed relative to rock music." [3]

AllMusic Online music database

AllMusic is an online music database. It catalogs more than 3 million album entries and 30 million tracks, as well as information on musical artists and bands. It launched in 1991, predating the World Wide Web. As of 2015, AllMusic is owned by RhythmOne.

Drum and bass is a genre and branch of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers. The style grew out of breakbeat hardcore and jungle in the United Kingdom during the early 1990s. The popularity of drum and bass at its commercial peak ran parallel to several other homegrown dance styles in the UK. A major influence was the original Jamaican dub and reggae sound. Another feature of the style is the complex syncopation of the drum tracks' breakbeat.

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The album's closing track, "Live to Lose", was originally recorded in 1995. [8] It was intended to be a vinyl-only bonus track on Us and Them, but Earache had stopped supporting the format by 1999. [8] Shortly after releasing Us and Them, Godflesh began work on a proposed remix album, Us and Them in Dub. [9] While this album was never released, two tracks from it appear on the 2001 compilation In All Languages .

<i>In All Languages</i> (Godflesh album) 2001 compilation album by Godflesh

In All Languages is a compilation album by British industrial metal band Godflesh, released on 24 July 2001 through Earache Records. It is a double album, and a companion music video DVD was also released in 2001. In All Languages' first disc acts as a greatest hits collection spanning from Godflesh's 1988 self-titled EP to their 1999 studio album, Us and Them. The second disc compiles rare and unreleased tracks.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [5]
Chronicles of Chaos 8.5/10 [4]
The Wire Very positive [10]

AllMusic's John Bush wrote: "In a sense though, Us and Them is the same kind of record Godflesh has been making since its inception... It's just that the duo has pushed the envelope much farther than any of its contemporaries." [5] Chronicles of Chaos critic Paul Schwarz thought: "At 64 minutes, Us and Them is a lot to take in, especially in one sitting, and I find it a little bit of a struggle as an album, but it does have some great tracks and creates a blanket of depressive, atmospheric industrial sound which is hard to throw off." [4] Ian Christe of CMJstated: "Start to finish, this is a beautiful , moody and sincere record from a band most thought had milked its last cow." [6] Ken Hollings of The Wire wrote, "Out of the masterful, combative collection of rants, songs and beats on Us and Them, Godflesh has conjured up a minor apocalypse. Not a moment too soon." [10]

Industrial metal is the fusion of heavy metal music and industrial music, typically employing repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Prominent industrial metal acts include Ministry, Godflesh, KMFDM and Nine Inch Nails.

<i>The Wire</i> (magazine) British experimental music magazine

The Wire is a British avant-garde music magazine publishing out of Hackney, London, which has been issued monthly in print since 1982. Its website launched in 1997, and an online archive of its entire back catalog became available to subscribers in 2013. Since 1985, the magazine's annual year-in-review issue, Rewind, has named an album or release of the year based on critics' ballots.

Track listing

All tracks written by Justin Broadrick and G. C. Green.

G. C. Green British musician

Ben George Christian "G. C." Green is an English musician, best known as the co-founder and bass guitarist of the Birmingham-based industrial metal band, Godflesh.

1."I, Me, Mine"5:20
2."Us and Them"5:56
5."Whose Truth Is Your Truth"5:03
10."Control Freak"5:37
11."The Internal"6:33
12."Live to Lose"5:39
Total length:64:05


Credits adapted from Us and Them liner notes [11]

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Godflesh discography Band discography

The English industrial metal band Godflesh have released eight studio albums and six extended plays along with a number of singles, compilations and remix and live albums. The group formed in 1982 under the name Fall of Because, but they did not release any music until 1988 when Justin Broadrick and G. C. Green changed the project's name to Godflesh and recorded a self-titled debut EP. That EP, released through the independent label Swordfish, was met with underground success and has since been recognised as one of the first industrial metal releases, if not the first.

<i>Streetcleaner: Live at Roadburn 2011</i> 2013 live album by Godflesh

Streetcleaner: Live at Roadburn 2011 is the first live album from English industrial metal band Godflesh. The release was recorded on 14 April 2011 at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. Apart from being the group's debut live album, it was also the first time they played Streetcleaner in its entirety.

Xnoybis 1995 song performed by Godflesh

"Xnoybis" is a song by the industrial metal band Godflesh, taken from the album Selfless (1994). It was released in 1995 through Earache Records as a CD, and was also distributed as a promotional to radio stations.

<i>Post Self</i> 2017 studio album by Godflesh

Post Self is the eighth studio album by English industrial metal band Godflesh. It was released on 17 November 2017 through frontman Justin Broadrick's own record label, Avalanche Recordings, and was the band's second album since reforming in 2010. The single "Post Self" was released for streaming on 31 October 2017, and a second track, "Be God", was released for streaming on 11 November 2017, six days in advance of the full release. Godflesh avoided interviews in the wake of Post Self, hoping to retain some of the album's purity and give listeners a chance to digest the music in a vacuum.

<i>Life Is Easy</i> 1999 studio album by Fall of Because

Life Is Easy is a compilation album by Birmingham-based industrial metal group Fall of Because, compiling songs recorded in 1986 and 1987 before the band became Godflesh. Released on 24 August 1999 through Alleysweeper and distributed by Martin Atkins' label Invisible Records, Life Is Easy contains many songs that went on to be rerecorded and turned into Godflesh tracks.

Mothra (song)

"Mothra" is a song by the English industrial metal band Godflesh. It was taken from their 1992 album Pure and saw release as a radio promo and music video in the same year. The track's title is derived from 1961 Japanese film of the same name by Ishirō Honda. Musically, "Mothra" is a grinding, mechanical song with shouted vocals and heavily distorted instruments.


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