1965 American Football League draft

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1965 American Football League draft
General information
Date(s)November 28, 1964
160 (regular draft) + 96 (red shirt draft) total selections in
20 (regular draft) + 12 (red shirt draft)
League AFL
First selection Joe Namath, QB
New York Jets
Mr. Irrelevant John Henry, DT
Buffalo Bills
Hall of Famers4

The 1965 American Football League draft took place on November 28, 1964. Held via telephone conference call, it remains the only draft in major professional football history to be held without a central location. The NFL draft was held the same day. [1]


Player selections

= AFL All-Star [2] = Hall of Famer

Round one

1 New York Jets Joe Namath Quarterback Alabama
2 Houston Oilers Larry Elkins Wide receiver Baylor
3 Oakland Raiders Harry Schuh Defensive tackle Memphis
4New York Jets (from Denver Broncos) Tom Nowatzke Fullback Indiana
5 Kansas City Chiefs Gale Sayers Running back Kansas
6 San Diego Chargers Steve DeLong Defensive end Tennessee
7 Boston Patriots Jerry Rush Defensive tackle Michigan State
8 Buffalo Bills Jim Davidson Tackle Ohio State

Round two

9 Denver Broncos Dick Butkus Linebacker Illinois
10Houston Oilers Malcolm Walker Center Rice
11Oakland Raiders Fred Biletnikoff Wide receiver Florida State
12New York Jets John Huarte Quarterback Notre Dame
13Kansas City Chiefs Jack Chapple Linebacker Stanford
14San Diego Chargers Roy Jefferson Linebacker Utah
15Houston Oilers (from Boston Patriots) Ralph Neely Tackle Oklahoma
16Kansas City Chiefs (from Buffalo Bills) Ronnie Caveness Linebacker Arkansas

Round three

17Denver Broncos Glenn Ressler Offensive guard Penn State
18Houston Oilers Ernie Koy Running back Texas
19Oakland Raiders Bob Svihus Defensive tackle USC
20New York Jets Verlon Biggs Defensive end Jackson State
21Kansas City Chiefs Mike Curtis Linebacker Duke
22San Diego Chargers Allen Brown Tight end Mississippi
23Boston Patriots Jim Whalen Tackle Boston College
24Buffalo Bills Al Atkinson Linebacker Villanova

Round four

25Denver Broncos George Donnelly Defensive back Illinois
26Houston Oilers Bobby Maples CenterBaylor
27Oakland Raiders Gus Otto Linebacker Missouri
28New York Jets Bob Schweickert Quarterback Virginia Tech
29Kansas City Chiefs Otis Taylor Linebacker Prairie View A&M
30San Diego Chargers Steve Tensi QuarterbackFlorida State
31Boston Patriots Ellis Johnson Halfback Southeastern Louisiana
32Kansas City Chiefs (from Buffalo Bills) Frank Pitts Wide receiver Saginaw Valley State

Round five

33Denver Broncos Bob Breitenstein Tackle Tulsa
34Houston Oilers Frank Molden Defensive tackleJackson State
35Denver Broncos (from Oakland Raiders) Max Leetzow Defensive end Idaho
36New York Jets Glenn Sasser Defensive end North Carolina State
37Kansas City Chiefs Smith Reed Halfback Alcorn State
38San Diego Chargers Rick Redman Linebacker Washington
39Boston Patriots Corwyn Aldredge End Northwestern State
40Buffalo Bills Dave Simmons Linebacker Georgia Tech

Round six

41Denver Broncos Tom Wilhelm Tackle Syracuse
42Houston Oilers Dennis Murphy Defensive tackle Florida
43Houston Oilers (from Oakland Raiders) Russell Wayt LinebackerRice
44New York Jets Don Hoovler Linebacker Ohio
45Kansas City Chiefs John Wilbur Offensive guardStanford
46San Diego Chargers Will Beasley Fullback North Carolina A&T
47Boston Patriots Justin Canale Offensive guard Mississippi State
48Buffalo Bills Lance Rentzel Wide receiverOklahoma

Round seven

49Denver Broncos Jim Garcia Defensive end Purdue
50Kansas City Chiefs (from Houston Oilers) Gloster Richardson Wide receiverJackson State
51New York Jets (from Oakland Raiders) Archie Roberts Quarterback Columbia
52New York Jets Jim Harris, Jr. Defensive tackle Utah State
53Kansas City Chiefs Lou Bobich Defensive backMichigan State
54San Diego Chargers Jack Snow Wide receiverNotre Dame
55Boston Patriots Tom Neville Defensive tackleMississippi State
56Buffalo Bills Marty Schottenheimer Linebacker Pittsburgh

Round eight

57Denver Broncos Jon Hohman Offensive guard Wisconsin
58Houston Oilers Ray Ogden Tight endAlabama
59Houston Oilers (from Oakland Raiders) Roy Hilton Defensive endJackson State
60New York Jets Rick McCurdy Defensive endOklahoma
61Kansas City Chiefs Danny Thomas Quarterback SMU
62San Diego Chargers Clancy Williams Defensive back Washington State
63Boston Patriots Fred Brown Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
64Buffalo Bills Ray Rissmiller Offensive tackle Georgia

Round nine

65Denver Broncos Gerry Bussell Defensive backGeorgia Tech
66Houston Oilers George Kinney Defensive end Wiley
67Oakland Raiders Rich Zecher Defensive tackleUtah State
68New York Jets Jimmy Sidle Running back Auburn
69Kansas City Chiefs Joe Cerne Center Northwestern
70San Diego Chargers Jerry Whelchel Quarterback Massachusetts
71Boston Patriots Bob Malone Tackle Louisiana Tech
72Buffalo Bills Al Nelson Defensive back Cincinnati

Round ten

73Denver Broncos Gene Jeter Linebacker Texas Southern
74Houston Oilers Maxie Williams Offensive guardSoutheastern Louisiana
75Oakland Raiders Craig Morton Quarterback California
76New York Jets Frank Lambert Punter Mississippi
77Kansas City Chiefs Bob Howard Defensive backStanford
78San Diego Chargers Gene Foster Running back Arizona State
79Buffalo Bills (Boston Patriots) Chuck Mercein Running back Yale
80Buffalo Bills Floyd Hudlow Defensive back Arizona

Round eleven

81Denver Broncos Tom Vaughn Defensive back Iowa State
82Houston Oilers Kent McCloughan Cornerback Nebraska
83Oakland Raiders Bill Minor LinebackerIllinois
84New York Jets Jim Gray Defensive back Toledo
85Kansas City Chiefs Al Piraino TackleWisconsin
86San Diego Chargers Veran Smith GuardUtah State
87Boston Patriots John Frechette TackleBoston College
88Buffalo Bills Doug Goodwin Running back Maryland Eastern Shore

Round twelve

89Denver Broncos Tom Myers QuarterbackNorthwestern
90Houston Oilers Bob Reed Guard Tennessee State
91Buffalo Bills (from Oakland Raiders) Chuck Hurston Defensive endAuburn
92New York Jets John Berrington LinebackerIowa State
93Kansas City Chiefs Mike Cox LinebackerIowa State
94San Diego Chargers Jim Allison Running back San Diego State
95Boston Patriots Jim Weatherly Defensive backMississippi
96Buffalo Bills Pete Mills Wide receiver Wichita State

Round thirteen

97Denver Broncos Mike Strofolino LinebackerVillanova
98Houston Oilers Bobby Felts Halfback Florida A&M
99Oakland Raiders Wally Mahle Defensive backSyracuse
100New York Jets Sonny Utz FullbackVirginia Tech
101Kansas City Chiefs Bob Bonds Defensive backSan Jose State
102San Diego Chargers Bill Quigley LinebackerVillanova
103Boston Patriots Charlie Green Quarterback Wittenberg
104Buffalo Bills Bob Timberlake Kicker Michigan

Round fourteen

105Denver Broncos John Frick Offensive guardOhio
106Houston Oilers Norm Evans Defensive tackle TCU
107Oakland Raiders Loren Hawley Defensive backCalifornia
108New York Jets Gary Plumlee Defensive tackle New Mexico
109Kansas City Chiefs Fred Dotson Defensive backWiley
110San Diego Chargers Don Floyd EndFlorida State
111Boston Patriots Jay Cunningham Defensive back Bowling Green
112Buffalo Bills Lyn Hart Defensive back Virginia State

Round fifteen

113Denver Broncos Jeff Jordan Defensive backTulsa
114Houston Oilers Tony Guillory Linebacker Lamar
115Oakland Raiders Bill Cronin Tight endBoston College
116New York Jets Jim Burt Defensive back Western Kentucky
117Kansas City Chiefs Dave Powless Offensive guardIllinois
118San Diego Chargers Mike Howell Defensive backGrambling State
119Boston Patriots Ted Rodosovich Offensive guardCincinnati
120Buffalo Bills John Meyer LinebackerNotre Dame

Round sixteen

121Denver Broncos Brian Schweda Defensive endKansas
122Houston Oilers Junior Coffey Running backWashington
123Oakland Raiders Fred Hill Tight endUSC
124New York Jets Seth Cartwright Defensive tacklePrairie View A&M
125Kansas City Chiefs Stan Irvine Tackle Colorado
126San Diego Chargers John Godden LinebackerSan Diego State
127Boston Patriots George Pyne III Defensive tackle Olivet
128Buffalo Bills Bruce Airheart Halfback North Dakota State

Round seventeen

129Denver Broncos John Fouse EndArizona
130Houston Oilers Jim Grisham FullbackOklahoma
131Oakland Raiders Garry Porterfield Defensive endTulsa
132New York Jets Charlie Browning HalfbackWashington
133Kansas City Chiefs Don Croftcheck Offensive guardIndiana
134San Diego Chargers Leon Hardy TackleTexas Southern
135Boston Patriots White Graves Defensive back LSU
136Buffalo Bills John Henderson Wide receiverMichigan

Round eighteen

137Boston Patriots David Lee EndLouisiana Tech
138Houston Oilers Russ Mundy Halfback West Texas A&M
139Oakland Raiders John Dugan Tackle Holy Cross
140New York Jets Larry Dupree HalfbackFlorida
141Kansas City Chiefs Jerry Smith Tight endArizona State
142San Diego Chargers Bob Evans Defensive end Texas A&M
143Boston Patriots Ed Meixler Linebacker Boston University
144Buffalo Bills Ray Hinze TackleTexas A&M

Round nineteen

145Denver Broncos Ron Oelschlager HalfbackKansas
146Houston Oilers Frank Fox Tackle Sam Houston State
147Oakland Raiders Frank McClendon TackleAlabama
148New York Jets Mitch Dudek Tackle Xavier
149Kansas City Chiefs Mike Alford CenterAuburn
150San Diego Chargers Braden Beck KickerStanford
151Boston Patriots Jim Nance Running backSyracuse
152Buffalo Bills Frank Marchlewski Center Minnesota

Round twenty

153Denver Broncos Terry Metchner Offensive guard Albion
154Houston Oilers Gus Brezina Offensive guard Houston
155Oakland Raiders Bo Scott Running backOhio State
156New York Jets Troy Allen Defensive back Western Michigan
157Kansas City Chiefs Bill Symons HalfbackColorado
158San Diego Chargers Jack Edwards CenterFlorida State
159Boston Patriots Fred Fugazzi Fullback Missouri Valley
160Buffalo Bills John Henry Defensive tackleBoston University

Redshirt draft

Red Shirt Round one

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
1Houston Oilers Donny Anderson Halfback Texas Tech
2Denver Broncos Miller Farr HalfbackWichita State
3Oakland RaidersLarry ToddHalfbackArizona State
4New York Jets Johnny Roland HalfbackMissouri
5Kansas City ChiefsAl DotsonTackleGrambling State
6San Diego Chargers Gary Garrison EndSan Diego State
7Boston Patriots Dave McCormick TackleLouisiana State
8Buffalo BillsKen AmbruskoHalfback Maryland

Red Shirt Round two

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
9Denver Broncos Walter Johnson Guard Cal State Los Angeles
10Houston Oilers Glen Ray Hines TackleArkansas
11Oakland Raiders Jim Harvey TackleMississippi
12New York JetsJohn McGuireTight End - Defensive EndSyracuse
13Kansas City Chiefs Frank Cornish Defensive TackleGrambling State
14San Diego ChargersLarry MartinTackleSan Diego State
15Boston Patriots Bob Kowalkowski Tackle Virginia
16Buffalo Bills Gary Lane QuarterbackMissouri

Red Shirt Round three

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
17Houston OilersMike ShinnDefensive EndKansas
18Denver BroncosMarv DavisDefensive EndWichita State
19Oakland RaidersSteve MassTackleArizona
20New York Jets Jimmy Heidel Defensive BackMississippi
21Kansas City Chiefs Henry Carr HalfbackArizona State
22San Diego ChargersStan DzuraTackle - Defensive EndCalifornia
23Buffalo BillsJohn KuzniewskiFullbackPurdue
24Boston Patriots Bob Cappadona Fullback Northeastern State

Red Shirt Round four

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
25Denver Broncos Barry Brown EndFlorida
26Houston OilersOlie Cordill, Jr.QuarterbackMemphis
27Oakland RaidersMickey CoxTackleLouisiana State
28New York JetsBob WerlDefensive EndMiami
29Kansas City ChiefsSteve CoxTackle South Carolina
30San Diego ChargersDoug WoodliefLinebackerMemphis
31Boston Patriots Dick Arrington GuardNotre Dame
32Buffalo BillsRoger DavisHalfbackVirginia

Red Shirt Round five

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
33Houston OilersJerry CrumplerTackleMissouri
34Denver Broncos Mike Tilleman Tackle Montana
35Oakland RaidersBob TaylorGuardCincinnati
36New York Jets George Sauer FlankerTexas
37Kansas City ChiefsJohn ThomasEndUSC
38San Diego Chargers Jim Weatherwax TackleCal State Los Angeles
39Boston PatriotsDennis SmithDefensive EndCincinnati
40Buffalo BillsJohnny BoyetteTackleClemson

Red Shirt Round six

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
41Denver Broncos Jerry Inman Tackle Oregon
42Houston OilersDave DanielsTackleFlorida A&M
43Oakland Raiders Greg Kent TackleUtah
44New York Jets Dale Lindsey LinebackerWestern Kentucky
45Kansas City Chiefs John Wilbur GuardStanford
46San Diego Chargers Tom Good Linebacker Marshall
47Boston PatriotsBilly EzellDefensive BackLouisiana State
48Buffalo BillsJohn StrohmeyerDefensive EndNebraska

Red Shirt Round seven

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
49Houston OilersLeo LoweryHalfbackTexas Tech
50Denver BroncosDave TobeyLinebackerOregon
51Oakland RaidersJohn CarrellTackleTexas Tech
52New York JetsRon BarlowFullbackKansas State
53Kansas City ChiefsBilly MooreHalfbackMississippi State
54San Diego ChargersWayne WaffEnd East Tennessee State
55Boston PatriotsJohn HankinsonQuarterbackMinnesota
56Buffalo Bills J.R. Wilburn EndSouth Carolina

Red Shirt Round eight

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
57Denver BroncosJohn MaddoxEndMississippi
58Houston OilersLen SearsTackleSouth Carolina
59Oakland RaidersHenry PickettHalfbackBaylor
60New York JetsBob MallendickTackle Hillsdale
61Kansas City ChiefsRoosevelt EllerbeDefensive BackIowa State
62San Diego Chargers Roy Shivers HalfbackUtah State
63Boston PatriotsBeau ColleDefensive BackLouisiana State
64Buffalo BillsCharley KingDefensive BackPurdue

Red Shirt Round nine

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
65Houston Oilers Tom Bleick HalfbackGeorgia Tech
66Denver Broncos Phil Vandersea FullbackMassachusetts
67Oakland RaidersFrank PennieTackleFlorida State
68New York Jets Rich Kotite End Wagner
69Kansas City Chiefs Bruce McLenna HalfbackHillsdale
70San Diego ChargersTony CareyHalfbackNotre Dame
71Boston PatriotsCharlie BrownTackleTulsa
72Buffalo BillsEarl HawkinsHalfback Emory & Henry

Red Shirt Round ten

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
73Denver BroncosMerlin WaletFullback McNeese State
74Houston Oilers George Haffner QuarterbackMcNeese State
75Oakland RaidersBrent BerryTackleSan Jose State
76New York JetsDave AustinEndGeorgia Tech
77Kansas City ChiefsChuck Drulis, Jr.EndDuke
78San Diego ChargersDave PlumpHalfback Fresno State
79Boston PatriotsDave HettemaTackleNew Mexico
80Buffalo BillsSonny OdomHalfbackDuke

Red Shirt Round eleven

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
81Houston Oilers Billy Guy Anderson QuarterbackTulsa
82Denver Broncos Jerry Fishman LinebackerMaryland
83Oakland Raiders Tom Longo Defensive BackNotre Dame
84New York Jets Rich Marshall Tackle Stephen F. Austin
85Kansas City ChiefsBilly ScottEndNortheastern State
86San Diego ChargersJeff WhiteEndTexas Tech
87Boston Patriots Roy Schmidt Guard Long Beach State
88Buffalo BillsRay JohnsonGuardPrairie View A&M

Red Shirt Round twelve

Pick #NFL TeamPlayerPositionCollege
89Denver BroncosBiff BracyHalfbackDuke
90Houston OilersHarlan LaneFlankerBaylor
91Oakland Raiders Dennis Duncan Halfback Louisiana College
92New York Jets Pat Screen QuarterbackLouisiana State
93Kansas City ChiefsLonny PriceHalfback Louisiana-Lafayette
94San Diego Chargers Mike Ciccolella LinebackerDayton
95Boston PatriotsLeon StandridgeEndSan Diego State
96Buffalo Bills George Wilson QuarterbackXavier (OH)

Notable undrafted players

= AFL All-Star
Original NFL teamPlayerPos.CollegeConf.Notes
Buffalo Bills Bill Laskey   LB Michigan Big Ten
Denver Broncos John Bramlett   LB Memphis Ind. (Univ.)
Denver Broncos Nemiah Wilson   S Grambling State SWAC
New York Jets Jim Hudson   S Texas SWC

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The 1964 American Football League draft was held in New York City on Saturday, November 30, 1963.

The 1965 Philadelphia Eagles season was the franchise's 33rd season in the National Football League.


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  2. Players are identified as an AFL All-Star if they were selected for the AFL All-Star team at any time in their career.