Arkansas State Auditor

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Auditor of State

Seal of the Auditor of State, Arkansas.png

Seal of the Auditor
Andrea Lea

since January 2015
Style The Honorable
Term length Four years
Constituting instrument Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 63, Article 6
Precursor Territorial Auditor
Arkansaw Territory
Formation 1836
First holder Elias N. Conway
Succession Statewide election
Salary $85,000

The Arkansas State Auditor (formally known as the Auditor of State) is an executive position and constitutional officer within the Arkansas government. The State Auditor serves as the accountant for the state, responsible for monitoring funds for state agencies, disbursing state funds, and managing unclaimed property.

Arkansas State of the United States of America

Arkansas is a state in the southern region of the United States, home to over 3 million people as of 2018. Its name is of Siouan derivation from the language of the Osage denoting their related kin, the Quapaw Indians. The state's diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta.

Accountant practitioner of accountancy or accounting

An accountant is a practitioner of accounting or accountancy, which is the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about financial information that helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others make decisions about allocating resource(s).


The current State Auditor is Andrea Lea, who took office in 2015.

Andrea Christine Lea is the Arkansas State Auditor and a Republican former member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from Russellville, Arkansas. She was elected state auditor on November 4, 2014, to succeed the Democratic incumbent, Charlie Daniels, who did not seek reelection.

List of Arkansas State Auditors

Prior to Amendment 63 in 1982, the term length for constitutional offices in Arkansas, including Auditor, was two years.

Term Name Party Notes
18361841 Elias N. Conway [1]
1841 A. Boileau [1]
18411849 Elias N. Conway [1]
18491855 C.C. Danley [1]
18551857 A.S. Huey [1]
18571860 William Read Miller [1]
18601861 H.C. Lowe [1]
18611864 William Read Miller [1]
18641866 J.R. Berry Republican [1]
18661868 William Read Miller Republican [1]
18681873 J.R. Berry Republican [1]
18731874 Stephen Wheeler Republican [1]
18741877 William Read Miller Democratic [1]
18771883 John Crawford Democratic [1]
18831887 A.W. Files Democratic [1]
18871887 William Read Miller Democratic [1]
18871893 W.S. Dunlop Democratic [1]
18931897 C.B. Mills Democratic [1]
18971901 Clay Sloan Democratic [1]
19011905 T.C. Monroe Democratic [1]
19051909 Avery E. Moore Democratic [1]
19091912 John R. Jobe Democratic [1]
19121913 John M. Oathout Democratic [1]
19131915 L.L. Coffman Democratic [1]
19151917 M.F. Dickinson [1]
19171921 Hogan Oliver Democratic [1]
19211925 James Guy Tucker Democratic [1]
19251929 J. Carrol Cone Democratic [1]
19291935 J. Oscar Humphrey Democratic [1]
19351937 Charles E. Parker Democratic [1]
19371956 J. Oscar Humphrey Democratic [1]
1956 F. Nolan Humphrey [1]
19571979 James Herbert "Jimmie Red" Jones Democratic [2]
19791981 Jimmie Lou Fisher Democratic [1]
19811995 Julia Hughes Jones Democratic [3]
19952003 Gus Wingfield Democratic [4]
20032011 Jim Wood Democratic [5] [6]
20112015 Charlie Daniels Democrat
2015present Andrea Lea Republican

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A general election was held in the U.S. state of Arkansas on November 4, 2014. All of Arkansas' executive officers were up for election as well as a United States Senate seat, and all of Arkansas' four seats in the United States House of Representatives. Primary elections were held on May 20, 2014 for offices that need to nominate candidates. Primary runoffs, necessary if no candidate wins a majority of the vote, were held on June 10, 2014.

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