Duchess of Limburg

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Countess of Limburg

House of Ardennes, 1065–1119

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Countess Ceased to be Countess Death Spouse
Jutta of Lower Lorraine Frederick of Luxembourg, Duke of Lower Lorraine
(Elder Luxembourg)
1050 1065 1065
husband's accession
husband's death
1102 Waleran I
Adelaide of Podenstein Botho, Count of Pottenstein 1061 - 1082
husband's accession
after 13 August 1106 Henry I

House of Ardennes, 1119–1283

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Judith of Guelders, heiress of Wassenberg Gerard I, Count of Guelders
1087 1107/10 1119
husband's ascession
16 July 1139
husband's death
24 June 1151 Waleran II
Matilda of Saffenberg Adolf, Count of Saffenberg
1113 1136 16 July 1139
husband's ascession
2 January 1145 Henry II
Blason Comte-de-Flandre.svg Laurette of Flanders Thierry, Count of Flanders
1130 1150 before 1152
Sophia of Saarbrücken Simon I, Count of Saarbrücken
1149 1165 19 August 1167
husband's ascession
1215 Henry III
Ermesinda.jpg Ermesinde of Namur, Countess of Luxembourg Henry IV, Count of Luxembourg and Namur
June 1186 May 1214 21 June 1221
husband's ascession
2 July 1226
husband's death
12 February 1247 Waleran III
Bergischer Lowe.svg Ermengard of Berg Adolf VI, Count of Berg
- 1217/8 2 July 1226
husband's ascession
25 February 1247
husband's death
1248/9 Henry IV
Blason DE Cleves.svg Judith of Cleves Dietrich V, Count of Cleves
- - 25 February 1247
husband's ascession
before 1278 Waleran IV
Wappen Mark Brandenburg.png Kunigunde of Brandenburg Otto, Margrave of Brandenburg
- 10 January 1278 1279
husband's death
after 8 June 1292

House of Leuven, 1288–1406

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Marketa Dampierre.jpg Margaret of Flanders Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders
1251 1273 5 June 1288
Battle of Worringen
3 July 1285 John I
Margaret, Duchess of Brabant.jpg Margaret of England Edward I of England
15 March 1275 8 July 1290 3 May 1294
husband's ascession
27 October 1312
husband's death
after 11 March 1333 John II
Marie d'Évreux Louis of France, Count d'Évreux
1303 19 July 1311 27 October 1312
husband's ascession
31 October 1335 John III
JohannavanBrabant.jpg Joanna, Duchess of Brabant (suo jure) John III, Duke of Brabant
24 June 1322 1334 5 December 1355
father's death
1 November 1406 William IV

House of Valois, 1406–1482

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Arms of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.svg Jeanne of Saint Pol Waleran III of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny and Saint Pol
1380/85 21 February 1402 1 November 1406
husband's accession
12 August 1407 Anthony
Armoiries Luxembourg-Goerlitz.svg Elisabeth, Duchess of Luxembourg John of Görlitz
November 1390 16 July 1409 25 October 1415
husband's death
3 August 1451
Jakobaa.jpg Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut William II, Duke of Bavaria
16 August 1401 18 April 1418 7 March 1422
obtained papal divorce
8 October 1436 John IV
- Margaret ? ? ? 17 April 1427
husband's accession
14 August 1430
husband's death
? Philip I
Rogier van der Weyden (workshop of) - Portrait of Isabella of Portugal.jpg Isabella of Portugal John I of Portugal
21 February 1397 7 January 1430 15 July 1467
husband's death
17 December 1471 Philip II
Margaret of York.jpg Margaret of York Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York
3 May 1446 9 July 1468 5 January 1477
husband's death
23 November 1503 Charles I
Mary of burgundy pocher.jpg Mary of Burgundy (suo jure) Charles I
13 February 1457 18 August 1477 5 January 1477
father's death
23 November 1503 Maximilian I

House of Habsburg, 1482–1700

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Johanna die Wahnsinnige,die junge Herzogin von Burgund.jpg Joanna of Castile Ferdinand II of Aragon
6 November 1479 20 October 1496 25 September 1506
husband's death
12 April 1555 Philip III
Tizian 057.jpg Isabella of Portugal Manuel I of Portugal
24 October 1503 11 March 1526 1 May 1539 Charles II
Maria Tudor1.jpg Mary I of England Henry VIII of England
18 February 1516 25 July 1554 16 January 1556
husband's ascension
17 November 1558 Philip IV
Isabel de Valois2.jpg Elisabeth of Valois Henry II of France
2 April 1545 22 June 1559 3 October 1568
Ana de Austria2.jpg Anna of Austria Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
1 November 1549 4 May 1570 26 October 1580
Isabel de Borbon, from Statens Museum for Kunst, by Diego Velazquez.jpg Elisabeth of Bourbon Henry IV of France
22 November 1602 25 November 1615 31 March 1621
husband's ascension
6 October 1644 Philip V
Retratodelareinamariana.jpg Mariana of Austria Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor
24 December 1634 7 October 1649 17 September 1665
husband's death
16 May 1696
Marie-Louise d'Orleans, reine d'Espagne.jpg Marie Louise of Orléans Philippe I, Duke of Orléans
26 March 1662 19 November 1679 12 February 1689 Charles III
Maria Anna, Countess Palatine of the Rhine in Neuburg, Queen of Spain.jpg Maria Anna of the Palatinate-Neuburg Philip William, Elector Palatine
28 October 1667 14 May 1690 1 November 1700
husband's death
16 July 1740

House of Bourbon, 1700–1706

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Anonymous portrait of Maria Luisa of Savoy (1688-1714, future Queen of Spain).jpg Maria Luisa of Savoy Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
17 September 1688 2 November 1701 c. 1706
Duchy ceded to Austria
14 February 1714 Philip VI

House of Habsburg, 1706–1780

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Elisabeth Christine of Braunschweig Wolfenbuettel.jpg Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Louis Rudolph, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
28 August 1691 1 August 1708 20 October 1740
husband's death
21 December 1750 Charles IV
Kaiserin Maria Theresia (HRR).jpg Maria Theresa Charles IV
13 May 1717 12 February 1736 20 October 1740
father's death
29 November 1780 Francis I

House of Habsburg-Lorraine, 1780–1794

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Joseph Grassi 001.jpg Maria Louisa of Spain Charles III of Spain
24 November 1745 5 August 1765 20 February 1790
husband's ascession
1 March 1792
husband's death
15 May 1792 Leopold
Maria Teresa di Borbone-Napoli.jpg Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
(Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
6 June 1772 15 September 1790 1 March 1792
husband's ascession
Limburg occupied by France
13 April 1807 Francis

House of Orange-Nassau, 1839–1866

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Hulst - Portrait of Queen Paulowna.jpg Anna Pavlovna of Russia Paul I of Russia
18 January 1795 21 February 1816 7 October 1840
husband's accession
7 March 1849
husband's death
1 March 1865 William II
Koningin Sophie Wurttemberg.jpg Sophie of Württemberg William I of Württemberg
17 June 1818 18 June 1839 7 March 1849
husband's accession
11 May 1867
Limburg became part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
3 June 1877 William III

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