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The Irish League representative team was the representative side of the Irish Football League, the national league for football in Northern Ireland from 1922 and, prior to that the league for Ireland.


The Irish League was suspended from 1941–42 to 1946–47 due to the Second World War. As a replacement the Northern Ireland Regional League (aka the North Regional League [1] ) was organised and results listed below during this period are therefore for the Northern Ireland Regional League representative team. [2]

From 2007 to 2010 the Irish Premier League was represented by the Northern Ireland Under-23 team in the International Challenge Trophy.

Irish League representative match results

[3] [4] [5]

DateOpponentsResultScoreH-T ScoreVenueAttendance
29/04/1893 Scottish League XI W3–03–0Ulsterville, Belfast 4000
27/01/1894Scottish League XIL0–60–1 Celtic Park, Glasgow 3000
10/02/1894 Football League XI L2–40–3Ulster Grounds, Belfast5000
02/02/1895 [6] Scottish League XIL1–41–3 Grosvenor Park, Belfast 6000
09/11/1895Football League XID2–22–0 Victoria Ground, Stoke 3000
11/11/1895 Liverpool L1–51–1 Anfield, Liverpool
15/02/1896Scottish League XIL2–30–1Celtic Park, Glasgow5000
07/11/1896Football League XIL0–20–1 The Oval, Belfast12000
30/01/1897Scottish League XIL0–20–1 Solitude, Belfast10000
06/11/1897Football League XIL1–80–1 Hyde Road, Manchester 10000
29/01/1898Scottish League XIL0–50–5Carolina Fort, Dundee 9000
05/11/1898Football League XIL1–50–2Grosvenor Park, Belfast8000
11/02/1899Scottish League XIW3–11–0Solitude, Belfast10000
11/11/1899Football League XIL1–31–1 Burnden Park, Bolton 5372
17/02/1900Scottish League XIL0–60–1 Easter Road, Edinburgh 9000
10/11/1900Football League XIL2–41–1Solitude, Belfast7000
16/02/1901Scottish League XI [7] L1–21–1The Oval, Belfast9500
09/11/1901Football League XIL0–90–3 Manor Ground, London 12000
15/02/1902Scottish League XIL0–30–1 Dens Park, Dundee
11/10/1902Football League XIL2–32–1Solitude, Belfast10000
28/02/1903Scottish League XIW1–01–0Grosvenor Park, Belfast11000
10/10/1903Football League XIL1–21–1 Valley Parade, Bradford 17000
27/02/1904Scottish League XIL1–31–2 Love Street, Paisley 10000
15/10/1904Football League XIL0–20–2Grosvenor Park, Belfast12000
14/10/1905Football League XIL0–40–1Hyde Road, Manchester13000
13/10/1906Football League XIL0–60–2Solitude, Belfast10500
12/10/1907Football League XIL3–62–4 Roker Park, Sunderland 6000
10/10/1908Football League XIL0–50–2Solitude, Belfast12000
10/02/1909Scottish League XIL1–20–1Grosvenor Park, Belfast8000
09/10/1909Football League XIL1–80–2 Boundary Park, Oldham 10000
25/10/1909Scottish League XIL0–20–0 Firhill Park, Glasgow10000
08/10/1910Football League XIL2–61–3Celtic Park, Belfast20000
31/10/1910Scottish League XIL1–30–0Grosvenor Park, Belfast10000
20/03/1911 Southern League XI L0–40–2 Upton Park, London 5000
30/09/1911Southern League XIL0–20–2 Windsor Park, Belfast9000
16/10/1911Football League XI [8] L0–40–1Anfield, Liverpool10000
30/10/1911Scottish League XIL0–30–0Firhill Park, Glasgow5000
23/10/1912Football League XID0–00–0The Oval, Belfast11500
06/11/1912Scottish League XI [9] L1–31–0Windsor Park, Belfast8500
15/03/1913Southern League XID1–11–0 The Den, London13000
01/10/1913Football League XIL0–20–1Solitude, Belfast12000
11/10/1913Southern League XIL1–41–1 Dalymount Park, Dublin 6000
05/11/1913Scottish League XIL1–20–0Windsor Park, Belfast9000
07/10/1914Football League XIL1–20–0 The Hawthorns, West Bromwich 9250
31/10/1914Southern League XID1–11–1 Vetch Field, Swansea 8000
18/11/1914Scottish League XI [10] L1–21–2Grosvenor Park, Belfast7000
05/11/1919Scottish League XIL0–20–1Windsor Park, Belfast4250
19/11/1919Football League XID2–20–1Anfield, Liverpool20000
25/01/1921Scottish League XI [11] L0–30–0 Ibrox Park, Glasgow10000
01/10/1921Football League XIL0–10–0The Oval, Belfast10000
26/10/1921Scottish League XI [12] L0–30–1 Shawfield Park, Rutherglen 15000
04/10/1922Football League XIL1–51–4Burnden Park, Bolton10000
18/10/1922Scottish League XIL0–30–1Celtic Park, Glasgow8000
17/03/1923 Welsh Football League XID2–21–2Solitude, Belfast9000
29/09/1923Football League XIL2–61–3Windsor Park, Belfast15000
31/10/1923Scottish League XIL0–10–1Windsor Park, Belfast5000
11/10/1924Football League XIL0–50–2Solitude, Belfast12000
29/10/1924Scottish League XIL0–30–3 Tynecastle, Edinburgh 15000
11/05/1925Ireland AmateurL1–5?-?Solitude, Belfast
07/10/1925Football League XIL1–51–3Anfield, Liverpool15000
11/11/1925Scottish League XIL3–71–4Solitude, Belfast10000
13/03/1926 League of Ireland XI L1–30–1Dalymount Park, Dublin18000
09/10/1926Football League XIL1–61–1Celtic Park, Belfast14000
27/10/1926Scottish League XIL2–51–4Tynecastle, Edinburgh6850
05/03/1927League of Ireland XID1–11–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
21/09/1927Football League XIL1–90–9 St James' Park, Newcastle 1122
12/10/1927Scottish League XIL1–20–1Solitude, Belfast8000
10/03/1928League of Ireland XIL1–31–1 Shelbourne Park, Dublin12000
22/09/1928Football League XIL0–50–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
31/10/1928Scottish League XIL2–82–5Firhill Park, Glasgow16980
09/03/1929League of Ireland XIW2–10–0The Oval, Belfast15000
25/09/1929Football League XIL2–70–1 Goodison Park, Liverpool18000
09/10/1929Scottish League XIL1–40–2 Windsor Park, Belfast10000
01/03/1930League of Ireland XIW6–14–0 Dalymount Park 12000
24/09/1930Football League XID2–21–1Windsor Park, Belfast12000
08/10/1930Scottish League XI [13] L0–50–3Firhill Park, Glasgow10170
23/09/1931Football League XIL0–40–2 Bloomfield Road, Blackpool 15233
03/10/1931Scottish League XIW3–21–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
01/10/1932Football League XIL2–51–3Windsor Park, Belfast17000
19/10/1932Scottish League XIL1–40–1Ibrox Park, Glasgow11000
30/09/1933Scottish League XIW3–02–0Windsor Park, Belfast15357
04/10/1933Football League XIL0–40–2 Deepdale, Preston 14400
19/09/1934Football League XIL1–61–3The Oval, Belfast13500
03/10/1934Scottish League XIL2–31–2Firhill Park, Glasgow8000
25/09/1935Football League XIW2–11–1Bloomfield Road, Blackpool26000
23/10/1935Scottish League XI [14] L2–30–2Windsor Park, Belfast7000
02/09/1936Scottish League XIL2–51–4Ibrox Park, Glasgow15000
23/09/1936Football League XIW3–23–1Windsor Park, Belfast16000
01/09/1937Scottish League XIL2–31–1The Oval, Belfast11082
06/10/1937Football League XIL0–30–0Bloomfield Road, Blackpool14700
17/03/1938League of Ireland XIW3–11–1Dalymount Park, Dublin30000
07/09/1938Scottish League XI [15] L1–60–5Ibrox Park, Glasgow26000
21/09/1938Football League XIL2–81–2Windsor Park, Belfast14000
11/03/1939League of Ireland XIL1–20–0Windsor Park, Belfast11000
30/08/1939Scottish League XIL2–30–1Windsor Park, Belfast12000
18/03/1940League of Ireland XIL0–20–1Dalymount Park, Dublin26000
17/03/1941League of Ireland XIW8–33–2Dalymount Park, Dublin36000
14/04/1941League of Ireland XIW2–12–1Windsor Park, Belfast25000
17/03/1942League of Ireland XID2–22–1Dalymount Park, Dublin31000
06/04/1942League of Ireland XIW5–22–1Windsor Park, Belfast30000
17/03/1943League of Ireland XIW1–00–0Dalymount Park, Dublin28000
26/04/1943League of Ireland XID2–22–1Windsor Park, Belfast21000
17/03/1944League of Ireland XIW4–30–2Dalymount Park, Dublin28000
10/04/1944League of Ireland XID2–21–0Windsor Park, Belfast35000
17/03/1945League of Ireland XIL1–20–2Dalymount Park, Dublin36000
02/04/1945League of Ireland XIL3–51–2Windsor Park, Belfast32000
18/03/1946League of Ireland XIW2–11–1Dalymount Park, Dublin37000
22/04/1946League of Ireland XIW3–02–0Windsor Park, Belfast32000
19/02/1947Football League XIL2–40–2Goodison Park, Liverpool36000
17/03/1947League of Ireland XID2–21–0Dalymount Park, Dublin20000
07/04/1947League of Ireland XIL0–10–0Windsor Park, Belfast30000
30/04/1947Scottish League XI [16] L4–73–3Windsor Park, Belfast20000
22/10/1947Football League XIL3–42–1Windsor Park, Belfast20000
14/01/1948Scottish League XIL0–30–1Celtic Park, Glasgow50000
17/03/1948League of Ireland XIL1–20–1Dalymount Park, Dublin25000
29/03/1948League of Ireland XIW4–01–0Windsor Park, Belfast
20/09/1948Football League XIL1–51–4Anfield, Liverpool27263
06/11/1948Scottish League XIL0–10–1Windsor Park, Belfast30000
17/03/1949League of Ireland XID0–00–0Dalymount Park, Dublin20000
18/04/1949League of Ireland XIW4–13–1Windsor Park, Belfast25000
07/09/1949Scottish League XIL1–81–4Ibrox Park, Glasgow62000
17/03/1950League of Ireland XIL1–31–0Dalymount Park, Dublin18000
10/04/1950League of Ireland XID2–21–2Windsor Park, Belfast10000
26/04/1950Football League XIL1–31–1Windsor Park, Belfast20000
27/09/1950Scottish League XIL0–20–4Windsor Park, Belfast15000
18/10/1950Football League XIL3–62–3Bloomfield Road, Blackpool30000
26/03/1951Western CommandW4–2?-?Windsor Park, Belfast
19/05/1951Welsh League XIL0–20–0Vetch Field, Swansea
05/09/1951Welsh League XIL3–71–4Windsor Park, Belfast15000
26/09/1951Scottish League XIL0–30–1Ibrox Park, Glasgow23000
26/03/1952Football League XIL0–90–2Windsor Park, Belfast20000
14/04/1952Western CommandL2–4?-?Windsor Park, Belfast
03/09/1952Scottish League XI [17] L1–51–3Windsor Park, Belfast15000
24/09/1952Football League XIL1–71–3 Molineux, Wolverhampton 15161
22/04/1953League of Ireland XIW3–02–0Dalymount Park, Dublin16000
09/09/1953Scottish League XI [18] L0–40–3Ibrox Park, Glasgow25000
23/09/1953Football League XIL0–50–3Windsor Park, Belfast23000
26/11/1953Western CommandW2–0?-?Grosvenor Park, Belfast
19/04/1954League of Ireland XID0–00–0Windsor Park, Belfast12000
15/09/1954Scottish League XI [19] L1–51–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
20/10/1954Football League XIL2–40–2Anfield, Liverpool22323
10/11/1954Western CommandL2–3?-?Grosvenor Park, Belfast
17/03/1955League of Ireland XIL1–20–1Dalymount Park, Dublin30000
07/09/1955Scottish League XIL0–30–0Ibrox Park, Glasgow33500
16/11/1955Western CommandW8–1?-?Grosvenor Park, Belfast
17/03/1956League of Ireland XIL0–10–0Dalymount Park, Dublin23000
02/04/1956League of Ireland XIW6–02–0Windsor Park, Belfast20000
25/04/1956Football League XIW5–22–1Windsor Park, Belfast20000
05/09/1956Scottish League XIL1–71–2The Oval, Belfast25000
31/10/1956Football League XIL2–30–2St. Jame's Park, Newcastle34000
21/11/1956Western CommandW3–1?-?Windsor Park, Belfast
06/12/1956Irish International XID3–3?-?Windsor Park, Belfast
18/03/1957League of Ireland XID2–20–1Dalymount Park, Dublin28000
22/04/1957League of Ireland XIL1–21–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
09/10/1957Scottish League XIL0–70–1Ibrox Park, Glasgow30000
30/10/1957Football League XIL2–42–2Windsor Park, Belfast18000
13/11/1957Western CommandW6–0?-?Windsor Park, Belfast
17/03/1958League of Ireland XID2–21–2Dalymount Park, Dublin32000
07/04/1958League of Ireland XIW3–11–1Solitude, Belfast29000
03/09/1958Scottish League XIL0–50–3Windsor Park, Belfast7000
29/10/1958League of Ireland XIL2–32–3Windsor Park, Belfast5000
12/11/1958Football League XIL2–51–2Anfield, Liverpool30717
23/09/1959Football League XIL0–50–1Windsor Park, Belfast18000
14/10/1959Scottish League XIL1–70–4Ibrox Park, Glasgow23500
12/04/1960League of Ireland XIL1–20–2 Tolka Park, Dublin8000
07/09/1960Scottish League XIL1–20–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
12/10/1960Football League XIL2–51–2Bloomfield Road, Blackpool19066
17/03/1961League of Ireland XIW3–21–2Dalymount Park, Dublin12000
03/04/1961League of Ireland XID1–11–1Solitude, Belfast22000
04/10/1961Scottish League XIL0–70–3Ibrox Park, Glasgow25000
01/11/1961Football League XIL1–61–5Windsor Park, Belfast15000
20/03/1962 Italian Semi-Pro League XI W6–24–0Windsor Park, Belfast18000
04/04/1962League of Ireland XIW3–11–0Windsor Park, Belfast4000
31/10/1962Football League XIL1–30–2 Carrow Road, Norwich 15000
18/03/1963League of Ireland XIW3–11–0Dalymount Park, Dublin15000
04/05/1963Italian Semi-Pro League XIL0–10–0 Arezzo, Tuscany 10000
04/09/1963Scottish League XIL1–40–1Windsor Park, Belfast15000
17/03/1964League of Ireland XIL2–42–1Dalymount Park, Dublin8000
15/04/1964League of Ireland XID2–21–2Windsor Park, Belfast7000
28/10/1964Football League XIL0–40–3The Oval, Belfast20000
14/05/1965League of Ireland XIW1–00–0 Flower Lodge, Cork 3500
06/09/1965Scottish League XIL2–61–3 Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow11500
21/09/1966Football League XIL0–120–6 Home Park, Plymouth 35458
22/03/1967League of Ireland XIW3–12–0Windsor Park, Belfast6000
06/09/1967Scottish League XI [20] L0–20–0Windsor Park, Belfast10000
25/10/1967League of Ireland XIL2–30–3Dalymount Park, Dublin10000
27/11/1968Football League XIL0–10–1Windsor Park, Belfast12000
09/04/1969League of Ireland XIL1–20–1Windsor Park, Belfast5000
19/11/1969Scottish League XIL2–50–3Ibrox Park, Glasgow4000
17/03/1970League of Ireland XIW2–00–0Dalymount Park, Dublin10000
23/09/1970Football League XIL0–50–2Carrow Road, Norwich20743
18/03/1974League of Ireland XIL2–31–2Dalymount Park, Dublin2000
01/11/1978Scottish League XI [21] D1–11–0 Fir Park, Motherwell 4427
18/03/1980Scottish League XI [22] L2–41–1Windsor Park, Belfast1800
20/09/1980 Canada W3–10–0 King George V Park, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 3000
24/09/1980CanadaL1–22–1 Varsity Stadium, Toronto 3689
15/04/1981League of Ireland XIL0–10–1Tolka Park, Dublin1000
16/02/1982 OFK Belgrade *D3–32–2Windsor Park, Belfast1800
30/10/1984League of Ireland XIW4–01–0Windsor Park, Belfast873
17/03/1986League of Ireland XIL1–20–0Tolka Park, Dublin1500
17/03/1987League of Ireland XIW2–12–1 The Showgrounds, Newry 700
10/08/1987 Manchester United D0–00–0Windsor Park, Belfast8000
09/09/1987Football League XID2–22–1Windsor Park, Belfast3978
16/03/1989 Hibernian L1–21–1Easter Road, Edinburgh3000
17/05/1989League of Ireland XIL0–30–1 Oriel Park, Dundalk 500
06/07/1989 Fort Lauderdale Strikers L2–50–3 Lockhart Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2071
09/07/1989 Penn-Jersey Spirit D1–10–1 Trenton State College, New Jersey 2239
13/07/1989 Ruch Chorzów W1–00–0 Veterans Memorial Stadium, New Britain, Connecticut 2532
15/07/1989 United States L0–10–1Veterans Memorial Stadium, New Britain, Connecticut2011
07/05/1990League of Ireland XIL0–10–1The Oval, Belfast500
11/08/1990Manchester UnitedL0–30–0Windsor Park, Belfast12000
13/11/1990Football League XID1–11–0Windsor Park, Belfast3600
03/04/1991 Kilmarnock L1–20–0 Rugby Park, Kilmarnock 4000
19/11/1991League of Ireland XIW2–01–0Tolka Park, Dublin2000
04/08/1992 Everton L0–10–0The Oval, Belfast1252
07/03/1995League of Ireland XID1–11–0 Richmond Park, Dublin600
01/11/2000League of Ireland XIW2–01–0 Terryland Park, Galway 350
13/02/2007 Football Conference XI **W3–12–0 Mourneview Park, Lurgan 1600
15/05/2012Manchester United [23] L1–40–1Windsor Park, Belfast14098


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Alexander Lambie was a Scottish footballer who played as a centre half.

Alec Mackie was a Scottish footballer who played mainly as an inside right and featured for Rangers between 1902 and 1905.


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