List of Scottish Football League representative players

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The Scottish Football League XI was a representative side of the Scottish Football League (SFL). Soon after the creation of the SFL in 1890, there was a desire on the part of its officials to test its strength against its older counterpart (English) Football League. [1] A match between the Scottish League and The Football League XI was first played in April 1892 at Pike's Lane, Bolton and ended in a 22 draw. [1] The Scottish League also played representative matches against the Irish League XI, [2] League of Ireland XI, [3] a Welsh League XI, [4] a Danish Combination and the Italian league. They had also played four fundraising matches during World War I and six unofficial trial matches against Scotland between 1958 and 1964 - players involved in those matches are recorded separately.


A Scottish League team last played in 1990, to mark the league's centenary, in a match against the Scotland national team. [5] [6] The Scottish Football League ceased to exist in 2013, when it merged with the Scottish Premier League to form the Scottish Professional Football League.

Bobby Evans holds the record for Scottish League XI appearances, having played 25 times between 1948 and 1960. [7] George Young attained 22 caps, and is the only other player to have won at least 20. [7] Seventeen other players achieved at least 10 caps. [7] Willie Bauld scored the most goals for the Scottish League XI, with his 15 goals coming in 13 appearances between 1949 and 1958. [8] Lawrie Reilly scored 14 goals in as many games. [8] As well as being the third highest scorer, Barney Battles, Jr. is also the most prolific, with his 13 goals coming from only five games (averaging 2.6 goals per game). [8] Bobby Collins (12) and William Reid (10) also scored at least 10 goals for the team. [8]

List of players

Inter-league matches

Of the 155 players who made at least four appearances for the Scottish League team, only eight never played for the full Scotland team, including John Stewart Wright whose career coincided with World War I and played in unofficial internationals, Bob Ferrier who was ineligible during his era due to being born in Sheffield, South African Johnny Hubbard, and goalkeepers Willie White and George Niven, the latter of whom is the Rangers player with most appearances for the club without a full cap, having missed out through injury on several occasions. [9] The other players in that group are John McFarlane, Chic Geatons and Willie Rankin.

Barney Battles Jr. was capped for both Scotland and the United States, Joe Kennaway played for Scotland and Canada, and Patsy Gallacher featured for both Ireland teams.

Jock Stein played once for the Scottish League XI, in 1954. Stein and Alex Ferguson both played for the Scottish League XI and became Scotland national football team manager, but neither played for the national team. Trainer Jock Stein van Celtic in het Hiltonhotel, Bestanddeelnr 924-3395.jpg
Jock Stein played once for the Scottish League XI, in 1954. Stein and Alex Ferguson both played for the Scottish League XI and became Scotland national football team manager, but neither played for the national team.
Celtic players Tommy Gemmell (left) and Willie Wallace (right) both played for the Scottish League XI during the 1960s. Spelers Tommy Gemmell (l) en Willie Wallace, Bestanddeelnr 924-3383.jpg
Celtic players Tommy Gemmell (left) and Willie Wallace (right) both played for the Scottish League XI during the 1960s.
David Hay played four times for the Scottish League XI in the early 1970s. Davie Hay (1971).jpg
David Hay played four times for the Scottish League XI in the early 1970s.
NameFirst capLast capCapsGoalsClub(s) when capped
Bobby Evans 19481960250 Celtic
George Young 19471956222 Rangers
Bobby Collins 195119581612 Celtic
Alec McNair 1908192015 [lower-alpha 1] 0Celtic
Jimmy Gordon 1909192014 [lower-alpha 2] 2Rangers
Alan Morton 19191931151 Queen's Park;
Jimmy Brownlie 19091919140 Third Lanark
Eric Caldow 19571965141Rangers
John Greig 1963197614 [lower-alpha 3] 1 Rangers
Jimmy McMenemy 1908192014 [lower-alpha 1] 2Celtic
Lawrie Reilly 194819561414Hibernian
Alex Smith 18971913142Rangers
Bobby Walker 18991911144 Heart of Midlothian
Willie Bauld 194919581315 Heart of Midlothian
Sammy Cox 19481953130 Rangers
Sandy Archibald 19191933121 Rangers
Jerry Dawson 19311941110Rangers
Neilly Gibson 18951903110Rangers
Gordon Smith 19481955113Hibernian
Alex Bennett 19051912100Celtic;
Andy Cunningham 19121928101 Kilmarnock;
Dan Doyle 1892189910 [lower-alpha 4] 0Celtic
Willie McStay 19191928100Celtic
Willie Ormond 19471958103Hibernian
George Stevenson 19271934102 Motherwell
Ronnie McKinnon 1966197190Rangers
Sandy McMahon 189219009 [lower-alpha 4] 4 Celtic
Billy McNeill 1961196790Celtic
Peter Nellies 1911191991Heart of Midlothian
Alex Parker 1955195890 Falkirk
Nicol Smith 1897190491Rangers
Jimmy Wardhaugh 1951195698Heart of Midlothian
Bill Brown 1956195880 Dundee
Bobby Brown 1949195280Rangers
Joe Dodds 1912192082Celtic
Alex Hamilton 1961196581Dundee
Jimmy Quinn 1904191287Celtic
Willie Reid 19101915810 Rangers
Tommy Ring 1953195784 Clyde
Pat Crerand 1960196271Celtic
John Cumming 1955196071Heart of Midlothian
Bob Ferrier 1922193075Motherwell
Archie Glen 1954195871 Aberdeen
Harry Haddock 1954195671Clyde
Robert Hamilton 1898190479Rangers
James Kelly 1893189770Celtic
Jimmy Mason 1948195070Third Lanark
Andrew McAtee 1912192071Celtic
Ian McColl 1952195873Rangers
Tommy McLean 1966197370Kilmarnock ;
Willie Miller 1947194870Celtic
George Niven 1953196070Rangers
Willie Redpath 1948195071Motherwell
Harry Rennie 1900190870Heart of Midlothian;
Alex Scott 1956196272Rangers
Davie Wilson 1960196473Rangers
Willie Woodburn 1947195170Rangers
James Blessington 189218986 [lower-alpha 4] 1Celtic
Tommy Cairns 1922192660Rangers
Peter Cormack 1966197063Hibernian
Jimmy Delaney 1936193963Celtic
John Grant 1958196160Hibernian
Dougie Gray 1927193060Rangers
Jimmy Hay 1909191160Celtic
Willie Henderson 1962196862Rangers
Bobby Hogg 1934193960Celtic
John Hughes 1961196864Celtic
Bobby Johnstone 1951195461Hibernian
Alex Massie 1932193561Heart of Midlothian
Jimmy McGrory 1926193566Celtic
Willie McNaught 1950195760 Raith Rovers
Bob McPhail 1926193665 Airdrieonians;
David Meiklejohn 1921193260Rangers
Tommy Muirhead 1921192961Rangers
Andy Penman 1960196763Dundee;
Pat Quinn 1959196261Motherwell
John Tait Robertson 1900190561Rangers
Pat Stanton 1966197360Hibernian
Jack Taylor 1892189564 Dumbarton;
St Mirren
James Young 1904191160 Celtic
Sammy Baird 1954195851Rangers
Barney Battles, Jr. 19281930513Heart of Midlothian
Jim Baxter 1961196450Rangers
James Bowie 1911191952Rangers
Ralph Brand 1961196358Rangers
George Brown 1931193650Rangers
Jimmy Carabine 1937193950Third Lanark
Tully Craig 1925192951Rangers
Jimmy Crapnell 1929193250Airdrieonians
Chic Geatons 1932193850Celtic
Tommy Gemmell 1965196850Celtic
Graham Leggat 1954195856 Aberdeen
Bert McCann 1959196151Motherwell
Peter McGonagle 1930193451Celtic
Colin McNab 1927193050Dundee
John McPherson 1897190252Rangers
Bob Mercer 1912191351Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Murdoch 1965196950Celtic
James Reid 1912191956Airdrieonians
Harry Ritchie 1921192750Hibernian
Charles Bellany Thomson 1904190852Heart of Midlothian
Willie Toner 1958196050Kilmarnock
Alex Venters 1935193951Rangers
Willie Waddell 1947195151Rangers
John Walker 1896190450Heart of Midlothian;
Tommy Walker 1935193952Heart of Midlothian
Andrew Anderson 1934193640Heart of Midlothian
Bernard Breslin 1898190041Hibernian
Willie Callaghan 1968197040 Dunfermline Athletic
John Campbell 189319024 [lower-alpha 5] 3Celtic
Stevie Chalmers 1962196740Celtic
Eddie Connachan 1961196240 Dunfermline Athletic
George Connelly 1970197341Celtic
Charlie Cooke 1962196543Aberdeen;
William Cringan 1919192140Celtic
Jimmy Davidson 1952195440 Partick Thistle
Arthur Duncan 1967197640Partick Thistle;
Willie Fernie 1953195841Celtic
David Hay 1970197340Celtic
Billy Houliston 1948194943 Queen of the South
Johnny Hubbard 1955195542Rangers
Willie Hunter 1958196140Motherwell
Jock Hutton 1923192540 Aberdeen
John Jackson 1929193240Partick Thistle
Jimmy Johnstone 1964197040Celtic
Joe Kennaway 1932193440Celtic
Jim Kennedy 1961196440Celtic
Alexander King 1896189842Heart of Midlothian;
Jake Madden 1893189642Celtic
Harry Marshall 1898190040Heart of Midlothian;
Daniel McArthur 1895189940Celtic
Joe McBride 1964196648Motherwell;
Peter McCloy 1966197340Motherwell;
John McFarlane 1924192840Celtic
Jimmy McMullan 1919192140Partick Thistle
Jimmy Millar 1961196443Rangers
Jackie Neilson 1951195440 St Mirren
Willie Rankin 1919192341Motherwell
Jimmy Simpson 1934193541Rangers
Dave Smith 1966197040Aberdeen;
Ian St. John 1959196146Motherwell
Billy Steel 1947195242 Morton;
Willie Telfer 1951195540St Mirren
Alec Thomson 1925193040Celtic
John Thomson 1928193040Celtic
Tom Townsley 1923192540Falkirk
Eddie Turnbull 1949195840Hibernian
Ian Ure 1961196240Dundee
Willie Wallace 1965196943Heart of Midlothian;
Jock White 1923192645Heart of Midlothian
Willie White 1923192640Heart of Midlothian
Peter Wilson 1926193340Celtic
John Stewart Wright 1913191940 Morton
Tommy Younger 1955195540 Heart of Midlothian
Johnny Aitkenhead 1951195233Motherwell
Matt Armstrong 1935193631Aberdeen
Joe Baillie 1951195230Celtic
Isaac Begbie 1893189430 Heart of Midlothian
Bertie Black 1958196130Kilmarnock
Danny Blair 1927192830 Clyde
Jimmy Blair 1911191230Clyde
Billy Boyd 1931193333Clyde
Jock Cameron 1903190430St Mirren
Jimmy Caskie 1937194130 St Johnstone;
Hibernian [lower-alpha 6]
Joe Cassidy 1921192331Celtic
Bobby Combe 1948195430Hibernian;
Alfie Conn, Sr. 1948195532Heart of Midlothian
Jimmy Cowan 1949195330 Morton
Doug Cowie 1953195630Dundee
James Crawford 1931193531 Queen's Park
Jimmy Croal 1913191433Falkirk
Jim Cruickshank 1964197030Heart of Midlothian
Johnny Deakin 1948194933 St Mirren
Billy Dickson 1970197130Kilmarnock
John Divers 1962196334Celtic
Bobby Dougan 1950195330Heart of Midlothian
Jock Drummond 1895190130Rangers
Jimmy Dykes 1937193930Heart of Midlothian
Hughie Ferguson 1920192233Motherwell
Thomas Ferguson 1921192730Falkirk
Donald Ford 1971197430Heart of Midlothian
George French 1921192231 Morton
Torrance Gillick 1947194831Rangers
Alan Gilzean 1960196431Dundee
George Hamilton 1947195132Aberdeen;
Heart of Midlothian
Bill Harper 1922192530Hibernian
Mike Haughney 1954195430Celtic
George Herd 1960196033 Clyde
Tom Jackson 1902190530St Mirren
John Johnston 1928193230Heart of Midlothian
Willie Kivlichan 1909191030Celtic
Davie Laing 1952195230Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Lennox 1966196832Celtic
Lawrie Leslie 1960196130 Airdrieonians
Willie Loney 1909191030Celtic
Sandy MacFarlane 1904191131Dundee
Dave Mackay 1957195830Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Main 1934193530Rangers
Fred Martin 1952195430Aberdeen
John May 1906190830Rangers
Willie McAndrew 1911191230Clyde
Adam McLean 1923192830Celtic
John McMenemy 1931193330Motherwell
Bob McNeil 1912191330 Hamilton Academical
Davie McParland 1962196430Partick Thistle
Alex McSpadyen 1938194131Partick Thistle
Jimmy McStay 1926193130Celtic
Jimmy Millar 1897189830Rangers
George Mulhall 1959196130Aberdeen
Jimmy Oswald 189418963 [lower-alpha 7] 3 St Bernard's
Alex Raisbeck 1897191230Hibernian;
Partick Thistle
Davie Robb 1969197431Aberdeen
Charlie Shaw 1914192030Celtic
Davie Shaw 1948194830Hibernian
Jimmy Smith 1924192732Heart of Midlothian
William Smith 1911191430Hibernian
Peter Somers 1899190930Celtic
Doug Somner 1978198032Partick Thistle;
St Mirren
Colin Stein 1968197231Rangers
Jim Stewart 1974197830Kilmarnock
Bobby Templeton 1909191031Kilmarnock
James Adams 1893189420 Heart of Midlothian
William Agnew 1907190820 Kilmarnock
Charlie Aitken 1958195820 Motherwell
Henry Allan 1899190020Heart of Midlothian
George Anderson 1901190220Kilmarnock
Bertie Auld 1958196520 Celtic
Davie Baird 1893189421Heart of Midlothian
John Barker 1894189520Rangers
Barney Battles, Sr. 1899190220Celtic
Jack Bell 1892189921 Dumbarton;
Andy Black 1937193823Heart of Midlothian
James S. Blair 1939193920Third Lanark
John Blair 1934193620Motherwell
Jim Brogan 1969197120Celtic
Hugh Brown 1947194820Partick Thistle
John Browning 1914191420Celtic
Walter Bruce 1902190320St Mirren
Willie Buchan 1935193723Celtic
Paddy Buckley 1954195520Aberdeen
Albert Buick 1899190320Heart of Midlothian
Willie Bulloch 1911191420Partick Thistle
Patrick Callaghan 1900190320Hibernian
Tommy Callaghan 1968197120 Dunfermline Athletic;
John Clark 1966196720Celtic
Paul Clarke 1978198020 Kilmarnock
Tom Collins 1909191020Heart of Midlothian
Donald Colman 1910191120Aberdeen
Willie Cook 1926192720Dundee
Willie Cooper 1934193520Aberdeen
Alan Cousin 1958195821Dundee
Allan Craig 1929193020Motherwell
George Cummings 1934193520Partick Thistle
Neil Dewar 1932193922 Third Lanark
Ally Donaldson 1965196920Dundee
Jock Ewart 1910191120 Airdrieonians
Alex Ferguson 1967196721 Dunfermline Athletic;
Bobby Ferguson 1966196720Kilmarnock
Bobby Flavell 1947194726 Airdrieonians
Campbell Forsyth 1964196520Kilmarnock
Tom Forsyth 1971197620Rangers
Stewart Fraser 1962196223 Dundee United
Hughie Gallacher 1925192526 Airdrieonians
Patsy Gallacher 1913192420Celtic
Jimmy Galt 1911191220Rangers
Jimmy Gibson 1925192720Partick Thistle
John Gilchrist 1921192220Celtic
Robert Glen 1900190020 Hibernian
Jimmy Gourlay 1914191921 Morton
Jock Govan 1948195220Hibernian
Johnny Graham 1970197021Hibernian
Willie Hamilton 1962196520Heart of Midlothian;
Robert Harrison 1935193620 Hamilton Academical
Jim Herriot 1962196320 Dunfermline Athletic
Willie Hewitt 1947195020Partick Thistle
Johnny Hodge 1900190022Celtic
James Hunter 1923192320Falkirk
Sandy Jardine 1972197320Rangers
Willie Johnston 1969197021Rangers
Derek Johnstone 1973197420Rangers
Andy Kerr 1955195720Partick Thistle
Peter Kerr 1923192620Hibernian;
Heart of Midlothian
David Kinnear 1936193820Rangers
James Kirkwood 1893189520 Abercorn
Archie Kyle 1906190821Rangers
Robert Rae Laing 189218932 [lower-alpha 4] 1 Leith Athletic
David Lapsley 1951195421St Mirren
John Little 1954196020Rangers
Alec Logan 190719102 [lower-alpha 8] 1Falkirk
James Low 1914191420Heart of Midlothian
Willie Lyon 1938193820Celtic
John Mackenzie 1949195321Partick Thistle
Willie Maley 1892189420Celtic
Neil Martin 1964196421Hibernian
Willie Martin 1938193822Clyde
James McAlpine 1928192820 Queen's Park
Edward McBain 1893189620St Mirren
Archie McCall 1893189420 Renton
James McCall 1892189320 Renton
William McCartney 1902190320Hibernian
Allan McClory 1926192720Motherwell
Jock McDonald 1919191920 Airdrieonians
Jock McDougall 1925192720 Airdrieonians
Peter McKennan 1937193821Partick Thistle
Tommy McKenzie 1934193720Motherwell
Donald McLeod 1905190620Celtic
Eddie McLeod 1930193120Partick Thistle
John McLeod 1892189320 Dumbarton
Ian McMillan 1952195420 Airdrieonians
Chris McNee 1937193920 Hamilton Academical
John McPhail 1950195021Celtic
John McTavish 1907190820 Falkirk
George McWattie 1901190220 Queen's Park;
Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Mitchell 1947194821Third Lanark
David Mitchell 1893189420 Rangers
Tom Mooney 1933193520Airdrieonians
Willie Muir 1903190720Dundee
Charlie Napier 1932193422Celtic
Joe Nibloe 1929192920Kilmarnock
Gibby Ormond 1958195821 Airdrieonians
Robert Orr 1919192220Third Lanark
Derek Parlane 1973197420Rangers
George Paterson 1935193820Celtic
John Patrick 1895189820St Mirren
Harry Paul 1909190921 Queen's Park
Willie Pettigrew 1978197821 Motherwell
Bobby Reid 1934193420 Hamilton Academical
James Richardson 1919191922 Ayr United
Andrew Richmond 1909190920 Queen's Park
William Robb 1921192420Rangers
Archie Robertson 1954195421Clyde
Willie Russell 1924192520 Airdrieonians
Jimmy Sharp 1902190320Dundee
Archie Shaw 1948195120Motherwell
Jock Shaw 1936194720 Airdrieonians;
Bobby Shearer 1961196120Rangers
George Sinclair 1912191920Heart of Midlothian
Graeme Sinclair 1978198020 Dumbarton
James Stark 1907190920Rangers
Gregor Stevens 1978197820 Motherwell
George Stewart 1904190620Hibernian
Jackie Stewart 1952195220 East Fife
David Storrier 1899190120Celtic
James Templeton 1902190320 Queen's Park
Bertie Thomson 1930193120Celtic
Bobby Thomson 1978198020 Morton
David Thomson 1921192120Dundee
George Thomson 1959196020Heart of Midlothian
Alex Troup 1921192120Dundee
George Walker 1931193220St Mirren
William Walker 190919122 [lower-alpha 2] 0 Clyde
John White 1959195922 Falkirk
Brian Whittaker 1978198020Partick Thistle
David Wilson 1902190320 Queen's Park
Robert Wilson [lower-alpha 9] 1910191120 Partick Thistle
Bobby Wishart 1955195521Aberdeen
Alex Young 1958196022Heart of Midlothian
Archie Aikman 194811Falkirk
Thomas Allan 191110Heart of Midlothian
Willie Allan 196211 Aberdeen
Robert Allison 189310 Renton
Geordie Anderson 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 0 Leith Athletic
John Anderson 19111 [lower-alpha 10] 0Falkirk
Andy Armour 190910Kilmarnock
Tommy Atherton 190110 Partick Thistle
Doug Baird 195910Partick Thistle
Johnny Ballantyne 193010Partick Thistle
Eamonn Bannon 197810Heart of Midlothian
Robert Barbour 189410 Third Lanark
Bobby Baxter 194110 Hibernian [lower-alpha 6]
Dick Beattie 195710Celtic
Frank Beattie 196110Kilmarnock
Laurie Bell 189511Third Lanark
Bob Bennie 192810Heart of Midlothian
George Bertram 193110 Airdrieonians
Jimmy Binning 195410 Queen of the South
Bob Birrell 192110Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Black 195412 Queen of the South
Jimmy Black 193110Aberdeen
John Blackley 197210Hibernian
Bobby Blackwood 196010Heart of Midlothian
Willie Blair 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 0 Third Lanark
Alec Boden 195210Celtic
Tommy Bogan 194810Celtic
Alf Boyd 194910 Dundee
Henry Boyd 189410Third Lanark
Dickie Boyle 189210 Dumbarton
Jock Bradford 191210 Morton
Des Bremner 197610Hibernian
Gordon Bremner 194111Motherwell
Hutton Bremner 193410 Queen's Park
Allan Brown 195010 East Fife
Andrew Brown 189310 St Mirren
Craig Brown 192210Motherwell
Finlay Brown 193110Dundee
Jim Brown 197410Heart of Midlothian
John Brown 191210Celtic
John Brown 193810Clyde
Sandy Brown 196310Partick Thistle
Tommy Brown 193910Heart of Midlothian
John Brownlie 197210Hibernian
Tommy Burns 197810 Celtic
Matt Busby 194110Hibernian [lower-alpha 6]
D. S. Cameron 190013 St Bernard's
Billy Campbell 19481 [lower-alpha 11] 0 Morton
John Campbell 189911Rangers
Kenny Campbell 192110Partick Thistle
Robert Campbell 19031 [lower-alpha 11] 0Partick Thistle
Jack Chaplin 190910Dundee
John Cherrie 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 0 Clyde
Alec Cheyne 192910Aberdeen
William Cheyne 193610Rangers
Bobby Clark 197110Aberdeen
David Clunie 196910Heart of Midlothian
Jim Clunie 196410St Mirren
Archie Coats 193710Dundee
John Connell 189511St Mirren
Paddy Connolly 192610Celtic
Jackie Copland 197410 Dundee United
Andy Cowie 194810Aberdeen
Joe Craig 197611Partick Thistle
Gordon Crammond 197810 Ayr United
David Crawford 190610St Mirren
John Cross 190310Third Lanark
Paddy Crossan 191410Heart of Midlothian
Johnny Crum 193910Celtic
Joe Cullen 189410Celtic
Bill Culley 191911Kilmarnock
Peter Curran 194110Partick Thistle
John Cuthbertson 194810Hibernian
Bert Dainty 191010Dundee
Bobby Davidson 193410 St Johnstone
Tommy Deans 194810Clyde
Andrew Devine 191011Falkirk
Matthew Dickie 189810Rangers
Peter Dickson 19761 [lower-alpha 3] 0 Queen of the South
John Divers 189510Celtic
Billy Dougall 192310Falkirk
Jamie Doyle 198010Partick Thistle
Willie Duff 195410Heart of Midlothian
Tom Dunbar 189510Celtic
Charlie Duncan 192111Clyde
Davie Duncan 194810 East Fife
John Duncan 197312Dundee
Jimmy Duncanson 194811Rangers
Jimmy Dundas 189610 Dundee
James Dunn 192210Hibernian
Alex Elliott 193810Partick Thistle
Ben Ellis 193910Motherwell
Tommy Ewing 195710Partick Thistle
Jock Fairbairn 189310 Heart of Midlothian
Tom Fairfoul 190910Third Lanark
John Falconer 192810 Cowdenbeath
Willie Ferguson 189610Celtic
John Finlay 190910 Airdrieonians
Tony Fitzpatrick 197810St Mirren
Jimmy Fleming 193410Rangers
Rikki Fleming 197410 Ayr United
Gerry Follon 194710Dundee
James Forrest 192110Clyde
Alex Forsyth 197210Partick Thistle
John Fraser 190210St Mirren
Mark Fulton 198010St Mirren
Tommy Gallacher 194910Dundee
Ian Gardiner 195411 East Fife
Tommy Gemmell 195811St Mirren
Will Gibson 189510Rangers
Willie Gibson 198010 Heart of Midlothian
Patrick Gilhooley 189810Celtic
Dennis Gillespie 196110 Dundee United
James Gillespie 189811Third Lanark
Robert Gillespie 192210 Queen's Park
John Gilmour 193011Dundee
Hugh Goldie 189510St Mirren
Tom Gracie 191411Heart of Midlothian
Harry Graham 191410Heart of Midlothian
James Graham 190210Rangers
John L. Graham 190110 Kilmarnock
Archie Gray 190310Hibernian
Don Greenlees 190410St Mirren
David Haddow 189410Rangers
Henry Hall 197010 St Johnstone
George Halley 191010Kilmarnock
Dave Halliday 192410Dundee
Davie Hamilton 190310Celtic
James Hamilton 192410St Mirren
Johnny Hamilton 195810Heart of Midlothian
Tom Hamilton 192110Kilmarnock
Colin Hampton 191210 Motherwell
Andrew Hannah 189210 Renton
Joe Harper 196912Aberdeen
Walter Hay 193210St Mirren
Paul Hegarty 197810 Dundee United
Geordie Henderson 192311Rangers
Joe Hendry 191010Rangers
Jim Henry 197010 Dundee United
Sandy Herd 193410Heart of Midlothian
Jim Hermiston 197410Aberdeen
Jimmy Hickie 193810Clyde
John Higgins 195410Celtic
Frank Hill 193010Aberdeen
Dave Hilley 195910 Third Lanark
Hugh Hilley 192410Celtic
George Hogg 189610Heart of Midlothian
Bobby Holmes 195710St Mirren
David Holt 196410Heart of Midlothian
Harry Hood 197010Celtic
Bobby Houston 197810Partick Thistle
James Howie 190110 Kilmarnock
Bobby Howitt 195310Partick Thistle
Wilson Humphries 195210Motherwell
Ally Hunter 197210Kilmarnock
Willie Hunter 190910Airdrieonians
Jackie Husband 194710Partick Thistle
John Hutcheson 193310Falkirk
Tommy Hynds 190110Celtic
Alex Ingram 196910 Ayr United
Colin Jackson 197610Rangers
James Jackson 192210Motherwell
John Jackson 19121 [lower-alpha 10] 0Clyde
Drew Jarvie 197110 Airdrieonians
Tom Jarvie 193910 Hamilton Academical
James Johnston 190310Third Lanark
Peter Johnstone 191410Celtic
Sammy Kean 194710Hibernian
Alex Keillor 189710 Dundee
Bernie Kelly 195711 Raith Rovers
Johnny Kelly 194710Third Lanark
Bob Kelso 189810Dundee
Jack Kennedy 189710Hibernian
Robert Keyes 193910Falkirk
Tommy Kiernan 194710Celtic
Willie Kilmarnock 194810Motherwell
James King 193210 Hamilton Academical
John King 191210Partick Thistle
Alex Lambie 192810Partick Thistle
Jimmy Lawson 191210Dundee
Tom Ledgerwood 195210Partick Thistle
Willie Lennie 191010 Aberdeen
Alec Linwood 194810Hibernian
George Livingstone 190710Rangers
James Logan 191310Rangers
Andy Love 192910Aberdeen
Tommy Low 189711Rangers
Alex MacDonald 197610Rangers
Willie MacFadyen 193412Motherwell
Rab Macfarlane 189710Third Lanark
Dave MacKinnon 198010Partick Thistle
Bert MacLachlan 192010Aberdeen
Johnny MacLeod 196110Hibernian
Murdo MacLeod 197810 Dumbarton
Keith MacRae 197010Motherwell
James Main 190810Kilmarnock
Jim Mallan 194910Celtic
Danny Malloy 195510Dundee
Peter Marinello 197810Motherwell
James Marshall 193210Rangers
Robert Marshall 189510Rangers
Allan Martin 189613Celtic
David Mathers 195610Partick Thistle
Willie Mathieson 196910Rangers
Bud Maxwell 193310Kilmarnock
James Maxwell 190710Kilmarnock
William Maxwell 190210Third Lanark
Colin McAdam 197810Partick Thistle
Bob McAuley 193110Rangers
Pat McAuley 194810Celtic
James McBride 189210 Renton
Bobby McCallum 196610Partick Thistle
Neil McCallum 189210 Celtic
Bob McCartney 189810Heart of Midlothian
Bob McColl 190111 Queen's Park
Andrew McCreadie 189310 Rangers
Alan McCulloch 198010Kilmarnock
David McCulloch 193411Heart of Midlothian
Fred McDiarmid 190210Dundee
Derrick McDicken 198011Kilmarnock
Malky McDonald 194110Celtic
Tom McFarlane 189710Hibernian
Willie McFarlane 194710Heart of Midlothian
Frank McGarvey 197810St Mirren
Charlie McGill 193510Aberdeen
William McGinnigle 192410Hibernian
Danny McGrain 197310Celtic
James McGurk 194110 Hamilton Academical
Johnny McIlwaine 192710Falkirk
Tom McInnes 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 2 Dumbarton
Jock McIntyre 192110 Morton
Bobby McKay 192510Rangers
Bobby McKean 197610 Rangers
Alexander McLardy 189310 Abercorn
Sandy McLaughlan 196210Kilmarnock
Stuart McLean 198010 Kilmarnock
Ally McLeod 198010 Hibernian
Thomas McMillan 189410 Dumbarton
Jackie McNamara, Sr. 198011 Hibernian
Alex McNeill 190010 Port Glasgow Athletic
Andrew McPherson 190210 Morton
Jim McPhie 194810Falkirk
Denis McQuade 197211Partick Thistle
George McQueen 192510Airdrieonians
Danny McRorie 193010 Morton
Peter Meechan 189610Celtic
Jim Melrose 198011 Partick Thistle
Frank Mennie 194910Clyde
Willie Michael 189911Heart of Midlothian
Peter Millar 197410Motherwell
Archie Miller 193810Heart of Midlothian
George Miller 196410Heart of Midlothian
John Miller 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 2 Dumbarton
Tommy Miller 191010Falkirk
Willie Miller 193410Partick Thistle
Willie Miller 197610 Aberdeen
James Mitchell 191010Kilmarnock
Jimmy Mitchell 195510Aberdeen
Willie Moffat 193110 Hamilton Academical
Hugh Morgan 189811St Mirren
Lew Morgan 193310Dundee
David Morris 192310 Raith Rovers
Eric Morris 198010 Ayr United
Hugh Morton 192810Kilmarnock
Billy Muir 196010Kilmarnock
Iain Munro 198010St Mirren
Frank Murphy 193611Celtic
George Murray 196510Motherwell
Pat Murray 189710Hibernian
David Narey 197810 Dundee United
William Nash 189910 Clyde
Bobby Neill 19011 [lower-alpha 5] 0Rangers
Willie Neil 192711Airdrieonians
John Neilson 190011Third Lanark
Davie Ness 193411Partick Thistle
Willie Nicholson 193410Rangers
Bobby Nutley 193911Hibernian
Willie O'Neill 196810Celtic
Neil Orr 198010 Morton
James Oswald 19001 [lower-alpha 7] 0 Leith Athletic
Jock Paterson 195210Hibernian
Tommy Pearson 194810Aberdeen
Iain Philip 197210Dundee
William Porter 190010Third Lanark
Bobby Prentice 197410Heart of Midlothian
John Prentice 195310Rangers
Thomas Preston 192410 Airdrieonians
Charlie Pringle 192110St Mirren
William Proudfoot [lower-alpha 4] 189210Clyde
David Provan 196710Rangers
David Provan 197810Kilmarnock
John Rankin 191110Third Lanark
Willie Rankin 192610Dundee
Tom Reid 192610Heart of Midlothian
Lex Richardson 198010St Mirren
Jim Richmond 196010Kilmarnock
Andy Ritchie 198011 Morton
Bobby Roberts 196310Motherwell
George Robertson 193710Kilmarnock
Peter Robertson 190210Dundee
Robert Robertson 190910St Mirren
Colin Rodger 193510 Ayr United
Andy Rolland 197610 Dundee United
Alex Rollo 195110Celtic
Sydney Ross 18921 [lower-alpha 4] 0 Cambuslang
Alan Rough 197810Partick Thistle
Davie Russell 189710Celtic
Eddie Rutherford 195011Rangers
Thomas Scott 192210Falkirk
Bob Shankly 193710Falkirk
Willie Sharp 195210Partick Thistle
Doug Sharpe 195210 Queen of the South
Chris Shevlane 196410Heart of Midlothian
Jock Simpson 191010Falkirk
Ronnie Simpson 196810Celtic
Eric Sinclair 198011 Dundee
Leslie Skene 190410 Queen's Park
Bobby Skinner 192712 Dunfermline Athletic
George Smith 195810Partick Thistle
Jimmy Smith 194110Rangers
Jimmy Smith 196810Aberdeen
John Smith 192610 Ayr United
Thomas Smith 193310 Queen's Park
Tom Smith 19361 [lower-alpha 12] 0Kilmarnock
Tommy Smith 19371 [lower-alpha 12] 0Dundee
Jimmy Soye 191110Aberdeen
Finlay Speedie 190510Rangers
Jock Stein 195410Celtic
Willie Stevenson 195910Rangers
Eric Stevenson 196910Hibernian
Alex Stewart 191910Partick Thistle
Alex Stewart [lower-alpha 13] 193710Motherwell
Robert Stewart 190710 Morton
Gerry Sweeney 196910 Morton
Willie Telfer 193211Motherwell
James Tennant 189910 St Bernard's
David Thackeray 192710Motherwell
Andrew Thomson 189310Third Lanark
Billy Thomson 198010 St Mirren
Eddie Thomson 196910Heart of Midlothian
Jock Thomson 192910Dundee
Robert Thomson 192710Falkirk
Willie Thornton 194910Rangers
Jim Tolmie 198010 Morton
Charles Traynor 189710 Abercorn
Johnny Urquhart 195411Heart of Midlothian
Rod Walker 191110Heart of Midlothian
Dougie Wallace 194111Clyde
Jim Wallace 197410 Dunfermline Athletic
Joe Walters 196010 Clyde
James Warden 193310Third Lanark
Willie Wardrope 190310Third Lanark
Joe Wark 197610Motherwell
Jimmy Watson 195011Motherwell
Phil Watson 193010 Hamilton Academical
Willie Watson 193310 Hibernian
Andy Weir 196010Motherwell
James Welsh 195210 Airdrieonians
Tom Wilkie 189910 St Bernard's
Bobby Wilson 196710 Dundee
George Wilson 190610Heart of Midlothian
Hughie Wilson 190210 Third Lanark
Jock Wilson 189610 St Bernard's
James Wilson 190410St Mirren
Jimmy Wilson 196710Aberdeen
Willie Wilson 191510Heart of Midlothian
Willie Wiseman 192610 Queen's Park
Alex Wright 192210Aberdeen
Alexander Wylie 189310 St Mirren
Jock Wyllie 191410Aberdeen
Harry Yorston 195210 Aberdeen


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Scotland trial matches / SFL Centenary players

Alan Morton played for the Scottish League in three World War I fundraising games, then made 15 appearances in official inter-league matches. Alan Lauder Morton.jpg
Alan Morton played for the Scottish League in three World War I fundraising games, then made 15 appearances in official inter-league matches.
Netherlands national football team player Hans Gillhaus played for the Scottish League XI in its last ever match, in 1990. Gillhaus scored the only goal as the Scottish League won 1-0 against the Scotland national football team. Hans-gillhaus-1314714362.jpg
Netherlands national football team player Hans Gillhaus played for the Scottish League XI in its last ever match, in 1990. Gillhaus scored the only goal as the Scottish League won 10 against the Scotland national football team.
Peter Nellies 1915191740 Flag of Scotland.svg
Andy Kerr 1958196133 Flag of Scotland.svg
Alan Morton 1915191730 Flag of Scotland.svg
Jock Simpson 1916191731 Flag of England.svg
James Bowie 1917191722 Flag of Scotland.svg
Tommy Cairns 1916191720 Flag of Scotland.svg
Alan Cousin 1960196222
Jimmy Gordon 1915191620 Flag of Scotland.svg
Joe Hogan 1960196220
Bert McCann 1959196121 Flag of Scotland.svg
Davie McParland 1961196422
Bob Mercer 1916191720 Flag of Scotland.svg
Pat Quinn 1961196222 Flag of Scotland.svg
Alex Stewart 1916191720
Willie Toner 1960196120 Flag of Scotland.svg
Doug Baird 1959195910
Jim Baxter 1960196010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Frank Beattie 1964196410
Jimmy Blair 1917191710 Flag of Scotland.svg
Tom Blair 1917191710
Pat Bonner 1990199010 Flag of Ireland.svg
Tom Boyd 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bill Brown 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
Jimmy Brownlie 1917191710 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bobby Carroll 1962196211
Bobby Collins 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
Eddie Connachan 1962196210 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bobby Connor 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bobby Cox 1961196110
Alex Craig 1915191510 Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg
Pat Crerand 1961196110 Flag of Scotland.svg
Paddy Crossan 1915191510
Jim Cruickshank 1964196410 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bill Culley 1917191710
Andy Cunningham 1915191510 Flag of Scotland.svg
Neil Duffy 1964196410
Alex Edwards 1964196410
Bobby Evans 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
Hughie Ferguson 1917191710
Jimmy Gabriel 1960196010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Hans Gillhaus 1990199011 Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Jimmy Goodfellow 1962196210
Jimmy Gourlay 1915191510
Matt Gray 1959195910
John Greig 1964196410 Flag of Scotland.svg
Billy Hainey 1964196410
Johnny Hamilton 1960196010
George Herd 1960196010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Billy Higgins 1962196210
Willie Hunter 1962196210 Flag of Scotland.svg
Jim Kennedy 1962196210 Flag of Scotland.svg
Gordon Kerr 1915191510
Peter Kerr 1917191710 Flag of Scotland.svg
Michael Kiernan 1917191710
Andy King 1964196410
Istvan Kozma 1990199010 Flag of Hungary.svg
Miodrag Krivokapic 1990199010 Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg
Paul Lambert 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
John Little 1960196010 Flag of Scotland.svg
James Low 1915191510
Dave Mackay 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
Duncan MacKay 1959195910 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bert Manderson 1916191610 Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg
Andy Matthew 1958195810
George McCallum 1959195910
Ian McColl 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
John McCormick 1962196210
Jimmy McEwan 1959195910
Jackie McGrory 1964196410 Flag of Scotland.svg
Jackie McInally 1961196110
Jim McInally 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bert McIntosh 1917191710
Jimmy McIntosh 1958195810
Billy McKinlay 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Malcolm McPhail 1917191713
John McTavish 1916191610 Flag of Scotland.svg
Chris Morris 1990199010 Flag of Ireland.svg
Jimmy Murray 1958195811 Flag of Scotland.svg
Charlie Nicholas 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
George Niven 1960196010
John Ogston 1961196110
George Ormond 1917191710
Willie Ormond 1959195910 Flag of Scotland.svg
Andy Penman 1961196110 Flag of Scotland.svg
David Provan 1964196410 Flag of Scotland.svg
James Reid 1915191510 Flag of Scotland.svg
Willie Reid 1916191610 Flag of Scotland.svg
Frank Reilly 1915191510
David Robertson 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Walter Rutherford 1917191710
Alex Scott 1960196011 Flag of Scotland.svg
Bobby Seith 1962196210
Bobby Shearer 1961196110 Flag of Scotland.svg
Chris Shevlane 1964196410
Eric Smith 1959195910 Flag of Scotland.svg
Theo Snelders 1990199010 Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Gary Stevens 1990199010 Flag of England.svg
Ian St John 1960196010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Fred van der Hoorn 1990199010
Jock Wallace 1959195910
Jimmy Wardhaugh 1958195810 Flag of Scotland.svg
John White 1959195913 Flag of Scotland.svg
Tom White 1964196410
Jock Wilson 1916191610
John Stewart Wright 1917191710
Keith Wright 1990199010 Flag of Scotland.svg
Alex Young 1958195811 Flag of Scotland.svg

Players for Scotland XI against SFL XI

Dave Mackay played for the Scotland XI against the Scottish League in three trial matches. Dave Mackay Memorial, Derby County FC (geograph 4846932).jpg
Dave Mackay played for the Scotland XI against the Scottish League in three trial matches.
NameFirst capLast capCapsGoals
Eric Caldow 1958196140
Dave Mackay 1959196230
Alex Parker 1958196030
Bill Brown 1959196220
Bobby Collins 1959196020
John Cumming 1959196020
Alex Scott 1958195920
John White 1962196420
Charlie Aitken §1962196210
Roy Aitken 1990199010
Sammy Baird 1958195810
Jim Baxter 1961196420
Ralph Brand 1961196111
Billy Bremner 1964196410
John Collins 1990199010
John Colrain §1959195913
Doug Cowie 1958195810
Dan Currie §1958195811
Pat Delaney §1964196410
Tommy Docherty 1958195810
Bobby Evans 1959195910
Robert Fleck 1990199010
Campbell Forsyth 1964196410
Dave Gibson 1959195910
Alan Gilzean 1962196212
Andy Goram 1990199010
Frank Haffey 1960196010
Alex Hamilton 1962196420
John Harvey §1960196010
Willie Henderson 1964196410
David Herd 1961196112
John Hewie 1958195810
Dave Hilley §1961196221
David Holt 1964196410
Willie Hunter 1960196010
Stewart Imlach 1958195811
Denis Law 1960196012
Graham Leggat 1959195910
Lawrie Leslie 1961196110
Duncan MacKay 1961196110
Gary Mackay 1990199010
Johnny MacLeod 1961196220
Maurice Malpas 1990199010
Gary McAllister 1990199010
Joe McBride 1964196412
Bert McCann 1960196010
Chris McCart §1990199010
Ally McCoist 1990199010
Brien McIlroy §1964196411
Frank McLintock 1962196420
Stuart McKimmie 1990199010
Billy McNeill 1961196110
Dave McPherson 1990199010
Paul McStay 1990199010
Campbell Money §1990199010
Jackie Mudie 1958195811
Stuart Munro §1990199010
Pat Nevin 1990199010
John Robertson 1990199010
Ian St John 1962196210
Ian Ure 1962196210
Andy Weir 1960196010
Davie Wilson 1961196110
Ron Yeats 1964196410
Alex Young 1960196010
Tommy Younger 1958195810

Related Research Articles

Scottish Football League Former league in Scotland

The Scottish Football League (SFL) was a league featuring professional and semi-professional football clubs mostly from Scotland. From its foundation in 1890 until the breakaway Scottish Premier League (SPL) was formed in 1998, the SFL represented the top level of football in Scotland. After 1998, the SFL represented levels 2 to 4 of the Scottish football league system. In June 2013, the SFL merged with the SPL to form the Scottish Professional Football League.

Shawfield Stadium

Shawfield Stadium is a greyhound racing venue in the Shawfield district of the town of Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, located close to the boundary with Glasgow.

Stuart Samuel Baird was a Scottish football player and manager.

James Eadie Gordon was a Scottish footballer who spent most of his career with Rangers. During the First World War, he was a Sergeant in the Highland Light Infantry.

George Wilfred Cummings was a Scottish footballer of the 1930s and 1940s, who played as a left back.

Alexander Silcock Scott was a Scottish footballer, who played as a right winger.

Alexander Hershaw Parker was a Scottish football player and manager. Parker played for Falkirk, Everton and Scotland, amongst others. Parker was named in Falkirk's Team of the Millennium and Everton's Hall of Fame.

The Scottish League XI was a representative side of the Scottish Football League. The team regularly played against the (English) Football League and other national league select teams between 1892 and 1980. For a long period the annual fixture between the English and Scottish leagues was only second in importance to the matches between the two national teams. The fixture declined in importance after regular European club competition was instituted in the 1950s; matches in the 1960s and 1970s were played irregularly and poorly attended. A match involving a Scottish League XI was last played in 1990, to mark the centenary of the League.

James Stark was a Scottish footballer who played for Rangers, Chelsea, Morton and Scotland. He played at centre half.

Thomas "Tully" Craig was a Scottish footballer who is best known for his time with Rangers, and also played for Celtic earlier in his career. He was a versatile player who could play up front, in midfield or defence.

Thomas Logan was a Scottish footballer, who played for Falkirk and Chelsea.

Jimmy Oswald Scottish footballer

James Oswald was a Scottish footballer who played as a centre forward. He took part in the 1891 FA Cup Final for Notts County. During his career he also played in Scotland for Third Lanark and St Bernard's, winning the Scottish Cup with both clubs either side of his spell in England, in 1889 and 1895. He also spent four years with Rangers, during which time they claimed two Scottish Cups and a Scottish Football League title, but Oswald was a reserve and his involvement in these wins was minimal. He then finished his career at Morton.

George Niven was a Scottish footballer who played during the 1950s and 1960s as a goalkeeper for Rangers and Partick Thistle.

John Robert Simpson was a footballer who played as an outside right in the 1900s and 1910s.

Scotland national football team results (unofficial matches)

From 1870 to the present day, the Scotland national football team have played various matches that are not accorded the status of official (FIFA) internationals by the governing body, the Scottish Football Association. These include early matches against England prior to the first-ever official international in 1872, wartime fixtures between 1914–1919 and 1939–1946 when official competitions were suspended, overseas tour matches played by a Scotland XI of varying strength and status, and others as specified.

John Stewart "Jackie" Wright was a Scottish footballer who played for Morton as a centre half, making over 400 appearances for the club between 1911 and 1925. He was also Morton manager in two spells, between 1927 and 1929, and 1934 and 1939.

Alexander Stewart was a Scottish footballer who played as a centre forward who played for several clubs including St Johnstone and Motherwell.

Home Scots v Anglo-Scots was an annual association football trial match organised by the Scottish Football Association between the 1890s and 1920s to examine the abilities of possible players for upcoming full British Home Championship internationals, primarily the 'Auld Enemy' England v Scotland fixture. Selection trials were commonplace among football federations, but this match was unusual in that its regular format consisted of players based in one country facing a selection of those who had moved to another country, in order to form a combined team to oppose that other country's natives in international play.

Alexander Lambie was a Scottish footballer who played as a centre half.

William Hunter was a Scottish footballer who played mainly as a centre forward, featuring for clubs including St Bernard's, Airdrieonians, Kilmarnock, Rangers, Hamilton Academical, Motherwell and Cowdenbeath.


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