Jake Shields

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Jake Shields
Jake Shields.jpg
Born (1979-01-09) January 9, 1979 (age 40)
Summertown, Tennessee, United States
Height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight170 lb (77 kg; 12 st 2 lb)
Division Welterweight
Reach72 in (183 cm)
Style Wrestling, Shootfighting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Fighting out of San Francisco, California, United States
Team Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
El Niño Sports
Fairtex Gym
RankBlack belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
A-Class Shootist
WrestlingNCAA Division II Wrestling
Years active1999–present (MMA)
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout3
By submission12
By decision18
By knockout4
By submission1
By decision6
No contests1
Other information
University San Francisco State University
Notable school(s) Cuesta College
Calaveras High School
Website http://www.jakeshields.com/
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog
last updated on: May 1, 2011
Jake Shields
Medal record
Representing Flag of the United States.svg  United States
ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship
Bronze medal icon (B initial).svg 2005 -77 kg [1]
Pan American Championships (BJJ)
Gold medal icon (G initial).svg 2005 Middleweight (purple) [2]

Jake Sequoyah Shields [3] (born January 9, 1979) is an American mixed martial artist, currently fighting in the welterweight division for the PFL. [4] He was the last Rumble on the Rock Welterweight Champion, the only Elite XC Welterweight Champion, a former Shooto Welterweight Champion and former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion. He also fought for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Mixed martial arts full contact combat sport

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993. The term gained popularity when newfullcontact.com, then one of the largest websites covering the sport, hosted and republished the article. The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate.

The welterweight division in mixed martial arts contains different weight classes:

Professional Fighters League A mixed martial arts combat sport promoter

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), formerly the World Series of Fighting (WSOF), is a mixed martial arts league. It is the first professional MMA organization to present MMA in a format where individual athletes compete in a regular season, “win-or-go-home” post-season, and championship. PFL debuted its inaugural season on June 7, 2018 at Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. In 2018, each champion in the six weight classes won a championship prize of $1 million each.


He has trained extensively with Fairtex SF and Cesar Gracie, and is a member of the "Skrap Pack" which includes fellow Cesar Gracie students Dave Terrell, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez. After his loss to Akira Kikuchi he won 15 consecutive fights over six years, until his loss to Georges St-Pierre. He holds notable victories over UFC Welterweight Champions Tyron Woodley, Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit. He describes his style as American Jiu-jitsu. [5]

David Michael Terrell is a retired American professional mixed martial artist who competed in the UFC and Pancrase.

Nick Diaz American mixed martial arts fighter

Nickolas Robert "Nick" Diaz is a retired American mixed martial artist and promoter, currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), currently on hiatus from fighting. Widely regarded as a pioneer for the sport of MMA and since beginning his career in 2001, Diaz has competed in UFC, PRIDE, Strikeforce, EliteXC, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), DREAM, and Shooto. He is a former welterweight champion in Strikeforce and WEC, and is the older brother of Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz American MMA fighter

Nathan Donald "Nate" Diaz is an American professional mixed martial artist currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Diaz is the younger brother of former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and WEC Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz. Prior to signing with the UFC, Diaz competed in World Extreme Cagefighting, Strikeforce, and Pancrase. He has been in the UFC since winning The Ultimate Fighter 5. As of March 27, 2019, he is #14 in official UFC lightweight rankings.

Early life

Shields was raised near Mountain Ranch, California in the Sierra Nevada. He was home schooled up to junior high. He and his two older brothers grew up at the end of a dirt road on the rim of the Jesus Maria Canyon. Their nearest friends were a 45-minute hike down one side of the canyon and up the other. Their activities included mountain biking, wild caving, snowboarding, clearing brush, bucking firewood, climbing mountains, exploring the high country, and wrestling.

Mountain Ranch, California census-designated place in California, United States

Mountain Ranch is a census-designated place (CDP) in Calaveras County, California, United States. The population was 1,628 at the 2010 census, up from 1,557 at the 2000 census. The town is registered as California Historical Landmark #282. The town center is quite small with fewer than 50 people living in it, the 5 mile square area surrounding the town accounts for the balance of the population.

Sierra Nevada (U.S.) mountain range

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the Western United States, between the Central Valley of California and the Great Basin. The vast majority of the range lies in the state of California, although the Carson Range spur lies primarily in Nevada. The Sierra Nevada is part of the American Cordillera, a chain of mountain ranges that consists of an almost continuous sequence of such ranges that form the western "backbone" of North America, Central America, South America and Antarctica.

Wrestling form of combat sport involving grappling type techniques

Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment, or genuinely competitive. A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position. There are a wide range of styles with varying rules with both traditional historic and modern styles. Wrestling techniques have been incorporated into other martial arts as well as military hand-to-hand combat systems.

Shields began amateur wrestling at age nine. He has competed in over 601 folk, freestyle, and submission wrestling matches. Shields was a four-year varsity wrestler and state qualifier at Calaveras High School, finished 2nd place at the Amateur Athletic Union National Freestyle Championships, qualified for U.S.A./ FILA Nationals & World Team Trials in both the junior & university men's divisions. He is also a two-time junior college All-American wrestler from Cuesta College, placing 4th in the California JC state tournament in the 177 lb weight class in 1997 and 3rd in the 197 lb weight class a year later. In September 1999, Shields began his MMA training by joining Chuck Liddell's SLO Kickboxing Academy. Within a few weeks he fought his first fight, filling in for an injured teammate at 185 lbs. Shields fought five fights at 185 lbs "for fun, to stay in shape and learn some self defense". In 2001, Shields decided he wanted to make a career of mixed martial arts and began fighting at his natural weight of 170 lbs (77 kg).

Amateur wrestling widespread form of sport wrestling

Amateur wrestling is the most widespread form of sport wrestling. There are two international wrestling styles performed in the Olympic Games: freestyle and Greco-Roman. Both styles are under the supervision of United World Wrestling. A similar style, commonly called collegiate, is practiced in colleges and universities, secondary schools, middle schools, and among younger age groups in the United States. Where the style is not specified, this article refers to the international styles of competition on a mat. In February 2013, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to remove the sport from the 2020 Summer Olympics onwards. On 8 September 2013, the IOC announced that wrestling would return to the Summer Olympics in 2020. The rapid rise in the popularity of the combat sport mixed martial arts (MMA) has increased interest in amateur wrestling due to its effectiveness in the sport and it is considered a core discipline.

Folk wrestling Wikimedia list article

A folk wrestling style is any traditional style of wrestling, which may or may not be codified as a modern sport. Most cultures have developed regional forms of grappling.

Freestyle wrestling style of amateur wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that is practiced throughout the world. Along with Greco-Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic games. American high school and college wrestling is conducted under different rules and is termed scholastic and collegiate wrestling.

In the summer of 2001, Shields received a wrestling scholarship to San Francisco State University. At that time he began training with the Cesar Gracie Fight Team, resulting in a dramatic improvement of the jiu jitsu variety. He is a three-time Grapplers Quest Advance Champion, Pan American Championships Jiu Jitsu Champion, Pan Am Open Advance Submission Champion, Gracie Open Superfight Champion and finished 3rd place at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship in 2005. His victory at the Pan American Championships (which requires wearing a uniform) as a purple belt is notable because Jake Shields claims he has trained "about four hours with the gi in [his] life," [6] and the Pan Americans is one of the largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions in the world. He continued to improve on the kickboxing skills he picked up with Chuck Liddell, by cross-training with the professional Muay Thai kickboxing team at the Fairtex combat Academy, training with Muay Thai Champions Jongsanan Fairtex and Alex Gong. He was awarded the rank of black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu by Cesar Gracie in February 2007.

The ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship is a grappling competition involving professional athletes who have been successful at the highest levels of Luta Livre, wrestling, catch wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, sambo, shooto and mixed martial arts. The rules of the event disallow strikes while promoting grappling and submissions. ADCC refers to the "Abu Dhabi Combat Club", and the event was originally hosted in Abu Dhabi. Later host countries have included Brazil, China, Finland, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Shields was the head instructor of BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and MMA at the Fairtex-Gracie affiliate in San Francisco from March 2002 until April 2008.

Shields has developed a style of fighting called "American Jiu-Jitsu" which he has tattooed on his forearm. [7] Shields' American Jiu-Jitsu is a no-gi style of grappling for MMA and self-defense is a complete combat art that combines the relaxed and ready position and submission techniques of Brazilian jiu-jitsu with the explosive takedowns, throws and transitions of wrestling.

Mixed martial arts

Shields is best known for his 15-fight winning streak, finishing eight of his eleven opponents before being defeated by UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a hard fought five round battle at UFC 129. Shields has captured the Shooto World Mixed Martial Arts Championship and the Rumble on the Rock World Championship. He submitted Nick Thompson via guillotine choke in a bout for the Elite XC Welterweight Championship.

At Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields he fought EliteXC's last middleweight champion and former two-time ICON Sport middleweight champion at a catchweight of 182 pounds (83 kg). Lawler took the center of the cage and looked comfortable on his feet. Robbie Lawler said in the post fight interview, "His striking was good. He threw a lot of kicks. He worked. He threw hands and wasn't shying away from standup, that's for sure." Two minutes into the first round, Shields pounced and secured a guillotine choke to finish his opponent via submission at 2:02 of the first round. [8]

At Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers he fought Jason 'Mayhem' Miller for the vacant Strikeforce Middleweight Championship after Cung Le stepped down as champion to pursue his acting career. Shields defeated Miller via unanimous decision (48–47, 49–46, and 49–46).

Shields successfully defended his title, defeating former Pride World Welterweight Champion Dan Henderson via unanimous decision on April 17, 2010, at Strikeforce: Nashville. [9]

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Shields was spotted and shown on camera next to UFC President Dana White at the WEC 48 PPV. With Dana White saying, "He's mine!" and his arm around Shields, this fueled rumors of Shields signing with the UFC. Jake Shields stated in an interview that it was tough for Strikeforce to provide him with exciting fights and this would be a key aspect in his decision to stay or leave. Dana White also stated in this interview he would be willing to pay huge sums to strip away one of Strikeforce's champions. [10] This has further fueled speculation that Shields would leave Strikeforce for the UFC.

On June 30, Strikeforce released Shields from the organization during his contract renegotiation period. Shields then entered into talks with the UFC, [11] with his manager and father Jack Shields stating that his son is eager to fight against top UFC fighters, such as Anderson Silva. [12] In July 2010, it was reported that Shields was close to signing a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to compete in the promotion's Welterweight division. [13]

Shields made his UFC debut against Martin Kampmann on October 23, 2010, at UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez. [14] Prior to Shields's UFC debut, Dana White stated that Shields is most likely next for a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship between the winner of Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck if he defeats Kampmann. [15] After Shields defeated Kampmann via split decision, White later confirmed that Shields would receive a title shot against the winner of the Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck fight at UFC 124. [16]

Georges St-Pierre won his UFC 124 bout against Josh Koscheck. Shields fought St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship on April 30, 2011, at UFC 129 in Toronto. Shields lost via unanimous decision (50–45, 48–47, and 48–47). [17] This was Shields's first loss in over 6 years.

Shields faced Jake Ellenberger on September 17, 2011 at UFC Fight Night 25, losing via first-round TKO. [18] This was the first time Shields has been finished in over ten years.

Shields faced Yoshihiro Akiyama on February 26, 2012 at UFC 144, winning via unanimous decision. [19]

Shields returned to the middleweight division and faced Ed Herman on August 11, 2012 at UFC 150. [20] He won the bout via unanimous decision. However, on October 12, 2012, it was announced that Jake Shields had failed his drug test at UFC 150 and he was subsequently fined and suspended. [21] The result of the fight was overturned to a No Contest. [22] In January 2015 Shields said the failed test was due to a banned diuretic. [23]

Shields faced Tyron Woodley in a welterweight bout on June 15, 2013 at UFC 161. [24] The bout was contested on the feet for nearly its entirety in a largely uneventful fight where neither fighter was able to deliver any significant offense. Shields defeated Woodley via split decision. [25]

Shields next faced Demian Maia on October 9, 2013 at UFC Fight Night 29. [26] As expected, the contest between the two decorated jiu jitsu practitioners took place mostly on the ground, and Shields won a close split decision.

Shields fought Hector Lombard on March 15, 2014 at UFC 171. Shields lost the fight via unanimous decision.

On April 6, 2014, it was announced that Shields was released from the promotion. [27]

After his release from the UFC, the outspoken and often candid president of the organization, Dana White, had this to say about Shields:

"We look at everything. Everything. Money has something to do with it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't. But that wasn't the only reason or the main reason. It was a part of the piece of the puzzle as we were doing our evaluation of him. Mixed martial arts is a young man's game. I like Jake Shields a lot. But let's be honest here: Where was he going in this [welterweight] division of animals we have? He's on the downswing, and he's never going to be the guy. His stand-up never improved. He hasn't really shown anything in his last couple of fights to make you go, 'Holy [expletive].' Right now, at this point, he's just another guy." [28]

World Series of Fighting

In April 2014, Shields signed a multi-fight deal with the World Series of Fighting. [29] Shields was expected to compete at WSOF 11 on July 5, 2014 against Jon Fitch. However, Shields was forced out of the bout due to a shoulder injury. [30]

Shields made his debut for World Series of Fighting at WSOF 14 on October 11, 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada against WSOF Canadian Welterweight Champion Ryan Ford. [31] He won the fight via submission in the first round.

In his second fight for the promotion, Shields faced Brian Foster in the main event at WSOF 17 on January 17, 2015. He again won the fight via submission in the first round.

Shields faced Rousimar Palhares on August 1, 2015 at WSOF 22. [32] He lost the fight by submission due to a kimura, marking his first loss by submission. This wasn't without controversy as Palhares repeatedly eye gouged Shields after several warnings from the ref, and again held the submission well after Jake tapped, [33] and Shields punched Palhares in the face after the fight was over. Shields also followed with a kick which the referee blocked. Both Shields and Palhares were temporarily suspended by the NSAC after the fight.

Shields was lined up to face Jon Fitch for the vacant WSOF welterweight championship at WSOF 30 on April 1, 2016. Though they have never competed together in an MMA contest, Shields holds a victory over Fitch in a submission grappling match. However, the match was later cancelled due to contract issues between Shields and the company.

On September 13, 2016, it was announced that Shields would challenge for the WSOF Welterweight Championship against Jon Fitch on November 12, 2016 at WSOF 34. [34] On October 17, 2016, it was announced that the fight was then rescheduled to take place on December 31, 2016 in the co-main event. [35] Shields lost the fight by unanimous decision.

Grappling events

On November 22, 2014, Shields fought Roberto Satoshi in a grappling match in Metamoris V. The fight ended in a draw.

On April 2, 2016, Shields then fought AJ Agazarm at Polaris 3. The match was controversial as it was plagued with eye gouges and strikes coming from both fighters. [36] At one point in the match Shields slapped Agazarm while both men were standing. [37] The fight ended in the draw. [38]

Personal life

Shields has a daughter Maddie (born December 2000) and is a single father. [39] He is a lifelong vegetarian. He appeared in both print and video ads for PETA, touting his vegetarian lifestyle. [40]

On August 29, 2011, Shields' father and manager Jack Shields died at the age of 67. [41]

Television and film

Jake Shields stars in and co-produced Fight Life , an award-winning documentary on the sport of MMA, the film is directed by James Z. Feng and released in 2013. [42] Shields appeared in three episodes of Bully Beatdown on MTV and MTV2 on April 12, 2009, [43] a different episode on September 10, [44] and again on an mtv.com exclusive episode.[ citation needed ] Shields also served as a grappling coach for Chuck Liddell on The Ultimate Fighter 11 , [45] and appeared on the channel Animal Planet for episodes of "Wild Recon" and "Venom in Vegas". [46]

Championships and accomplishments

Amateur wrestling

Mixed martial arts

Submission grappling

Mixed martial arts record

Loss33–11–1 (1) Ray Cooper III TKO (punches) PFL 10 October 20, 201813:10 Washington, D.C., United States2018 PFL Welterweight Quarterfinal bout
Win33–10–1 (1) Herman Terrado Decision (unanimous) PFL 6 August 16, 201835:00 Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Loss32–10–1 (1) Ray Cooper III TKO (punches) PFL 3 July 5, 201822:09 Washington, D.C., United States
Win32–9–1 (1)Danny Davis Jr.Decision (unanimous)PFL: EverettJuly 29, 201735:00 Everett, Washington, United States
Loss31–9–1 (1) Jon Fitch Decision (unanimous) WSOF 34 December 31, 201655:00 New York City, New York, United StatesFor the WSOF Welterweight Championship.
Loss31–8–1 (1) Rousimar Palhares Submission (kimura) WSOF 22 August 1, 201532:02 Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesFor the WSOF Welterweight Championship.
Win31–7–1 (1) Brian Foster Submission (neck crank) WSOF 17 January 17, 201512:51 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Win30–7–1 (1) Ryan Ford Submission (rear-naked choke) WSOF 14 October 11, 201414:29 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Loss29–7–1 (1) Hector Lombard Decision (unanimous) UFC 171 March 15, 201435:00 Dallas, Texas, United States
Win29–6–1 (1) Demian Maia Decision (split) UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields October 9, 201355:00 Barueri, Brazil
Win28–6–1 (1) Tyron Woodley Decision (split) UFC 161 June 15, 201335:00 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
NC27–6–1 (1) Ed Herman NC (overturned) UFC 150 August 11, 201235:00 Denver, Colorado, United StatesMiddleweight bout. Unanimous decision win for Shields; overturned after he failed his drug test. Shields claims it was a diuretic (for some reason, the Colorado Athletic Commission wouldn't disclose what he tested positive for).
Win27–6–1 Yoshihiro Akiyama Decision (unanimous) UFC 144 February 26, 201235:00 Saitama, Japan
Loss26–6–1 Jake Ellenberger TKO (knee and punches) UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellenberger September 17, 201110:53 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Loss26–5–1 Georges St-Pierre Decision (unanimous) UFC 129 April 30, 201155:00 Toronto, Ontario, Canada For the UFC Welterweight Championship.
Win26–4–1 Martin Kampmann Decision (split) UFC 121 October 23, 201035:00 Anaheim, California, United StatesReturn to Welterweight.
Win25–4–1 Dan Henderson Decision (unanimous) Strikeforce: Nashville April 17, 201055:00 Nashville, Tennessee, United StatesDefended the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship. Later vacated title.
Win24–4–1 Jason Miller Decision (unanimous) Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers November 7, 200955:00 Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United StatesWon the vacant Strikeforce Middleweight Championship.
Win23–4–1 Robbie Lawler Submission (guillotine choke) Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields June 6, 200912:02 St. Louis, Missouri, United StatesMiddleweight debut.
Win22–4–1 Paul Daley Submission (armbar) EliteXC: Heat October 4, 200823:47 Sunrise, Florida, United StatesDefended the EliteXC Welterweight Championship. Later vacated title.
Win21–4–1 Nick Thompson Submission (guillotine choke) EliteXC: Unfinished Business July 26, 200811:03 Stockton, California, United StatesWon the inaugural EliteXC Welterweight Championship.
Win20–4–1 Mike Pyle Submission (rear-naked choke) EliteXC: Renegade November 10, 200713:39 Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
Win19–4–1 Renato Verissimo TKO (punches and elbows) EliteXC: Uprising September 15, 200714:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States175 lb catchweight bout.
Win18–4–1 Ido Pariente Submission (rear-naked choke) Dynamite!! USA June 2, 200712:06 Los Angeles, California, United States
Win17–4–1Ray SteinbeissSubmission (guillotine choke)Bodog Fight: Costa Rica CombatFebruary 18, 200711:29 San José, Costa Rica
Win16–4–1 Steve Berger TKO (punches)FCP: Malice at Cow PalaceSeptember 9, 200621:36 San Francisco, California, United States
Win15–4–1 Carlos Condit Decision (unanimous) Rumble on the Rock 9 April 21, 200635:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, United StatesWon the Rumble on the Rock Welterweight Tournament.
Win14–4–1 Yushin Okami Decision (majority) Rumble on the Rock 9 April 21, 200635:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Win13–4–1 Dave Menne Decision (unanimous) Rumble on the Rock 8 January 20, 200635:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Win12–4–1 Toby Imada Decision (unanimous)Kage KombatNovember 12, 200535:00California, United States
Loss11–4–1 Akira Kikuchi Decision (unanimous) Shooto: Year End Show 2004 December 14, 200435:00 Tokyo, JapanLost the Shooto Welterweight Championship.
Win11–3–1 Ray Cooper Submission (rear-naked choke)Shooto Hawaii: Soljah Fight NightJuly 9, 200413:29 Honolulu, Hawaii, United StatesWon the vacant Shooto Welterweight Championship.
Draw10–3–1 Kazuo Misaki Draw Pancrase - Hybrid 10 November 30, 200335:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win10–3 Akira Kikuchi Decision (unanimous) Shooto - 8/10 in Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium August 10, 200335:00 Kanagawa, Japan
Win9–3 Milton Vieira Decision (unanimous)Shooto: Midwest FightingMay 21, 200335:00 Hammond, Indiana, United States
Win8–3 Hayato Sakurai Decision (unanimous) Shooto: Year End Show 2002 December 14, 200235:00 Chiba, Chiba, Japan
Loss7–3 Ray Cooper Decision (majority)Warriors Quest 6: Best of the BestAugust 3, 200235:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Win7–2Robert FergusonDecision (unanimous)GC 7: Casualties of WarNovember 4, 200125:00 Colusa, California, United States
Win6–2 Jeremy Jackson Submission (rear-naked choke)GC 6: Caged BeastsSeptember 9, 200112:03 Colusa, California, United States
Win5–2Tracy HessDecision (unanimous)GC 3: Showdown at SobobaApril 7, 200125:00 Friant, California, United States
Win4–2Randy VelardeSubmission (rear-naked choke)GC 2: Collision at ColusaFebruary 18, 200123:19 Colusa, California, United States
Loss3–2 Phillip Miller Decision (unanimous)IFC: Warriors Challenge 9July 18, 200028:00 Friant, California, United States
Win3–1 Shannon Ritch Submission (arm-triangle choke)Best of the BestMay 4, 200012:45 Tempe, Arizona, United States
Loss2–1Marty ArmendarezTKO (punches)IFC: Warriors Challenge 6March 25, 200017:34 Friant, California, United States
Win2–0 Brian Warren Decision (unanimous)CFF: The Cobra Challenge 1999December 11, 1999110:00 Anza, California, United States
Win1–0Paul HarrisonTKO (punches)CFF: The Cobra Qualifier 1999October 23, 199913:22 Anza, California, United States

Submission grappling record

20 Matches, 11 Wins (3 Submissions), 6 Losses (2 Submissions), 3 Draws
Loss11–6–3 Flag of the United States.svg Rafael Lovato Jr. Decision (unanimous) Polaris 9 SuperfightMarch 15, 2019 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London
Loss11–5–3 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Craig JonesSubmission (heel hook) Polaris 6 SuperfightFebruary 17, 2018 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London
Win11–4–3 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Kit DaleReferee DecisionFight to Win Pro 26SuperfightFebruary 10, 2018 Flag of the United States.svg Denver, CO
Win10–4–3 Flag of Brazil.svg Gilbert Burns Quickest EscapeSubmission Underground 6SuperfightDecember 3, 2017 Flag of the United States.svg Portland, OR
Win9–4–3 Flag of Brazil.svg Murilo SantanaReferee DecisionFight to Win Pro 51SuperfightOctober 21, 2017 Flag of the United States.svg Brooklyn, NY
Loss8–4–3 Flag of Russia.svg Abdurakhman BilarovPointsADCC World Championship–79kgSeptember 23, 2017 Flag of Finland.svg Espoo
Win8–3–3 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Dan StraussDecision (unanimous) Polaris 5 SuperfightAugust 19, 2017 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London
Win7–3–3 Flag of the United States.svg Dillon DanisQuickest Escape [47] Submission Underground 4SuperfightMay 14, 2017 Flag of the United States.svg Portland, OR
Win6–3–3 Flag of Brazil.svg Lyoto Machida Submission (heel hook)Fight to Win ProSuperfightAugust 13, 2016 Flag of the United States.svg Denver, CO
Win5–3–3 Flag of the United States.svg Chris Lytle Quickest EscapeSubmission UndergroundSuperfightJuly 17, 2016 Flag of the United States.svg Portland, OR
Draw4–3–3 Flag of the United States.svg AJ AgazarmDraw Polaris 3 SuperfightApril 2, 2016 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Poole
Draw4–3–2 Flag of Brazil.svg Roberto De SouzaDrawMetamoris 5SuperfightNovember 22, 2014 Flag of the United States.svg Los Angeles, CA
Draw4–2–1 Flag of Brazil.svg Leandro Lo DrawWorld Jiu-Jitsu ExpoSuperfightNovember 10, 2013 Flag of the United States.svg Long Beach, CA
Loss4–2 Flag of Brazil.svg Marcelo Garcia Submission (guillotine choke)PSL X-MissionSuperfightNovember 17, 2006 Flag of the United States.svg Los Angeles, CA
Loss4–3 Flag of Brazil.svg Saulo Ribeiro PointsLA Sub XSuperfightMay 26, 2006 Flag of the United States.svg Los Angeles, CA
Win4–1 Flag of the United States.svg Jon Fitch Submission (rear-naked choke)Gracie OpenSuperfight2005 Flag of the United States.svg San Francisco, CA
Win3–1 Flag of Brazil.svg Leonardo Santos Submission (rear-naked choke)ADCC World Championship–77kgMay 28, 2005 Flag of the United States.svg Los Angeles, CA
Loss2–1 Flag of Brazil.svg Pablo Popovitch Points
Win2–0 Flag of the United States.svg Cameron EarlePoints
Win1–0 Flag of the United States.svg Diego Sanchez Points

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Nathan Joel "Nate" Marquardt is an American retired mixed martial artist who competed in the middleweight and welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A professional competitor since 1999, he is a former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and a three-time Pancrase Middleweight Champion.

Jon Fitch American mixed martial arts fighter

Jonathan Parker Fitch is an American mixed martial artist, competing in the welterweight division of Bellator since 2018. He is a former PFL Welterweight Champion, and also formerly competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he compiled a record of 14–3–1 and challenged for the welterweight title.

Ricardo Almeida is a former Brazilian-American mixed martial artist and currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler residing in Bordentown, New Jersey. He is the former King of Pancrase Middleweight Champion.

Demian Maia Brazilian BJJ practitioner and MMA fighter

Demian Augusto Maia Baptista (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈdemiɐ̃ ˈmajɐ] is a Brazilian former submission grappler and a current mixed martial artist. He currently fights as a welterweight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Maia is regarded as one of the greatest grapplers in MMA history. As of March 27, 2019, he is #12 in the official UFC welterweight rankings.

Robert Drysdale Brazilian martial artist

"Possibly the most accomplished American Grappler of his generation"

Rousimar Palhares Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter

Rousimar Christian Palhares is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. A professional competitor since 2006, he has competed for the UFC, World Series of Fighting, and KSW. His nickname Toquinho, Portuguese for "little tree stump", comes from his short, stocky, heavily muscled build and the low success rate his opponents have had in grappling him down to the canvas. Palhares is primarily known for his powerful ground game. Of his 15 submission victories 11 have come from leg locks. He is also known for his refusal to release submission holds when either the opposing fighter has signaled submission or the referee has called a stop to the bout.

Vinny Magalhães Brazilian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist

Vinicius "Vinny" de Magalhães, is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the Professional Fighters League's Light heavyweight division. A professional competitor since 2006, he was a finalist in The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir and has fought five times within two stints with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the former Titan FC Light heavyweight Champion, M-1 Global Light heavyweight Champion and is also a multiple time World jiu-jitsu gi and no-gi world champion. Magalhães currently fights in the light heavyweight division of the Professional Fighters League.

Brock Larson American mixed martial arts fighter

Brock Orville Larson is a retired American professional mixed martial artist who competed in the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions. A professional competitor from 2002 until 2016, Larson has formerly competed for the UFC, the WEC, and ONE FC.

Danillo Villefort is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. Villefort has fought for the UFC, WEC, IFL, World Series of Fighting, and Professional Fighters League fighting in their Middleweight division.

Tyron Woodley American collegiate wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter

Tyron Lakent Woodley is an American professional mixed martial artist, rapper, broadcast analyst, and former UFC Welterweight Champion. A professional since 2009, Woodley also fought in Strikeforce. As of March 27, 2019, he is #12 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

Jacob Joseph Volkmann is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the Welterweight division. A professional MMA competitor since 2007, Volkmann has formerly competed for the UFC, Bellator, and the World Series of Fighting.

Tarec Robert Saffiedine is a Belgian professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A professional MMA competitor since 2007, Saffiedine has also formerly competed for DREAM and Strikeforce, and was the last Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.

David Branch is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A professional competitor since 2007, he has also formerly competed for the World Series of Fighting, Bellator, Shark Fights, and Titan FC. A two-weight world champion, Branch is the former WSOF Middleweight Champion and WSOF Light Heavyweight Champion.

Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training facility located in Pleasant Hill, California and is home to numerous highly ranked mixed martial artists who compete in organizations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Derrick Mehmen is an American professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Heavyweight division for the Titan Fighting Championships. A professional competitor since 2006, Mehmen has also made appearances in Strikeforce, Bellator, and World Series of Fighting.

Neiman Gracie Stambowsky is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner who competes in the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA. A professional MMA competitor since 2013, he has also previously fought for the World Series of Fighting. He is a 4th generation member of the Gracie Family of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Polaris Pro Grappling is Europe’s longest running large-scale professional grappling event. As of November 2018 Polaris has organized 7 events featuring both Gi and Nogi matches all of which have been held in the UK. Polaris has attracted some of the biggest names from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts including Keenan Cornelius, Michelle Nicolini, Brad Pickett, Rousimar Palhares, Dean Lister, Masakazu Imanari, Ikuhisa Minowa, Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, Fernando Terere, Caol Uno, former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields and former UFC Lightweight Champion and WEC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. Former UFC Welterweight competitor. Dan Hardy and UFC referee Marc Goddard are listed as event judges.


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Title last held by
Cung Le
3rd Strikeforce Middleweight Champion
November 7, 2009 – July 1, 2010
Shields signed with the UFC
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Ronaldo Souza
New championship 1st EliteXC Welterweight Champion
July 26, 2008 – October 20, 2008
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Anderson Silva
6th Shooto Middleweight Champion
July 9, 2004 – December 14, 2004
Succeeded by
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