John Harewell

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John Harewell
Bishop of Bath and Wells
Tomb of John Harewell in Wells Cathedral.JPG
Appointed14 December 1366
Term ended c. 16 July 1386
Predecessor John Barnet
Successor Walter Skirlaw
Consecration7 March 1367
Personal details
Diedc. 16 July 1386

John Harewell was a Bishop of Bath and Wells in medieval England.


Harewell came from Harwell in Berkshire (now in Oxfordshire). He was in the employ of the Black Prince, [1] before being collated Archdeacon of Berkshire in 1365 [2] and then selected, on 14 December 1366, as Bishop of Bath and Wells. He was consecrated on 7 March 1367 and died around 16 July 1386. [3] His executors are listed [4] as John Harewell; John Bryngton; John Grene, of Welles, canon; John de Tuttebury, in 1399 (1 Henry IV).


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
John Barnet
Bishop of Bath and Wells
Succeeded by
Walter Skirlaw