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Play for Today
The Play for Today logo, seen here in the opening title sequence from 1976
Genre Drama, television plays
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s)English
Original network BBC 1
Original release1970 

Play for Today is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC1 from 1970 to 1984. During the run, more than three hundred programmes, featuring original television plays, and adaptations of stage plays and novels, were transmitted. The individual episodes were between fifty and a hundred minutes in duration. A handful of these plays, including Rumpole of the Bailey , subsequently became television series in their own right.



The strand was a successor to The Wednesday Play , the 1960s anthology series, the title being changed when the day of transmission became variable. Some works screened in anthology series' on BBC2, like Willy Russell's Our Day Out (1977), were repeated on BBC1 in the series. The producers of The Wednesday Play, Graeme MacDonald and Irene Shubik, transferred to the new series. Shubik continued with the series until 1973 [1] while MacDonald remained with the series until 1977 when he was promoted. Later producers included Margaret Matheson and Richard Eyre (1978–80).

Plays covered all genres. In its time, Play for Today featured contemporary social realist dramas, historical pieces, fantasies, biopics and occasionally science-fiction [2] ( The Flipside of Dominick Hide , 1980). Most pieces were written directly for television, but there were also occasional adaptations from other narrative forms, such as novels and stage plays.

Writers who contributed plays to the series included Ian McEwan, John Osborne, Dennis Potter, Stephen Poliakoff, David Hare, Willy Russell, Alan Bleasdale, Arthur Hopcraft, Alan Plater, Graham Reid, David Storey, Andrew Davies, Rhys Adrian and John Hopkins. Several prominent directors also featured, including Stephen Frears, Alan Clarke, Michael Apted, Mike Newell, Roland Joffe, Ken Loach, Lindsay Anderson, and Mike Leigh. Some of the best remembered plays broadcast in the strand include Edna, the Inebriate Woman (1971), The Foxtrot (1971), Home (1972), Bar Mitzvah Boy (1976), Abigail's Party (1977), Blue Remembered Hills (1979) and Just a Boys' Game (1979). Certain other well known plays, including Penda's Fen (1974), Nuts in May (1976), were commissioned by David Rose of the BBC's English Regions Drama department based in Birmingham.

Some installments in the series were spun off into full-blown series. Probably the two best-remembered examples of this are Rumpole of the Bailey , which was produced as a one-off in the Play for Today strand in 1975 and three years later became a series for Thames Television, again with Leo McKern. Alan Bleasdale's The Black Stuff, was a single play broadcast on BBC2 in January 1980, which was developed into Boys from the Blackstuff . It was never part of the Play For Today strand, although it was repeated on BBC1 later that year as a single play. [3] [4] Other offshoots were Gangsters , and a single series of science fiction-based plays styled as Play for Tomorrow . Towards the end of the run, three plays set in Northern Ireland were written by Graham Reid. Known as the Billy Plays, they starred Kenneth Branagh as Billy Martin in his first acting role following his graduation from RADA.

There were also some groups of plays transmitted that — for various reasons — did not go out under the Play for Today banner, but which were funded from the same department, used much the same production team and are generally regarded in episode guides and analysis as being part of the Play for Today 'canon'.

Several plays were BAFTA award winners. John Le Mesurier and Patricia Hayes were named Best Actor & Actress respectively for their roles in the 1971 series Traitor and Edna, The Inebriate Woman, the latter also being named Best Drama Production. Celia Johnson was named Best Actress for Mrs. Palfrey At The Claremont, broadcast in 1973. Stocker's Copper (1972), Kisses At Fifty (1973), Bar Mitzvah Boy (1976), Spend, Spend, Spend! (1977), Licking Hitler (1978) and Blue Remembered Hills (1979) were all named Best Single Play by BAFTA.


Two plays were controversially pulled from transmission shortly before broadcast due to concerns over their content: these were Dennis Potter's Brimstone and Treacle in 1976 and Roy Minton's Scum the following year. In the case of Brimstone and Treacle it was due to concerns over the play's depiction of a disabled woman's rape at the hands of a man who may or may not be the devil, and with Scum the worry was its supposed sensationalism of life in a young offenders' institution (then still known as a borstal). Scum and Brimstone and Treacle were eventually transmitted, although in the meantime both had circumvented their withdrawal by being re-made as cinema films.

The series as a whole was viewed with suspicion by rightwing commentators and critics as many of the issues tackled were the subject of political controversy. Of particular note was the criticism of the public expenditure on the Queen's Silver Jubilee in the plays The Price of Coal (1977) and The Spongers (1978).

Demise and legacy

After fourteen seasons and numerous repeats of individual productions, the programme officially ended in 1984, although there was one further series not broadcast in its original name but in its replacement name Screen One and Screen Two in 1985. The general trend in 1980s television production was away from one-off plays and towards a greater concentration on series and serials. When one-offs were produced, such as Film on Four on Channel 4, they tended to be made with a cinematic approach rather than betraying television drama's roots in the theatre that Play for Today and earlier series on both the BBC and ITV had often demonstrated.

Nonetheless, the series is generally remembered as a benchmark of high-quality British television drama, and has become a byword for what many continue to argue was a golden age of British television. In 2000, the British Film Institute produced a poll of industry professionals to determine the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century, and five of the programmes included in the final tally were from Play for Today.

A new programme publicised as a return of Play for Today, but under the working title of The Evening Play, was announced at the beginning of March 2006, [5] but nothing has been heard from it since. Kevin Spacey, film star and director of the Old Vic, in March 2008 told BBC News that he would like to see the return of the show, [6] but the Conservative MP Michael Gove and journalist Mark Lawson expressed disagreement, Gove describing them, at best counter intuitively, as "exercises in viewer patronisation". [7] [8] Jan Moir in The Daily Telegraph wrote in support of Spacey, saying "the British loved Play for Today once, and would do so again. A good piece of drama looks at the human condition, and tells us something we should know about ourselves." [9]


Sourced according to the BBC Genome Radio Times archive. [10] Titles that carried the tag Play For Today on the BBC listings for their first or subsequent transmission are included, along with some repeats such as the repeat of the Days of Hope quartet, where the initial broadcast was not branded Play for Today, but the repeat was. Repeats of the individual productions are excluded. All episodes were broadcast on BBC1, except for the delayed broadcast of Scum in 1991 which was broadcast on BBC2.

Original Air DateTitleAuthor(s)DirectorLead ActorNotes
Season One. 15-Oct-70The Long Distance Piano Player Alan Sharp Philip Saville Ray Davies 16mm b&w print
22-Oct-70The Right Prospectus John Osborne Alan Cooke George Cole
29-Oct-70The Largest Theatre In The World: The Lie Ingmar Bergman & Paul Britten Austin Alan Bridges Frank Finlay
5-Nov-70Angels Are So Few Dennis Potter Gareth Davis Tom Bell
12-Nov-70The Write-OffGeorge SalversonRudi Dorin Cecil Linder Canadian production. Missing.
19-Nov-70I Can't See My Little WillieDouglas Livingstone Alan Clarke Nigel Stock Missing except for domestic audio recording.
26-Nov-70A Distant ThunderMaurice Edelmax James Ferman Adrienne Corri Missing.
3-Dec-70Hearts And Flowers Peter Nichols Christopher Morahan Anthony Hopkins 16mm b&w print
10-Dec-70 Robin Redbreast John Bowen James MacTaggart Anna Cropper Due to a power outage, the ending of this episode was blacked out in many areas, necessitating a repeat of the full episode on 25-Feb-1971. [11] 16mm b&w print
17-Dec-70The Hallelujah Handshake Colin Welland Alan ClarkeTony Calvin
7-Jan-71 Alma Mater David HodsonJames Ferman Ian Carmichael Missing.
14-Jan-71Circle LineW. Stephen GilbertClaude Watham Michael Feast Missing.
21-Jan-71Hell's Angel David Agnew Alan Cooke Katharine Blake David Agnew is a BBC in-house pen name typically used when multiple writers contributed to a script. Anthony Read was the author commissioned to write the play. Missing.
28-Jan-71The Piano Julia Jones James Cellan Jones Glyn Owen
4-Feb-71Billy's Last Stand Barry Hines John Glenister Dudley Foster Missing.
11-Feb-71The Largest Theatre In The World: The Rainbirds Clive Exton Philip Saville Madge Ryan
18-Feb-71Reddick Munroe Scott Mervyn Rosenzveig Donald Harron Canadian production. Missing.
11-Mar-71No Trams To Lime Street Alun Owen (Book), Marty Wilde & Ronnie Scott (Music & Lyrics) Piers Haggard Anthony May Musical. First shown under The Wednesday Play , 18/03/1970.
18-Mar-71Mad Jack Tom Clarke Jack Gold Michael Jayston First shown under The Wednesday Play , 04/02/1970.
25-Mar-71Scenes From Family LifeBarry Bermange Naomi Capon Denholm Elliott First shown under Plays of Today on BBC2, 25/09/1969.
1-Apr-71Wind Versus Polygamy Obi Egbuna Naomi Capon Earl Cameron First shown under Theatre 625 15/07/1968 and then The Wednesday Play , 27/05/1970.
8-Apr-71Playmates Johnny Speight John McGrath Marty Feldman First shown within Double Bill of The Wednesday Play on 26/11/1969.
15-Apr-71Sovereign's Company Don Shaw Alan Clarke Roland Culver First shown under The Wednesday Play , 22/04/1970.
22-Apr-71Season Of The WitchDesmond McCarthy & Johnny Byrne Desmond McCarthy Julie Driscoll First shown under The Wednesday Play , 07/01/1970.
29-Apr-71 The Foxtrot Rhys Adrian with Michael BatesPhilip Saville Donald Pleasence 16mm b&w print
6-May-71When The Bough BreaksTony ParkerJames Ferman Hannah Gordon
13-May-71Orkney George Mackay Brown & John McGrathJames MacTaggart Maurice Roëves
20-May-71 The Rank And File Jim Allen Ken Loach Peter Kerrigan
27-May-71The Man In The Sidecar Simon Gray James MacTaggart Gemma Jones Missing.
3-Jun-71Everybody Say CheeseDouglas LivingstoneAlan Clarke Roy Kinnear Missing.
10-Jun-71The Cellar And The Almond Tree David Mercer Alan Bridges Celia Johnson First shown under The Wednesday Play , 04/03/1970.
17-Jun-71The Italian Table William Trevor Herbert Wise Leonard Rossiter First shown under The Wednesday Play , 18/02/1970.
24-Jun-71There is Also Tomorrow Hugo Charteris John Mackenzie Glyn Houston First shown under The Wednesday Play , 19/11/1969.
1-Jul-71Chariot Of FireTony ParkerJames Ferman Rosemary Leach First shown under The Wednesday Play , 20/05/1970.
Season Two. 14-Oct-71 Traitor Dennis Potter Alan Bridges John Le Mesurier BAFTA Best Actor (John Le Mesurier)
21-Oct-71 Edna, the Inebriate Woman Jeremy Sandford Ted Kotcheff Patricia Hayes BAFTA Best Actress (Patricia Hayes) & Drama Production
28-Oct-71 Evelyn Rhys Adrian Piers Haggard Edward Woodward
4-Nov-71O Fat White WomanWilliam TrevorPhilip Saville Peter Jeffrey
11-Nov-71Thank You Very Much N. F. Simpson Claude Watham Julian Holloway 16mm b&w print
18-Nov-71Michael Regan Robert Holles John Gorrie David Burke
25-Nov-71Skin DeepMichael O'Neill & Jeremy Seabrook Michael Lindsay-Hogg Donald PleasenceMissing.
2-Dec-71PalAlun Owen Silvio Narizzano Robin Phillips Missing.
9-Dec-71The Pigeon FancierPeter HankinJames FermanBert Palmer16mm b&w print
6-Jan-72Home David Storey Lindsay Anderson John Gielgud A NET/CBC production. Adapted by the playwright from his original stage play.
13-Jan-72Still WatersJulia JonesJames MacTaggart Margery Mason
20-Jan-72Stocker's CopperTom ClarkeJack Gold Bryan Marshall BAFTA Best Single Play
27-Jan-72The House On Highbury Hill Piers Paul Read John Glenister Colin FarrellMissing.
3-Feb-72In The Beautiful Caribbean Barry Reckord Philip Saville Calvin Lockhart Missing.
10-Feb-72Ackerman, Dougall And HarkerDon ShawTed Kotcheff Martin C. Thurley
17-Feb-72The Villa Maroc Willis Hall Herbert Wise Thora Hird
24-Feb-72Cows Howard Barker John Gorrie Alison Leggatt Missing.
1-Jun-72The Fishing Party Peter Terson Michael Simpson Brian Glover
Season Three. 9-Oct-72The Reporters Arthur Hopcraft Michael Apted Robert Urquhart
16-Oct-72A Life Is ForeverTony ParkerAlan ClarkeMaurice O'ConnellMissing.
23-Oct-72Carson Country Dominic Behan Piers Haggard J. G. Devlin
30-Oct-72Man Friday Adrian Mitchell James MacTaggart Colin Blakely Missing.
6-Nov-72Triple Exposure David Halliwell Alan Cooke Alec McCowen
13-Nov-72Better Than The MoviesJohn Elliot Roy Battersby Bryan MarshallMissing.
20-Nov-72The General's DayWilliam TrevorJohn Gorrie Alistair Sim
27-Nov-72The Bankrupt David Mercer Christopher Morahan Joss Ackland
4-Dec-72Just Your Luck Peter McDougall Mike Newell Lesley Mackie
11-Dec-72The Bouncing BoyJohn McGrath Maurice Hatton Norman Eshley
8-Jan-73Shakespeare - Or BustPeter TersonBrian Parker Janet Suzman
15-Jan-73Land Of Green Ginger Alan Plater Brian Parker Gwen Taylor
22-Jan-73Kisses At FiftyColin WellandMichael Apted Bill Maynard BAFTA Best Single Play
29-Jan-73Highway RobberyMichael O'Neal & Jeremy SeabrookMichael Apted John Collin Missing.
5-Feb-73Song At TwilightWillis HallHerbert WiseColin BlakelyMissing.
12-Feb-73Only Make BelieveDennis Potter Robert Knights Keith Barron
19-Feb-73For Syliva Or The Air ShowJohn Burrows & John HardingBarry DavisJohn BurrowsMissing.
26-Feb-73The OperationRoger SmithRoy Battersby George Lazenby
5-Mar-73Access To The ChildrenWilliam TrevorPhilip SavilleJoss Ackland
12-Mar-73 Hard Labour Mike Leigh Mike Leigh Liz Smith
19-Mar-73Man Above Men David Hare Alan Clarke Gwen Watford Missing.
26-Mar-73Speech Day Barry Hines John Goldschmidt David Smith
14-May-73Steps Back David Halliwell Brian ParkerDavid Hill
4-Jun-73Three's One Penelope Mortimer Alistair Reid Hywel Bennett Missing.
11-Jun-73Edward G - Like The Film StarJohn Harvey-FlintJames Ferman Robert Lang Missing.
18-Jun-73Blooming YouthLeslie BlairLeslie Blair Philip Jackson
25-Jun-73The StretchJulia Jones Peter Dews June Ellis Missing.
2-Jul-73Making The Play Terence Brady & Charlotte Bingham Michael Hayes James Bolam Missing.
Season Four. 18-Oct-73Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont Elizabeth Taylor Michael Lindsay-HoggCelia JohnsonAdapted from the novel. BAFTA Best Actress (Celia Johnson)
25-Oct-73Her Majesty's PleasureJimmy O'ConnorBarry DavisJohn Bindon
1-Nov-73Jack PointColin WellandMichael AptedStephen Murray
8-Nov-73The Emergency ChannelJohn BowenRobert KnightsRichard PascoeMissing.
15-Nov-73Mummy And DaddyDouglas LivingstoneBarry DavisNeil WilsonIncomplete.
22-Nov-73Private PracticePeter HankinPeter CregeenPriscilla MorganMissing.
29-Nov-73ShutdownTony PerrinJohn MackenzieFreddie Fletcher
6-Dec-73Baby BluesNemone LethbridgeJames MacTaggartZena Walker
13-Dec-73Jingle BellsArthur HopcraftClaude WhathanColin FarrellMissing.
17-Jan-74The Lonely Man's LoverBarry CollinsBrian ParkerJan Francis
31-Jan-74All Good MenTrevor GriffithsMichael Lindsay-HoggBill Fraser
7-Feb-74Easy GoBrian Clark & Ronnie KingMichael TuchnerAlun Armstrong
14-Feb-74Joe's ArkDennis PotterAlan BridgesFreddie Jones
21-Feb-74Hot FatJack RosenthalDerek BennettRichard O'CallaghanMissing.
14-Mar-74HeadmasterJohn ChallenAnthony PageFrank Windsor
21-Mar-74 Penda's Fen David RudkinAlan ClarkeSpencer Banks
28-Mar-74Pigeon, Hawk Or Dove?Michael SadlerDavid RoseIain Cuthbertson
11-Apr-74Three For The FancyPeter TersonMatthew RobinsonBrian Glover
6-Jun-74The Cheviot, The Stag And The Black, Black OilJohn McGrathJohn MackenzieCharles KearneyAdapted from the stage play.
20-Jun-74SchmoedipusDennis PotterBarry DavisAnna Cropper
27-Jun-74The Childhood FriendPiers Paul ReadMike NewellAnthony Hopkins
4-Jul-74A Follower For EmilyBrian ClarkAlan ClarkeHerbert Ramskill
Season Five. 31-Oct-74 Leeds - United! Colin WellandRoy BattersbyLynne Perrie
7-Nov-74Baby LoveDavid EdgarBarry DavisPatti Love
14-Nov-74Back Of BeyondJulia JonesDesmond DavisRachel Roberts
21-Nov-74The LevellersRoddy McMillanMoira ArmstrongRoddy McMillan
28-Nov-74Taking LeaveJoyce NearyJohn MackenzieGeorge Sewell
5-Dec-74FugitiveSean WalshPeter GillStephen Rea
12-Dec-74EleanorWilliam TrevorBarry DavisColin Douglas
9-Jan-75GangstersPhilip MartinPhilip SavilleMaurice ColbourneSpun off as a series.
16-Jan-75The After Dinner GameMalcolm Bradbury & Christopher RigsbyRobert KnightsTimothy West
23-Jan-75BreathElaine FeinsteinMatthew RobinsonAngela Pleasence
30-Jan-75The Death Of A Young ManWilly RussellViktors RitelisGary Brown
20-Feb-75Sunset Across The BayAlan BennettStephen FrearsGabrielle Daye
27-Feb-75 Funny Farm Roy MintonAlan ClarkeTim Preece
6-Mar-75GoodbyeHugh WhitemoreGavin MillarJeremy Kemp
13-Mar-75 Just Another Saturday Peter McDougallJohn MackenzieJohn Morrison
24-Apr-75Child Of HopeJohn ElliotGraham EvansLeon Gluckman
1-May-75The Saturday PartyBrian ClarkBarry DavisPeter Barkworth
8-May-75Wednesday LoveArthur HopcraftMichael AptedLois Daine
15-May-75The Dandelion ClockWilson John HaireJohn BruceVerona O'HaraMissing.
22-May-75BrassneckHoward Brenton & David HareMike NewellJeremy Kemp
29-May-75The FloaterPeter PrinceBarry DavisRichard Beckinsale
Season Six. 14-Oct-75Plaintiffs & DefendantsSimon GrayMichael Lindsay-HoggAlan Bates
21-Oct-75Two SundaysSimon GrayMichael Lindsay-HoggAlan Bates
28-Oct-75MossBernard KopsPhilip SavilleWarren Mitchell
4-Nov-7584 Charing Cross RoadHelen Hanff & Hugh WhitemoreMark CullinghamFrank FinlayAdapted from the book.
11-Nov-75Keep An Eye On AlbertBrian GloverMichael TuchnerSusan Tracy
18-Nov-75Children Of The SunMichael O'Neill & Jeremy SeabrookViktors RitelleGodfrey JamesMissing.
25-Nov-75After The SoloJohn ChallenMoira ArmstrongLeonard Rossiter
2-Dec-75Through The NightTrevor GriffithsMichael Lindsay-HoggAlison Steadman
9-Dec-75A Passage To EnglandLeon GriffithsJohn MackenzieColin Welland
16-Dec-75Rumpole Of The BaileyJohn MortimerJohn GorrieLeo McKernSpun off as a series.
6-Jan-76The Other WomanWatson GouldMichael SimpsonJane Lapotaire
13-Jan-76 Nuts In May Mike LeighMike LeighRoger Sloman
20-Jan-76Doran's BoxEric ColtartMatthew RobinsonPeter EyreExists only as a domestic video recording.
27-Jan-76Packman's BarnAlick RoweChris MenaulJohn Barrett
3-Feb-76A Story To Frighten The ChildrenJohn HopkinsHerbert WiseGeoffrey Palmer
10-Feb-76The Happy Hunting GroundTom HadawayBrian ParkerNeil Phillips
17-Feb-76Jumping Bean BagRobin ChapmanAlan CookeDavid Dixon
24-Feb-76Clay, Smeddum And GreendenLewis Grassic Gibbon & Bill CraigMoira ArmstrongFulton Mackay
2-Mar-76Love Letters On Blue PaperArnold WeskerWaris HusseinPatrick Troughton
9-Mar-76Willie RoughBill BrydenBob McIntoshJames GrantAdapted from the stage play.
16-Mar-76Tiptoe Through The TulipsBeryl BainbridgeClaude WhathamRosemary Leach
23-Mar-76The PeddlerE. A. WhiteheadClaude WhathamJohn Hurt
30-Mar-76Early StrugglesPeter PrinceStephen FrearsPaul Nicholas
6-Apr-76 Double Dare Dennis PotterJohn MackenzieAlan Dobie
Season Seven. 14-Sep-76 Bar Mitzvah Boy Jack RosenthalMichael TuchnerJeremy SteynBAFTA Best Single Play
21-Sep-76Bet Your LifeLeslie BlairLeslie BlairReginald Stewart
28-Sep-76Rocky Marciano Is DeadBernard KopsGraham EvansRon Moody
12-Oct-76The Elephants' GraveyardPeter McDougallJohn MackenzieBilly Connolly
19-Oct-76Houswive's ChoiceRoy KendallChris ThomsonFrances de la Tour
26-Oct-76Your Man From Six CountiesColin WellandBarry DavisDonal McCann
2-Nov-76BuffetRhys AdrianMike NewellTony Britton
4-Jan-77Love On A GunboatMalcolm BradburyRobert KnightsStephen Moore
11-Jan-77 The Kiss Of Death Mike LeighMike LeighDavid Threlfall
18-Jan-77Our Flesh And BloodMike StottPedr JamesBernard Hill
25-Jan-77Do As I SayCharles WoodBarry DavisAngela Down
15-Mar-77 Spend, Spend, Spend! Jack RosenthalJohn GoldschmidtSusan LittlerBAFTA Best Single Play
22-Mar-77A Photograph John Bowen John Glenister John Stride
12-Apr-77Gotcha / Campion's InterviewBarrie Keefe / Brian ClarkeBarry DavisPhilip DavisDouble Bill
19-Apr-77A Choice For ElvisJim AllenJane HowellStephen Murray
26-Apr-77The Country PartyBrian ClarkBarry DavisPeter Barkworth
Season Eight. 18-Oct-77Stronger Than The SunStephen PoliakoffMichael AptedFrancesca Annis
25-Oct-77Come The RevolutionRobin ChapmanMichael DarlowVivian Pickles
1-Nov-77 Abigail's Party Mike LeighMike LeighAlison SteadmanAdapted from the stage play.
8-Nov-77Oy Vey MariaMary O'MalleyRichard LoncraineCheryl Hall
15-Nov-77NipperBarrie KeefeBrian FarnhamCoral Atkins
22-Nov-77One Day At A TimeDenis CannanRonald WilsonStephanie Cole
29-Nov-77The Mayor's CharityHenry LivingsMike NewellThora Hird
5-Dec-77Catchpenny TwistStewart ParkerRobert KnightsSam Dale
13-Dec-77CharadesAntonia FraserRoderick GrahamJennifer Hilary
20-Dec-77The Thin End Of The WedgeSean McCarthyJohn BlackTom Marshall
3-Jan-78Scully's New Year's EveAlan BleasdaleMichael SimpsonAndrew Schofield
10-Jan-78 Licking Hitler David HareDavid HareKate NelliganBAFTA Best Single Play
17-Jan-78 Red Shift Alan GarnerJohn MackenzieStephen PetcherAdapted from the novel.
24-Jan-78 The Spongers Jim AllenRonald JoffeChristine Hargreaves
31-Jan-78DestinyDavid EdgarMike NewellColin Jeavons
7-Feb-78 Our Day Out Willy RussellPedr JamesAlun ArmstrongFirst shown as a Play Of The Week on BBC2, 28 December 1977.
14-Feb-78 The After Dinner Joke Caryl ChurchillColin BuckseyPaula Wilcox
18-Apr-78 Days Of Hope: 1916 - Joining UpJim AllenKen LoachPaul CopleyFirst shown 11 September 1975.
25-Apr-78 Days Of Hope: 1921 - Every Pit In Britain Is IdleJim AllenKen LoachPaul CopleyFirst shown 18 September 1975.
2-May-78 Days Of Hope: 1924 - A MiracleJim AllenKen LoachPaul CopleyFirst shown 25 September 1975.
9-May-78 Days Of Hope: 1926 - General StrikeJim AllenKen LoachPaul CopleyFirst shown 2 October 1975.
1-Aug-78 The Price Of Coal: Meet The PeopleBarry HinesKen LoachBobby KnuttFirst shown 29 March 1977.
8-Aug-78 The Price Of Coal: Back To RealityBarry HinesKen LoachBobby KnuttFirst shown 5 April 1977.
22-Aug-78The Legion Hall's BombingCaryl ChurchillRoland JoffeDavid Kelly
Season Nine. 17-Oct-78NinaJehane MarkhamAlan ClarkeJack Shepherd
24-Oct-78Victims Of ApartheidTom ClarkeStuart BurgeJohn Kani
31-Oct-78A Touch Of The Tiny HackettsJohn Esmonde & Bob LarbeyJames Cellan JonesRay Brooks
7-Nov-78Dinner At The Sporting ClubLeon GriffithsBrian GibsonJohn Thaw
14-Nov-78Donal And SallyJames DuthieBrian ParkerGerard Kelly
21-Nov-78Sorry…Vaclav Havel & Vera BlackwellClaude WhathamMichael Crawford
28-Nov-78Butterflies Don't CountWally K. DalyKenneth IvesFrank Mills
5-Dec-78Soldiers Talking, CleanlyMike StottAlan DossorBob Mason
12-Dec-78One Bummer NewsdayAndy McSmithMichael DarlowSimon Rouse
2-Jan-79The Out Of Town BoysRon HutchinsonRobert KnightsJoe Lynch
9-Jan-79VampiresDixie WilliamsJohn GoldschmidtPeter Moran
16-Jan-79The Chief MournerJohn ElliotDavid RoseRichard Pasco
23-Jan-79Waterloo SunsetBarrie KeefeRichard EyreQueenie Watts
30-Jan-79 Blue Remembered Hills Dennis PotterBrian GibsonColin WellandBAFTA Best Single Play
5-Feb-79Who's Who?Mike LeighMike LeighSimon Chandler
13-Feb-79The Last Window CleanerRun HutchinsonBill CraskePatrick Magee
27-Feb-79Ploughman's ShareDouglas DunnFiona CummingDuncan Brewster
6-Mar-79Degree Of UncertaintyAlma CullenPaul AnnettJennie Linden
13-Mar-79Coming OutJames Andrew HallCarol WisemanAnton Rogers
24-Jul-79Don't Be SillyRachel BillingtonKenneth IvesSusan Fleetwood
Season Ten. 11-Oct-79Long Distance InformationNeville SmithStephen FrearsNeville Smith
18-Oct-79Cries From A WatchtowerStephen LoweGiles FosterPaix Copley
25-Oct-79ComediansTrevor GriffithsRichard EyreBill FraserAdapted from the stage play.
1-Nov-79Even SolomonAndrew TaylorRoger BamfordPaul Henley
8-Nov-79 Just A Boys' Game Peter McDougallJohn MckenzieFrankie Miller
13-Nov-79BillyG. F. NewmanCharles StewartJason Plenderleith
22-Nov-79Instant Enlightenment Including VATAndrew CarrJohn BruceSimon Callow
29-Nov-79A Hole In BabylonJim Hawkins & Horace OveHorace OveT-Bone Wilson
6-Dec-79The Slab BoysJohn ByrneBob HirdGerard Kelly
13-Dec-79Katie: The Year Of A ChildIan Cullen & John NortonBarry DamsMargaret Kelly
20-Dec-79The NetworkStephen FaganDerek ListerAnthony Bate
3-Jan-80Chance Of A LifetimeRobert HolmanGiles FosterDavid Daker
10-Jan-80Keep SmilingPaul JoycePaul JoyceStephen Moore
17-Jan-80Dreams Of LeavingDavid HareDavid HareBill Nighy
24-Jan-80Thicker Than WaterBrian GloverAlan GrintColin Douglass
31-Jan-80Murder RapMichael HastingsPeter DuffellArthur Lovegrove
14-Feb-80No DefenceChris KewbankClive HallsIllona Linthwaite
21-Feb-80That Crazy WomanDavid HopkinsBill CraskeZena Walker
28-Feb-80A Gift From NessusWilliam McIlvanney & Bill CraigJames OrmerodKen HutchisonAdapted from the novel.
6-Mar-80Kate, The Good NeighbourPeter RansleyJohn BruceRachel Kempson
13-Mar-80BusesGeoffrey CaseTim KingSebastian Abineri
20-Mar-80Shadows Of Our SkinJennifer Johnston & Darek MahonJim O'BrienMacRea Clarke
27-Mar-80LadiesCarol BunyanDurmuid LawrencePatsy Rowlands
3-Apr-80The Vanishing ArmyRobert HollesRichard LoncraineBill Paterson
10-Apr-80Not For The Likes Of UsGilly FraserTim KingPam St. Clement
17-Apr-80The ExecutionerLionel GoldsteinKenneth IvesPaul Rogers
24-Apr-80 The Imitation Game Ian McEwanRichard EyreHarriet Walter
14-May-80A Walk In The ForestJeremy PaulJack GoldJohn Alderton
24-Jun-80On Giant's ShouldersMarjorie Wallace, Michael Robson, William Humble & Anthony SimmonsAnthony SimmonsJudi Dench
1-Jul-80Fearless FrankAndrew DaviesColin BuckseyLeonard Rossiter
Season Eleven. 21-Oct-80PasmoreRichard Eyre & David StoreyRichard EyrePhilip Jackson
28-Oct-80C2H50HDavid TurnerJames Cellan JonesDinsdale Landen
4-Nov-80The Adventures Of Frank: 1 - Everybody's Fiddling SomethingJohn McGrath, Mark Brown, Mike O'Neill & Si CoweJohn McGrathMick FordMusical
11-Nov-80The Adventures Of Frank: 2 - Seeds Of IceJohn McGrath, Mark Brown, Mike O'Neill & Si CoweJohn McGrathMick FordMusical
18-Nov-80Minor ComplicationsPeter RansleyMoira ArmstrongPaola Dionisotti
2-Dec-80JudeLesley BruceBill CraskeDorain Ford
9-Dec-80 The Flipside Of Dominick Hide Jeremy Paul & Alan GibsonAlan GibsonPeter Firth
16-Dec-80Name For The DayColin Haydn EvansBill BainRichard O'Callaghan
23-Dec-80JessieBryan ForbesBryan ForbesNanette Newman
6-Jan-81Beyond The PaleLes BlairLes BlairMichael Maynard
13-Jan-81The Muscle MarketAlan BleasdaleAlan DossorPete Postlethwaite
20-Jan-81A Brush With Mr. Porter On The Road To El DoradoDon HaworthBaz TaylorChristopher Benjamin
3-Feb-81The CauseDerek ListerBarry DavisJimmy Jewel
10-Feb-81Beloved EmilyDavid Leland & Charles LevinsonAlan ClarkeGraham Crowden
17-Feb-81The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion DinnerStewart ParkerBaz TaylorPeter Sallis
24-Feb-81The UnionTony PerrinRonald WilsonIan Hogg
3-Mar-81SorryCarol BunyanAlistair ClarkNicholas Ball
10-Mar-81The GarlandH. O. Nazareth & Horace OveHorace OveTariq Yunus
17-Mar-81The Sin BinTony ParkerJohn GorrieKenneth Cranham
24-Mar-81Before Water LiliesRobert MarshallAlan CharlesworthColin Bruce
31-Mar-81Bavarian NightAndrew DaviesJack GoldGawn Grainger
7-Apr-81The Good Time GirlsAlan ClewsGareth DavisAnne Kristen
21-Apr-81Baby TalkNigel WilliamsDerek ListerSusan Littler
28-Apr-81A Turn For The WorseJohn BillBill HaysBernard Hill
12-May-81Psy-WarriorsDavid LelandAlan ClarkeRosalind Ayres
Season Twelve. 20-Oct-81CountryTrevor GriffithsRichard EyreLeo McKern
27-Oct-81London Is DrowningGraham WilliamsMartyn FriendDavid Neal
3-Nov-81A Room For The WinterRose TremainJim GoddardJack Shepherd
17-Nov-81No Visible ScarRosemary DaviesMoira ArmstrongBarbara Flynn
24-Nov-81Iris In The Traffic, Ruby In The RainStewart ParkerJohn BruceFrances Tomelty
1-Dec-81ProtestVaclav Havel & Vera BlackwellAlistair ClarkNigel Hawthorne
8-Dec-81United KingdomJim AllenRoland JoffeColin Welland
15-Dec-81PQ 17Roger Milner & Captain Jack BroomeFrank CoxRichard Briers
22-Dec-81The FactoryDavid HopkinsGerald BlakeLeonard Rossiter
5-Jan-82England's Greens And Peasant LandRita MayJim HillRon Delta
12-Jan-82A Cotswold DeathTony BicatTony BicatTony Richardson
19-Jan-82Under The SkinJaney PregerTony SmithJacqueline Tong
26-Jan-82CommitmentsDusty HughesRichard WilsonKevin McNallyExists only as a domestic video recording.
2-Feb-82Life After DeathRachel BillingtonAnthony SimmonsDorothy Tutin
9-Feb-82The Silly SeasonStephen MulrineAlex MarshallDerek Anders
16-Feb-82Too Late To Talk To BillyJ. Graham ReidPaul SeedJames Ellis
23-Feb-82Willie's Last StandJim AllenBrian ParkerPaul Freeman
9-Mar-82TishooBrian ThompsonGerald BlakePaul Daneman
16-Mar-82 Home, Sweet Home Mike LeighMike LeighTimothy Spall
23-Mar-82A Sudden WrenchPaula MilneJon AmielRosemary Martin
30-Mar-82Eve Set The Balls Of Corruption RollingMarcella EvaristiDavid MaloneyDebbie Wheeler
6-Apr-82Whistling WallyWally K. DalyGerald BlakeKenneth Farrington
Season Thirteen. 19-Oct-82Soft TargetsStephen PoliakoffCharles SturridgeHelen Mirren
26-Oct-823 Minute HeroesLeslie StewartMichael CustancePhilip Freeman
2-Nov-82The Remainder ManPhilip MartinRichard WilsonSheila Hancock
9-Nov-82Intensive CareAlan BennettGavin MillarAlan Bennett
16-Nov-82A Mother Like HimFrances GalleymoreBaz TaylorPerry Fenwick
30-Nov-82AliensAlan ClewsDavid MaloneyAnthony Higgins
14-Dec-82 Another Flip For Dominick Jeremy Paul & Alan GibsonAlan GibsonPeter Firth
1-Mar-83Last LoveReg GadneyNicholas RentonElizabeth Sellers
8-Mar-83Gates Of GoldMaurice LeitchJon AmielPeter Bayliss
15-Mar-83Wayne And AlbertDavid HopkinsSarah Pia AndersonArthur English
29-Mar-83AtlantisPeter TersonLes ChatfieldFrank Middlemass
19-Apr-83Shall I Be Mother?Peter RansleyRonald WilsonEva Griffith
26-Apr-83The Falklands FactorDon ShawColin BuckseyDonald Pleasence
10-May-83A Matter Of Choice For BillyGraham ReidPaul SeedKenneth Branagh
Season Fourteen. 14-Feb-84Young ShouldersJohn Wain & Robert SmithSilvio NarizzanoDavid Horovitch
21-Feb-84A Coming To Terms For BillyGraham ReidPaul SeedKenneth Branagh
28-Feb-84Z For ZachariahAnthony GarnerAnthony GarnerAnthony AndrewsAdapted from the novel.
6-Mar-84Moving On The EdgeRose TremainAnthony GarnerEleanor Bron
13-Mar-84Desert Of LiesHoward BrentonPiers HaggardCherie Lunghi
20-Mar-84Hard FeelingsDoug LucieMichael BradwellFrances Barber
27-Mar-84Under The HammerStephen FaganRichard WilsonPeter Vaughan
3-Apr-84KingBarrie KeefeTony SmithThomas Baptiste
10-Apr-84Rainy Day WomenDavid PirieBen BoltCharles Dance
17-Jul-84Dog EndsRichard HarrisCarol WisemanLeonard Rossiter
24-Jul-84The Groundling And The KiteLeonard PrestonPeter JefferiesJohn Duttine
31-Jul-84The CryDerek Mahon, Chris Menaul & John MontagueChris MenaulAdrian Dunbar
14-Aug-84It Could Happen To AnybodyHugh McManusLaurence MoodyAnn Scott-Jones
21-Aug-84Only ChildrenJudy ForrestMichael RolfeCharlotte Cornwell
28-Aug-84The Amazing Miss Stella EstelleLeslie StewartJohn DavisElaine Lordan
25-Aug-87 Brimstone And Treacle Dennis PotterBarry DavisDenholm ElliotPostponed from 1976
27-Jul-91 Scum Roy MintonAlan ClarkeRay WinstonePostponed from 1977

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Dennis Potter English TV dramatist, screenwriter, journalist

Dennis Christopher George Potter was an English television dramatist, screenwriter and journalist. He is best known for his BBC TV serials Pennies from Heaven (1978), The Singing Detective (1986), and the television plays Blue Remembered Hills (1979) and Brimstone and Treacle (1976). His television dramas mixed fantasy and reality, the personal and the social, and often used themes and images from popular culture. Potter is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative dramatists to have worked in British television.

Brimstone and Treacle is a 1976 BBC television play by Dennis Potter. Originally intended for broadcast as an episode of the Play for Today series, it remained untransmitted until 1987. The play was made into a film version co-starring Sting. Both versions star Denholm Elliott.

BBC Parliament British parliamentary television channel

BBC Parliament is a British free-to-air television channel which broadcasts live and recorded coverage of the House of Commons, House of Lords and Select Committees of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the Scottish Parliament, the London Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Senedd. The channel also broadcasts reports from the European Parliament and the annual conferences of the main political parties and the Trades Union Congress. On average, 1.2% of the UK's total population watch the channel for more than three minutes at least once per week; these viewers watch for an average of just over two hours each over the course of the week.

The BFI TV 100 is a list of 100 television programmes or series that was compiled in 2000 by the British Film Institute (BFI), as chosen by a poll of industry professionals, with the aim to determine the best British television programmes of any genre that had been screened up to that time.

<i>The Wednesday Play</i> television series

The Wednesday Play is an anthology series of British television plays which ran on BBC1 for six seasons from October 1964 to May 1970. The plays were usually written for television, although adaptations from other sources also featured. The series gained a reputation for presenting contemporary social dramas, and for bringing issues to the attention of a mass audience that would not otherwise have been discussed on screen.

Theatre 625 is a British television drama anthology series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC2 from 1964 to 1968. It was one of the first regular programmes in the line-up of the channel, and the title referred to its production and transmission being in the higher-definition 625-line format, which only BBC2 used at the time.

BBC television drama

BBC television dramas have been produced and broadcast since even before the public service company had an officially established television broadcasting network in the United Kingdom. As with any major broadcast network, drama forms an important part of its schedule, with many of the BBC's top-rated programmes being from this genre.

<i>Watch with Mother</i> television series

Watch with Mother was a cycle of children's programmes created by Freda Lingstrom and Maria Bird. Broadcast by BBC Television from 1952 until 1975, it was the first BBC television series aimed specifically at pre-school children, a development of BBC radio's equivalent Listen with Mother, which had begun two years earlier. In accordance with its intended target audience of pre-school children viewing with their mothers, Watch with Mother was initially broadcast between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm, post-afternoon nap and before the older children came home from school.

Shaun Alfred Graham Sutton was an English television writer, director, producer and executive, who worked in the medium for nearly forty years from the 1950s to the 1990s. His most important role was as the Head of Drama at BBC Television from the late 1960s until 1981, a role he occupied for longer than anyone else.

The British Academy Television Awards, also known as the BAFTA TV Awards, are presented in an annual award show hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). They have been awarded annually since 1955.

<i>Pebble Mill at One</i> British television series

Pebble Mill at One is a British television magazine programme that was broadcast live weekdays at one o'clock on BBC1, from 2 October 1972 to 23 May 1986 and again from 20 October 1991 to 25 May 1996. It was transmitted from the Pebble Mill studios of BBC Birmingham, and uniquely, was hosted from the centre's main foyer area, rather than a conventional television studio.

Irene Shubik was a British television producer, known for her contribution to the development of the single play in British television drama. Beginning her career in television at ABC Television, she worked on Armchair Theatre as a story editor where she devised the science fiction anthology series Out of this World.

A television play is a television programming genre which is a live drama performance broadcast from the television studio or, later, put on the tape.

<i>Megamaths</i> television series

Megamaths is a BBC educational television series for primary schools that was originally aired on BBC Two from 16 September 1996 to 4 February 2002. For its first four series, it was set in a castle on top of Table Mountain, populated by the four card suits. There were two gargoyles at the portcullis of the castle who spoke mostly in rhyme, and an animated dragon called Brimstone who lived in the castle cellar. Each episode featured a song explaining the episode's mathematical content.

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Screen Two was a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC2 from 1985 to 1998.

This is a timeline of the history of BBC One.


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