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Rhondda & District League
CountryFlag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Number of teams19
Level on pyramid78
Promotion to South Wales Alliance League
Current championsTreherbert BGC (promoted)
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The Rhondda & District League (currently the Devonalds Solictors Rhondda & District Football League for sponsorship reasons) is a football league covering the Rhondda and surrounding areas in South Wales. The leagues are at the seventh and eighth levels of the Welsh football league system.



The Rhondda & District Football League was formed on 7 June 1907. [1] The league was originally called The Rhondda Junior League.

The original clubs selected to the league were: [2]

In 1927 they were called The Rhondda Valley (Amateur) Football League. At the time some clubs in the league were made up entirely of unemployed men. This resulted in the North Rhondda League being created because clubs were unable to afford travelling expenses. In 1929 the North Rhondda League was affiliated and in 1933 they were renamed The Upper Rhondda League. The Leagues remained separated until the 1962–63 season when they reformed back into one league.

In 1931 a third League was formed called the Rhondda Fach League, this dissolved after the 1937–38 season.

Throughout the Second World War The Rhondda League was one of the very few Leagues to continue playing football - because of the thousands of coalminers working in the collieries in the Rhondda.


The league is composed of two divisions.

Member clubs 2020–21

Premier Division

  • Cwm Rhondda
  • Penygraig United
  • Penyrenglyn
  • Porth Harlequins
  • Stanleytown
  • The Baglan
  • Treorchy BGC


  • Ely Valley
  • Ferndale BGC
  • Llwynypia BC
  • Maerdy
  • New Inn
  • Pentre Rovers
  • Penygraig BGC
  • Tonypandy Albion
  • Tonyrefail BGC
  • Tonyrefail Welfare
  • Treorchy & Cwmparc BG
  • Ynyscynon

Promotion and relegation

Promotion from the Premier Division is possible to the South Wales Alliance League, with the champion of the league playing the other tier 7 champions from the South Wales regional leagues via play-off games to determine promotion.

Champions of the Top division

Information for champions of the top division from 1954–55 to 2006–07 is sourced from a booklet to commemorate 100 Years of Football in the Rhondda League. [3]


  • 1907–08: – Trehafod


  • 1936–37: – Rhondda Transport [4]


  • 1950–51: –
  • 1951–52: –
  • 1952–53: –
  • 1953–54: –
  • 1954–55: – Dinas Corries
  • 1955–56: – Ystrad Athletic
  • 1956–57: – Trebanog
  • 1957–58: – Pentre BC
  • 1958-59: – Pentre BC
  • 1959–60: – Pentre BC


  • 1960–61: – Blaencwm
  • 1961–62: – Beatus
  • 1962–63: – Llwynypia BC
  • 1963–64: – Beatus
  • 1964–65: – Dare Inglis
  • 1965–66: – Dare Inglis
  • 1966–67: – Dare Inglis
  • 1967–68: – Rest Assured
  • 1968-69: – Ton & Gelli BC
  • 1969–70: – Cambrian United


  • 1970–71: – Cambrian United
  • 1971–72: – Cambrian United
  • 1972–73: – Wattstown United
  • 1973–74: – Gilfach United
  • 1974–75: – Cambrian United
  • 1975–76: – Gilfach United
  • 1976–77: – Ferndale 'A'
  • 1977–78: – Gilfach United
  • 1978-79: – Ystrad BC
  • 1979–80: – Penrhiwfer


  • 1980–81: – Ystrad BC
  • 1981–82: – Ystrad BC
  • 1982–83: – Blaencwm
  • 1983–84: – Treorchy BC
  • 1984–85: – Ferndale BC
  • 1985–86: – Kensington
  • 1986–87: – Ferndale BC
  • 1987–88: – Ferndale BC
  • 1988-89: – Kensington
  • 1989–90: – Blaencwm


  • 1990–91: – Ynyshir/ Wattstown BGC
  • 1991–92: – Stanleytown
  • 1992–93: – Naval
  • 1993–94: – Trebanog Workingmens
  • 1994–95: – Penrhiwfer
  • 1995–96: – Llwynypia WMC
  • 1996–97: – Ynyshir Albions
  • 1997–98: – Penrhys Athletic
  • 1998-99: – Penrhys United
  • 1999–2000: – Tonypandy Albion


  • 2000–01: – Tonyrefail BC
  • 2001–02: – Penrhys United
  • 2002–03: – Ferndale BC
  • 2003–04: – Trebanog Rangers
  • 2004–05: – Turberville Arms
  • 2005–06: – Cambrian/ Clydach BGC
  • 2006–07: – Tonypandy Albion
  • 2007–08: – Wyndham
  • 2008-09: – Ynyshir/ Wattstown BGC
  • 2009–10: – Llwynypia BGC


  • 2010–11: – Max United
  • 2011–12: – Sporting Marvels
  • 2012–13: – Sporting Marvels
  • 2013–14: – Penygraig United [5]
  • 2014–15: – Gelli Hibs [6]
  • 2015–16: – Trebanog [7]
  • 2016–17: – Blaenrhondda [8]
  • 2017–18: – AFC Wattstown [9]
  • 2018–19: – Penygraig United
  • 2019–20: – Treherbert BGC

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The Welsh Football League Division Two, was a football league and forms the fourth level of the Welsh football league system in South Wales.

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Maerdy is a village and community in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, and within the historic county boundaries of Glamorgan, Wales, lying at the head of the Rhondda Fach Valley.

Treorchy Human settlement in Wales

Treorchy is a town and community in Wales. Once a town, it retains the characteristics of one. Situated in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf in the Rhondda Fawr valley. Treorchy is also one of the 16 communities of the Rhondda. It includes the villages of Cwmparc and Ynyswen.

Ynyshir Human settlement in Wales

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Rhondda (UK Parliament constituency) Parliamentary constituency in the United Kingdom, 1974 onwards

Rhondda is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2001 by Chris Bryant of the Labour Party.

Rhondda Urban area and district in South Wales

Rhondda, or the Rhondda Valley, is a former coalmining area in South Wales, previously in Glamorgan, now a local government district, of 16 communities around the River Rhondda. It embraces two valleys – the larger Rhondda Fawr valley and the smaller Rhondda Fach valley – so that the singular "Rhondda Valley" and the plural are both commonly used. In 2001, the Rhondda constituency of the National Assembly for Wales had a population of 72,443; while the Office for National Statistics counted the population as 59,602. Rhondda forms part of Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough and of the South Wales Valleys. It is most noted for its historical coalmining industry, which peaked between 1840 and 1925. The valleys produced a strong Nonconformist movement manifest in the Baptist chapels that moulded Rhondda values in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is also famous for male voice choirs and in sport and politics.

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The South Wales Amateur League is a former football league in South Wales. The league consisted of two divisions, named Divisions One and Two. Division One was a feeder to the Welsh Football League Division Three, and sat at level 5 of the Welsh football pyramid.

Llwynypia RFC was a rugby union club located in the Welsh village of Llwynypia in the Rhondda. The team provided several international players during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most notably Willie Llewellyn, who was not only selected to represent Wales while playing at the club, but later played for the British Isles on their 1904 tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Richard Neil Haig is a Welsh former professional footballer, who is manager of Trebanog FC in the Rhondda and District Football League. He was also formerly manager of Welsh Football League Division One sides Cambrian & Clydach Vale and AFC Porth.

The South Wales Senior League is a former football league in South Wales. The league consisted of two divisions, named Divisions One and Two. Division One was a feeder to the Welsh Football League Division Three, and therefore sat at levels 5 of the Welsh football pyramid.

Rhondda Tramways Company operated a tramway service in Rhondda, Wales, between 1904 and 1934.

Porth County Community School Community school in Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales

Porth Community School is a Community School located in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales. The school was formed in 1973 by the amalgamation of two leading grammar schools, Porth County Girls and Porth County Boys, along with the amalgamation of the Secondary Modern Schools of Llwyncelyn, Trealaw and Ynyshir. Porth is now described as a good school and the previous Porth Infants and Porth Juniors schools have all moved to the Porth Community School to form the new school. Children of various ages attend the school, ranging from 3–16 years old.

The South Wales Alliance League is a football league structure in South Wales, currently known for sponsorship reasons as The Highadmit Projects South Wales Alliance League. The top tier of the league, the Premier Division is at the fourth tier of the Welsh Football Pyramid and offers promotion opportunities to the tier 3 Football Association of Wales administered Ardal Leagues. The league is run by the South Wales Football Association.


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