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Madam Tinubu before 1887 Efunroye Tinubu.jpg
Madam Tinubu before 1887
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Tinubu Square in 2014
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Tinubu Square, formerly Independence Square, is an open space landmark located in Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria named after the Yoruba slave trader, merchant, and aristocrat Madam Efunroye Tinubu. [1] [2] It was formerly called Ita Tinubu [3] [4] before it was named Independence Square by leaders of the First Nigerian Republic after Nigerian independence and subsequently Tinubu Square. [5]



Tinubu Square in 1962 with a modernist fountain ASC Leiden - NSAG - van Dis 5 - 024 - A city roundabout with a modernistic fountain and a huge pool - Lagos, Nigeria - February 14, 1962.tiff
Tinubu Square in 1962 with a modernist fountain

According to a historian, it was the location of the first court of justice which was replaced in 1918 by the Supreme Court or the Court of Assizes, which was a magnificent structure. [6] The Square was the melting point of different cultures, a place where the indigenous Lagosians, those of Brazilian extract and the colonial administration met. [6]


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The square is iron-fenced with two flowing fountains, flowers and tropical trees in it. It also contains a life-size statue of Madam Tinubu on a cenotaph. [5] The size of the square is 2,000 square meters. [6] The square was last remodeled in 2017 by the Lagos state government. [7]


The Tinubu Square is a serene location, with efforts being made by the operation "Keep Lagos Clean" to make the square a place for tourism and center of attraction. [8] [9]

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The 1992 Nigerian Senate election in Lagos State was held on July 4, 1992, to elect members of the Nigerian Senate to represent Lagos State. Kofoworola Bucknor representing Lagos Central, Bola Tinubu representing Lagos West and Anthony Adefuye representing Lagos East all won on the platform of the Social Democratic Party.


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