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Tirana International Film Festival
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Location Tirana, Albania
Founded2003 (2003)
Website tiranafilmfest.com

The Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF) is an Academy Awards qualifying film festival [1] and one of the major annual events taking place in Tirana each year. It was the first international cinema festival in Albania. This cultural event was created in 2003 and is currently the most important cinematic event in Albania.


The Festival is competitive with the International Section jury awarding several prizes each year, most notably the "Golden Owl" for Best Feature Film.

It is organised annually by the Albanian National Center of Cinematography. It features three distinct categories and combines features and short film; fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. The festival is open to any filmmaker from around the world and it also accepts student works. [2] [3]


The festival was held for the first time in 2003. Since then it has been held annually in the cinemas of Tirana. During the 12th edition more than 5,400 applications were submitted.

In 2015, the Festival introduced DocuTIFF (Documentary Tirana International Film Festival), after large applications sent during the 12th edition of the Festival held in 2014. It was impossible to show all these production in one single festival and new festivals were created for each category such as DocuTIFF, for documentary film, AnimaTIFF, for animated productions and ExpoTIFF for experimental films. [4]

Award Winners

The list of the Winners of the "Golden Owl award for each year is as follows:

YearEnglish titleOriginal titleDirector(s)Country
2003The Last GunmanThe Last GunmanAlessandro DominiciFlag of Italy.svg  Italy
2004Family PortraitEllery NgiamFlag of Singapore.svg  Singapore
2005Before I GoHeiko HahnFlag of Germany.svg  Germany
2006 The Optimists Оптимисти Goran Paskaljević Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia
2007 Salvador Salvador Manuel Huerga Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
2008Annem Sinema ÖgreniyorAnnem Sinema ÖgreniyorNesimi YetikFlag of Germany.svg  Germany
2009Woman without a pianoLa mujer sin PianoJavier RebolloFlag of Spain.svg  Spain
2010Woman in temptationZeny v pokuseniJiri VejdelekFlag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
2011 Punk's not dead Punk's not deadVladimir BlazevskiFlag of North Macedonia.svg  North Macedonia
2012Siberia, MonamourSibir. MonamurSlava RossFlag of Russia.svg  Russia
2013Seven Lucky Gods Seven Lucky GodsJamil DehlaviFlag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom
2014 Termitaria NuwebeJoseph Israel LabanFlag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines
2015 Babai BabaiVisar MorinaFlag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo
2016Hear the SilenceHöre die StilleEd EhrenbergFlag of Germany.svg  Germany
2017 Glory СлаваKristina Grozeva, Petar ValchanovFlag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria

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