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Lawrence Mullins (born December 13, 1966 in Knoxville, Tennessee), is an American musician, producer, and composer. His often-used stage name is Toby Dammit. [1] [2] A multi-instrumentalist playing mainly drums, percussion and keyboards, he is known for his work with Iggy Pop, Swans, The Residents, Iggy and The Stooges and Silver Apples. In 2015 he began performing live with Nick Cave and continued performing with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds during their world tour for the album Skeleton Tree . He has also worked extensively in music for films and television, and appears as the big band drummer Willy Schuricke in the German cable series Babylon Berlin .



In 1990 he appeared as Larry Mullins on his first professionally released album with the band The Ringling Sisters, produced by Lou Adler (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cheech & Chong, The Mamas & the Papas). Dammit is best known as Larry Mullins for his 1990–1999 collaboration with Iggy Pop as his drummer. During this time, he recorded three albums with Iggy Pop: ( American Caesar , Naughty Little Doggie and Avenue B ) and made several soundtrack appearances: ( Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare , Fast Track to Nowhere , The Crow: City of Angels , Coffee and Cigarettes , Monster Men - Space Goofs ). His percussion work appeared throughout the entire score for Johnny Depp's film The Brave starring Marlon Brando. During this period, Dammit also toured extensively with Iggy Pop and performed at more than 700 concerts worldwide together. Their legendary live concert at the original Paris Olympia in 1991 was released as the DVD Kiss My Blood and serves as a genuine document of their energetic work together.

He joined Swans in 1995, working closely with Michael Gira even after he disbanded Swans and formed The Angels of Light. Together they collaborated on ten releases and approximately 85 concerts worldwide which reached into 2001.

Rumors have circulated for years regarding his musical collaborations with The Residents, although he has denied details of his involvement, often referring interviewers to The Cryptic Corporation, the management of The Residents. Toby Dammit is credited on numerous releases by The Residents as a "sound contributor" but his actual contributions to these releases remain unclear.

In 2000, Toby Dammit started a Hamburg-based record company with The Residents European label impresario Guido Randzio called Hit Thing Records specializing in rare re-issues by Yello, Die Haut & Nick Cave, Liaisons Dangereuses and Georges Montalba as well as his own collaborations with Thomas Wydler of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Luther Hawkins. The label shared offices with Euro Ralph, The Residents European label, which furthered the lore of his possible involvement with the world's most mysteriously unidentified band.

In 2001 he began a decade of work together with Swiss artist Stephan Eicher, which produced 5 albums, 2 live DVD's, numerous singles and 186 concerts worldwide in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada and Germany.

In 2006 he met fellow American saxophonist Jessie Evans in Berlin and they produced a duo act that recorded and toured worldwide for seven years resulting in 2 studio albums and 225 concerts together, climaxing at Olympia (Paris) opening for Iggy and The Stooges.

In 2011, he was invited to join Iggy and The Stooges onstage in England and remained their live drummer for 60 concerts worldwide.

In 2015, he was invited to join Silver Apples as a guest onstage in Knoxville, Tennessee, which resulted in a homecoming concert for both he and the electronic music pioneer Simeon Oliver Coxe III. Their entire time together was filmed and recorded for a documentary film by director Trey Counce.

He has worked on many significant feature films as both a composer or musician, including: School of Rock , Premium Rush , End of Watch , Capitalism: A Love Story , Apple Jack , Monsieur N. , Scott Walker: 30 Century Man , Eierdiebe , Dead Dogs Lie , Dead Man Down , Connasse, Princesse des cœurs and most recently Babylon Berlin .

Throughout his career, he has worked with a myriad of international artists, notably in France, including: Zaz, Raphaël Haroche, Keren Ann, Bertrand Burgalat, Paul Personne, Fred Avril, A.S Dragon, MeLL, Marie Modiano, Chloé Mons, Ndidi Onukwulu, Brisa Roché, Rosemary Standley and James Eleganz.

Outside of France he has worked with: Nick Cave from Victoria, Australia, Mick Harvey from Victoria, Australia, Iggy Pop from Muskegon, Michigan, Stephan Eicher from Bern, Switzerland, – Michael Gira from Los Angeles, California, – Ely Guerra from Mexico City, – Rufus Wainwright from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, – Jessie Evans, as well as Mark Eitzel from San Francisco, California, – Lydia Lunch from Rochester, New York, – Cano Caoli, as well as Masatoshi Nagase from Tokyo, Japan, – Miguel Bosé from Panama City, Panama, – Peter von Poehl from Malmö, Sweden, – Dave Sardy from Brooklyn, New York, – Frank Black from Boston, Massachusetts, – Depedro from Madrid, Spain, – Arno from Brussels, Belgium, – Jesse Malin from Queens, New York, – Bee and Flower from New York City, – April March, as well as Chuck E. Weiss from Los Angeles, California, – Mount Sims from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, – Anna Clementi from Rome, Italy, – N'Dea Davenport from Atlanta, Georgia, – Alex Maas, as well as Okkervil River from Austin, Texas, – The Living Things from St.Louis, Missouri, – Both Ben Becker and his sister Meret Becker, as well as Katharina Franck from Berlin, DeutschlandGemma Ray from Basildon, England, – MSTRKRFT, and King Khan from Toronto, Canada, – Serena-Maneesh, as well as Turbonegro, The Last Hurrah!!, Eirin Kinn, Kjartan Kristiansen, Eivind Staxrud and Sivert Høyem from Oslo, Norway, – Sharon Corr from Dundalk, Ireland, – Edyta Bartosiewicz from Warszawa, Poland, – Simeon Oliver Coxe III of Silver Apples from Knoxville, Tennessee, – Tav Falco of The Panther Burns from Hot Springs, Arkansas, – Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols from Paddington, London, England, – Luke Elliot from Princeton, New Jersey, Bryan Ferry from Durham, England, – Siobhan Fahey from Dublin, Ireland and Marcella Detroit from Detroit, Michigan as Shakespears Sister and most recently Alina Kalancea from Bucharest, Romania

An extensive chronological discography and tour date history can be found on the official Toby Dammit website. [3]



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