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Tom Lackey
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Member of the California Assembly
Assumed office
December 1, 2014
California State Assembly election, 2012
Primary election
Republican Ron Smith15,09735.1
Democratic Steve Fox 14,16032.9
Republican Tom Lackey13,79532.0
Total votes43,052 100.0
General election
Democratic Steve Fox 66,005 50.1
Republican Ron Smith65,86049.9
Total votes131,865 100.0
Democratic gain from Republican
California's 36th State Assembly district election, 2014
Primary election
Republican Tom Lackey15,09541.1
Democratic Steve Fox (incumbent)12,05532.8
Republican JD Kennedy4,46012.2
Republican Suzette M. Martinez 3,3909.2
Democratic Kermit F. Franklin1,7064.6
Total votes36,706 100.0
General election
Republican Tom Lackey 42,107 60.2
Democratic Steve Fox (incumbent)27,86639.8
Total votes69,973 100.0
Republican gain from Democratic
California's 36th State Assembly district election, 2016
Primary election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent)35,01948.2
Democratic Steve Fox 21,54129.6
Democratic Darren W. Parker11,23615.5
Democratic Ollie M. McCaulley4,8916.7
Total votes72,687 100.0
General election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent) 77,801 53.1
Democratic Steve Fox 68,75546.9
Total votes146,556 100.0
Republican hold
California's 36th State Assembly district election, 2018
Primary election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent)35,62860.3
Democratic Steve Fox 23,44739.7
Total votes59,075 100.0
General election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent) 66,584 52.1
Democratic Steve Fox 61,31047.9
Total votes127,894 100.0
Republican hold
California State Assembly election, 2020
Primary election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent)45,25553.0
Democratic Steve Fox 14,77117.3
Democratic Johnathon Ervin6,6157.8
Democratic Diedra M. Greenaway5,0846.0
Democratic Michael P. Rives4,0554.7
Democratic Ollie M. McCaulley3,7294.4
Democratic Lourdes Everett3,4054.0
Democratic Eric Andrew Ohlsen2,4402.9
Total votes85,354 100.0
General election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent) 102,442 55.2%
Democratic Steve Fox83,24044.8%
Total votes185,682 100.0%
Republican hold
California State Assembly election, 2022
Primary election
Republican Thurston Smith (incumbent)23,66331.1
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent)22,62229.7
Democratic Rita Ramirez Dean20,38426.8
Democratic Raj Kahlon4,0635.3
Republican Paul Fournier3,1894.2
No party preference Roger LaPlante2,1222.8
Total votes76,043 100%
General election
Republican Tom Lackey (incumbent) 63,840 56.5
Republican Thurston Smith (incumbent)49,18343.5
Total votes113,023 100%
Republican hold

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Juan Carrillo is a Mexican-American politician. He serves as a Democratic member for the 39th district of the California State Assembly, which includes Palmdale, Lake Los Angeles, Adelanto, and Victorville.


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