Top Spin 4

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Top Spin 4
Top Spin 4 cover.jpg
European cover art (exc. UK) featuring Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams respectively
Developer(s) 2K Czech
Publisher(s) 2K Sports
Engine PAM Engine
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
  • NA: March 15, 2011
  • PAL: March 18, 2011
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player   OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg

Top Spin 4 is a tennis video game [1] developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Sports released on the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 consoles. The game features licensed professional players, venues and equipment with professional players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.[ citation needed ] The game was released on March 15, 2011 in America, and was released on March 18 in the PAL region. A downloadable demo was released on March 1 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version supports the PlayStation Move [2] and is also compatible in 3D. The Xbox 360 version does not support the Kinect but is 3D compatible. [3]



Review scores
PS3 Wii Xbox 360
Eurogamer 8/10 [4] N/A8/10 [4]
Famitsu 28/40 [5] N/A28/40 [5]
Game Informer 8.5/10 [6] N/A8.5/10 [6]
GameSpot 9/10 [7] 4/10 [8] 9/10 [7]
GameZone8/10 [9] N/AN/A
IGN 8.5/10 [10] N/A8.5/10 [11]
Nintendo Power N/A7/10 [12] N/A
OXM (US) N/AN/A8.5/10 [13]
PSM 8/10 [14] N/AN/A
VideoGamer.com8/10 [15] N/A8/10 [15]
Metro N/AN/A8/10 [16]
Aggregate score
Metacritic 82/100 [17] 54/100 [18] 84/100 [19]

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions received "favorable" reviews, while the Wii version received "mixed" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. [17] [18] [19] GameZone said of the PS3 version, "Top Spin 4 offers tennis lovers plenty all on its own, and it presents itself in beautiful form. Its great depth of gameplay, packaged in an approachable and fun format, elevates it to the upper echelon of tennis titles. Buy the game, not the 3D spectacle." [9] In Japan, where the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were ported for release on April 21, 2011,[ citation needed ] Famitsu gave them each a score of one eight, two sevens, and one six for a total of 28 out of 40. [5]

The game also gained an Award in a Booom Competition for being the best Czech video game of the year. [20]


The game inspired the development of a spiritual successor titled Tennis World Tour which was released in 2018. [21] [22]

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