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Baden-Powell grave
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Baden-Powell grave
Country Kenya
Coordinates 0°25′08″S36°57′00″E / 0.418968°S 36.950117°E / -0.418968; 36.950117
Owned bySt. Peter's Cemetery

The graves of Lieutenant-General The 1st Baron Baden-Powell and his wife, Olave, Baroness Baden-Powell, G.B.E., are in Nyeri, Nyeri County, Kenya, near Mount Kenya. Lord Baden-Powell died on 8 January 1941, and is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in the Wajee Nature Park. [1] When his wife Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, died, her ashes were sent to Kenya and interred beside her husband. Kenya has declared Baden-Powell's grave a national monument. [2] [3] The nation's largest newspaper, the Daily Nation , has called the Scouting founder's final resting place, "one of the most revered shrines and pilgrimage sites in the world". [4]



Baden-Powell, who knew and liked Kenya, decided to start wintering in Nyeri at the Outspan Hotel of his friend, Eric Sherbrooke Walker. [5] He chose Kenya as his last home because of favorable climate and the political situation in Europe. [6] After both he and Olave died, a memorial service was held for them in Westminster Abbey. [7] The memorial stone is in the south aisle of the nave of Westminster Abbey, against the screen of St George’s chapel and was unveiled on 12 February 1981. [7] The grave has become a pilgrimage site, [8] with as many as 50,000 people visiting the site each year. [3]

Each year on 22 February, members of the Kenya Scouts Association and Kenya Girl Guides Association celebrate Founders' Day at the grave. [4]


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Close up
Robert Baden Powell

Chief Scout of the World
22nd February 1857
8th January 1941

Olave Baden Powell
World Chief Guide
22nd February 1889
25th June 1977


His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the center, "ʘ", which is the trail sign for "Going home", or "I have gone home": [9]


Baden-Powell knew his health was failing and planned accordingly. His will stipulated that he was to be buried in Nyeri, eschewing the tomb allotted to him in Westminster Abbey. His death was world-wide news. [10] He left final letters for Scouts and Scouters, and made plans for his burial. [11] When he died, he was given a military funeral with a procession. [12] [13]

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